T-Mobile expands BOGO offer with iPhone SE


Our sources have told us T-Mobile will be expanding its BOGO offer to the new iPhone SE, which will be officially launching tomorrow.

The deal will allow you to get a second iPhone half off when you add a new line. Not only does this apply to the iPhone SE, but will apply to the iPhone 6s, 6s Plus, 6, 6 Plus, 5s and 5c.

This offer applies to those who’ve already pre-ordered their iPhone SE through T-Mobile as well. The second iPhone must be of equal or lesser value. You’ll then get a rebate card after purchasing the original device.

The iPhone SE officially went on pre-order on March 24 and will be available in-store on March 31.

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  • Kenneth Sitjar

    Where’s the source for this?

  • brybry

    it’s a buy one get one half off~ it’s directly on the T-mobile site.

    • Kenneth Sitjar

      Considering the article reads the offer begins tomorrow, it won’t be listed on the website. There is no source listed where this deal is showing, and it’s not listed in T-Mobile’s Press section. If you see it somewhere though, I’d be more than appreciative if you could share a link or screenshot.

  • AS118

    Well, a 4″ iPhone seems a bit niche, but I’m sure there are people around the world who did want something like that.

    I just hope that if it’s popular enough, that competitors will copy it and we’ll see a resurgence of 4.5″ to 4.7″ one-hand friendly phones, like the original Moto X.

    Hell even, 4″ to 4.7″ would be good. I really do think that phone companies are missing otu on sales by not offering those size ranges. I only bought a 5.5″ G4 because T-mobile doesn’t have any sub 5″ phones that aren’t total crap.

    Plus, if I bought an unlocked GSM phone, it’s almost guaranteed not to have Band 12 support, and that was unfortunately a dealbreaker.

  • Elier Ruiz

    Good deal!

  • Jay

    Are the other iPhones bogo or bogo half off??

    • brybry

      the latter

  • Philip

    I dont have to add a new line when I get my Note 5 and 2nd one for 50% off.

  • emcdonald75

    Beware this deal. You have to keep the new line open for almost 6 months or 6 months; I believe the new line must remain active until the middle of October 2016.

    • emcdonald75

      I stand corrected. The new line must remain active until 7/15/2016.

      • Prode

        Yea thats just because it may take that long until you get the rebate card. Once you get that card its up to.

        • Andrew Singleton

          no, that’t not why.

  • Car

    The SE is selling like hot cakes, now I hope LG and others decide to make and bring smaller high end and mid range phones.

    PS. I know Sony has the Z5 Compact and Samsung the S7 Mini.

  • suckers

    I wish everyone would make up their minds. Before it was the bigger the screen, the better. Now, smaller is the shit. These phone makers are making a killing.

    • Prode

      are you kidding me. Did you not read why Apple put out this phone to began with. There have a number of ppl still on the 5s and lower. My wife is one of them. This phone is targeted at those ppl. Some ppl feel that the 6 and 6s is just to big, that’s why they stayed with the 5s for this long. It is not really targeted at the ppl that upgraded to a 6 or 6s already unless they want to move to smaller. Also the specs are pretty much the same phone as the 6s without force touch which makes this phone most likely the highest end phone you could own in this size area. What makes this phone so nice is that. Apple has a phone targeted at all groups of ppl. Plus it has high end specs. It isn’t like Android where when you buy a small phone, you are getting a POS phone with no update support and crap specs to run Android.

  • Mike

    I don’t know why everyone is bitching about the size of the new IPhone SE. They must have forgotten that this was the roughly the size of the iPhone prior to the release of the iPhone 6. I’m all in for the SE.

  • tiresius

    BOGO. Guess the readers are supposed to know that means Buy One, Get One. Whatever happened to Who, What, When, Where, Why? in journalism?

    • Andrew Singleton

      “The deal will allow you to get a second iPhone half off when you add a new line. Not only does this apply to the iPhone SE, but will apply to the iPhone 6s, 6s Plus, 6, 6 Plus, 5s and 5c.”

      • an0nim0

        In other words, it’s a BOGOHO.