T-Mobile is once again partnering with the MLB, offering free MLB.TV Premium to Simple Choice customers


T-Mobile has been partnering with the MLB for a while now, offering perks like free MLB At Bat subscriptions and an All-Star Game contest. As the new MLB season approaches, T-Mobile has announced that it’s once again an official MLB partner, and Magenta customers are going to benefit.

Simple Choice customers on qualifying plans can get a free year subscription to MLB.TV Premium if the sign up for the service between April 3 and April 10. A subscription to MLB.TV Premium lets you watch every out-of-market regular season game as well as a free subscription to At Bat Premium, an Android and iOS app that offers features like home and away broadcasts and multi-game viewing. And because Major League Baseball is a Binge On partner, you can watch games on your phone or tablet without touching your high-speed data allotment.

In addition to the free MLB.TV Premium for T-Mobile customers, T-Mo’s partnership with the MLB includes a sponsorship of the Home Run Derby and the Junior Home Run Derby. The latter is a nationwide competition that, with the help of youth organizations like Boys & Girls Clubs of America, will see kids competing in home run competitions for the chance to compete in a final home run derby during the MLB’s All-Star Week in July.

Here’s what T-Mobile CEO John Legere had to say about T-Mo extending its partnership with the MLB:

“For the last three years MLB has been with us every step of the way as we have re-written the rules of wireless. This year we’re doubling down – and expanding the relationship even further to include the Home Run Derbies and free MLB.TV for customers. This isn’t just some corporate sponsorship. It’s the combined effort of two passionate teams bringing even more amazing perks and game-changing moves to baseball fans over the next three years!”

Because T-Mo has been partnering with the MLB for several years now, it’s not a huge surprise to see them teaming up with the MLB again and offering free MLB.TV Premium for the 2016 season. That doesn’t mean that this isn’t big news for baseball fans, though, especially since you can stream games without using your high-speed data thanks to Binge On. And with the T-Mobile and MLB partnership being extended for three years, it’s likely that baseball fans will get some perks for a couple of seasons following the 2016 year, too.

Source: T-Mobile

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  • Eric Butler

    I think you should emphasize how big this is in the headline. They’re actually offering the TV service for free, not just the radio service which had been what they’ve been doing in the past.

    • Kyle Thompson

      agreed. in the past what they offered was a nice perk, but i wanted the streaming/premium subscription to watch on my computer, cell, etc., this is new and greatly improved and a HUGE freebie!

    • Mike

      definitely big for sure! the wording does say simple choice on QUALIFYING plans though. since im still on the free 2.5gb promo im hoping it wont end up being restricted to the binge on customers only. even if it was though, its still a great offer :) i like being able to at least listen to the games

      • Mike

        reached out on twitter, my response was “Fantastic question! Anyone with an active T-Mobile phone number is eligible! *JannaP”

        guess that resolves that question :)

        • Anthony Joseph Taubenkrau

          As a T-Mobile Retail Store Manager, I can presume that you will need to be on a postpaid plan. Prepaid or No Credit Check accounts are most likely not going to qualify, however, everyone go check on April 3rd and let’s find out!

  • Jay W.

    Whoa, way to step it up T-Mo!

  • Jimmy James

    That’s crazy. Free MLB TV.

  • landale

    Wow this is awesome. I have been debating for the past month between single team or premium so I cancelled my auto-renew. It’s a shame though that many people have had their subscription auto-renew already and won’t get anything out of it now. Maybe that’s what they were thinking?

    • Sanger

      Not true. Mine auto-renewed on 3/1 and I was able to call today and get it cancelled and get a full refund.

  • Bradley Karas

    Watching from my new chrome Galaxy S7 edge…sweeeettttttt

  • Corey

    This is phenomenal Tmo just put a buck ten in my pocket. Awesome.

  • conservative_motorcyclist

    MLB At Bat is also available for Windows 10 Phones!!!! please update the article :)

  • Demetri

    Signing up for MLB TV has to be done within those dates, or can it be done now through the app?

    • Mike in KC

      Well, I don’t see a T-Mobile option popping up on the app, so I’m guessing it’s got to be done between those dates

  • Mike in KC

    Glad I waited before buying! I was getting ready to purchase at least a single team package so I can watch my Cubbies all season.

  • Mike

    Let’s go Detroit Tigers!

  • kev2684

    While you’re at it, T-Mo, give us HBO for free too lol :D

    • Mike

      Stop being greedy

  • beachtrax

    Kennedy Kennedy Kennedy swing batter swing!

  • ssjchaseutley


  • Brian

    This is truly a great offer, and loyal baseball fans know it. It was great just getting the At Bat app for free so I could listen to a few innings of Vin Scully after watching my Mets game but now being able to watch is even better. Even better is that the partnership with MLB has been extended another few years so we’ll have to see what’s next.


  • matt

    do we get a coupon , like a user name and password ? or is it like how last year was
    and we just load the app while connected to cellular and got one free game each day or week or whatever ?

    i was able to watch games with the walmart plan, so I’m wondering whats going on this year

  • Philip

    They do this last year. I get to watch only one game per day and its game of the week thing. Not really worth it. But better than watching a blank screen.

    • Kyle Thompson

      you are thinking of what they offered in the past, which was MLB.TV At- Bat. listen to broadcasts, see replays, watch game of week/day. this is not the same thing. that was worth maybe $20. This is MLB TV Premium. it’s the entire full package, all games, HD video, etc. massive perk.

  • Mike Thaler

    What is a “Qualifying Plan”? I have SC with the basic 2G of fast data. I think you have to have 3G or more to get BO. Is this the same as BO? I got the “old” MLB the last couple years w. the basic SC plan.

    • Mike

      With 2G speeds you won’t be streaming no baseball games. You barely can load a webpage.

      • Mike

        he is referring to the fact that he has 2gigs of high speed data and that 3gigs+ is required for “binge on” effects not counting against your data bucket.

      • Stephen Frank

        Yeah but he might have a a smart tv with high speed internet.

  • Kevin

    Great deal but I’m sure the local team will be blacked out. Baseball has become a local sport so this deal ain’t that great. Give us free NFL or NBA and then now you’re talking! :)

    • Mike

      mlb, nfl, and the nba black out local teams and non local teams games on cable channels like ESPN, TNT, and etc…

    • Stephen Frank

      Yes they are, but you can watch 90 minutes after the game ends…or change DNS on something like a Play Station. Still this is a really really good deal even if you have cable.

    • Don Diller

      If I remember correctly, a few weeks ago it was announced that MLB and associated broadcasts could no longer do “blackouts” due to a recent class action lawsuit; they would blackout entire regions, although they advertised “all games live”. This was especially good news for me since I live in Las Vegas, and when the Detroit Tigers did their West Coast games, the games against the Padres/Dodgers/Angels/Diamondbacks/A’s/Giants would all be blacked out, since Vegas was in their regional markets; 6 hours min. drive time, but still “local” games…

  • MurF-A-Zoid

    Great deal by far and now I can watch my LA Dodgers kick some azz!! I hated that all I can do was listen to them on my cell phone. Let the baseball season talk smacking begin.. LEt’s Go dodgers!!!!!

  • Kilroy672

    Where is the link for this?

  • Madmac9

    This article sucks not including the link. Go here http://www.t-mobile.com/mlb.html

  • Madmac9

    Or go here MLB.com/T-Mobile

  • steveb944

    I just tried it this morning, didn’t work. I’ll try later or tomorrow.
    Edit: make sure your GPS is on. Worked!

  • Dark enV

    Got mine working. Awesome!

  • graywolf323

    I signed up this morning using my existing MLB account but it’s not working :-/ I can’t try again though because it says I already redeemed the offer

    this sucks, I’m missing opening day :(

  • skywalkr2

    I already paid for full premium.. . some BS right here.

    • MurF-A-Zoid

      I had a buddy of mine who did the same and got a hold of MLB customer service and they refunded his money back. Give it your best it may work out for you.

  • Matt in KC

    No matter what I do I can’t get mine to work, I’ve called T-mobile, had Twitter messages, they tried to pawn it off on MLB, so they told me to call them, MLB said it was T-mobile’s problem. I still can’t sign up on any of my 5 lines. : (

  • Willy Hits

    Doesn’t work for me either…….