Alcatel Fierce XL now being updated to Windows 10 Mobile build 10586.164


Alcatel Fierce XL owners, another Windows 10 Mobile update is coming your way.

T-Mobile’s Alcatel Fierce XL is now receiving an update to Windows 10 Mobile build 10586.164. The update hit TmoNews reader Joseph’s Fierce XL this morning, so if you’ve got a Fierce XL of your own, you should keep an eye out for this update. You can also check for it manually by going into Settings > Update & security > Phone update > Check for updates.

As for what’s included in the update, I’m not seeing a changelog on T-Mobile’s support site. Microsoft recently said that the 10586.164 update is “nearly identical” to the 10586.122 build, though, with “a few key bug fixes and other required updates” mixed in. Here’s the list of fixes that Microsoft included with the 10586.122 build:

  • Improved Kanji input experience while using Continuum.
  • Improved the speed in which thumbnails appear for portrait videos.
  • Improved Internet Sharing on select mobile network configurations.
  • Fixed an issue in Microsoft Edge that prevented Word Flow input on some sites.
  • Fixed an issue that previously prevented the option to “Close all Tabs” in Microsoft Edge from closing all open tabs.
  • Improved IMS registration on select mobile network configurations.
  • Fixed an issue where adding your MSA during OOBE would fail and prevent the account from being re-added after the failure.
  • Improved the email sync experiences when connecting to Wi-Fi networks with a captive portal.
  • Improved data connection profiles for dual SIM devices.
  • Updated background processing of multiple changes to improve battery life of devices.
  • Improved quality of video record to SD memory cards.
  • Improved video recording audio in some cases.
  • Improved overall OS reliability, including reliability of the Start screen, app updates, and the Windows Feedback app
  • Improved Alarm reliability.

And here are the tweaks that Microsoft says have been added to build 10586.164:

  • Improvements for the reliability of app notifications, including text messages and alarms not ringing as scheduled.
  • Improvements for text message backup to reduce data and battery usage.
  • Fixes for Microsoft Edge with address bar suggestions showing late or persisting during navigation, “Close all tabs” not closing all tabs, and Word Flow on the address bar not functioning as expected. 
  • Fix for a problem where the Microsoft account was not detected by the Outlook Mail, Outlook Calendar and People app. Attempting to add a new contact in this state caused the People app to crash for some users. 
  • Fix for a problem that caused the Wi-Fi connection to temporarily switch off after prolonged use for some users.
  • Fix for a problem that caused first-party app updates to fail to install successfully for some users, leaving the apps in state where they cannot be launched. 
  • Improvements for battery usage, Bluetooth connectivity, and OS reliability.

If you’ve got a Fierce XL, let us know when 10586.164 hits your phone!

Thanks, Joseph!


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  • Tale 85

    Thanks for keeping up with this Alex. This is a good update for anyone with the Fierce XL, especially if someone is running 10586.63, which is what the phone is shipped with.

    What we’re seeing here is Windows as a Service (WaaS). We can expect these cumulative updates regularly, direct from Microsoft. Because of the way Windows 10 Mobile has been built, Operating system Software can be updated without interfering with the carrier specific network functions.

  • beachtrax

    Downloading as of right now. Thanks Alex, glad I visit this site daily. Tale 85, you are on top of this too :)

    • Tale 85

      We might just get Windows Mobile off the ground on T-Mobile. I personally think is a perfect match. The Un-Phone on the Uncarrier.

  • Ordeith

    I’m so glad the carriers aren’t in a position to hold back the Windows 10 updates. This is great news.

    • leebier

      Meh, I’m more surprised Alcatel wasn’t in a position to hold back the update like they’re doing for the alleged flagship Idol 3.

      Not only do they seem to be ignoring 6.0 for the phone, it never got Android 5.1, which means we’re still living with bugs that have been fixed over a year ago.

      The fact that Alcatel still only says “we’ll update you when we decide if there is a timeline for an upgrade” says lots about their commitment to the customers. The fact that they’re lying about stranding us is probably better than if over a year after announcing 6.0 the folks at Alcatel still can’t figure out IF they’re going to do it.


      • They removed Band 12 from the Idol 3, so Marshmallow is 100% out for that device.

        • leebier

          Understandable (and hey, the device was cheap) , but a) Alcatel should come out and admit it and b) still no excuse for not deploying 5.1.

          I get that the world is complex, it’s the refusal to engage on their end that’s so frustrating.

        • Its a crap prepaid phone that cost $100. What do you want? Buy a better phone, get better support. I know, its a novel idea.