Free MLB at Bat Premium subscription offered to T-Mo customers, again


Over the past few years, T-Mobile has been offering its customers free access to the popular MLB At Bat app. Complete with premium season subscription. And is set to do so again this year.

From May 1st, customers will be able to download the app and get a season subscription worth $19.99 for free. MLB at Bat Premium lets you:

  • Stream the MLB.TV Game of the Day (blackout restrictions apply)
  • Track every pitch
  • Watch in-game highlights
  • Access live look-ins on key plays

To qualify for the free subscription, customers have to be on T-Mobile and download the app for Android or iOS using T-Mobile’s network. Anyone who downloads using Wi-Fi or while roaming will not qualify for the premium subscription discount. Find the Android app here and the iOS app here.

Source: T-Mobile
Via: Droid-Life

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  • Blurrario

    crud, i just bought it. wonder if i can get a refund.

  • CalicoKJ

    Sweet! This matches the Twitter response I got from John L last month…I still paid for one month though because I didn’t want to miss Opening Day.

  • sanches12

    Nice! I’ve been waiting for them to offer this again, I still have the app from adding it last year. Do I have to delete it and add it again on May 1st, or can I keep it and it will automatically start showing the “game of the day” on May 1st?

    • JD

      hmm good question. This is the third year in a row they have done this, so last season I want to say mine updated automatically when I logged in!

      • Nick

        I think that’s what mine did too.

        • Mike Thaler

          I was wondering all this myself. I’ll try later today and report back.

    • Brian

      Just open the AtBat app that you already have, click on the headphones (audio link) and it will prompt you to sign in. Once you sign in, it will show that magenta box to click on with the free promo. There’s nothing to download at all. It just reactivates your access to the AtBat 2015 app.

      Let’s Go Mets!!

      Btw, anyone that had to pay $19.99 for the app (you didn’t see the numerous Twitter and blog comments advsing that it’s coming with the promo), it’s still the best $19.99 you’ll ever spend.

  • J Cav the Great

    Can we get some NBA Game time live too please?

    • JE_25

      The only reason you get MLB At Bat is because they are the official sponsor of Major League Baseball. Sprint is the official sponsor of the NBA, so there is no chance of getting NBA Gametime as long as T-Mobile is not a sponsor.

  • steveb944

    What happened to the audio streaming??? I could have sworn I had that previously.

  • timmyjoe42

    You should note that the deal starts May 1st, tomorrow.

  • Philip

    Better than nothing. Thanks T-mobile!

  • Nick

    Lol I was just wondering tonight if they were going to do this again. Great!

  • sorandkairi

    I wonder if this will work with my ps3/ps4?

  • sorandkairi

    I wonder if this will work with my ps3/ps4?

  • Terry

    Just tried to register and I keep getting “could not reach server. Try again later”. It appears the server is a little busy. LOL

  • Bradley Karas

    Of course they offer it three weeks after I pay the 20 bucks…Booooooo!!!

    • Myles Douglas

      Don’t be mad, with the T-Mobile subscription you can only stream the game of the day. I’m guessing with the subscription you pay for you can stream any game.

      • lzdking

        No, it’s the same subscription.
        The main advantage of having premium access is the game of the day and access to the audio feed.

  • benny

    Downloaded via TMO LTE network and redeemed the offer smoothly. Thank you T-Mobile. And thank you tmonews for this news.

    • Mary

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  • Chris

    Downloaded and redeemed, tried to watch a game and it says I’m not a premium subscriber. Hmmm…

    • benny

      Probably you were trying to view live or archive TV which require MLB.TV premium. Tmo’s offer is MLB At Bat premium. They are different.

    • John

      You can only watch the “game of the day” live for free with this app but it’s still a great app.

      • Philip

        How do you do it? I cant seem to watch “game of the day” live and it didnt work for me.

        • John

          if you go to the “scoreboard” option in the menu, one of the games on the days schedule will be marked as “ game of the day”. You just click on that game and then in the upper right corner of that screen will be what looks like a tv screen. Click on that and the game will play. Of course you’ll want to look ahead because it will be live and you’ll want to know the start time. They do also offer “live look in’s on random games” for for a few minutes, which is kind of cool too. Also when you select a game, you can also click on the video tab to see highlights within all games.

  • Peter Jones

    just downloaded and activated successfully all while on wifi, so it doesn’t appear there’s any reason to burn up 34 megabytes of data plan.

  • Rocket Scientist

    How exactly do we know which game is the “game of the day” to be able to watch? Everything shows as ‘premium’ and wants more money (of course) for it.

  • Tony Wu

    I got on my iphone but it doesn’t work on my ipad, does someone know about that?

  • So what about windows phone… the MLB at Bat app just released today… do we get no love?

    • Dudebro

      Try the “Flash Sports” app for windows phone. It’s not free, but I get all the Dodgers games here in LA where I cant watch them on my tv. Its a really cool app for sports fans. Its great for European soccer.

  • Tamara2589