LG Optimus L90 on T-Mobile gets Android 5.0 Lollipop update

l90 update
Those of you with yet-to-be updated flagship smartphones, look away now! T-Mobile has pushed the Android 5.0 update for LG’s Optimus L90. The device’s support page notes that the update started its rollout two days ago beginning April 28th and should be available over-the-air and via manual pulldown. As with the previous LG Lollipop updates, it’s a staggered rollout, and will be made available randomly to all L90 users.

We had a couple of readers get in touch stating they didn’t get any notification and couldn’t download the update over the air. However, using the LG PC software, they had no trouble downloading and installing it.

Specifically, it’s Android 5.0.2 with build number D85120b and weighs in at 825MB, so it’s no small update. Saying that, it’s nowhere near the huge 1GB+ file sizes of Samsung phones.

If you’re an Optimus L90 user, be sure to let us know how you’re liking the software. Or, if you haven’t managed to get it installed.

Source: T-Mobile

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  • brybry

    They better update the Samsung Galaxy Avant too

    • Luck

      You wish. Samsung and tmobile are not updating galaxy s4, their successful flagship. They did not update s3 and note2 to kitkat. You are hoping for avant.

      • Jay J. Blanco

        t-mobile and Samsung actually did update s3 to 4.4 Kitkat

        • Wolverinexmen9

          No they didn’t. I have the phone still on 4.3

        • Deadeye37

          I think the International version may have, but not the T-mobile version. I got sick of mine being 4.3, so I rooted and put 4.4.4 on it. Now I’m getting 5.0 on it because my wife has an L90 and this update will probably screw her up since she’s not tech savvy.

        • Luck

          Yes, the internation version and every other version of S4 (to 5.0), S3 and Note2 (to 4.4) were updated except the T-mobile version. I really hate T-mobile for doing this to their Samsung customers.

        • Tyrell Clark

          There are just as many options (if not a little less than 4.4 so it may still screw her up) but there is an option to kill apps in the background once you leave the app (if that makes sense) that is automatically enabled once you update your L90. Which could help in performance, if she forgets to manually clear tasks

  • sidekicker89

    This phone used to sell for $50 full price!! The price shot up to $150! My parents bought one and they regret not buying more!

    • Wolverinexmen9

      It sold for like 2 weeks at $50. Most of the time its at $100. Currently its at $150. Still not bad price. When it first came out it was $220.

  • gigis83

    I paid 24 dollars last year for this phone and happy. More excited thinking it never get updated…. waiting for my tab 4 t337t update next

    • Myles Douglas

      You maybe waiting a little while, Samsung by its self isn’t too fast to release updates and when you add a carrier that has to test updates to the mix, things could take a while.

  • Aaron Peromsik

    My wife has one of these phones. But she’s afraid to apply Lollipop if it will be offered, after Lollipop reduced her Nexus 7 to a slow not-quite-brick. 5.1 helped at first but now it’s slow again. She’s coped by using her L90 more often, so she’s reluctant to try Lollipop there. Would love to hear if anyone else applies the update and how well it worked out.

    • brybry

      Try to do a complete reset~ wipe cache~and let it sit for a good 10-15minutes.

      • Aaron Peromsik

        She’s not interested in a complete reset. Ideally it shouldn’t ever be required. I have copied data partitions from one phone to another with no trouble. (Not on this particular phone…) It should just work.

        • Tyrell Clark

          I can confirm that after updating it, it worked fine for me. As long as you don’t turn off the phone or interrupt the update process

        • Myles Douglas

          Which Nexus 7 is it? If it’s the 2012 Nexus 7 I can understand because of the slow I/O. But if it is the 2013 Nexus 7, I would just reset it because on newer devices 5.1 seems to have more consistent results.

  • D. Maki

    The LG Tools are not working for me at all. Not sure what they did but it’s not pulling it down for me.

    • Tyrell Clark

      It is a little tricky, but you have to use “Update Recovery”.

      Also make sure your phone is atleast halfway charged and you backed up everything on your phone because you might want to factory reset your phone (In case battery issues or any other issue may occur).

      • D. Maki

        Yup tried that. It does work for me at all. It says Check out the model and serial number.

        • Tyrell Clark

          All i can tell you is to make sure your phone is set to connect to LG Mobile Software or make sure you have enough space on your internal memory to install the update but that’s is all i can tell you.

        • D. Maki

          It turns out this update is for the post paid version of the phone and not the prepaid version.

        • Tyrell Clark

          Oh. I didn’t even know about that

        • Wolverinexmen9

          Post or prepaid shouldn’t have a difference. Same phone and very thing. I have 7 people with the L90. 2 prepaid and 5 postpaid. One of them is mine that I use for a back up. They all got the small 4.4 bug fix update a couple months ago. I’ll have to see what happens with each one.

        • D. Maki

          Still have no update on my L90! What’s that about it not mattering at all? I called support and they said that the Post paid and prepaid models have a different model number in there system. The update is for post paid only. So.

        • Wolverinexmen9

          One of my post paid phones got the update and one of my prepaid phones got the update on the same day. Both running fine.

        • D. Maki

          Still nothing on my end.

        • Wolverinexmen9

          I just forced the update through the computer for 2 post paid versions. So all that’s left is one post paid version and one prepaid version, however I get that same message when trying to update those last two phones. “check serial number and model number” I can’t find an solution on why they won’t update through the computer. I’ve tried different computers (windows 8 & 7) and different sync cables. No luck.

  • Shawn

    Any news on LG G2 Mini update? It has the same hardware as L90.

  • TexMex1234

    Still no luck for Z3. Haiiizzzz

    • Mary

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  • FILA

    Your better off with KitKat while you wait for the 5.1 update.

    • Joe

      Yeah probably.

      • Tyrell Clark

        Trust me, it’s a lot better than 4.4. Faster, smoother, and battery performance is the same if not better but to keep it real, the widget customization of the lock screen leaves a lot to be desired. It doesn’t exist. That’s just me for having the update for 24 hours so far

        • Joe

          May be faster and smoother but 5.0 has a lot of bugs. But I don’t have this phone to say.

        • Tyrell Clark

          You do have a point. I only had the update for 24 hours so there is probably a lot I haven’t seen yet in terms of bugs and we all know how buggy 5.0.2 is. I’ll try to keep the comment section updated

        • Michael Butterboo

          Yes, please keep us informed. I’m downloading it now per your instructions with “Update Recovery”. The file size is 1203.90MBytes though.

        • Tyrell Clark

          The only problem I have is watching videos on chrome and not being able to turn off my alarm via notification menu. other than that, no other problems. Not sure about the memory leak though, I think it’s fixed

        • Michael Butterboo

          I’ve updated and have used the phone for a few days now. There seems to be no memory leak, no problems with playing video via Chrome either, and no bugs that I have come across. I don’t use a ton of apps but the apps I do have are running just fine.

        • Myles Douglas

          It’s a great phone. Honestly if I had this phone, I would keep it on 4.4 unless the memory leak is fixed because even 5.1 has the memory leak

  • Tyrell Clark

    I’m one of the lucky few to get it on my phone. Make sure you have the
    latest USB Drivers installed for your phone, and click on “Update
    Recovery”. From there you should be able to get the update. The whole
    process took me around 1 to 2 hours so it will take some time. **Make
    sure your phone is connected to the computer the entire time throughout
    the process.**

    • Biblica McKinney

      What did you put for model name on the Update Recovery? Every time i put in what I think is the right info, but isn’t, it just says “Check model and serial number”

      • Tyrell Clark

        That’s odd, i just put in – LG-D415 and I was good to go

        • Biblica McKinney

          Yea nothing worked. The Tool is useless for me because it keeps saying I’m up to date, when clearly I’m not. I’ll just wait for the OTA, even though it’s been over a week.

        • Wolverinexmen9

          Did you ever get the update?

        • Biblica McKinney

          Nope, I never got the ota and the Tool didn’t work for me. So I ended up flashing the kdz file from a tutorial I found on YouTube and XDA website.

  • Glitchy Glitchy

    Why is the my.t-mobile website down for maintenance? It’s been down for over 2 days.

  • Tyrell Clark

    Here is the link for help with downloading the update.


  • ssjchaseutley

    Verizon Galaxy S4 got their Lollipop update. Tmobile? Still no mention of it.

    • Luck

      ATT updated even S4-active. T-mobile is not updating the main stream S4. That is the worst blunder from T-mobile part.

  • Zz

    Hey Cam, how about a legit article about how T-Mobile / Samsung refuse to push Lollipop to the Galaxy S4, a major and successful T-Mobile flagship phone. It’s important to note that every other American and International version of the S4 received Lollipop already, except T-Mobile. Maybe addressing this in an article will pick up some steam for S4 users and for T-mo to do something about it.

    • Luck

      Yes, Cam, please please write an article about this. S4 was a major hit for T-mobile as well as for Samsung. Why they are refusing to update it, is beyond me. They did the same for S3 and Note 2 (did not update them to 4.4 when everyone else did). If we do not protest, they will do the same for Note 4 and S6. According to me if T-mobile could not spend money for updating S4 to 5.0, then at least they should give $200 cash back to S4 customers.

      • Prod1702

        It may not even be T-Mobile. It could be Samsung not willing to make the update work with t-mobile for some reason. I am not defending T-Mobile at all but there are most likely other reasons. Also if you have that much of a problem with Samsung and updates buy a HTC or a Nexus next time.

        • Ralph

          Or how about you simply put some onus and responsibility on T-Mobile to keep their flagship devices up to date like all the other carriers/variants do. You’re telling me Samsung has a chain tied around T-mo’s neck? Way too many ppl on here defending the wrong position…

    • sick of hearing complaints

      Shut up and buy a new phone. Your phone is 2 years old…nobody cares if you get an update. People are so whiny about their phones not getting updates. ..you are the same people that will complain about speed, battery life, and functionality when you do upgrade. If you want the latest software, then buy a phone with the latest software or root your phone.

      • George

        That is a great advice SoHC. Here is another one. If you do not want to hear the complaints then do not read the comments. If the world is updating S4 to 5.0, then t-mobile also should. Nobody is asking T-mobile to do something impossible. Everyone is releasing 5.0 to two-year-old S4 except T-mobile. The question is why they are NOT doing their job. Also even though phone was released before two years it was sold as a flagship till the S-5 was released, i.e. Apr 2014.

        • Roberto Vega


      • Prod1702

        100% agree

      • Zz

        Your post is obnoxious and you lack complete common sense if you think that people should rather buy new phones instead of having their recent flagship phone updated, ESPECIALLY considering every other retailer and variant has updated the phone. That point alone negates everything you stated. Why don’t you just praise your corporate overlords while you’re at it, since you think it’s fine for T-Mobile to do that and expect customers to shell out $800 for a new device when everyone else in the entire world has updated the device. Real smart.

      • Roberto Vega

        I guess money really does come from trees, or if you ask a 80 year old about OTA’s and updates, like they’re going to google it, even if they don’t know what google means!

  • Steven Requa

    I have the lg l90 and I haven’t received the update on my phone. I dont have a computer to update help

  • Heidi

    My husband got it today and it broke his phone. Constant lock up and if he gets in its incredibly slow. We both despise the flat no dimension child’s device looking icons too.

    • Prod1702

      have him try a reset and see if that helps. I don’t understand how they don’t say this before updating a major version of android.

    • Roberto Vega

      I share your loss!!!

  • Mike G.

    ..still no update or word on the original gflex, seems like they put the higher end more expensive phones on the back burner.

    • Prince

      Exactly im still waiting for one day i search for LG and it says LG G Flex lolipop rolling out in the U.S or some part of the world…Even though i heard it got rolled out in korea or somewhere over there but idk if it is true because i havent heard anything since then…so idk if it is true…

      • Mike G.

        I wonder if T-mobile forgot they even sold this phone lol. For them to update the L90 first is ridiculous. I paid 750 bucks for my phone and can’t even get a hint on an update. On the T-mobile software upgrade list online, they have no mention of the G-flex whatsoever. Guess I’ll just be patient and wait….

        • Prince

          I thought the same thing. The fact it was an high end flagship phone and we have been left out for right now anyway…So im hoping we will get it this month…i read somewhere we possibly could get it in april or may…so i hope so…because the L90 wasnt even a high end phone…And they got it before us…and whenever i ask LG just for little hints they dont answer on twitter…

        • Haiquan Ma

          Wtf!.You paid $750..for an L90?! That’s an obvious rip-off!! How could you be so gullible and an easy prey? You got suckered, big time!!

          $750..and I would easily pay lower than that..for a flagaship LG model (I paid less than $450, two years ago..for a then flagship, LG G2).

        • Mike G.

          No, I paid 750 for the gflex in Feb ’14, thats why I mentioned the phone in my comments.

  • Mustafa Baig

    Hey i still dont have an update yet for my l90

  • Steven Requa

    These comments are suppose to be about the lg l90 not other phones. I still haven’t received the update for it

    • Mike G.

      Actually this thread can be about whatever we make of it. I choose to mention the Gflex because it is a higher end phone and wondering why there has been no mention of an update for it. It’s all LG so in my book, fair game

  • TonyC

    Tried to install, but it says “waiting to download. Been like this for two hours now. Great job Tmo & LG.

    • TonyC

      Finally, Got it to install. Even though it say it need 825 MG of RAM, I had to free up 1.2 G to get it to start.

  • HarryK

    Does anybody know when it will arrive in the UK on the LG L90 (LG-D405n)

  • Tamara2589


  • Joker_1124

    Still waiting, been checking every day.

    Also LG Tool Doesn’t even work, It just says that the LG-D415 is only capable of OTA Updates.

    • Tyrell Clark

      sure your phone is connected to the computer, and install the
      latest USB Drivers for your phone, and click on “Update
      Recovery”. From there you should be able to get the update. The whole
      process took me around 2 hours so it will take some time. If that doesn’t work, you gotta just play the waiting game.

  • Joe Castillo

    Please let us know when exactly the update will actually happen I’m from Texas if it makes any difference I even tried with the lg pc suite and nothing , doesn’t work

  • Kal

    I hate the update. My phone is running slow. Even after hard wipe. It is horrible. US. Has for 5 days. Wish I had not update. Hate this so much.

    • Bryant

      You must have a defective phone because I’ve gained the 30 percent increase on mine.

    • jordan h

      I agree it is the worst update i’ve ever experienced with a cell phone

  • Steven Requa

    Did you guys update ota or pc. I haven’t received the lollipop notification

    • Joker_1124

      Still no notification, and the pc method still doesn’t work. it still says that the Optimus L90 is only able to update OTA.

  • Bryant

    I just updated my L90 and the L update is running 30% more efficient in every way battery life, processing speed, benchmarks and games. Looks good too. The only thing is i had to use my pc and manually update via the recovery option in LG’s sofware. If your no PC Guru just go to T-Mobile support site and the rest is self explanatory.

  • Dante H

    is this fone gettin the lollipop update still?becuz i havent gotten it yet

  • Steven Schmidt

    i just updated mine with the pc method and after i did my phone no longer rings when i get a call or text. i have made sure that my phone is turned up and still nothing. should i contact LG/T-mobile or what should i do?

  • Dante H

    Is this ota update gonna come lkee randomly??how long weeks,days,months,hours??omg Ii want this lollipop update sooo badd mann.

    • carson

      Yea i was in yo shoes man get the lg tool from tmobil use ur pc it worked

  • Jordan H

    It’s the worst update I’ve ever had with a phone.

  • KenG

    Got the update OTA, everything much improved. Battery, response timetime, Bluetooth connectivity and more! Great job LG thanks!!

    • Anthony Ballast

      Thats awesome! Did you have the regular L90 or the dual SIM L90. Apparently there is a difference

      • KenG

        Regular L90… Very surprised by the improvements. Most Android updates are a mixed bag, but this one has been stellar so far. Updated about 5 days ago.

  • Ben Jammin

    I got a notification that Lollipop was available. There was download button and I hit it. Now all it has on the update screen is “waiting for download”. Should I just wait?

  • sarah

    so I have a LG Optimus L90 but i have build number D85120e instead of D85120b does that mean i can’t get the update?

  • Roberto Vega

    Phone is now no good! Delayed swipe, slow search, some phone contacts have been reset, phone has self restarted several times!!! This is the equivalent to Windows Vista! Worst OS update ever!!!! DONT DO IT!!!!! I will now have to do a restore, as a result!

  • mkmilan

    No OTA and the LG PC Tool doesn’t show it either- besides being a ridiculous app on its own!

  • Techn9cian46

    Is it only OTA or can you update over Wi-Fi

  • Na’Coleone Daniels

    My mom and I have the optimus LG L90. My mom got a.notification about the update and she likes it. It works fine, but I never got a Notification about it. I went to the sofware updates and mine says it’s up to date. I don’t understand Why my mom got.it and.I didn’t,

  • Ron Anthony

    i cant get the software update i try daily how can u download the update from a link

  • Whitney

    Same here except my brother AND my mom have the same phone as me and they both have gotten the update yet I haven’t received a notification about the update and my software updates says my phone is up to date

    • Na’Coleone Daniels

      I went to the LG website and there is a way to get the update using your PC and just connecting your phone to the PC, but even when I did that, it still said my phone is up to date. It’s really annoying.

  • Eileen

    This update completely changed everything about my phone lg 90 it now locks up frequently very slow to respond . Not a happy camper!! Heaven forbid I need my phone in an emergency I am screwed

  • I was told by T-Mobile and LG that this update will come over air but at different time to each of the users. This is beyond stupid that neither LG or T-Mobile do not know when will it be available for any of the particular phones. When reading the previous postings, I would like to get it, at least to try it. Otherwise, I will change stupid T-Mobile and will never get a LG phone. Note that I have had 2 LG Android phones, and both were crappy, although the pricing was more attractive when I purchased the phones, although not to be considered “super” deals.

    • Dalen Gipson

      Go To The Settings And Go To General Go Down Until You See Menu Key Tap It And You Can Select What The Three lines At The Bottom Right Do And Recent Apps Is On There

  • Fractallily

    I received the notification, downloaded and installed just fine. However, I’ve noticed that my phone runs considerably slower, and there have been some changes to apps that I didn’t expect. First, I can’t find my alarm anywhere (the alarm app/widget that came preinstalled). The alarms that I had set before the update still go off, but I can’t access the app to change anything, which is becoming a huge problem. Second, long pressing the home button on the bottom of the screen used to show me all of my open apps, so I could manually close the ones I wanted to, or toggle between apps I was using (such as the calculator and my bank account). Now long pressing the home button brings up the Google search, and I don’t know how to access open apps to toggle back and forth when I need to. Maybe these are minor to some people, but they irk me to the point where I’d rather just chuck it and get a new one. Hopefully these issues are easily fixed…I just don’t know how yet…

    • Dalen Gipson

      Go To The Settings And Go To General Go Down Until You See Menu Key Tap It And You Can Select What The Three lines At The Bottom Right Do And Recent Apps Is On There Thats How You Do It

    • Michelle Alvarez Quisqueya

      The “Alarm” feature is now under Clock (white faced icon) and in order to access your open apps, you now long press the soft menu key on the bottom right.

      • Jenifer

        Thank you so much! You have just made me so incredibly happy! I was going to lose my $hi* if I couldn’t figure out how to get to my task manager! Thanks again for sharing!

  • Michael Buchta

    Has anyone recieved the ota update for lg optimus l90..what site do you go to check the schedule of it?

  • Ramneet Kaur

    I have not gotten the notification and when i check for updates it says i am up to date and when i use the computer update tool, it says that this device only supports over the air updates. So please help me

  • Sebi Leis

    Yeah…..I still haven’t gotten the update. And it’s been over two months. My mom got the notification this morning for the OTA update, but I still have nothing.

  • Monolito Tart

    My phone was acting up and had to do a factory reset. Then the update showed up. Installing now.

  • Alicia

    Im pretty sure this is the update my phone made me do it and it has made my phone messed up. Ever since i updated my phone, my songs have been getting deleted. Popups come up alot and when I click to go onto certain apps it will go to something completely different.

  • Devon Dummer

    absolutly terrible. my phone is soooo slow. just trying to swipe the screen to get into my phone takes forever i have to press buttons 2-4 times just to bring up anything . very very very unhappy and will be complaining when i go to pay my phone bill.

  • kye

    Complete Garbage, phone is super slow text messages take forever to be recieved and apps that had no ads are now showing tons of ads.

  • Kika Labboz

    I lost my theme, personal settings/preferences, apps have been deleted or moved around, I can no longer customize my phone, gallery is gone….Total crap!

  • Eric

    I have the optimus l90 and I don’t have the speak to text option anymore

  • Kristin Lisa Tucker

    My phone is so slow now. Most of my apps are gone, no more facial recognition to get back in when I lock my screen, I can’t press down on the home buttons to get the apps for sites i was previously on, now all I get is Google smh. I can go on and on and on and on. Bottom line it Sucks!!!!! I feel like a kid having a temper tantrum “I hate it, I hate it, I hate it”

    • MQuisqueya

      You now long-press on the soft menu key in the far right to view your recently used apps and task manager

      • Rysta Herrold

        Thankyou for that! That helps tremendously! (but i still dont like the update)

  • Kim

    Hate it! My phone is ridiculously slow now. It also sucks battery energy like crazy! I used to have great battery life. It randomly went into safe mode, and took forever to get out of it. And now I can’t do screenshots anymore. So frustrating!

  • Kim

    DON’T UPDATE! Nothing but problems since I did it. It’s really frustrating end I regret updating.

  • RavenDays

    This is the WORST ever experience I have had to date with my phone! I installed the update and now I can barely use my phone. It is super slow. It freezes. I am just really not happy with how this turned out.

  • FloBorg

    for everyone with a slow LG 90, the way to solve this is to do a factory reset. After doing this on mine, it is now really fast, faster than on kitkat. It will take you a couple of hours though, you will have to reinstall some apps, logins, …

    • Rysta Herrold

      Will it delete all my pictures and all my other stuff?

      • FloBorg

        Very sorry for the late reply, but for anyone else reading this, yes it will. Make sure to have them on your separate memory card or backed with Dropbox or Google Drive.

  • Hong Lee


  • Tavare Marshall

    Will we be getting 5.1 update? 5.0.2 RUINED my phone. It freezes all the time I have to turn it off and on to use it. Its slow. Battery drains really fast.

  • doug black

    I hate the update.is there a way to go back to kit Kat

  • Brian Dunlap

    the update sucks, slowed the phone, down, it freezes up and battery drains faster. very very dissatisfied

  • Taylor Espinoza

    I really like the update!! And it doesnt slow my phone down at all, I like it a lot. I was also wondering if you can update the emoticons. I really dont like them.. Also add more fonts. My phone is just plain. Anyway, nice update.

  • Anna Cuthrell

    This update is terrible. I want to go back to KitKat. It is a mess. It switched stuff up for no reason and I hate the way it all looks and there isn’t even an option to change the theme. My phone keeps freezing for no reason. Pleas bring the old version back and at least give us the option to keep lillipop or not.

  • Sabrina Joy

    update is AWFUL!!

  • Felecia Ballenger

    WOW where do I begin! I hate this update more than anything I have ever dwelt with. I now really really hate my phone. I want the update removed NOW!!! The look is ugly, the phone gets hot, everything runs extremely slow! Grrr. It makes my extremely busy life very complicated! I have contemplated returning to APPLE because of how bad this update is. WORST THING EVER!!!

  • call.me.papi

    This update isn’t worth keeping my phone nor my phone anymore ……. T-Mobile made a huge mistake with this

  • Rysta Herrold

    GARBAGE!!!! My phone is basically useless now! Super SLOW, laggs and freezes and I’m constantly restarting it. I want my phone back!

    • Rysta Herrold

      And where is my task manager??! If i wanted Google search I would’ve gone to it directly. STUPID! TICKED OFF!

      • Kerry M.

        I want to know where mine is too! I can’t close my apps or switch between them now. This sucks.

        • Rysta Herrold

          I found it! Haha. Just hold the “menu” button, bottom right, and it will come up. I think that is one reason for the super lag. Nothing is being closed out properly and running in the background constantly therefore everything is super slow.
          Also I’ve come to the conclusion that the phone is just too old for the update. The phone isn’t smart enough to handle the capabilities of the new updates system.
          Since then, I’ve got a new phone so… Yayy for me lol.

      • Chris Magallanes

        U hold the recent button

  • Alex Fisher

    This update is terrible! I seem to be missing a number of my apps, system lags, no more task manager(this is most irritating of all because i cant pick up where I left off in most cases), my browser settings have changed, clip tray only works with some apps but not all (I do a lot of work on my phone and the clip tray is very usefull for saving time when copying and transferring info), the keyboard dissapears frequently when typing on browser( its taken me 5 min to type this so far!) and i somehow keep acquiring data on my phone. Everyday i get a notification saying “low disc space” when my setting tell me there’s roughly a gig left. Also download speed is junk now.

    Why such a drastic change? They ruinned a decent phone with this


    I really don’t like this update. I lost some of my apps including my memos. A big part of why I love LG phones is because of the amount of customization, but now most of that is lost. I used to be able to change my keyboard colors, my theme, the background of my apps, the icon for my apps but no that’s all gone. And why did the update have to reset everything; wallpapers, the home screen, the apps, it’s ridiculous. The new internet interface is horrible along with having to hold on the menu key to see open apps, horrible. Also why can’t I change what happens when I hold down the home button? It runs really really slow now glad well. So many bad ideas in this new update I really wish I never installed it, it’s going to take a LOT of getting used to.

  • gisellews

    Why is this update eating up 3GB of my internal storage with MISC files now????!?!1
    My phone is NO LONGER USABLE. AT ALL.

  • Stacey Burris

    i HATE THIS UPDATE!!!! my phone is now so slow i am so frustrtaed i am ready to chuck it at a frigging wall!

    • Jan Vandermey

      I almost threw mine against the wall 3 times yesterday! I fully understand the frustration and the “instinct” to throw the dam thing!

  • Mr. Rocha

    Just horrible so far… I had the update notice on my phone for a few weeks and finally deleted enough items to make room for the install, it has been less than 24 hours and already miss kitkat… I should have read up on this update first but didn’t so now I must suffer for it… Thank you T-Mobile for sending me the update notice… To restart it now takes so much longer to come back on, not only does it take up to 5 minutes to fully come back on it also freezes through the restart and then needs multiple restart attempts to get it eventually going… I have another L90 also on same account with T-Mobile and did not get an update notice for it nor is it available as an option through the phone settings, glad I only did one update… Went to bed with battery level at 95% then 7 hours later it was 84%, I did nothing different than I used to do with kitkat and battery never dropped over night before before this update… WHY can’t I program the home button, if I needed google search there I would have done so myself, it isn’t siri… Is 5.1 going to be available for L90 to fix this… Going to save my files and do a factory reset to see if it helps my issues…

    • Mr. Rocha

      Just to update… I backed up my phone and restored it all back to original (except getting back kitkat) this has fixed my battery drain which is back to normal just as it was with kitkat… Lost some pics due to restore but think all my contacts are still there… Restarts are still slow but slightly better, still freezes up trying to get back up and just when I think it is ready to work it just restarts iself again… After the restart hickups, it works ok but do notice an ocassional freeze and lag… I feel the lack of internal storage space is a possible cause of some of the issues lollipop has brought to this phone and restore helped a little…

      • Mr. Rocha

        What a nightmare… As I stated a few days ago, I did a full restore to try and fix this horrible upgrade, it barely did anything for the freezing and constant restarts… I am constantly getting auto restarts in the middle of phone conversations which causes phone to just shutdown and hang up on me several times a days… Also just restarts during web surfing… Also constantly getting “Unfortunately, the process android.process.media has stopped”, I started getting this message shortly after the update and the full restore did not fix that either… I can’t deal with this anymore… Who to blame? Tmobile, LG or lollipop? Everything was fine with kitkat… If you have not updated to lollipop, DON’T… If I can’t figure this out soon then I will fix it with new phones AND service provider, I was fine with kitkat on these phones for last 9 months and only updated because of the nagging T-Mobile update notice kept popping on my phone… My other L90 is working just fine running kitkat, it did not get a lollipop update notice…

        I have been writing this message with my lollipopped L90 and it has now restarted 3 times on me while trying to complete this message… This is aggravating… This phone is only 9 months old…

  • Amanda Elliott

    I hate it im about to send both my lg l90’s back in if i can not uninstall this update soon within next few days actually. It is so slow takes over 3 mins to load a page on the internet and everything else is slow almost everypage frezzes n i have to take my battery out n restart it i want it gone now

  • Michael Hendley

    At first I thought the update was great. It seemed like a fresh new look for my Lg90. I thought people might just be having issues due to bloatware they didn’t take care of. I got rid of everything I didn’t need. I was confident it would be ok. Then, slowly, the apps began to get slower. Lagging turned to freezing. Freezing turned to crashing. Even less elaborate apps started to become affected. Even using speed dial now causes the phone to crash. Do not download Lollipop if you haven’t already! You will lose your phone! I’m postive this was an evil move to force the customers into upgrading any old phones. Quite the dick move. If you can find a way to down grade, do it!

  • Carmen Lashayy

    Why dont i have the update i have enough space

  • Seamus Dewane

    Does anyone know how to multitask with this new update

  • dlr

    I believe we should have the choice between KITKAT and LOLLIPOP please figure out away to get it back.

  • KraftyKari

    This update is terrible – it’s good to know it’s not just me having problems!! Any answers out there?

  • Rocky

    I just did the update and it deleted my notes app…is there any way of getting my notes back?

  • Zakary Lange

    Lollipop ruined my l90. Clearly a scam to make the phone become obsolete.

  • Jan Vandermey

    Totally F***ed my phone up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now I need to see if it can be reset to factory settings or I’ll have to get a new phone! POS!

    • Nayib Bukele

      Why dont you use LG tool, it will upgrade your Lollipop through the computer.

  • carter

    i hate the new upgrade. Why would make the texting feature something that works like step down. This has taken a good phone and made me hate it. I will now have to shop for something else.

  • Vady

    hate the phone after the update… awfully slow, locks up, reboots, start getting space issues while did not add any new apps…

  • Tala

    A completly sh*tty update. If you haven’t downloaded this AVOID IT LIKE THE PLAGUE!!!!! You will thank yourself. I haven’t experience some of the technical issues some of the others have had, thankfully, but it has takes damn near all the space left on my device. Unless you have a 32g microSD card to store things on, you’re probably sol if you have any apps. I wasn’t planning on downloading any more apps but some of my current ones aren’t acting properly thanks to this excuse for an upgrade i.e.keeps telling me that I have to delete voicemails and when I finally did delete about 10 of them it still says it can’t download anymore; my gmail won’t refresh emailsalso have have deleted photos, videos). I absolutely hate that the option of having your camera on your lock screen is forced upon us you that any and everyone can just take pic with my phone. This phone was perfectly fine when I bought it. TMobile, if you want to make another update for us L90 folks, make one that will take this crap off…PLEASE!

    • JLDaw

      AMEN!!! I absolutely hate the update. My phone has been crappy ever since it FORCED me to update a few months ago (no I wasn’t given the choice). Now it randomly shuts off all the time, and is constantly “update”. Also, What the heck! It is time for a new update, or at least let us go back (a factory reset won’t even get rid of this poor excuse for an operating system).