T-Mobile LG G5 pre-registration page is now live


T-Mobile has confirmed that it will carry the LG G5, but no official launch date has been revealed. We are one step closer to that launch today, though.

T-Mobile now has a webpage that’ll let you pre-register for the LG G5 by sharing your email, and in exchange, T-Mo will let you know when LG’s next Android flagship is released. The page goes on to tout the G5’s features, like its removable battery, dual rear cameras, and its Friends family of accessories.


In addition to its pre-registration page, T-Mobile has recently launched its LG G5 product page, which you can find right here.

While T-Mobile hasn’t announced any launch or pricing info for the G5, LG did recently say that the G5 will be released in the US in early April. We’ll probably have to wait for Magenta to reveal its exact G5 launch date, but with LG’s announcement, we’ve at least got an idea of when the device will start hitting US shelves. And if you’re patiently waiting for the G5’s arrival while other folks get to play with their shiny new Galaxy S7 and S7 edges, knowing that the G5 is coming to the US early next month could help to suppress your envy.

Sources: T-Mobile LG G5: Pre-registration, Product page

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  • RLB63

    Definitely not envious. Only way I would take an s7 is if they gave it to me

  • kev2684

    I think V10 successor will outsell the G line for the first time this year. IMO this is the ugliest flagship of the year.

    • Andrew Singleton

      i agree but it seems like it would be really nice to hold so i’m waiting to judge until i get it in my metal-loving hands.

    • WaitAndSee

      I don’t think it is ugly at all. As a matter of fact I am very excited with the direction LG is headed. I think anyone who has contempt prior to investigation has got to be a Samsung fanboy. Why would you pass judgement on something you have not even seen?

      • guest

        Are you saying the G5 is not photogenic?

    • jsp

      The G5 is actually pretty nice looking especially the titan coloured variant. Too bad that T-Mobile is not going to carry that version. Also most reviewers say that the G5 looks even better in person so don’t judge yet.

    • AS118

      I agree. The features are nice, but that camera hump area looks hideous. I also miss the smooth looking volume and power buttons on the back.

      I understand why they removed it, but having that Nexus/Moto-style finger-circle’s not really a big improvement.

      And I say this as an LG fan. I bought the G2, and then recently upgraded to the G4. My Monitor AND my TV are LG as well, although I didn’t do that on purpose. The phones I bought intentionally, the TV and Monitor I just picked out because they had the best quality for the price I was willing to pay at the time.

    • Andrew Singleton

      Got to check it out today. Its actually pretty stunning. There’s a tiny reflective bezel that adds a TON to the design and the build is solid. The top of the screen bends in a plastic-looking way but its definitely nicer than in the pictures.

  • junior90

    tmobile is only having 2 colors available?

  • HeatFan786

    Curious to read reviews on the G5 since folks are flocking to the S7/S7 Edge.

  • abn

    Lg this better work. Or your in trouble.

  • I’m ready for this phone! I’m gonna compare it to my S7 Edge, can’t wait. Anyone buying this one too?

    • Winter

      I’m going to be doing the exact same thing. Can’t wait either.

  • dontsh00tmesanta

    Waiting on the HTC 10

    • CalicoKJ

      Same here, but with HTC starting to act like they want out of the phone side of things (or are at least not prioritizing it as high), I’ll be giving the LG a hard look…which makes me a bit sad because all of my Android phones have been HTC going back to the MyTouch.

  • Plow Rox

    Looking forward to this device to replace my nexus 5, however I am wondering if T-Mobile will screw the pooch on the G5 like they have on the S7/E with the locked bootloader fiasco!
    Not so much interested in any of the “friends” for the G5, but maybe if someone comes out with a QI enabled battery pack that would be worth getting. IDK wait and see I suppose.

  • Patricia Paul

    I just found a comparison page for the G5 versus the Stylo, which I already have. I am not a technology geek, but it seems like the Stylo is better in most of the areas I am interested in, and the things the G5 is better on are things that I don’t understand. Can some technology person tell me whether I should upgrade?

    • Plow Rox
    • guest

      What are the areas you are interested in?

      • Patricia Paul

        I like the larger size for ease of viewing and the lighter weight. Stylo does everything I need. What I want to know is, from the specs, the things that are not on the Stylo, are they things that I should have and why? Like, what is TouchWiz UI, SuperAmoLED, other connectivity (NFC, MHL, ANT+, Infrared). What are “service lights” under notifications? What are these sensors for: Hall and Gesture?

        • guest

          UI means user interface, you can check the differences at a store, but I think they are both very similar with one big difference: the G5 does NOT have App Drawer, that is a shortcut/icon to see all your apps. Now all your apps will appear in your home screens, but I guess you can put the apps you don’t use in a folder.

          SuperAMOLED is the technology of the screen.

          NFC is mostly for electronic payments.

          One example of Gesture is that you can take a photo by moving your fingers, or something like that.

          The others I don’t know.

          If you’re not a heavy user you may want to wait for the Stylo 2. The high end phones are best for heavy users.

          You can also check video reviews.

        • Patricia Paul

          Thank you; you were very helpful! appreciate you taking the time to answer my questions!

        • guest

          You’re welcomed.

  • Raiterio Patterson

    Dez said on Periscope the G5 should be out March 18th