LG: G5 launching in early April, bringing Friends along with it


Following the G5’s announcement last month, LG has now shared some info on when its new Android flagship will launch.

The LG G5 will hit the US in early April, LG says, and it has reaffirmed that the G5 will be available on T-Mobile. LG hasn’t spilled a precise launch date or any pricing details, though. Those will likely come from the carriers themselves closer to launch.

LG also revealed today that it’ll have a special launch promo to go along with its new phone. For a limited time, G5 buyers will receive a free second battery for their new phone as well as a battery charging cradle to keep that second battery juiced up.

As a refresher, the LG G5 boasts a 5.3-inch 2560×1440 display, Snapdragon 820 processor, 4GB of RAM, 32GB of storage, a microSD slot, and a 2800mAh battery. The G5 also has an 8-megapixel front camera as well as a dual rear camera setup offers a 16-megapixel main sensor as well as a second 8-megapixel 135-degree wide angle lens. Another one of its highlight features its it modular design, which lets you pop off the bottom of the phone and attach add-ons, like the LG Cam Plus that offers a camera grip, physical camera controls that include zoom and shutter toggles, and an additional 1200mAh battery pack.

Are any of you thinking about picking up the G5 next month?

Source: LG

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  • Ash

    That promotion looks weak compared to Samy’s Netflix + VR offer. I agree battery is a good deal but they need to do better intro promotion.

    • Joe

      They might do a BOGO event for this as well but not say anything until the release date.

      • charles braswell

        Maybe I read it wrong, but my understanding is with the LGG5 promotion you get extra battery, charging dock, and the 360 cam,as well .Isn’t this true?

    • brybry

      I took part in the Sammy Deal.
      2 x GS7 Edge
      2 x Netflix
      2 x VR
      2 x $100 Ebates
      1 x Mail in Rebate for GS7 Edge

  • Sweet deal, I’m all over this phone when it comes out. Can’t wait

    • Apple

      *I’m all over this phone when it come out.

      There fixed


      • Jsun

        Hmmm… I must need new glasses because I can’t see the misspelled word

        • Manny

          The funny thing is all he did was remove the s from comes out. But when you use a singular subject like him/her you use a verb with an s. Like He comes out. Not He come out.

      • Find something to do…

  • Scott

    After seemingly being dropped,support wise, with the V10, I wouldn’t go with it. If their new “modular” design doesn’t take off, it will leave this phone unsupported, down the road.

    • steveb944

      The G series is their flagship line. You probably won’t see any more modular attachments, but it’s already pretty beneficial.

    • guest

      What do you mean when you say “unsupported”? Are you expecting more modular attachments?

      I think of the regular detachable bottom as an equivalent of a back cover.

  • Plow Rox

    My Nexus 5 is paid off this month, So I’m thinking to either try out the S7 or the G5. I’m more leaning to the G5 since been twice burned on sammy devices. Then come the fall (hoping) Google comes to their senses and allows the carriers to move product again and I’ll jump back onto a nexus.
    Edit: a few more reasons for the G5, IR blaster, Fm Radio, Head Phone Jack on TOP!

    • Acdc1a

      Pay the $199 for the 5x on Google Fi, cancel your service, own your phone free and clear for cheap…

      • RLB63

        great if it works for you. service would NOT work for me.

        • Acdc1a

          That’s my point. You don’t have to use the service. You can sign up, cancel, keep your unlocked $199 phone.

        • patt

          16gb nexus 5x is no good… even at that price.

        • RLB63

          16 gb memory
          NO memory card upgrade
          NON REPLACEABLE battery

          TOTAL LOSER of a phone to me. wouldn’t want it for $50!

    • I hated my GS6 Edge, but jumped in again with the GS7 Edge and so far I absolutely love it!

      • brybry

        What didn’t you like about the GS6 Edge?

        • Horrible battery life, sluggish interface. Mostly the battery life though. I would get maybe 4 hours.

        • brybry

          How is it on the GS7 Edge?

        • 9.5/10 in my opinion.

        • brybry

          awesome ~ i’m going to switch from the iphone 6s to the GS7 Edge.

          Didn’t get the 6 due to lack of expandable storage. But the BOGO was too hard to pass up especially with Netflix included a long with VR.

          Not to mention they’re going to have the Samsung Pay offer (I think right now it’s just a wireless charger.)

        • RLB63

          That expired on 3/10 for the wireless charger

        • james

          Samsung that’s the problem

    • AS118

      Headphone jack on top is a good change. Hated it on the bottom of my G2, especially when I connected to car audio with an aux cable. Awkwared to try and use the phone with the cord coming out of the bottom.

  • riverhorse

    Shoulda come out with Optimum / XL version.
    In order to be clear #1, that is.
    64GB, 6+”.
    With the other stuff it already has, no other phone would come close… I would pay whatever price.
    Instead, I will wait… don’t want to upgrade to a smaller phone.
    For that, I’d prefer a V10 at a fraction of the price.

  • I’m ready. Would’ve definitely liked a 64GB model, especially considered they axed Adoptable storage. Then again, I’m leaning towards jumping (JOD) to the LG V10 Successor.

  • AS118

    I wish they’d gone back down to 1080p. 1440p is just wasteful on a 5.3″ screen.

    • Agreed.

    • Robert

      At that size, why make the battery carry the extra load for little return?

      This is one of those times the Android arms race sucks.

      Offer a quality product that gets the job done and screw all the snobs who think they need more resolution.

    • MastarPete

      Not long after I bought the LG V10 it hit me that the increased
      resolution is aimed squarely at improving readability of Asian
      characters. Which absolutely fits seeing as HTC, Samsung and LG are
      headquartered in countries with highly complex and detailed alphabetical

      On paper I really didn’t care about the 2K resolution
      on the V10 but every time I remote in to my computer (1080p) I’m amazed
      at how readable the remote screen is at 1:1 zoom (held between about 12″ to 20″). Whereas on my Nexus 7
      and it’s 1080p I’d have to sometimes zoom in to be able to read remote

      It also highly depends on how good your eyesight is.

  • NardVa

    LG needs to up the ante with the promos. A free battery is ok, but they need to offer Netflix free for a year or something that is more useful.

    • VirusZer0

      LG usually have had awesome promos. I do hope they throw something else in this time. This is the first time though that Samsung has offered something other than Netflix. Last LG promo with the 200GB memory card was great.

    • RLB63

      I have the G4 and actually I was surprised that the battery holds up well after several fails from Samsung. so a swappable battery is important but an extra battery to start isn’t. A very fast micro SD card is more important to me. though they are just trying to show the difference between them and the new s7. The S6 didn’t have the slot do they have the memory. The S7 has it but no replaceable battery.

  • guest

    I want an LG V5 with 4.5 – 5″; 3 – 4GB RAM; 16 – 32 ROM; 620 – 820; 720p – 1080p; 15 hours talk-time; Cat 6; LTE CA; modular or buttons on the back…

    • steadymobb

      There are comparable mid range options out

  • Critic4U

    I would rather have the camera module that i saw on android authority and get that free rather than a extra battery and cradle charger that i could get third party from amazon for dirt cheap

    • Philly Jim

      I’m looking forward to the Bang and Olefson speaker attachment myself.

  • smacsteve

    Ah, LG actually has announced a launch date. April 1st. And this isn’t an April fools joke.

  • GinaDee

    Geez are those some iPhone 6s colors there or am I just imagining this sh#t?

  • Philly Jim

    I’m really looking forward to this phone, Samsung updating has been all but crippling even the HTC one M8 has recently been updated but the 837$ phone the edge plus still no love, now I’m aware that it’s up to T mobile to release Marshmellow, but that and still after all these years Samsung phones stutter for lack of a better word, and yes I’ve owned multiple nexus phones in the past, this year I’m going to give LG a shot or wait a little longer for the HTC or better yet wait for the new nexus, I just hope whatever phone I chose it will be compatible with my new Gear S2 classic. I’ve been on the Samsung bandwagon since the S3, this year I think it’s time for a change.