T-Mobile kicks off MLB All-Star Game contest that’s offering $5 million worth of travel vouchers


Earlier this week, T-Mobile announced that it is the first Presenting Sponsor for the MLB All-Star Game, and that it’s also sponsoring the All-Star FanFest again this year. Well today is the day that the FanFest kicks off, and T-Mo is celebrating with a contest.

To kick off T-Mobile All-Star FanFest and the launch of Mobile Without Borders, T-Mo is giving $5 million to 10,000 fans to use toward travel to Canada or Mexico if there’s a three-run home run during the All-Star Game on July 14. The best part is that you don’t need to be at the game to enter.

To take part in the contest, just tweet your prediction for which player will hit a three-run home run during the game using the hashtags #3for1HomeRun and #sweepstakes. If a player does end up hitting a three-run home run during the All-Star Game, 10,000 entrants will be randomly selected to win a $500 travel voucher.

If you’re not exactly a baseball fan but you’d still like to enter T-Mo’s contest, you can find a list of all the players in the 2015 All-Star Game right here.

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  • Steven

    What if you don’t have a Twitter… :(

    • Chris Hilbert

      Too bad Twitter is a pay service. :/

      • TaylorW86

        Twitter is free.

        • g2a5b0e

          You’re not good at sarcasm, are you?

  • Sanders

    T-Mobile needs to spend that $5 million improving their coverage, not some recreational promotion.

    • Joe


    • Haverhill_John

      They are not spending $5 million. They bought an insurance policy. Its like placing a bet.

  • Gildardo Villarruel

    Make it for all services like Googleplus

  • steveb944

    Bad link for the roster.

  • NardVa

    Odds of a 3 run blast are slim….