T-Mobile expanding MLB partnership to become first Presenting Sponsor of the All-Star Game


After teaming up with the MLB on the T-Mobile All-Star FanFest in 2013 and 2014, T-Mo today announced that it’s expanding its partnership with Major League Baseball.

T-Mobile will be the first Presenting Sponsor of the MLB All-Star Game, which will be broadcast on FOX on July 14 at 8:00 pm ET. The deal will see T-Mobile have a “marquee stadium presence” inside the Great American Ballpark in Cincinnati, on-air integrations throughout the game’s broadcast, and a national fan promo connected to the All-Star Game.

Here’s what John Legere had to say about T-Mobile being named the first Presenting Sponsor for the All-Star Game:

“It’s All-Star Week and we’re going to go big and paint the town magenta! As the first-ever presenting sponsor of the All-Star Game, and the returning title sponsor of T-Mobile All-Star FanFest, I’ve got some surprise Un-carrier style plans to make this year’s All-Star Game a fantastic experience for fans across the country Stay tuned!”

In addition to being a Presenting Sponsor for the All-Star Game itself, T-Mobile will once again sponsor the All-Star FanFest event. It’ll take place at the Duke Energy Convention Center from July 10-14.

Source: T-Mobile


  • aaaa

    Baseball is so irrelevant

    • steven

      not really, baseball draws millions, smart sponsorship

      • DStudio

        Yes, and baseball also has the most games per season, by a wide margin. It also has lower ticket prices, meaning casual fans will still attend a game or two in a year. This helps it cover a wide demographic – not just in terms of income levels, but also varying interests.

        Many “non-sports fans” will attend an MLB baseball game this year – people who haven’t been to an NHL, NBA, or NFL game in years (if ever).

  • Jess

    Hopefully they’ll beef things up even more by then. So far it’s not too bad, but than again, we don’t have thousands of folks here in the area quite yet.

    • williejackbrainer

      I hope they do beef things up as there will be a lot of folks accessing the network and if T-Mobile does not delivery it will be a black eye for them as far as this event goes.

      • Jess

        Two Black eyes! one from locals and the other from visitors. Granted the amount of spectrum from B12 (700MhZ) is not a lot, but without a doubt would have helped. Of course if WKEF would’ve been able to do their move sooner. I am still hopeful that they will vacate before the 15th and T-mobile can jump on putting it to use. They area seems to be largely complete when it comes to the equipment, at least.

  • RefarmAllPCSandDeploy700now

    What I would like to know is John Legere’s reaction to the WKEF(ABC22) video posted on facebook. .com/ABC22Dayton/videos/vb.100515640006270/928049677252858/?type=2&theater

    Look how pathetic people’s reactions are. All they will have to do is to “rescan” their tv with their ancient OTA antenna and instantly they will have more competition in wireless. Don’t they get it? The station is hindering progress by moving to a different channel too late.

    It looks like “the move” to channel 18 will not happen until after the all-star game. By then, how can T-Mobile convince people they have the improved network?

    And don’t even get me started on how little “midband” spectrum T-Mobile has in Cincinnati. It’s just so sad that they couldn’t compete with Verizon for the CBW spectrum and with AT&T for the Aloha and Leap spectra.

    • Jess

      LOL.. I loved the “Pathetic People’s reations” part of your comment, I thought the exact same thing, some of the comments left me baffled to say the least.

  • DStudio

    I just hope they get good coverage and capacity in ALL MLB ballparks. I thought it was quite embarrassing earlier this year at Angel Stadium – these nice, big signs advertising T-Mobile, yet completely unusable speeds on an iPhone 6.

    Sprint was usable (~2Mbps down), and Verizon was very painful to use (~1Mbps down), but T-Mobile was pathetic (~0.1Mbps down). Stadium WiFi was overloaded as well – I couldn’t use it either (I don’t think it would even let me connect, IIRC).

    I did notice, however, that Verizon got good late in this game (a blowout). It looked like perhaps half the fans had left, and Verizon was ~10Mbps. This also made me wonder about the type of fan who leaves early and how it relates to data usage – and possibly even carrier choice.

    • JLV90

      I would hope the coverage is good most of them are outside.

      • DStudio

        I haven’t done a survey, but I sure hope T-Mobile has! Congestion can kill any carrier’s service. Being outside isn’t going to help much. Sprint probably only squeaked by because they’re bleeding customers.

        Maybe Spark was doing its job well too. I didn’t check what band I was on, but their band 41 can handle higher capacity & speed over shorter distances – ideal for a stadium, I’d think. Plus some Sprint customer’s devices can’t even use this band yet, leaving it less congested.

        Maybe I should tweet JL about this.

  • Luis Carlos Diaz

    T-Mobile gets really congested at the ballpark or any stadium in Cincinnati so I hope they find a way to boost their signal/coverage at the All-Star Game. It would be embarrassing to promote the event, have a promo stand but have little service available!