John Legere says Un-carrier Amped move coming Thursday, another one next week


After taking to Periscope last week to tease that he had “something great” coming the following week, John Legere again appeared on Periscope today to keep the hype train going.

John Legere’s latest Periscope was held during a run in Central Park ahead of an investor dinner. He shed just a tiny bit more light on his plans for this week, saying that he has some “big news” to share Thursday morning. On the docket is an Un-carrier Amped announcement as well as a couple of other things that he wants to explain, like the “noise and nonsense” coming out of the other carriers in the US.

Once again, we’re left without any hints as to which Un-carrier move T-Mobile plans to amp up next, but at least now we know which day it’s coming. Circle Thursday on your calendars!

Legere went on to tease that he’s “gonna do another one” next week, suggesting that we’re going to get three Un-carrier Amped announcements in three weeks. T-Mobile’s CEO also shared a couple of other tidbits, saying that JUMP! On Demand is going well so far and that T-Mobile is very close to hitting 300 million POPs with its LTE coverage. T-Mo originally expected to hit that goal by the end of 2015, but it looks like it’s going to reach it much sooner.

If you’d like to watch John Legere run through Central Park, hold a vote about which of two other runners is more fit, and tease the upcoming Un-carrier Amped moves, you can catch the replay of his Periscope session here.

Source: Periscope

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  • TheVorlon

    The announcement I would like to hear is that they are making their MyAccount servers more responsive.

    • T-Mobile Cares

      I am sorry you feel as though you are having problems with the MyAccount app or the servers on which they rely. It would be very helpful if you could elaborate. Thanks for your time.

      • Darcy Myers

        As for me it takes forever to load. It isn’t my connection because it has always been that way.

        • T-Mobile Cares

          What device are you working with?

        • Darcy Myers

          Sony Xperia Z1s. My phone loads everything else fine.

        • Darcy Myers

          Oh and I see you are saying you can’t use the my account app with wifi but I pay my bill through the app on wifi all the time. I’m a bit confused.

      • 21stNow

        I rarely use the MyAccount app, but tried to use it earlier this month to pay my bill. I couldn’t get past the login prompt because it kept telling me that my password was incorrect. I got up and logged in on my desktop using the same (correct) password and paid the bill with no problem.

        • T-Mobile Cares

          Ok, now I understand. Please know that for your security, you cannot use the app while connected to Wi-Fi. If you are seeing a login screen, switch off of the Wi-Fi network and access the app again. I hope that helps answer your concern.

        • 21stNow

          I always have Wi-Fi off on that phone, so that wasn’t the problem.

        • Had this happen to me too on my Lumia 635 for awhile, but then the mobile app suddenly started working one day. There’s definitely inconsistency here.

      • TheVorlon

        Launch app on iPhone or Android phone connected to T-Mobile 20mbs LTE.

        Click on “Account Info”

        Now wait for a minute or more for the screen to load with data.

  • I’d love to see the taxes and fees be rolled in the plans prices.

    • 21stNow

      Be careful what you wish for! When you express this wish, you have to add that you would like to see this the taxes and fees included in the CURRENT plan prices. I’m sure T-Mobile would have no problem including the taxes and fees and bumping up the plan prices so that existing customers are paying the same or more than we are paying now.

  • archerian

    When will Tmonews report on the new request from T-mobile to the FCC to facilitate easier access for it to low band spectrum for the auction? You know, the one where they want reserved quota to kick in at a set minimum price.


    Or the letter JL sent to the FCC where he gets all emotional and vows to fight for the american consumer and the future?


    • ha

      only blood pumpin here is u with ur trolllllling

  • Bilal A

    I would like to see data stash for all customers, faster international data speeds, and more countries added to the free roaming list.

    • Jeffrey Wang

      I agree! I’d love for this to happen as well.

    • tmo_yoshi

      2nd that, more countries, and free faster international data speed. That would be awesome.

  • ltnstar

    These last announcements have been a snooze. Speeds have droped im having coverage gaps where i didnt before on top of reps giving misinformation. No bueno, so either announce lte improvements or simplified billing with taxes and fees included

  • John Doe

    Did you guys retouch that screenshot? LoL

    • Genecio

      I was thinking the same exact thing, or that JL was airbrushed before going to Central Park…..sorry JL. :-P

  • Raiterio Patterson

    I don’t know who this Alex Wagner is, but he’s not bad. Not bad at all.

  • Alex Pilaia

    Data Stash for all customers on any Simple Choice Plan, or Wifi Calling Enabled for all Unlocked Phones (Nexus 5)

  • megawaynemusic

    “Leap on Demand” where anyone at anytime can trade in their phone for something new (for a small fee of course)

  • megawaynemusic

    “Race on Demand” where depending on your race is what color phone you get, lol (just jokes folks)

  • tim

    What’s wrong with my 64GB S6? First, I can rarely send any texts via wifi. It says “message not sent”. I have called TMO tech support few times and tried their trouble shooting and still having this problem. Secondly, I don’t have mobile data = internet connection after I switch to mobile data from wifi. For example, when at home, I am always on wifi and before I leave my home, I turn off wifi and turn on my mobile data. It shows 4G but have no internet. I tried restarting my phone and only then I get mobile data.

    Please advice!

    • Haverhill_John

      Turn off wifi calling it is too unreliable

      • Adrayven

        Ironicly, I think It’s great on other devices (my iPhone works great with WiFi calling).. I also have an older HTC that has WiFi calling and it’s horrible..

        Not sure if it’s their implementation or what…

        • Haverhill_John

          i have had issues with Samsung and Nokia. I had one of the original wifi calling phones, an HTC shadow, and it worked flawlessly but it was a different technology. today, i don’t even use it. it seems like it doesn’t know when to use which network.

        • Jrunner

          That’s great that your iPhone works great with WiFi calling. My 5c has been unreliable with it, and seems to cause the “glitch” more often where you have to reset it because it overloads and can’t access the wifi network when I go to use it the next morning. Still seems like many of the problems with ios 8.x have been tied to that regardless of which model you’re running it on.

      • maestroalvarez

        I agree, John. I do the same to help with stability. The only place where WiFi calling is better is with T-Mobile’s WiFi CellSpot by Asus, that they deliver upon request. Try that, at least when at home to see if it helps.

        • Haverhill_John

          That works if you enable wifi calling only when you want to use it. Once it goes south it stays there. My phone will ring and I won’t be able to hear the person on the other end or it won’t ring at all when the caller is hearing it ringing and then goes to voice mail on them.

      • quist

        Yup. wifi calling is a dud on my N6

        • williejackbrainer

          I agree it is and I just shut my off. Call made through WiFi calling is not clear enough.

        • quist

          I had that and I trouble having calls going straight to voicemail

        • williejackbrainer

          If you have a Nexus phone try installing Google Connectivity Services. I have noticed an improvement, but the call quality is lacking.

        • Aaron C

          I tried WiFi calling on my Nexus 6 for the first time this weekend and it worked great. Call quality was great as well.

        • williejackbrainer

          However, I noticed somewhat of an improvement once I updated (google connectivity services). My thinking is it is only for Nexus devices. Could be wrong tho…

      • JLV90

        Works perfectly fine on my iPhone, but then again I don’t really need it so I turn it off unless it is absolutely necessary.

    • Marco

      It’s funny Tim because I have two phones one being a Samsung galaxy note 2 that sucks for wifi calling and a unlocked blackberry z10 and that works better in more ways than none. Yeah figure that one out.

  • Zach Mauch

    My idea/hope is adding book streaming services to the music freedom list. Same concept and works just as well for both parties.

  • Carlos

    I want to hear no more Edge, my phone should either show 4G or LTE. Coverage coverage coverage.

    • JLV90

      EDGE won’t be disappearing for a long time. Even AT&T doesn’t want to get rid of it till at least 2019.

      • Ashton3002

        AT&T said edge would be starting to go by 2017 if not 2016…if I remember correctly.

      • John

        AT&T shutting down entire edge network by 2017. Google it and you’ll find various supporting documents/articles on the issue.

  • skywalkr2

    Legere is starting to remind me of Douglas Reynholm.

    • Marty


  • Roger Sales

    Too bad there hasn’t been more word on the alleged 700 mhz acquisition in Phoenix(and hopefully San Diego, Las Vegas, and every other major market not currently on anyones deployment docket).

    • Cam Fas

      Sweet what’s the word I’m in Vegas i would love some 700mhz

      • JLV90

        License currently owned by Cox Cable unless T-mobile is working out a deal with them theres no progress in Vegas.

        • thundertime88

          wrong. its owned by AB Licenses co.

  • Allen Alberto Enriquez

    Jump! On Demand. Now Available on Tablets!

  • JG

    My two guesses…

    1.) Uncarrier 6.0 Amped… Along with Music Freedom, T-Mobile introduces Picture Freedom. If you check their G+ feed, they’ve been posting a lot of photo taking posts lately. Possible hint of having services like zero-rated so we can backup and view photos and videos without having to worry about using up our data.

    2.) Uncarrier 7.0 Amped… WiFi unleashed even farther to include devices T-Mobile doesn’t officially support – Nexus 4 and 5, Google Play Edition devices, Moto X, G and Es, etc. WiFi calling is basically built into Android now, so any device 5.1+ or so should be able to support it. T-Mo could release an app that’d set everything up, make sure the APNs or whatever are all set right.

  • Marty

    Foul-mouthed fool got some more scams to lay on us? I’m getting tired of this clown’s act.

    • Joe

      You mad bro?