HTC One A9 sale knocks $100 off regular price


It’s expected that we’ll see the HTC 10 debut in the near future, but if you’re interested in a more affordable device, you may want to turn your attention to today’s HTC Hot Deal.

HTC is now selling the One A9 for $399.99, which is $100 off its regular asking price. All four colors are available — Carbon Gray, Opal Silver, Deep Garnet, and Topaz Gold — and you can also choose between unlocked and T-Mobile versions. It’s worth noting, though, that the unlocked model plays nicely with T-Mo features like band 12 LTE and Wi-Fi Calling.

HTC’s One A9 sale will run until 11:59 pm PT tonight/2:59 am ET tomorrow.

The HTC One A9 was priced at $399.99 for a brief time following its launch, so today’s sale will let you get the One A9 at the same price as the early adopters. The One A9 is currently running Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow, and HTC has committed to pushing Android OS updates to the One A9 within 15 days of Google pushing them to Nexus devices, so the unlocked One A9 could be worth a look if you want fast updates but you’re not feeling the Nexus 5X.

Source: HTC

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  • sosarozay300

    wow only $400

    • KOLIO

      But wait there’s more…………..

      If you wait another 24 hrs,you can get an even better deal,2 for $1000………………….

  • Maybe of it were 199 is consider it

  • Ordeith

    I wish HTC would make something that supported Continuum. I don’t think I could buy a phone without it anymore.

  • pda96

    I’ve owed an M7 and now an M8. I’m not waiting for this stupid company to come up with a desirable phone anymore. They’ve screwed up every phone launch so far starting with the M9. I’m picking up a couple of S7s in a wk. See ya, HTC !!

    • George Salcedo

      Sorry to see you go, have fun with Samsung and their laggy ass OS and phones with so much bloatware you’ll wanna switch back in a heartbeat.

  • Bklynman

    When HTC,going come with 5.7″ to 6″ phone? They were the 1st come out 4 plus phones now only 5,5.1,5.2.,come on HTC you are falling behind!!!

    • HTC Brand

      IAgree, if it was a 5.7 or greater…I would purchase the phone. I really like HTC Brand…

  • Alex

    Hmmm…let’s see. This or my Moto X Pure Edition with front facing speakers, 2k display, larger battery, Android 6.0 & also T-Mobile compatible for the same price? That’s a no brainer.

  • gmo8492

    This this thing is still priced way too high versus the competition. If it was under $300 they would move a lot more inventory.

  • vinnyjr

    This is a solid phone for 400 bucks. Band 12 support and just the right size. I have every large phone and to be honest kind of sick of them. 5 inch phone is the sweet spot for many. Again, great phone and very zippy.

    • AS118

      Does it actually have band 12 support? Or does it technically have it, but it’s disabled by the request of T-mobile?

  • AS118

    You know what? I just realized that the HTC 10 looks like this phone, but with a chamfered back.

  • Nick Ramacciato

    I’m sorry but what does this have to do with T-Mobile? They’re not selling the device at all.