HTC One A9 will cost $499.99 starting November 7


While T-Mobile won’t be selling the HTC One A9 itself, HTC is selling the phone unlocked and has said that the A9 will support Wi-Fi Calling and VoLTE on T-Mo. Because of those features and its $399.99 price tag, the One A9 might be appealing to some T-Mo customers. If you want that price, though, you’ll have to buy the One A9 soon.

HTC has revealed that at 12:01 am on November 7, the price of the One A9 will go up to $499.99. That’s $100 more than HTC is asking for the One A9 right now.

This price increase isn’t totally surprising, because HTC clearly states on its pre-order page that the $399.99 price is a “limited time, promotional offer.” That said, the One A9 will face much fiercer competition at $499.99, including the Nexus 6P that’s got higher-end specs and faster Android OS updates. The good news is that we’ve gotten word of the One A9’s price increase more than a week and a half before it happens, so if you’re really feeling HTC’s latest kit, you’ve still got time to get it for $399.99.

Source: Android Central

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  • steveb944

    OG Android iPhone. Pretty device with a good OS.

  • Andrew Morel

    What’s up with T-Mobile not selling any of these AAA phones that have been released recently?? First Z5 and Nexus, now this? This means we can’t finance or JUMP to these phones. Also not everyone wants a gigantic phone like the LG V10…

    • AS118

      The lack of the Z5 series in particular makes me boggle. It’s everything most people want in a phone besides a removable battery.

      Waterproof, microSD card slot, very strong battery life, good screen, front stereo speakers… it’s like a laundry list of things people want when they talk about Samsung and Apple phones.

      • It may have the features most people want, but most people are not jumping to buy Sony phones. Tmo is not stupid. Samsung and Apple phones are what is selling the most. Then you have LG and HTC. Hell, I’ve seen more Nexus around than Sony Z series.

        • Rdaex

          Which is really unfortunate. I had the Z3. I LOVED that phone.. except the camera blows.

          I got the G4. I LOVED that camera. Everything else blew. Battery life was TERRIBLE (in comparison), no more using it as my shower music, cheaper feeling non premium phone. It was slow.. sometimes. Screen taps sometimes didnt register.

          Im back on my Z3 now, eagerly awaiting the Z5 launch in the US.. if Tmo carried it in store, Id buy it on day one.

    • Eric Stengrevics

      I just got jump on demand, but I’m not even going to want to use three upgrades due to this lack of options. Why did I even bother switching from vjump 2?

      • skywalkr2

        I quit jump when i realized that buying unlocked is a better value.

      • JLV90

        stack the promos with buying a new device get all the netflix and SD cards you can handle.

      • Andrew Singleton

        Well, taxes are no longer an immediately sunk cost. The program is now free where it used to cost $2 per month. Definitely seems better.

    • T Redd

      i know man. the disappointment

    • lomsha

      No US carrier is selling the new Nexus phones. Doubt that was their choice.

  • Ahahahahahahhaha $499???? Stop it HTC, stop it.

  • Roy Collinson

    So just to clarify,the unlocked
    Version DOES support wi fi calling as well….
    And volte
    So why buy the t mobile brand.
    What’s the point,any advantage.
    Can someone explain

    • matt

      the article says t-mo won’t be selling it

      • Chris

        On the HTC website, when ordering the phone, there is an option of carrier: Unlocked, T-Mobile, AT&T, or Sprint. Does anyone know what the difference between the Unlocked and T-Mobile version would be in respect to Wi-Fi calling?? I know Unlocked is open sim and bootloader, but if TMo isn’t carrying the A9, what is the TMo carrier version all about?

        • Scott

          I have the same question

        • Jmac

          What I believe the difference could be is that the T-Mobile version will come preinstalled with their apps and software (bloatware) like visual vm, T-Mobile tv, T-Mobile my account, etc. The apps that are meant to optimize the phone to work well with their network.

        • Andrew Singleton

          To my knowledge, firmware is different depending on WiFi calling and volte technology, so while unlocked, those features will work with t-mobile where they may not with att, etc. My A9 has WiFi calling get and vote but can’t seem to find band 12.

  • taxandspend

    That’s going to be a bit expensive for what you get.

  • JMccovery

    $500… Really? What in the world are the people at HTC smoking? If the A9 will sell for this much, will the M10 go for close to $800?

    One is better off buying a Desire 826 than the overpriced A9.

  • pda96

    Man, this company is dying a slow and painful death……..$500 for THIS phone???? You’re charging people $500 for a 617 Snapdragon and a puny battery??? Who is brainwashed enough to buy an Apple clone?

    • Ascertion

      2150 MAh…That would work, if it was still 2012.

      • maciejkoziol

        Yeah I think Galaxy S3 had 2100 mAh battery.

  • steven berson

    This company really needs to die. Idiots run the company. Really $499!? There are so many phones with much higher spec for less price. I wouldn’t pay more then $299 for this midrange phone.

  • skywalkr2

    This phone sounded good for a midrange phone, but $500? Crazy. How about $250 – $299.

    • Medion

      At $300 or less, it would be a definite buy for me. I refuse to pay more than $350 for a phone with a sealed battery simply because they always have shoddy life after a year or so. It’s getting so damn hard to find good phones with replaceable batteries these days. I’m actually considering ditching Android for the Lumia 950 based solely on the removable battery.

      • Andrew Singleton


        • Medion

          I like goats.

  • David

    Small battery, broadcom 6 series cpu, not the 8 series most commonly used in main stream phones. I’m not complaining about the screen resolution, because I think 1080P is perfect for a phone, anything higher than that simply drains battery too quickly.
    But still, for this configuration, it’s a $299 phone at most. NO chance to compete with One Plus two or Nexus 6p or Nexus 5x, motorola pure etc….

    • Andrew Singleton

      To your point a higher processing ghz per core would also drain battery. These mysterious customers you speak of do not give a crap about processor architecture. I own the device, and just like all other htc devices, it is a gem in performance. 32gb native storage with expandability and 3gb of ram, not to mention an awesome boost in display quality with AMOLED – this phone is appropriately priced at 500, 80 less than s6, 100 less than v10, 150 less than iPhone with a fraction of the specs. HTC is smart to outfit a smaller processor. Noone except those on this blog will notice or care.

  • Marsupial

    Even P. T. Barnum couldn’t sell this at that $499 price…. What are they thinking…?

  • Goran

    Htc and Sony will comit suicide with their peicing. A9 will nave Samsung Alpha destiny.

  • FILA

    and by “will support Wi-Fi Calling and VoLTE”, I expect this means Band 12 support? I’m really interested in this phone but I want to see camera samples first, we havent seen jack with this phone, no one wants to pre-order it like that, its a trap by HTC. Order it for the price turns out to be garbage. Order later because its a good phone and pay more money

    • Jmac

      HTC Trap is correct!!! They are trying to pressure the customers who are interested into buying the A9 by increasing the price to $500 the day after its available. Only problem is that they have turned off potential customers of the A9 like myself that were planning on buying it after real reviews come out about it by hiking the price to that of a nexus 6P. (Which has way better specs and more to offer,IMO)

      • FILA

        All we want is a high end HTC Nexus, and we will never get it. I think I’m going with the 6P as soon as we get confirmation of Band 12, which I don’t have any doubts that Google won’t make this happen

        • Medion

          We got a high-end HTC Nexus two years in a row, and no one bought the damn things. HTC One M7 GPE and M8 GPE. I had the Galaxy S4 GPE, and loved it until the KitKat update destroyed MicroSD access (later fixed in Lollipop, but I had already moved on).

          The M8 GPE is getting or already has Android 6.0. Only pure stock Android with MicroSD since the original Nexus One.

  • Jay

    HTC WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU!!!!! Ok so at 1st I was not feeling the new design and was expecting something better than the M9. When they officially announced the A9 and said the price $399 US 3g ram & 32gb storage it became more attractive. (Still high price for the specs) but nonetheless decent for something from HTC imo. I was seriously going to buy this in late November. But HTC announcing the new price tag, completely put a nasty taste in my mouth to the point that even at $399 it’s no longer worth it to me. I have been a loyal HTC customer for years and was disappointed with the M9 and now am disgusted with the new price tag of the A9.

    Someone earlier said for HTC to just die already and am for the 1st time feeling the same way.

    After this announcement HTC would need to drop the price to $300-$350 for anyone not feeling HTC A9 to even consider. If not even lower. I will no longer look at this phone or HTC the same again. ( Nexus 6P is now looking great)

    • Jmac

      $299 not a penny more for the features and specs as well as the not so new or unique design it has.

      At $299 it’ll sell like it’s the last phone on the planet and HTC needs to get as many customers as possible to get familiar with their brand and phones.

      People who don’t need a New phone or just upgraded will get it just because it’s priced right at $299 for a well built phone.

      $399 it’s pushing it and alienating many potential customers. HTC said it would come out with a hero phone and priced at $399 it’s not the hero HTC needs. At $499 it’s suicidal for HTC.

  • George

    This is a sick and cruel way for HTC to kill its remaining customers in the USA.

    • Jmac

      George I agree 100% with you. They had a chance and have failed their customers yet again.

  • Bklynman

    What HTC should do bring back The Amaze,with updated specs. Bring back The camera with more mp,same design with different colors,red and black,blue and white etc. One with 5″screen and one with 5.7 to 6″. Price it between $350,about $600. They would have a winner. HTC if anyone from there is reading this,it is not brain surgery.

  • PC_Tool


    I’d actually get it from T-mobile after reading the review of the device from Ars Technica, but since it is not available on JoD (or through T-Mo at all), it isn’t happening.

    Really hoping the M10 or whatever they call it gets on T-Mo. Really miss HTC….

  • Jay

    Such a shame HTC. At $400 customers who are interested might buy the A9 but at $500 those same potential customers will indeed be turned off. HTC A9 at $500 Not the HERO HTC promised. They need to price it at $300 and would sell millions. At $400 it is a toss up. At $500 it is a guaranteed failure.

  • Deihmos

    I feel bad for HTC. I liked the HTC One but I can’t see myself ever buying another Android phone after switching to the iphone.

  • 3165dwayne

    for like $50 more you can pick up a Nexus 6P

  • Andrew Singleton

    Anyone using an A9 on the network yet? Mine definitely isn’t receiving band 12… am I doing something wrong?