T-Mobile adds 2.3 million new customers in Q3 2015


The numbers for T-Mobile’s third quarter 2015 performance are in! T-Mo reports that it added 2.3 million customers in Q3 2015, making it the 10th straight quarter in which more than 1 million people joined the Magenta Army. Of that 2.3 million, 1.085 million were branded postpaid customers, which makes Q3 2015 the 5th straight quarter that T-Mobile added more than 1 million postpaid customers. Q3 2015 also brought with it 595,000 branded prepaid customers.

One other interesting tidbit related to customer adds is that since T-Mobile launched its first Un-carrier move 10 quarters ago, more than 18 million people have joined the Magenta network.

With the addition of 2.3 million customers in the quarter, T-Mobile finished Q3 2015 — which ended on September 30 — with 61.2 million customers total.

Turning to churn, T-Mo reports that its postpaid phone churn for Q3 2015 finished at 1.46 percent, down from 1.64 percent year-over-year but up slightly from the 1.32 percent churn rate it reported in Q2 2015.

At the end of the third quarter, there were 12.2 million customers enrolled in a JUMP! program, up from 8.0 million in Q3 2014. In addition to getting more folks to JUMP! in Q3 2015, T-Mobile moved more smartphones than it did in previous quarters. T-Mo reports that it sold 8.1 million smartphones in Q3 2015, up from 7.4 million in Q2 2015 and 6.9 million in Q3 2014.

T-Mobile reports that it pulled in $6.3 billion in service revenues for the quarter, up 11 percent year-over-year. Total revenue grew, too, gaining 7 percent year-over-year to finish at $7.8 billion.

Here’s what John Legere had to say about T-Mobile’s Q3 2015 performance:

“We’ve had 10 quarters in a row with over 1 million net new customers, 5 with over a million branded postpaid customers and a total of 2.3 million new customers this quarter alone. Our momentum is strong and our incredible customer growth is translating directly into solid financial growth which makes it crystal clear that putting customers first is just good business.”

T-Mobile also gave an update on its network today. T-Mo LTE service covers more than 300 million people, meaning that Magenta reached its 2015 LTE coverage goal with a few months to spare. There’s Wideband LTE in 245 markets, with that number expected to cross 260 markets by the end of 2015. Meanwhile, Extended Range LTE is now in 204 markets and is on track to cover more than 350 markets by the end of the year.

T-Mo will conduct an earnings call to discuss its results and take questions about its performance. The call will be held at 10:00 am ET today, and if you’d like to get a question in, you can do so by Tweeting at @TMobileIR and using $TMUS. You can also text your question by sending a text to 313131 and entering TMUS followed by a space.

Source: T-Mobile Investor

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  • Sushimane

    Very nice

  • Samir Shah

    T-Mobile Killed small dealers who support to generate revenue to T-Mobile now they remove them from programs

    • Steven

      Wha? English?

    • carol argo

      I baught from small dealer. You know what? Now I buy only from big chain store . (looking at you boost mobile)

      • Samir Shah

        No wrong I m from t- mobile authorized dealer

  • carol argo

    Awesome! Now I know why my Lumia 640 has so much lte

    • Hopefully, T-Mobile will approve VoLTE for the single SIM Microsoft Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL.

  • Bryck

    Any available links for the earning call?

  • yankeesusa

    Great news. Since switching my personal line to tmobile 2 years ago i have seen nothing but improvements. I rarely hit a non lte area even on road trips. This means that revenue will keep coming in and helping them rollout more LTE and have money to spend on spectrum auctions next year.

  • Fabian Cortez

    To all those that believe John Legere isn’t working and goofs off too much: The numbers speak for themselves.

    • Adelino

      Half of what was expected though?

      • Fabian Cortez

        Half of what was expected though?

        What was expected?

        • Half of it

        • Fabian Cortez

          Half of it

          What is “it?”

  • Joe

    Can all carriers switch to square miles and amount of Americans covered not just amount of Americans.

    • Fabian Cortez

      Can all carriers switch to square miles and amount of Americans covered not just amount of Americans.

      We’ll find out more during the call.

      But they did promise 1.6 million square miles of coverage (LTE) to go along with the 300 million POPs of LTE. Up from 0.6 million square miles.

      • Joe

        They definitely have not reached the square mileage yet.

    • Jon

      POPs works just fine as a metric. Some square miles are significantly more important than others (ie Manhattan vs upper Idaho), and POPs accounts for that when square miles doesn’t. Even number of towers is a better metric than square miles…

      • Joe

        Number of towers is not good as low band towers reach further therfore you could reach t-mobiles current footprint with less low band towers than mid band towers. That is why giving square miles and Pops is the best way to show coverage numbers.

      • Kary

        The only square mile that is more important than any other is the square mile you happen to be in at the time.

        For those with relatively routine lives, travelling mainly from home to a place of work limited coverage can be perfectly fine. For those who go many different places, they need better coverage. A smartphone without coverage is not terribly useful for many/most uses.

        • vinnyjr

          Every Carrier has their weak areas, including both Verizon and AT&T.

        • Kary

          Yes, but T-Mobile has far more “weak areas” than either Verizon or AT&T. The coverage map for T-Mobile is not even close.

        • williejackbrainer

          And there are still many areas that still have dead spots where no carrier works. However, we as T-Mobile customers have the luxury of using WiFi Calling to handle that situation. My peeps hate on me and my Nexus 6, because I can still use my phone to call/text/web browse and do things as I would normally do. And all they can see is this message “No Service” LOL

        • vinnyjr

          T-Mobile is installing and updating their towers faster than anyone could imagine. I know this because it’s my work. I’m a tower jokey running towers daily. T-Mobile is killing it. They have a very data strong network that can handle anything thrown at it. 6 months from now they will have LTE everywhere. Strong LTE.

        • squiddy20

          “However, we as T-Mobile customers have the luxury of using WiFi Calling to handle that situation.”
          Which is great when you’re out in the boonies at someone’s house or at a hotel that offers WiFi, but the second you step out of that 30-50 foot signal radius, you lose all signal.
          Also, with the right apps/connection protocols, you can still make calls and such on WiFi with no mobile data signal. Ever heard of Skype, Google Voice, Viber, etc?

        • williejackbrainer

          Yes, I’ve heard of those app. But, never used them.

  • StevenM

    Reaching the coverage goal is great, but there is still a huge gaping hole smack in the middle of Louisiana, even with a Band 12 license there. With Sprint being mostly absent to that party, T-Mobile has nothing but opportunity to grab more customers from the area once this build out is complete.

    • Chad Dalton

      As well WEST VIRGINIA…i mean what’s the deal with that?

      • Bob

        Well that’s simple…it’s West Virginia lol. That state might as well be a 3rd world country.

    • timmyjoe42

      The “VoLTE” towers are so few and far between, I’m not sure how they can boast that it reaches 300 million people. Go to this link to see the towers around and you will be surprised that so few exist. Sure, we have access to them, if we go drive over to them…


    • KingOfThePhones

      Just an FYI, Legere announced today that they reached an agreement to buy the old Cox 700Mhz licenses, which also include NOLA.

  • Acdc1a

    66.1 million subscribers and growing rapidly. Who would have thought?

    • Chad Dalton

      which is it? 66.1 or 61.2 mil?

      • Fabian Cortez


      • Acdc1a

        Fixed it. Got a little ahead of myself!

  • steven berson

    Awesome job T-Mobile! I’ve been traveling recently and have had excellent coverage. Even in Canada I had 4g lte! All my buddies from US were jealous =p

  • Gorgey

    Dear Lemmings – maybe you ought to look past a partisan blog for your business education. The company’s revenue and earnings were far below expectations. Gaining customers through silly theatrics is called clever marketing. Not being able to make the business profitable is called crappy CEO. Wake up troop / Legere brought down Global Crossing… You will see the same here

    • ThatsMrtoyou

      The business is profitable…… Oh I get it now. You are one of the Bernie Sanders followers. Say nothing more, that explains it all

      • I fail to understand the meaning or intent behind your comment, or how supporting Bernie has anything to do with T-Mobile’s profitability. O_o That explains nothing.

    • vinnyjr

      You are obviously a Sprint Customer. Hahahahaha

    • Fabian Cortez

      $138 million in profit isn’t profitable?

      • vrm

        actually, the REAL measure of profit is the FCF. Profit and loss are accounting gimmicks but a positive free cash flow is undeniably a good thing- it is the difference between all the money you spend and the money you bring in. You can bring in a billion dollars and still show a loss with bogus write-offs.

        the FCF was about 460 million or so for Q3.

        • Fabian Cortez

          Good point on free cash flow.

    • Paul

      “Lemmings”, while a game borrows the name, do not blindly follow as the game alludes.

      The blog is for news about T-Mobile, just like blogs for AT&T, Verizon, etc. focus on those carriers. It’s a common practice. However, it isn’t about business. Perhaps a classroom is a better place to learn about the nuances of business. Here, we like to know how many new customers were brought in for Q3.

      Gaining customers equates to more cash coming in, regardless of meeting the board’s expectations.

      Seeing as T-Mobile has gained ground by passing Sprint, and stealing from the big 2, shows the Legere’s ideas are working.

      ”…silly theatrics is called clever marketing.” Yeah, and??? What do you think every company that advertises does? I should know, I’ve working in advertising for a few years.
      Come back when you have something new to say, this has all been played out.

    • tony

      you mean like how sprint burn through 2 billions dollars per quarter?

  • Ascertion

    Can anyone tell me why TMUS stock is dropping 4% today? I thought the additions is good news? Apparently these new promotions are costly.

    • Paul Garrison

      Probably didn’t meet expectations, but I don’t know.

    • Acdc1a

      The market in general is down and the profit did not meet expectations.

    • Paul

      Psh, not sure I’d trust the markets in reference to success. If I fart the prices change.

    • Rupesh

      The revenue and EPS was below expectations and it was a big miss..

  • Paul

    Sounds like great news.

  • Tom Downey

    T-Mobile ETF FRAUD! …. We are being scammed by T-mobile through their ETF fraud. We talked to three separate representatives before signing up who told us that we could keep our phones and that we would qualify for the ETF refund. We went to the T-mobile store and spoke F2F with a fourth rep who processed our change over, installed the SIMs in my wife and my phones. She told us all we need to do was to bring in the final Verizon bill to get the ETF credit to be used on T-Mobile services or equipment. After we got our Verizon bill we returned to the same store and SURPRISE!, there was a problem…. The manager informed us that were supposed to turn in our original phones and therefore did not qualify for the refund, no one we spoke to ever said this was a requirement. The manager then promised to personally take care of it. We haven’t heard from him for three weeks after emails and calls have not been returned.
    Is this just plain fraud, incompetence or both? Either way we are out $400 because we believed in T-mobile as an honorable company….. BIG MISTAKE!!!… DON’T GET TAKEN IN BY THE LIES AND DECEPTION of this company.

    • vinnyjr

      Call customer support and speak to upper management. If you said is true you will get your $$$$. If you don’t you are full of shit.

      • Fabian Cortez

        Exactly. Why complain on a fan site?

    • Fabian Cortez

      We talked to three separate representatives before signing up who told us that we could keep our phones and that we would qualify for the ETF refund.

      That was never part of their ETF buyout, ever.

      And I have a hard time believing that multiple representatives told you this considering their ETF buyout took effect in January 2014.

    • Chris

      Converted 2 lines without any issues on ETF refund.

      It takes 4-8 weeks for refund to get to you.

      It’s not instant.

    • Bklynman

      If this is true,take them to small claims court,like I did years ago when they were voice stream,they would’nt refund my deposit,which would have been about $180.00,I sue them for $700.00,too long of a story to go into why so much. To my surprise no one show up for them at the hearing,the judge awarded me my claim,but I live in NYC,we have some of the toughest consumer laws in the country,more than likely they won’t show up at your hearing either. Good luck.

      • vinnyjr

        This guy is full of shit. He’s not telling the truth. Just spamming. T-Mobile takes care of their customers. FACT.

    • vinnyjr

      This is the 5th time you posted this bull shit. If you had a real problem as you describe T-Mobile would fix it. You are just a troll. Stick with Sprint or whatever Carrier you are with. T-Mobile where I live has the strongest signal, fastest Network and killer plans. Don’t buy your bull shit, must have plenty of time to troll instead of getting your money. BullShit troll.

  • Frederick

    Do prepaid per month to T- mobil phones work in Mexico . I am not a customer at the present time . Thinking of switching .

    • Vacationed in mexico last month was able to call & text within mexico and back home to chicago and use data with no additional charges.

  • StevenM

    All LTE towers are “VoLTE” The link to the map you provided is Band 12 which is a separate network and provides only fill-in and expanded coverage to the existing network.Band 4/Band 2 LTE, assuming one has a Band 12 capable device.

    • timmyjoe42

      How can LTE and VoLTE towers be the same? I assume that all towers have LTE on band 1900, but only the VoLTE enabled towers utilize the Band 12 on the 700 frequency. The VoLTE is different than LTE. This is why devices such as the Moto X Pure with the hardware to use Band 12 have to disable this hardware until it is certified to work on T-Mobile’s network. Otherwise the device connects to Band 12 and thinks data and calls will go through the same frequency which disables the device’s ability to make and receive calls. Currently all devices that don’t have Band 12, utilize 2 radios to make their connections to T-Mobile’s network. 1 to voice and text and the second to utilize data. That’s why you can make calls even if you have no data connection. I assume the intent of T-Mobile’s network in the future is to switch everything to Band 12 (700) for better building penetration and coverage. This also allows them to utilize only 1 radio in the devices which will greatly improve battery life.

      • StevenM

        All T-Mobile LTE towers support VoLTE, regardless of the band. The issue is the phone you mentioned doesn’t support VoLTE on T-Mobile (it drops to the HSPA or Edge network to make calls) and therefore Band 12 had to be disabled. The short summary of the reason is if band 12 is enabled, the phone will use the network for data but can’t make phone calls (think 911) and if there are no other networks available aside from band 12, the phone will have ‘service’ but can’t call 911. There are legal and liability issues with this situation.

        I’m not trying to be flippant but there are multiple articles and discussion threads on why there are issues with allowing non-VoLTE phones on Band 12 if you want to do more research.

        The intent is to move all calls to VoLTE because it is more spectrum efficient, regardless of the frequency/band utilized.

  • Jose

    How come I still have edge? I thought their total edge network covered 285 million. And LTE is over 300+million people.

    • FILA

      Do you have an updated phone? Band 2 and Band 12

      • Jose

        I have a nexus 6 band 2 Driggs Idaho

    • Defcon_Foxtrot

      What city/state are you in?

      • Jose

        Driggs Idaho.

        • Defcon_Foxtrot

          Damn that’s sucks. Just 500 miles outside of band 12 territory

    • vinnyjr

      If you are still on Edge why do you stay with T-Mobile? Either you are a dope or a troll who is with another Carrier spamming T-Mobile. Probably a Sprint customer pissed off at the world.

  • Mueller

    You still have Edge because T-Mobile is all about the marketing… As opposed to the network

    • Paul

      They’ve expanded and increased speeds, as they have advertised. While some areas are fast, others are still slow. Building out is not an overnight chore.

      Get over it.

    • Defcon_Foxtrot

      Cite your source or stfu!

  • Do you maybe mean Band 12? If your phone does VoLTE and you have an LTE signal you get VoLTE. The towers aren’t different.

    • timmyjoe42

      I meant there are very few towers that are currently utilizing the 700mhz Band 12 network. This is a completely different network than the LTE utilizing the 1900mhz band. The LTE is pretty much everywhere, but their implementation of the VoLTE is hardly everywhere and I don’t understand how they can claim it reaches 300 million people unless we all drive over to these towers to hop on that network.

      • I think you are confused. VoLTE is voice over LTE. That’s not on a per tower basis, that’s everywhere. If you have a VoLTE capable device and are on an LTE tower you’re good to go.

      • StevenM

        The frequency/band doesn’t determine the availability of VoLTE. It is supported on band 2, 4, and 12. The transition between the bands is seamless among those supported by your phone. In non-band 12 areas, a VoLTE capable phone will support VoLTE seamlessly between band 4 & 2. In areas, where there is band 12, the phone will seamlessly switch between bands 2, 4, and 12 without dropping your call.

        • timmyjoe42

          Ah, this makes sense. I thought a phone needed to have Band 12 support to be VoLTE capable. I guess I don’t understand why the new devices such as the Moto X Pure only connects using one antennae when on band 12 because they aren’t certified, but work fine on the other bands. Because I thought the point of VoLTE is that voice and data are using the same LTE connection.

      • Incorrect. VoLTE is on the entire network. It is just a feature of LTE, but only works if your device supports it.

  • Raiterio Patterson

    This is great news and all but I need towers near house, service mode on iPhone says I’m getting wideband LTE but the speeds aren’t in the double digits. Now John and company can focus on extended range LTE till the end of next year and going into 2016. 600-700mhz is the mission going forward but what do I know; I’m not a CEO of a telecommunications company

  • Congrats @johnlegere and @tmobile. And to forum readers who always bitch about T-Mobile coverage, look at a map. If they don’t have Band 12 in your market, you might want to look at another carrier. T-Mobile is GREAT some places, but NO ONE is great everywhere. If they’re not great where you are, better to get someone else.

    • I’m a lot more interested in getting Band 2 LTE (PCS) in my area.

  • KingOfThePhones

    The really big news of the day is that T-Mobile reached an agreement to buy AB license’s (formerly Cox) 700A licenses!!! That means band 12 will be coming to San Diego, Vegas, New Orleans, Phoenix, Norfolk and other markets covering 20 million POPs. This was revealed by Legere in his opening comments on the earnings call.

    • spamnrice

      Do you have a link to the earnings call?

      • bryck

        T-mobile YouTube.

    • gmo8492

      Wow that’s amazing, T-Mobile is not wasting any time in acquiring more band 12 licenses.

  • vinnyjr

    If U R on Edge why R U still on T-Mobile ???? Must be a dope or just a bull shitter trying to spam T-Mobile forum.

    • (J²)


      Some people don’t understand, that they DO have other options. Not every single option is going to work out.

      This applies across the board. Even Verizon customers (in some areas) have signal issues. None of these carriers are perfect for everyone.

  • Hopefully, Big Pink is working on the 2G to LTE refarms still. They can do that right along with the Extended Range LTE.

  • jpswain

    18 million in 10 quarters, that’s translates to a pace of 80 million subscribers in 20 quarters, or to put it more succinctly, T-mobile will double in size in just 5 years.

  • #Note5 IsBoss

    T-mobile and John Legere will always be #1

    • squiddy20

      Except T-Mobile is number 3…