T-Mobile Extended Range LTE live in Sacramento, Calif., area


It’s been a couple of weeks since T-Mobile last announced an Extended Range LTE expansion, but today another metro area is officially joining the band 12 club.

T-Mobile says that its Extended Range LTE coverage is live in Sacramento, Calif., meaning that another major California city can experience the extended distance and better building penetration that this coverage offers. In addition to Sacramento, the following California cities have access to Extended Range LTE:

Elk Grove, Roseville, Davis, Rancho Cordova, Folsom, Carmichael, Citrus Heights, Rocklin, Woodland, Placerville, West Sacramento, Auburn, Fair Oaks, Alta, Antelope, Orangevale, North Highlands, Granite Bay, El Dorado Hills, Camino, Newcastle, Pollock Pines, Colfax, Tahoe Vista, Sloughhouse, Rancho Murieta, Mather, Gold Run, Shingle Springs, Tahoe City, Sunnyside, Rio Linda, Galt, Esparto, Phillips, Brooks, and Loomis

While T-Mobile customers in the cities above may have previously spotted Extended Range LTE coverage while it was being tested, today’s announcement means that the service is officially ready for public use. In addition to Sacramento, T-Mobile has recently launched its Extended Range LTE coverage in the California metro areas of Fresno, Orange County, and Los Angeles.

Source: T-Mobile

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  • Michael Barnes

    What was there goal for 2015?
    Are they going to fill in the spots with no coverage or wait to deploy 600 mhz

    What ever happened with the cca rural agreement

  • I live in Folsom, and I’ve been seeing Band 12 LTE for quite a while now… Since summer, I think.

    • Sacramento

      I’ve been seeing band 12 in Sacramento area for months too. Thought it had been live and ready.

    • B-Mobile

      Yes, i live in Elk Grove and i use *#0011# on the Note to check from my high traffic areas: Home, Work, etc: I’ve seen Band 12 for months at these locations always 5mhz always slow speedtest results (for now) but much appreciated never the less. But i did notice something very interesting recently: at work in Rancho i have no service in the datacenter but my job has a microcell/repeater (something) for AT&T (business agreement) the Note 4 was on 4G LTE at my desk when it was sitting idle and when i checked it was connected to Band 17 a AT&T 700mhz LTE Band.. does that mean interoperability/aggregation is in the works for the near future?? bad news is i haven’t been able to recreate the situation again maybe some work was being done in Rancho on Tuesday who knows. Also Band 4 has been a strong 20Mhz, up from 15Mhz for at least 2-3 months now in the same spots i frequent – Elk Grove, Rancho, Woodland etc

      • doubleatheman

        Ive also noticed Band 4 moving up to 20mhz recently, many times i’m getting 80mbps plus on band 4 (Arden-Arcade area)

        As for people complaining about band 12 being slower, maybe its a phone issue? My Nexus 6 and 6P have been amazing at avoiding band 12 unless it absolutely needs to connect. I’ve witnessed the following:

        If LTE Band 4 is available but a very weak signal, my phone will stay on band 4.

        If LTE band 12 and HSPA are available, my phone will connect to HSPA.

        My phone only seems to connect to band 12 when LTE Bands 4 & 2 and HSPA are unavailable. Which is perfect, because yes, band 12 has limited capacity, and with how tmo is strapped for low band it will be a very busy 5mhz of spectrum. I see typically 1.3mbps to 7mbps on band 12, but that’s better than the alternative of EDGE!

        Idealy phones should prefer networks in this order:
        LTE (B2 & B4) > HSPA (B2 & B4) > LTE B12 > EDGE

  • Steven

    Now just do Mobile, AL. PLEASE!

  • Cam Fas

    Is it Carrier aggragated? I am wondering what the LTE setup is like in sac. Is it a 10+10 Market with added 5+5 700mhz? or is it bonding 10+10 to become 15+15 700mhz and 1900mhz?

  • Cam Fas

    The FCC needs to stop twiddling their thumbs and finalize the sale approval of 700 MHz spectrum here in Las Vegas. They better aggregate the Spectrum I’d hate to be stuck on the 5 MHz chunk when it comes to Las Vegas.

    • T-Mo is 20×20 in Vegas already and with Band 12 too it should be one of if not their best market.

      • Cam Fas

        Yes I know Vegas is 20+20 I have gotten up to 119mbs in certain locations. I am just wondering when they bring band 12 will it be aggragated with the aws spectrum in Las Vegas? I keep hearing he horror stories of people getting great speeds then their phone gets stuck on the slow band 12 when they were able to get decent speeds prior. Also I wonder is the iPhone6s capable of aggragating 25×25 out of the 20+20 and the 5+5 networks.

        • Jose Hernandez

          I am sorry about this, but the stories are true. I am in a market in central Florida where they are just getting band 12 up and running. When on band 4 I can hit 50mbps downloads easy, have gone as high as 71, but when my Nexus 6 detects band 12, it does default to it. It will not use band 4 at all, on band 12 the best I have been able to get on downloads was 5-7mbps.

  • William Kestle

    What about your hometown tmobile!

    Bellevue, Seattle, tacoma, Everett area needs it

  • Android_God

    I’m curious how TMO compares to other carriers? T-Mobile is limited to 5mb’s on band 12. Is that typical of the other carriers as well?

    • What’s your source on that?

      • Android_God

        A few people commented about this when I addressed it on another posting. This was prompted by my own personal experience here in Atlanta with band 12.

        I would routinely get 22mb’s on my Note 4 prior to the band 12 rollout. This was while sitting in my home near a window. Now I get 5 megs or less when my phone goes to band 12.

        In my house! Be careful what you wish for with this band 12 roll out!

        • As I understand it, you’ll be on Band 12 as a last resort. Better than no signal at all.

        • Android_God

          Thanks Brett!! I’ve read a discussion about how band 12 has limited capacity. I may be wrong that band 12 is limited to 5MB’s. It appears so that it is slower on band 12.

          For my situation I never had a need for band 12 in my home. Once it was rolled out in my area my Note 4 was constantly on band 12 and the speeds were noticeably slower than band 4.

        • On my Note 4 I was only on Band 12 for short times but I see your point and I don’t know.

        • Jose Hernandez

          I can verify this as well. They are rolling out band 12 in my area in central FL. whenever band 12 is active, my Nexus 6 will default to it. I used to get up to 71mbps downloads, but with band 12 I can only reach 5 or 7mbps.

          The problem is that the other phones in my house are locked on band 4 and work way faster. I am the only one that has a b12 capable phone, and I am a little put off by it.

        • kgraham182

          Yeah, TMO band 12 is very limited and its main use is as a backup to there main network. I don’t know why people get excited about accessing band 12. TMO high data speeds can only be achieved on there AWS/PCS bands. Band 2/4 larger freq. block 10×10, 15×15, 20×20, shorter range, high speed data / voice. Band 12 small freq. block 2.5×2.5, 5×5 longer range slow data (due to limited chuck of the 700Mhz block)/ voice.

        • Android_God

          I thought it was bizarre that my phone was switching to band 12 while sitting in my home.

        • Drew

          And your point???? Point is, is that you will still get blazing fast speeds with band 12 going up to at least being 12mbps for that matter. Plus better indoor building penetration. I’m all around excited. Stop complaining about such speeds being slower on band 12. Good grief dude. lol

        • Android_God

          I watched with my eyeballs the dramatic speed difference. Every area seems to be different though.

        • kgraham182

          Another reason why TMO needs to win the 600MHz auction. They will have the best of both world, better coverage and higher speeds on lower bands. With LTE CA, TMO could combine the 600 and 700MHz

        • Cam Fas

          Needs to be carrier aggragated

        • guest

          One question, what was the previous band where you’re getting the 22MB?
          People, is there a band 4 LTE map? I have another phone with only that band.

        • Android_God

          Band 4

        • guest

          You know, many ATT bound phones have band 4 but not band 12. Maybe someone with one of those phones could share their experiences with us.

        • Drew

          Are you kidding me right now dude? Whats the deal with you talking about being careful at what you wish for? Band 12 is just as fast, but at slower speeds than all the other bands thats all. At least you get indoor building penetration to at least browse the websites at faster pace, getting right onto facebook at faster pace and mostly importantly is you being able to sending out blazing mms/sms text messages as fast as possible than you would with AT&T or Verizon. Band 12 can still hit higher than 8mbps to at least 12mbps. That right there is still blazing fast. Plus you dont have to worry about not being able to get right onto your internet as fast as possible. Shoot band 12 penetrates right deeply into most building verses the other bands that T-Mobile has would have, that time. So be thankful. I am. :)

        • Android_God

          You should be careful what you wish for.

    • gmo8492

      5mpbs is better than 0mbps since you can send receive text and emails. Not to mention browse the web and stream Netflix on that.

    • nihj890

      you ignorant, it’s not 5mbps, its 5Mhz x 5Mhz spectrum blocks

  • They don’t own the licenses there AND there’s a conflicting TV station too. I think they’ve given up Chicago to Sprint.

  • I think it already is, Chicago is their premier market. They’ve been bragging about speeds there.

    • Cam Fas

      Yay sprint gets one market that they are fast in lol. Overall they haven’t done nearly what T-Mobile has done. All the beam crap they advertise. They still need VoLTE.

  • kgraham182

    When will it come to the 1300 block of Magazine Street on the south side of the Vee. 94591 ‘VALLEJO’ that’s all I yell, and speaking of yea’ I hope I never have to go back to slanging yayo

  • nutmac

    Official list of Extend Range LTE Markets:

    Washington DC (4Q14)
    Los Angeles, CA (3Q15)
    Sacramento, CA (4Q15)
    Denver, CO (2Q15)
    Miami, FL (2Q15)
    Tampa, FL (1Q15)
    Atlanta, GA (3Q15)
    Baltimore, MD (2Q15)
    Detroit, MI (1Q15)
    Minneapolis, MN (4Q14)
    New York, NY (4Q15)
    Philadelphia, PA (1Q15)
    Dallas, TX (1Q15)
    Houston, TX (1Q15)
    San Antonio, TX (1Q15)

    And to be finished soon:
    Portland, OR (4Q15 ETA)
    Seattle, WA (4Q15 ETA)

    • Walt

      You’re missing Cleveland, OH

    • guest

      I understand Extended Range as the second wave of Band 12 light ups, that’s why many people have said that they already had Band 12 long before an Extended Range announcement.

    • terryjohnson16

      Nyc hasnt been announced as a launched market yet

    • Terry

      You are also Forgetting Indianapolis

  • doubleatheman

    Been on Band 12 in Sacramento for Two and a Half months already. I guess the build out is far enough along they announced it finally. Now all I need is for North Bay (Santa Rosa, Petaluma, Rohnert Park, Novato) to get finished.

    Also Areas like Vacaville & Fairfield are missing… Guess thats all part of the greater bay area build out…

  • jetscreamer01

    despite an official press release, I still get band 4 as the main band in Murrieta, CA. from time to time band 12 will light up, but just for a few second. is band 12 just a backup frequency, only to be used when band 4 is too weak? Band 4 in this town is hit or miss, with a lot of dead zone.

    • Mike Palomba

      Yes, band 12 is just a backup for when there is no band 2 or 4

      • jetscreamer01

        that’s what I assumed, which is why I gave up on T-Mobile and went to cricket recently for better coverage. I was hoping band 12 would be their default band. Good thing I got the T-Mobile note 4.

        • Mike Palomba

          You would not want band 12 to be the default band. It is far slower then band 2 or 4 and is only meant to fill in coverage gaps and help with in building coverage. Cricket (ATT) does the same thing with their low band coverage and so does Verizon. The only difference is that ATT and Veriozn have better overall coverage.

        • Walt

          T-mobile’s Band 2 and 12 both use 5×5 in rural areas making their maximum download speed 37 mbps each. ATT 700 mhz band 17 is their main LTE band and that’s why they have better overall coverage

        • Jay J. Blanco

          Not in all rural areas…. I’ve seen 10×10 & 15mhz in rural areas

        • Walt

          You’ve seen 15×15 1900 band 2? Proof please…

        • Jay J. Blanco

          I don’t have the proof because I switched phone in August but in Orangeburg, SC they have 10 or 15mhz of band 2. I was amazed and in rural part of Cayce, SC tmobile has deployed 10mhz lte… on PCS 1900

  • guest

    Is there a clean app to check LTE bands?
    Meaning, apps without scary permissions.

    • What phone do you have? some phones can show you LTE band numbers, without downloading an app. Otherwise, “LTE Discovery” is an app lots of people use on Androids.

  • Javon C.

    I get band 12 on route 22 in Scotch Plains, NJ. LTE was nonexistent there, it was only a weak 4G signal. Now all of the stores that are on the highway that I experienced the dreaded “no service” icon stays at a good 2-3 bars of LTE.

    • Cam Fas

      Coverage is improving at a rapid pace. I wouldn’t be surprised if by the end of 2016 the coverage was almost on par with att and Verizon. And after the 600mhz lights up in 4-6 years it will be great. I hope 2016 brings the beginning of nation wide carrier aggragation.

  • sidekicker89

    I had the HTC One M7 before and it only had LTE bands 1 and 17. Now that I upgraded to the M9, it does not have band 1 anymore according to the T-Mobile website. Is band 1 even important?

    • Prode

      Not to T-mobile it isn’t because T-Mobile mainly uses 4 and 12, and I think 2.

      • Daniel Marchand

        Yes 2 is very important for interstate and rural coverage… At least in the SE.

  • Ricky

    Will tmobile ever have lte on ca I-5? I just went to LA this weekend and drove thru I-5 south then back..and i was mostly stuck on E not even hspa let alone LTE… does anyone know if my phone is just too old and cant pick up the new LTE bands? Has anyone had any LTE on highway 5 from lodi to LA? I have a galaxy s4…

    • Cam Fas

      It’s your phone….. Your missing lte bands even the s5 wouldn’t have everything you need. The s6 would suit your needs if you decided to upgrade.

      • Ricky

        Ah ok then i need a new phone..but besides the s6 or iphone6 what other phone will give me all the bands i need to get LTE on Interstate 5 from Lodi to LA? That or take 101 but 5 is faster..

        • Kenneth Warner

          Look it up the NEXUS 5x NEXUS 6p NEXUS 6 HTC one m9 all have it just gotta do your research or ask a T-Mobile rep

        • M.H.

          take HWY 99, I had trip to San Diego last month and I took HWY 99 to Bakersfield and then I-5, I had LTE all the way from Elk Grove to San Diego. I have galaxy S6.

  • tropicalcaliente

    I’m inside the mall in Arden way here in Sacramento with the LG v10 and only show 3 bars of 4g. At root metric test .924 mbps download speed and 1.11 Mbps upload speed.

  • Cam Fas

    So does this mean they now cover 207markets with extended range? Because it would mean that they would have 19 days to meet the 350market end of 2015 goal it would also mean they have 19 days to cover 143 additional markets. Not entirely sure about the goal. And also with the FCC taking their time to approve the spectrum for wide band in Vegas they claim an spectrum covering 20 million Americans has yet to be approved. If their current pops are 303million Americans covered plus an additional 20 million in spectrum they would be able to cover 323million Americans. Frankly I don’t buy it. That being said I still love T-Mobile they have been shaking up the industry. And iPay far less for unlimited data along with two iPads that have their own data plan then I did with a single line on Verizon.

  • Louis Uhls

    I have been with Tmobile for roughly a month. I have the Samsung Galaxy Core Prime and I got it just before they started the Extended Range LTE. My question is, why then when I do a speed test for example, in one location and maybe get a download speed of 26mbps and maybe half a mile away or even just a few blocks it drops to 6mbps? I thought speed was supposed to go up with the upgrade, instead it ends up all over the map……….maybe i’m just confused. Oh, and my phone is always on band 4.