T-Mobile to gain coverage in parts of Yosemite National Park


If you’re going to visit a national park, odds are that you’re going there to admire nature and spend some time in the wilderness, not to see what it’s like to use your phone while in a tent. That said, it can still be nice to have a cell signal while you’re staying in a national park, and soon T-Mobile will have some new native coverage in a well-known park.

The National Park Service has revealed that the wireless site in Yosemite Valley will be reconstructed and, as part of the effort, it’ll gain T-Mobile support. The site currently supports AT&T and Verizon. The new site will be constructed with a 100-foot steel monopole as well as an enlarged communications equipment area. The project will also call for fiber optic cable to be run to the site.

While the Yosemite Valley is just one part of Yosemite National Park, it’s still good news to see some native T-Mobile coverage being added to the park. There aren’t yet any details on when the project is expected to be completed, but when it is, it’ll make for a great addition to all of the other coverage improvements T-Mobile is making lately, like its Extended Range LTE rollout.

The National Park Service also notes that T-Mobile wants to build a COW (not a “moo” cow, but a cell on wheels) at the cell that already exists at Sentinel Dome. The COW will remain there until work on modifying the existing tower can be completed.

Via: Reddit
Source: National Park Service (1), (2)

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  • Cam Fas

    Slow and steady wins the race. For all those that say they are only adding equipment to existing towers here you go. I’m guessing in about 15 months they will actually be on par or at least near Verizon, and att in terms of coverage.

  • sidekicker89

    What about Sprint? hahaha

    • Cam Fas

      They should rename Sprint PCS to SPENT PCS

  • Jay J. Blanco

    Great news. Tmobile is leaving Sprint behind in the network buildout

    • Jay Holm

      And will continue to leave them even further behind in 2016! I don’t what happened but Sprints new CEO said a while back that he intends to match Verizon’s network……that was a while ago…I’m talking about the owner of Softbank saying this….

      • gmo8492

        The owner of Softbank literally said that Sprint is not a network he’s proud of, and this was a couple of months ago during one of there quarterly meetings.

        • Jay Holm

          You would think for a Japanese CEO that he would have higher standards and goals he would want met with the network….

    • Romdude

      Out of the four carriers, only Sprint didn’t buy new spectrum here in Hawaii in the last auction. Not only is their network here really slow, they don’t even have plans to upgrade. Sad if you ask me, their stores here have people in them… Sprint employees or employee.

      • Jay J. Blanco

        Wow shameful

  • Jose

    Idaho suck when it comes to T-Mobile LTE coverage. Most of Idaho is still 2G, I don’t get it.

    • Dakota_Offspring

      Idaho unfortunately lacks Band 12 in most places

      • Kaulana1989

        I agree they need to bring coverage to the state of Idaho I have family in Boise and Hawaii T-mobile is upgrading towers on the Big Island 2 4G LTE an extended range LTE

    • Scoop003

      Yosemite is in California

  • KenP

    Great! Now instead of just selfies with Bisons we can do Periscope.

    • David

      haha…..This is the funniest comment I’ve seen all morning. You know there’s no bison in yosemite right? It’s california, not yellowstone.

      • KenP

        Thanks. Obviously, I need to retake geography!

  • David

    Not sure if this is coincidence, or t-mobile has listened. Anyways, started summer, I made numerous inquiry and requests to T-mobile about adding cell tower, or the least, wifi-calling coverage in Yosemite park, which is visited by millions of visitors a year. Of course, there’re other users requesting the same posting on T-Mobile support.
    Just when I think the requests and suggestions fall on deaf’s ear, I see the news today. Needless to say, very happy about the progress T-Mobile is making.
    Next, T-mobile should add 4G cell spots or wifi calling capability along the parks bus route and maybe inside the bus.

  • Barbosa

    Woohoo!! Oh yeah, gonna fire up that gas powered generator, hook up the 55incher, surround sound, and rock Netflix via TMO’s binge on LTE. Nothing like binge watching Breaking Bad in the great outdoors among nature’s most majestic offering. Oh Yeah!!

  • Rob H.

    No word on if it’s going to be Band 12 or 4?

    • Isaiah Davenport

      If T Mobile had to cut through a bunch of government red tap to add service to an existing tower. I would assume they would add LTE Bands 12 and 4. I wonder if they will add GSM and HSDPA coverage on the tower or will it be VOLTE only. I know in Hillsboro Ohio which got a new T Mobile tower and service that had GSM and HSDPA on the new tower.

      • sidekicker89

        Hillsboro really got a new Tower?? I just thought it was band 12 stretching from Cincinnati lol. I was in Hillsboro a LONG time ago (before smartphones but still with T-Mobile) and my phone didn’t work there at all.

    • ndog21

      It’s gotta be only band 12, they’d need a lot of sites to use band 4 or 2. Verizon only roamed in Yosemite for a while, until they acquired low band spectrum to deploy their native network there.

  • Jsun

    It’s a huge park and you can easily get lost of you don’t know what you’re doing. It’s good to know that one has the ability to call for help if need be.

    • john simsom


  • Adam

    This is welcome news. I used to bring walkie-talkies to Yosemite. I hope my buddies will now stop making fun of me for forgetting G is for golf. The best part of VoLTE is no one replies with, “Say again with spell.”

  • AS118

    Good news! A cell signal for calls and text, and maybe even maps or GPS is nice to have for lots of reasons in a national park. Particularly safety reasons.

    • Timothy Steele

      GPS operates off of satellites in the sky not cell phone towers and is already available anywhere you have a clear view of the sky. Just download any area maps you may need so that if your cell phone loses contact you can still pull up your location on the map.

    • john simsom

      “A cell signal for calls and text…is nice to have for lots of reasons in a national park. —> Particularly for safety reasons.”
      You are completely right!!

  • Jay Holm

    That’s awesome! Will it be 20mhz Wideband and support 700mhz Band 12?

    • Joe

      That would be nice especially with carrier aggregation enabled.

  • Ordeith

    T-Mobile has problems in places far less rural.

  • Verizon in Yosemite? I hike there 4-5x a year on several trails and it’s dead on many spots!

  • gg55592

    Anyone who wants to talk on their cellphone while in Yosemite should not be allowed in. There was actually a world before cellphones, including camping and hiking in Yosemite, and everyone got along fine. I can not imagine anything more annoying than the usual inconsiderate twits wiping on their cellphones in Yosemite. If ever there were a case of “get a life,” this is it. Or stay at home and let the rest of us enjoy nature.

    • Timothy Steele

      Why don’t you worry about you and let the rest of us worry about everything else?
      You want to talk about annoying, how about those pushy people who always seem to think they have a right to control what other people do just because they themselves don’t personally enjoy the activity? I can’t stand those people. Those people should get a life rather than worrying about how people who already have one conduct themselves while they live theirs.

      • Zach Chadwick

        I agree with you 100%

  • john simsom

    With the number of visitors to Yosemite growing each year, It’s time to get the cellular system up to job. Cellphones will cut down on the “search and rescue” problems for visitors and decrease the gridlock in the park. We have had to rescue enough visitors !!

    As Steele pointed out below, “Why don’t you worry about you and let the rest of us worry about everything else?” In this day in age, Don’t be a Luddite!