T-Mobile to gain coverage in parts of Yosemite National Park


If you’re going to visit a national park, odds are that you’re going there to admire nature and spend some time in the wilderness, not to see what it’s like to use your phone while in a tent. That said, it can still be nice to have a cell signal while you’re staying in a national park, and soon T-Mobile will have some new native coverage in a well-known park.

The National Park Service has revealed that the wireless site in Yosemite Valley will be reconstructed and, as part of the effort, it’ll gain T-Mobile support. The site currently supports AT&T and Verizon. The new site will be constructed with a 100-foot steel monopole as well as an enlarged communications equipment area. The project will also call for fiber optic cable to be run to the site.

While the Yosemite Valley is just one part of Yosemite National Park, it’s still good news to see some native T-Mobile coverage being added to the park. There aren’t yet any details on when the project is expected to be completed, but when it is, it’ll make for a great addition to all of the other coverage improvements T-Mobile is making lately, like its Extended Range LTE rollout.

The National Park Service also notes that T-Mobile wants to build a COW (not a “moo” cow, but a cell on wheels) at the cell that already exists at Sentinel Dome. The COW will remain there until work on modifying the existing tower can be completed.

Via: Reddit
Source: National Park Service (1), (2)

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