Some Nexus 6P and 5X owners seeing T-Mobile band 12 LTE support after Android 6.0.1 update


Today Google began pushing Android 6.0.1 updates to its Nexus devices, with the highlight feature being a boatload of new emoji. However, it looks like there’s another notable feature in there that ought to please Nexus 6P and Nexus 5X users on T-Mobile.

Several Nexus 6P and Nexus 5X users have found that, after installing Android 6.0.1, their phones connect to T-Mobile’s band 12 coverage. xda-developers forum user papi92 posted some screenshots showing his Nexus 6P on Android 6.0.1 and T-Mobile band 12, and Reddit users 77random77 and nps-ca say that their Nexus 5Xs are accessing band 12 after installing Android 6.0.1.


Neither Google nor T-Mobile have made any official announcements regarding T-Mo band 12 LTE support in the Android 6.0.1 update, so for now consider this all unconfirmed. Google and T-Mobile previously said that they were working on enabling band 12 on both phones, though, with members of Google’s Nexus team aiming to roll out band 12 support by the time that the 6P and 5X shipped to customers. Obviously that didn’t happen since the phones have been in owners’ hands for a few weeks now, but that does support the theory that band 12 support is included with the Android 6.0.1 update since it’s being rolled out shortly after the 6P and 5X launch.

If you’ve got a Nexus 6P or 5X, be sure to keep an eye out for your Android 6.0.1 update in the coming days. If you’re in a hurry and don’t mind doing a bit of work, you can manually flash the 6.0.1 factory image to your phone. Just keep in mind that doing so will wipe your phone’s data totally clean.

If you’ve got a Nexus 6P or 5X, is your phone connecting to T-Mobile’s band 12 coverage after the Android 6.0.1 update?

Sources: Reddit, xda-developers

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  • hristopelov

    is it going to take 2 months for update to come to Nexus 6?
    all i need is the new radios, hopefully improve signal and battery life.
    on 6.0 im getting some big “Cell Standby” drains.. anyone else? or is my coverage perhaps.

    • Washout

      It won’t take 2 months. Should be out in the upcoming week. It’s the monthly security update. As for the radios, the Nexus 6 are has band 12 active and it works great. My battery life has been even better with 6.0 so I’m not to sure where your problems are coming from. Nexus 6 has been a great phone.

      • hristopelov

        im not saying is bad, is been great.

        software radio/modems (nothing to do with band 12) are new every update, unless is just security update bit this one is not..

        • dboy rusky

          My phone choses band 4 over 12 if both available so above statement is incorrect

        • It’s supposed to. Band 4 is preferred.

  • Mark

    Grr my 6p thinks it’s still up-to-date. Currently on band 4 out in a rural town. LTE comes and goes sporadically. Band 12 will help so much, especially since it was just enabled in Sacramento ~40 miles away.

    • David

      they roll out in batches, otherwise all the new phones download update will crash the server. So google spread out the server load.

      • Mark

        Yeah, my Nexus 9 didn’t get the 6.0 update for about a week. That was fine. Knowing Band 12 is within reach is just so darn exciting.

        • Joe

          I understand the excitement of band 12 but for now you will be disappointed as it is much slower and will connect even when good band 4 or 2 signal is available. It will be much more exciting and useful when carrier aggregation is enabled so you can have speed and reliability all together.

      • Medion

        It has less to do with server load. A Google exec gave an interview on this a year or so ago. They hit 1% on the first batch, then slowly ramp up to 100% over 2-3 weeks. If any issues are detected during the smaller rollout, the OTA is halted.

        The most notable that I can remember was the KitKat OTA for the Nexus 4, which hit 1% then was halted for unknown issues, before resuming a few weeks later (allowing some phones like the first GPE devices and the Moto X to essentially get KitKat first).

        • shrike1978

          It’s called a soak test. All the carriers do it too. You can test all you want in a lab, but you can’t fully replicate all scenarios until it’s in the wild.

      • vrm

        you have no idea how google’s business works- if any one can handle the traffic and volume, it is google.

        • marque2

          He is right about the way Google distributes new builds. Having all Nexus phones in the family we experience this all the time where my Nexus 4 gets the update weeks before or after my wife’s Nexus 5. She got the update last week and I am still waiting on my 5x.

          It is part of the tradeoff. We get updates first, but Google rolls it out slowly and waits for bug reports to come in. They have stopped rollouts before. Has nothing to do with Google bandwidth.

    • patt

      you can flash factory images few minutes and you are good to go

    • I’m still waiting too.

    • Kyng

      Just got the ota an hour ago.

  • Derek

    i’d be grateful for ota links so i could sideload the 5X. this is a painful wait for some band 12 love.

    • patt

      flash factory images

      • Derek

        boot loader isn’t unlocked, don’t have time to reinstall/setup everything again. :-( normally i unlock right when i get a new nexus…forgot.

  • Andrew

    band 12 showing up for me in some areas of seattle with 6.0.1

    it’s nice when it’s there, but there isn’t much of it still.

    • Medion

      Yup. Didn’t do me any good in Seattle as I already have good signal there. Still no LTE on any band in Federal Way near The Commons.

      • Disk Crasher

        Seeing band 12 near Five Mile Lake.

  • Derek

    Links available now to download the OTA and sideload if you are unrooted, locked bootloader, etc.

  • HeatFan786

    I actually saw Band 12 before that update through the original update that was pushed out in November. Idk if Band 12 is on or not from that. Just hope T-Mobile gives it to all the Nexus 5Xs.

  • patt

    Hey TMO guys how come band12, is so slow ? I am with Verizon now and want to pull the switch. Also b13 seems to be much stronger. Why?

    • Person

      Band 12 is slow because of its low bandwith. (5mhz). Verizon has from 10 to 20 mhz of band 13 varying from region to region. This allows higher data transmission rates and allows for moremore network capacity as well. T-Mobiles main LTE band is Band 4. It has from 10-20mhz of it again. Region by region. It has worse signal reach, but is stupid fast. Band 12 is just t-mobiles way of plugging up holes in band 4 coverage.

      • patt

        yea place where I spend some time has weak B12 -117 -123 which is almost unusable. It’s inside the building of course. Everywhere else signal is good,even where I live. This is NYC area

      • SirStephenH

        Low band is also slower than mid or high band. 10Mhz of band 12 will always be slower than 10Mhz of band 2 or 4.

        • TechnoRealz

          Is lower bandwidth considered 12 or 2/4?

        • marque2

          Band 12 is 700Mhz. I believe band 4 is 1900.

        • marque2

          Your comment makes no sense. The Mhz rates are 700 and 1900. The higher frequency can support higher data rates, currently up to 40Mb/s with 2 channels. It will go higher as technology improves. The theoretical is 350 Mb/S and 950 Mb/s but this will never quite be achieved because error correcting and handshaking protocols take up some bandwidth and making the length of the bitsntoo small will result in too many bit transmission errors.

  • Derek

    TMO just called me and said that 5X does not support 700A block and so I cannot get signal unless I am in a 700B area where my 5X can function on the Band 12. WTF

    • Medion

      No one from T-Mobile called you just to comment on band 12 compatibility.

      • Derek

        Correct. I didn’t think this warranted my whole reason for communicating with TMO. I emailed the president email and someone called. My purpose was lack of signal in a South Florida suburb of Oakland Park. No band 12 in buildings following updates.

        • marque2

          There are parts of Florida without Band 12. Nexus 5x most definitely supports it, the issue is whether Google implements VoLTE. T-Mobile refuses to allow Band 12 to be turned on until VoLTE is certified for the phone, because it is needed to insure you can call 911, since band 12 is data only.

        • Derek

          Agreed. I’m not disputing anything here. I’m just saying that TMO gave a bullshit excuse for poor band 12 here following the ota which activated it for me. The agent claimed the 5x solely supports block b and not block a of the 700mhz spectrum. He said that all of their spectrum is block a and I need to buy a TMO branded phone. This was from a dude working in el presidentes office. Point is that TMO notes are totally insane or its people are clueless or they are pushing other hardware with bullshit excuses.

        • marque2

          The guy had no clue then. Where I live in San Diego there is no band 12 either. T Mobile is still trying to buy the spectrum from a spectrum squatter.

          I wish I had the update before my business trip to CT last week though, where they do have band 12 – lots of hills and valleys and plenty of spots where band 4 won’t reach.

        • Derek

          This is great. So, the guy calls back just now. “Google has not passed the certification yet, so the phone is unable to use Band 12. If you want a Nexus 5X, we have T-Mobile branded 5X phones available that are certified for Band 12.” … “This is why you are unable to use Band 12 completely in South Florida.” …. “Your account does not have all of Band 12 enabled because of the certification.”

          T-Mobile is really, really, really starting to annoy me.

        • marque2

          I got my update yesterday. It will be difficult for me to confirm band 12 though. San Diego doesn’t have it, and where I work in Orange county does, however I get band 4 just fine.

  • Irfan

    december 14 2015 no update yet ,this time Google sucks ..

    • jeremy

      Try being on Note 4 android 5.0.1…..

  • xgudwilx

    Just got my update on my N6Perfect… Now tell me what to look for and how I will benefit.. PLEASE THANKS!!

  • z3razerviper

    My 5x is still connecting to band 4 in roseville/rocklin ca :(