Nexus 6P added to T-Mobile’s list of Extended Range LTE-compatible phones


UPDATE: Here’s the statement that T-Mobile gave me regarding the Nexus 6P and its band 12 LTE support: “We’re continuing to work with Google to test Band 12 and VoLTE on the new Nexus P6, and should have more to share in the near future.”


When the Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P were first announced, their spec lists included support for band 12 LTE. There were immediately questions about whether or not the phones would work on T-Mobile’s band 12 coverage, and Google said that it was working with T-Mobile to enable support. Now it looks like that support might finally be getting close, at least for one new Nexus.

T-Mobile has a dedicated web page that lists devices that are compatible with its Extended Range LTE (aka band 12 LTE) coverage. The Nexus 6P was recently added to that list, but so far there doesn’t appear to be any update rolling out to actually enable the T-Mobile band 12 LTE on the 6P. However, the addition of the 6P to T-Mo’s list of Extended Range LTE phones could suggest that that update is near. The Nexus 5X is still missing from that list.

When asked about the situation with the Nexus 6P and band 12 LTE, Des Smith said that he’s “clarifying now.” I’ve also reached out to T-Mobile about the update and am waiting to hear back, so perhaps we’ll learn more soon.

As I said before, Google is working on getting T-Mobile band 12 LTE working on the Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P, so we know that the feature is coming, it’s just unclear when the updates will actually arrive. Google originally said that T-Mo band 12 LTE would be enabled by the time that the Nexus phones shipped, but that hasn’t happened. Extended Range LTE is a big deal, offering better coverage over long distances and in buildings than T-Mo’s other LTE coverage, so here’s to hoping that the new Nexus phones get it soon.

Do any of you already have a Nexus 6P in your hands?

Via: Reddit
Source: T-Mobile

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  • Garblicks

    That’s one the reasons I bought the 6p. This is one amazing phone. Never going back to anything but stock Android.

    • kgraham182

      But stock Android is so boring. I personally like LG launcher.

      • doubleatheman

        Im just a boring person.

  • Chris Sanner

    by “working on getting it working” you mean “reversing the update that removed it when you turned the phone on the first time” :/

    • doubleatheman

      You should have been in the same room as me when I first discovered the OTA update when I put my tmo sim in REMOVED band 12… I think I said a few choice words, and then promptly got out ADB and reflashed the proper radio file to get band 12 back.

  • kbiel

    I’ve been disappointed by T-Mobile’s silence on the issue of Band 12/VoLTE and Android 6.0. As far as I can tell, Google really screwed up their VoLTE implementation (and coincidentally, their WiFi calling which I believe to be related). This is what killed the Marshmallow roll out for T-Mobile. The T-Mobile support forum for the Nexus 6 is filled with people (including myself) complaining to T-Mobile about not rolling out Marshmallow for the N6 and for not keeping us up-to-date on the progress. Obviously, if the problems are as I believe them to be, then T-Mobile is desperate to get a fixed version of Marshmallow from Google since no phone will have Marshmallow support from T-Mobile until then.

    • ThatsMrtoyou

      I have marshmallow on my N6. I got it 3weeks ago. I pulled the T-Mobile sim out, did a factory reset, connected phone to WiFi, signed in, I had a security update, then I got the marshmallow update message and updated it. I did another factory reset as should be done with every OS update Anyways. Then I put in my sim card and its great. I love the doze feature. Battery life is great. I bought my N6 from amazon back in September 2015. It is model XT1103

      • kbiel

        Yeah, I have heard of others using this method too. I side-loaded it on my N6 and it was seemingly working great with both VoLTE/Band 12 and WiFi calling. I ordered a 5X and it thankfully did not update immediately on the insertion of my T-Mobile SIM disabling Band 12 as others have reported. It works with Band 12 and WiFi calling, but not as well as the N6 with the factory image. Strangely it was working well when I first started using it, but two weeks later and WiFi calling has almost become unusable.

        • FILA

          So how can you get around a new 5X from updating and disabling the Band 12 support? I know, just dont update but is there anything else you can do? So the 5X has Band 12 support out of the box but once you put a T-Mobile SIM in it, it will update to disable it?

        • kbiel

          I wish that I could tell you. I am only repeating what other people have said they experienced. My 5X did not ask to update out of the box or when I inserted my T-Mobile SIM. It is now reminding me to update to the November security release but I have been able to ignore it. I have thought about letting it update and seeing if it retains Band 12, but I really need Band 12 where I live. Plus I suspect it will not repair the WiFi calling.

        • FILA

          Damn scary position. You need the update, but afraid what it might take away. I guess when its official you wont have that worry. I tried a quick search for a forum to see where you got this info. I believe you, but if you find the link, paste it here, Id like to read other people

      • MagicMiguel

        There is definitely no need to do a factory reset with every update unless you are flashing custom ROMs or something. Google OTA updates do not need or require a factory reset.

        • ThatsMrtoyou

          They absolutely do require a factory reset….I told people to do that with lollipop, they had no issues….the people who ignored me had tons of problems

        • marque2

          They don’t need it technically, but the phone tends to get wiggy and features just don’t seem to work for unexplainable reasons. Factory reset seems to clear all that up. I had to do it several times when I still had my Nexus 4. Part of the problem though, was that Android 5.0 wasn’t really ready for prime time. It was an awful OS until the finally got 5.1.1 out

  • Jose M Gonzalez

    now if they only sold the phone in stores. i’d love to get my hands on it before buying it.

    • Ty Christensen

      Yes, come on Google, let TMo sell this in store and allow us to do payments for $0 down and $20.83 a month for the 32GB variant.

      • AJ2

        Right now they only allow payments on Google Fi

      • marque2

        Why not use a credit card?

  • ty

    Now Nexus 5x T Mobile

  • logical

    i wonder if this will be pushed to project fi phones

  • Binny Gupta

    When will the nexus 6 get marshmallow?

    • steveb944

      +1 I feel ya man. T-Mobile keeps holding it up.

    • doubleatheman

      You can update manually from the google website, band 12 still works after the update to 6.0 AFAIK.

      • neospade44

        Not as easy as over the air update, right? (honest question)

  • doubleatheman

    Im running the old modem firmware my phone shipped with and stopping all updates to keep band 12 on the Nexus 6P now. Im loving Extended range!! I cant wait till I can update to have it oficially.

    • TechnoRealz

      When you say Extended Range – do you mean better & improved indoors coverage or something else?

    • nps_ca

      Running this as well; finding in places where Band 4 drops below 2 bars it generally switched to Band 12 and results in nearly full signal

  • timmyjoe42

    It’s working on the HTC One A9 also. T-Mobile should add that to the list.

    • Grendel

      Is that verified? Last time I heard anything about it, it was just a statement from HTC that they will support on the A9. Has that actually happened? If TMO is not acknowledging it than maybe it has band 12 but it’s not certified with TMO still.

      • timmyjoe42

        I have the device and both band 12 and wifi calling are working.

      • timmyjoe42

        I have it. It has worked since day 1.

  • Bob Archer

    I have a 6P running on t-mo… can’t wait for Band 12 the lite up. It also seems that the 6P doesn’t get as good reception as my iPhone 5 did, so I’m not sure what’s up with that.

  • Derek

    Very much need this for the 5X. Sucks so bad having hardware and still no signal at work and in many places whatsoever. Shameful TMO. Come on.

  • Grendel

    I had a Nexus 6p for a couple of days and ended up returning it for refund. It was mostly due to its unwieldy size but I also saw signal strength go down significantly after the November update applied. At this point, we still do not have any concrete information as to when it will actually receive the band 12 certification from TMO even though it popped out on their site. It still might be months. I absolutely refuse to pay money for any phone that does not have full band 12 functionality on T-Mobile.

    • SolidSnake

      I think Band 12 was enabled before the security update

  • George St. Martin

    With my Moto Nexus 6 I had 3-4 bars of LTE at my work. With the 6p I was only getting hspa. Today I’ve had 3-4 bars of LTE… Is that possible without getting as OTA?

  • zx6guy

    No band 12 in Chicago anytime soon.

    • Scott

      Why do you say that?

  • nps_ca

    Wording changed on the TMO Band 12 device list:


    Google Nexus 6P

    Google Nexus 6

    Google Nexus 5X

    *We’re working with Google to test Extended Range LTE and VoLTE on the Nexus devices -6P, 5X, 6, and will have more to share soon.

  • CouchFisher