T-Mobile Galaxy S6 and S6 edge getting software updates


Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 edge owners, it’s time to update.

T-Mobile is now pushing software updates to its versions of the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 edge that bump the phones to G920TUVU3DOJ7 and G925TUVU3DOJ7, respectively. T-Mo hasn’t yet updated its support pages with info on the updates, but owners of the two phones pinged me this morning to say that they were getting some new software. Here’s the changelog that was included with the Galaxy S6 edge update:

  • Overall device performance has been improved.
  • Battery life has been optimized.
  • The stability of Call has been improved.
  • The security of your device has been improved.
  • Optimized closing unused applications.
  • Removed new application. – Milk Video
  • After updating, you will not be able to downgrade to the old software because of updates to the security policy.

While I haven’t yet seen the changelog for the Galaxy S6 update, it’s likely that it includes similar changes.

As you’ve probably noticed, no, there’s no Android 6.0 Marshmallow to be found in these updates. They do include improvements to battery life, security, and overall performance, though, all of which should make using the Galaxy S6 and S6 edge better overall. And that’s worth getting excited about on a Monday morning, right?

Thanks, nightdiceman1 and J Nieves!


  • Caddy_Fleetwood

    Hopefully this fixes the duplicate text issue. I’ve been receiving duplicate text messages since I got the phone in October. It happens using both stock message app and Textra.

    • IamDefiler

      Did you try contacting T-Mo support. Sounds like a network issue.

      • Caddy_Fleetwood

        Yeah. It seems to happen more when I’m on wifi. Tried with wifi calling on and off. Same problem. I tried restarting phone, clearing data and cache on message app. I even disabled lookout because it might be an issue with it scanning texts. Last resort would be a factory reset but I’ll see if this update fixes the issue first.

      • Caddy_Fleetwood

        This update seems to have solved the problem. No more duplicate texts!

    • jonathan3579

      I had to switch SIM cards (again) to get that very issue to stop.

  • vinnyjr

    I have the S6, stock with 128 gb of storage and never had that problem. Honestly my S6 is fast and smooth. Only thing I’ve done is downloaded a custom launcher.

  • Joe

    I hope this really does fix the battery life cuz when I got the phone back when it came out battery life was good enough to make it till 8:00 PM from 8:00 AM. But for about 4-5 months now it can only make it to 3:00 PM from 8:00 AM. Also it does not hold on to LTE so well like it used to. This is the same experience that my dad’s s6 has.

  • Nexus6@none.com

    Nexus 6 doesnt even have the OTA yet. It makes me sick every time I read “guaranteed” and “Nexus” in the same breath because even though it was sold as exactly that, no OTA (and no I am not flashing because I bought the Nexus so I would not have too.
    Google released the update weeks ago and tmobile is silent (or at least not at all clear about the process).
    I do not know how they get away from promises that they cannot or choose not to keep. If it were skinned, I would understand but that is exactly why I bought the bare nexus.

    • Alex Wagner

      Des says that T-Mobile is wrapping up testing on a new Nexus 6 Android 6.0 build:


      • Nexus6@none.com

        “Cross my fingers?” Are they serious? I would rather my mobile company not be flying on a wing and a prayer with guesswork. Des said this was coming weeks ago I do not put much faith in a tweet from Des. If they wait long enough, they can pretend the hardware was not for sale less than 6 weeks ago and that they have no responsibility to update it OTA. I constantly see Nexus and Guarantee in the same sentence but I have been burned by both the white Galaxy Nexus not getting updated (for no reason whatsoever) and now the Nexus 6. Both of them should be ashamed for the misleading Nexus program.

        • wlike

          The upgrade screws up your phone! They dont test it at T-Mobile, if they did they would reject it.

          Unfortunately, you dont have a choice! you cannot opt out

    • Vahdyx

      Well technically it is “Guaranteed” so not sure why you’re bitching. Oh it’s because you want it right away. I don’t believe they said “instant updates” or “buy a Nexus and you’ll get an update seconds after Google releases them”.

      If they did then yes shame on them, but perhaps you should check your expectations. Or buy an iPhone for instant updates.

  • scooty809

    I just received an update to my Note 4. Any ideas what it is?


      I got it too. It’s just a security update. Nothing major

      • wlike

        BS, it screws up everything on your phone!

  • A2theC

    YAY! Monday!! Updates are always cool…unless they break stuff :'(

  • nikolas ostropolskiy

    So far my s6 edge is lagging like all he’ll after this update. Opening apps, updating, lock screen etc. Phone wouldn’t unlock for 20 minutes after update, and even then had to restart itself. Are f**king kidding me tmo? Anyone else experiencing this?

    Edit: I guess it took an hour for the software to “settle” phone works much better now. Lock screen and keyboard still stutter every so often.

    • wlike


      They could care less.

      I called T-Mobile, chatted on line, and all I got was “contact the manufacturer”

      I lost hours of my day, missed important calls and messages, my phone is completely different now, lost messages, and could not access my emails during the multiple requests, downloads, and phone re setting.

      Not kidding, this went on for hours!!!

      Once one upgrade was done, the demand came again and again, 3 times!

      You cant opt out and it came from T-Mobile, not the manufacturer!!

      I dont care what benifits I was supposed to get, I lost a lot of money today and was unable to communciate.

      the un carrier is un cooperative, un appreciative, un helpful, and un willing to appologize and correct their mistake.

      guess you get what you pay for

      Maybe the CEO should stop bragging on twitter and admit they suck!!

      Customer service really has fallen off the face of the earth over the last two years. Ive been a loyal customer since 2003, not im not important!!

      dont buy from them, take the discount and go to Sprint!! or get a quality carrier like Verizon!

      AT&T sucks, and I wont accept this bs from T-Mobile any longer

  • NateJJ89as

    Just updated! My S6 feels the same if not faster.. Milk Video is gone but I still see Milk Music. Who cares its in the disabled apps section. who uses that pos anyway..

  • Jay Holm

    I’m not doing software updates anymore unless I’m sleeping, these things take way, way too long, the downloading of the update only took 3 minutes or less, but the stupid “app optimizations” took 20 minutes!!!!! It doesn’t matter how fast processors get, or how fast RAM gets, I’m still not impressed!!!

    • ArchangelRenzoku

      Right? Lollipop and the new ART cache instead of Dalvik *kills* performance for me on my Note 4. It was wayy faster on Kitkat.

    • pseudoswede

      You can’t be without your phone for 20 minutes? Yikes.

    • wlike

      The upgrade was not only 20 minutes, but the forced upgrade from T-Mobile demanded that it upgraded 3 additional times!!!

      It messed up everything on my phone and when chatting with T-Mobile on line, they just gave you the manufacturer number.

      No accountability, no way to opt out only delay, and you continue to get messages until you do the upgrade.

      My phone was not usable for hours!!!!

      Now I have to spend hours correcting what the upgrade broke!

      I lost messages, phone interface is now completely different, could not access my work emails, missed meetings and important calls, all because T-Mobile demanded this upgrade! not only once, but three additional times!!

      they dont care!!!

  • Juan Carlos Tejada

    As long comes right welcome.! a 5.1.1 update to my S5, freaking phone has own life. That update did broke the phone.

  • JR

    Update went smoothly. Now if Samsung could get Marshmallow on my S6, I’d be a happy camper.

  • Ozgur Sen

    5 hours and 58 minutes of screen on time IMPRESSED
    before it was 3 hours and 15 minutes
    (with WIFI, Bluetooth, Location and SYNC on)
    Screen shots = https://goo.gl/photos/hhMyeYuY19Umyzx59

  • JL

    This is a great update! My S6 is definitely running noticeably faster and battery life is longer.

  • John Medeiros

    Recieved the update afew months back and though took about 15-20 mns everything went smoothly and added the “stage fright” security which was the major virus goi g arou d at that time so it was much welcomed and battery life is acouple hrs longer .All in all it went very good ,no complaints here .

  • SK Bond

    Samsung and T-Mobile both are the worst company in updating software.
    If everyone going to us Android Os, they should just go to the source themselves(Google’s Nexus).