More T-Mobile band 12 sightings in California, Oregon, and Massachusetts


In the days since I last told you about band 12 LTE sightings throughout the country, several TmoNews readers have chimed in with even more news of band 12 goodness sprinkled throughout the country. Here are the latest locations where folks are hooking on to T-Mobile’s band 12 service:

Calistoga, Calif.


Happy Valley, Ore. (part of the Portland, Ore. metro area)


Millbury, Mass.


New Bedford, Mass.


One of the benefits of band 12 is that it offers better in-building penetration, and indeed, the reader in New Bedford reports that he gets a signal in his brick-made work building, where he wasn’t able to get a signal before. Hooray for band 12!

Thanks, Jay, Edward, cctb27, and Chris!

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