More T-Mobile band 12 sightings in California, Oregon, and Massachusetts


In the days since I last told you about band 12 LTE sightings throughout the country, several TmoNews readers have chimed in with even more news of band 12 goodness sprinkled throughout the country. Here are the latest locations where folks are hooking on to T-Mobile’s band 12 service:

Calistoga, Calif.


Happy Valley, Ore. (part of the Portland, Ore. metro area)


Millbury, Mass.


New Bedford, Mass.


One of the benefits of band 12 is that it offers better in-building penetration, and indeed, the reader in New Bedford reports that he gets a signal in his brick-made work building, where he wasn’t able to get a signal before. Hooray for band 12!

Thanks, Jay, Edward, cctb27, and Chris!

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  • Willie D

    Happy Valley, I used to live there aka Clackamas, aka now part of the city of Portland. As for Calistoga, all of Napa and Sonoma county has been deploying Band 12 rapidly, and its kinda unfortunate, since no one lives there really uses TMobile, and most use Verizon, and SF desperately needs indoor coverage more than Calistoga needs outdoor coveage range.

  • Bradley Karas

    They need to start expanding in Orlando…

    • pbxtech

      Orlando could use it. Was there over the holiday weekend and B12 is not every where.

      • Bradley Karas

        It’s not anywhere in Orlando…and they need it bad

        • pbxtech

          It is. I forced my Note 4 to B12 and I got 1-2 bars.

          My location was by Universal Blvd. and Austrian Row. The signal was full bars by the window and drops to 1-2 bars a foot away from the window.

    • Drewski

      Yes I agree. They also need to expand in Daytona Beach, Florida and Deltona, Florida as well too Bro. :)

  • Deihmos

    It would be something if the new iphone does not have these bands.

    • the good person test

      It should this time around.

      • It will, because AT&T promised the feds they would move main LTE ops to Band 12 by the end of this month.

    • Joe

      I think t-mobile made sure that apple puts it in the phone. If not than IDK how t-mobile could afford to carry a phone that will sell off the shelves but be substandard cell reception.

  • Deihmos

    I hear that a lot when it comes to Apple. Last year and before they said the phone will have 2gb but turns out it remained at 1gb.

  • CL

    Band 12 up and running in Anaheim Stadium.

  • Drewski

    They really need to start expanding out in cities that are located out in the state of Florida(Daytona Beach, Deltona, New Smyrna Beach, Orlando, Ormond Beach, Port Orange and Deland).

  • Mike

    Wishing between T-mo and iWireless they’d do something about service in Iowa…

  • Cam Fas

    Looks like they are getting as much as they can get done just in time for the new iPhone more fiber backhaul too all the towers get ready for the data crunch and we need 700MHz in las vegas with carrier aggregation. And before the comments come in I know that t-mobile doesn’t own any licenses for 700 MHz in southern Nevada.

    • T-Mobile is still taking their sweet little time with Bands 2 and 12. The new IPhones have nothing to do with it. And besides, the FCC and FTC are watching AT&T like hawks because Big Orange is supposed to be moving to Band 12 LTE in three weeks.

  • Diego Anza

    Has anyone seen carrier aggregation in the Miami-Fort Lauderdale area? I have an s6 edge and for me it’s always off. I read somewhere that the s6 needs a firmware update to enable CA so I was wondering if people with LG or HTC phones had seen it on.

  • Aurizen

    Anyone from philly know how good band 12 is in the upper darby area?

  • Raiterio Patterson

    John and Neville aren’t screwing around, huh? California should be wrapped up by spring 2016 imo


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  • Raiterio Patterson

    theoretically speaking how long does it take to update just 1 tower to use 700MHz? A week? A month?

    • tom

      One day, But depends on , technical and weather conditions, permisions from local govorment offices and how many people are doing the updated of the site. .

    • dtam

      someone else said about 6 months but you have to think that once they start working on a deal to vacate channel 51, they will work on the plan concurrently

  • doubleatheman

    Yahoo, Happy to see it so close to my family and I.

  • Sushimane

    I wish lowell,ma would get band 12

    • taxandspend

      It’s working in Marshfield MA, at least in a certain area.

      • Sushimane

        I think only in that area I have seen anything right now

    • williejackbrainer

      I do as well….

    • dtam

      it looks like soon

    • williejackbrainer

      Lowell has it. Just took a screen shot of it.

  • Uri

    No love band12 in Chicago

    • Stupid People Suck

      Of course not you bonehead, they dont hold any band 12 spectrum in Chicago yet… they need to fully deploy in areas where they DO have band 12 spectrum yet so I’d suspect Chicago may be a while… maybe you’ll have better luck demanding 600mhz because that will probably get allocated and deployed faster in Chicago than band 12.

  • I work in New Bedford a lot, does my Note 5 have the new band?… I wasn’t noticing better reception in the downtown (brick buildings) area a few days ago.

    • taxandspend

      Note 5 has band 12. I think they have to update towers one by one. I think they turned it on near me on Tuesday because suddenly I had 3-4 bars of LTE where before I had 1 bar occasionally, and mostly 2G and 3G at 2 bars or so.

  • Norcalkid

    I use The Calistoga LTE And am happy with it^.^ so glad tmobile updated The network here… Id say that in less than Two years we went from having 2G/EDGE to having 3G/4G, And now we truly have LTE! Bravo T-Mobile!

  • LYNN

    Got band 12 downtown Lynn, MA near North Shore Community College

  • taxandspend

    Not in Chicago they don’t.

  • ericdabbs

    Wrong. Even if the TV channel went offline, Tmobile can’t deploy 700 MHz because they don’t own the license. Leap (AT&T) owns the 700 A block in Chicago market. Tmobile would need to buy the license from Leap (which I think they eventually will) and only then can Tmobile deploy LTE in Chicago.

  • Sushimane

    I’m trying to check out my bandwidth in Massachusetts and I have Sony Xperia z3 is there a code that shows it?

    • williejackbrainer

      Download app LTE discovery. It’ll show if you have 12 band in your area.

  • ArchangelRenzoku

    Band 12. Spanaway, WA!

  • Luis Espinal

    BAND 12 06604 BPT CT finalllyyy!

  • jerrys30

    Band 12 in St. Joseph, MO but only on some towers and it seems to be up and down. But when it is on the coverage is awesome.

    • angeris

      I just got my iphone 6s and have been disappointed with the band 12 coverage? I am not seeing much signal improvement. A small amount in my home at times, and other times still says no signal, especially if in my pocket. I also can’t find an app that tracks this info on the app store. I do use the field test. What do you mean when you say some tower and up and down?

  • Grant Klokeid

    They turned on Band 12 in Victorville, CA as of yesterday (10Sep2015). Like jerrys30 stated below, it seems to be up and down but suspect things will firm up after they tweak the system. Also starting to get better T-Mobile cellphone connectivity on 395 highway between Victorville and Kramer Junction (Highway 58). Yeah!

  • Aaron C

    We recently got new phones that can use band 12 (and, by extension, VoLTE). Without exception, everyone has complained about the call quality of VoLTE. I have turned it off on our phones for now, with the exception of two family members who are traveling through MA/NH at the end of the month. I really hope T-Mobile is going to continually improve their VoLTE, because one of the company’s strengths has been its fantastic call quality. Unfortunately, talking with my family members now over VoLTE, everything sounds like a swishy mess.

    • orlando duran

      Volte calls are very clear, it’s probably because the other party didn’t have the capability on the phone to receive it on their end

      • Aaron C

        In our own test, we both had VoLTE on. The call quality was terrible.

      • You’re confusing VOLTE with HD Voice. VOLTE is merely voice over the packet LTE network instead of using a circuit network. VOLTE does not require that it be supported from end to end. What such issues indicate is that the T-Mobile network still needs more work for VOLTE.

        • Aaron C

          Yes, I contacted them about it, and they said since it’s a new technology they’re constantly tweaking it. Didn’t really expect them to say anything other than that, so hopefully it’s true.

    • Is band 12 also deactivated when turning VOLTE off?

  • Omario Rosario

    he gets a signal in his brick-made work building, where he wasn’t able to get a signal before. Hooray for CANCER