New Band 12 LTE sightings in Indiana, Missouri, and Pennsylvania

2013-12-06-10-31-08-cell tower

How about we wrap this week with some fresh band 12 sightings?

TmoNews readers have reached out to me over the past few days with reports of band 12 LTE sightings in places like Indiana, Missouri, and Pennsylvania. Here’s what’s been spotted lately:

  • Terre Haute, Ind.


  • Along I-35 in Missouri, just south of the Iowa border


  • Pottsville, Penn., near Yuengling brewery


When it announced its full Q2 2015 earnings last month, T-Mobile said that its 700MHz band 12 LTE coverage was officially live in 141 markets. These latest expansions show that T-Mo is hard at work at getting that number even higher, bringing us on Team Magenta better in-building LTE service.

Thanks Edrico, Tyler, and Patrick!

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  • 50atomic

    Potential false positives given the methodology used for LTE B12 sighting using most apps.

    • Logan S

      Can you elaborate? I tried LTE Discovery app with S5 and Avant. The result showed B12 only with the Avant (Washington metro area)

    • Fabian Cortez

      I agree.

      Alex Wagner, I wouldn’t accept any LTE Discovery T-Mobile Band 12 sightings without any accompanying engineering mode screen shots.

      I’d add CellMapper and SignalCheck [Pro] to that list as well.

  • Cam Fas

    Band 12 is the main reason I’m going from a iPhone 6 plus to a 6plus S

    • Mike Palomba

      I’m really hoping they put it into the 6s because thats the reason I’m upgrading too

      • Chris

        Tim Cook can have my money if he delivers B12, for sure.

        • Mike Palomba

          Same here lol

    • Walt

      You fell into apples plans. They didnt include band 12 in the 6 because they want to sell you a 6s lol. Suckers

      • I know, right? I mean, Microsoft beat Apple to the Band 12 party with the Lumia 640 and 640 XL.

        • SirStephenH

          Many Android phones also support band 12. Apple’s once again left playing catch-up.

        • But, don’t you dare say that to the pro-Apple mainstream media.

        • By the way, did you know that a certain Samsung Galaxy Note 2 has band 12 LTE? Yup, it’s true.

        • Jaden Keuten

          Galaxy Note 2? Source?

        • GSMArena. It’s the US Cellular model (SCH-R950).

        • GSMArena. The US Cellular model. I had a link, but it got missile drop kicked into moderation.

        • Jaden Keuten

          Well US Cellular has been using band 12 way longer than t-mobile. That doesn’t really surprise me. There hasn’t been a need for band 12 on a large scale because only US Cellular has had it. Now T-Mobile has it, and AT&T has promised MFBI on their band 17 to show as band 12. All current AT&T phones support band 12.

          From Wikipedia:

          Following AT&T’s commitment the Federal Communications Commission ruled:[27]

          AT&T must fully deploy a Multi-Frequency Band Indicator (MFBI) software feature in its 700 MHz network within 24 months of September 30, 2013. The end of the 24-month period will also commence the beginning of the Band 12 capable device roll-out period.

          Once MFBI has been fully implemented by AT&T, AT&T shall provide LTE roaming to carriers with compatible Band 12 devices.

          During the first year of the device roll-out period, 50% of all new unique devices will be Band 12 capable devices.

          Commencing at the conclusion of the second year of the device roll-out period, all new unique devices will be Band 12 capable devices.

          Band 12 is now the Lower 700 MHz band. From this point forward, all devices in the 700 MHz band in the U.S. will either use Band 12 or 13. (Legacy will still use 17 of course.)

      • Mike

        It’s non issue if you are on JUMP

      • RedGeminiPA

        Let’s see… the iPhone 6 came out almost a year ago. How many markets had band 12 at that time? Ah, ok.

        Apple never uses something until there’s sufficient market utilization for it. It’s no secret.

        Did you see the BlackBerry/Android articles? If BB makes one without a touchscreen, using only a physical keyboard and trackball, Android would scream on it. Why? Android’s core is STILL not written for touchscreen input. It was intended to be another BlackBerry knockoff. Do some homework, sucker.

    • vinnyjr

      Let’s hope the new iPhone has Band 12.

  • Raiterio Patterson

    I’m just happy more people are getting covered

  • Justin Smith

    I don’t exactly trust these reports as LTE Discovery is known to be very flawled in reporting 700Mhz spectrum. If these are real, this is great for everyone though.

    • orlando duran

      You did see the pictures right ? Here’s your sign !

      • RedGeminiPA

        “is known to be very fawled [sic] in reporting 700Mhz spectrum.”

        That’s the part of that comment that counts. If it’s not properly reporting the spectrum, then that means it’s showing 700Mhz, but it could be a different frequency.

        It’s kinda like when Samsung fakes a benchmark. What’s shown isn’t really what it is.

  • Let’s hope the Microsoft Mobile high-end devices, whatever name they settle on (aside from Saana, Talkman and Cityman), have Bands 2 and 12 LTE onboard.

  • zx6guy

    Probably never in Chicago.

    • Durandal_1707

      Probably eventually in Chicago, but not for a few years.

      • Jaden Keuten

        by then they’ll probably have 600.

        • Durandal_1707

          Let’s hope.

        • Jaden Keuten

          well they for sure will own 600, but it’s a matter of whether or not it’ll be deployed.

        • Durandal_1707

          They have to win the auction first. Let’s not count our chickens early.

        • Jaden Keuten

          Who will bid against them in the reserve in Chicago? Sprint?

        • Durandal_1707

          Who knows? There are several possibilities; Sprint, some small local provider from somewhere else that wants to expand into Chicago, more of those rich assholes with too much money burning a hole in their pockets that like to buy up spectrum and sit on it just because they can—there are possibilities. It’s also possible that T-Mobile could decide they need to save money to buy 600 somewhere else, since 700A is an option in Chicago.

          To be clear, I think you’re probably right, and I certainly *hope* you’re right. I just don’t like to declare victory prematurely.

  • Given the low signal strength in the IN and PN sightings, the same strength as in the MO sighting whose tower was 10km instead of 100m away, I’d guess that they are test sites, yes?

  • Verizonthunder

    T-Mobile is lacking some major band 12 upgrade in northern Virginia and Ocean City, Maryland (Vacation).

    • pbxtech

      Looks like TMO deployed them on trailer unit along Route 528 (Coastal Hwy) in Ocean City, MD. Tower height is about 40-45 feet high and operating at a reduced power level. I’m at QIS on 33rd street inline with the tower location, 4 blocks away, but only get 1 bar when I moved toward the rear part of the room.

  • Steve Park

    No band 12 love for the Louisville MSA until CW network television station relocates.

  • Uri

    Where is the love in Chicago at Band 12?

    • Durandal_1707

      T-Mobile doesn’t own the Band 12 license here; it’s owned by Leap Licenseco, which appears to be a subsidiary of AT&T. However, from doing a little reading, it appears that part of the terms for AT&T acquiring Leap was that they are required to divest the Chicago market, which they’ll have to do sometime in the next year.

      Unfortunately, there’s a Channel 51 operating in Chicago, so even if T-Mobile ends up being the buyer for the spectrum here, they’ll still have to wait for that to be relocated in order to actually deploy anything.

  • Rob

    T-Mobile needs to deploy band 2 LTE in major cities because there’s so much congestion even with 20×20 wideband band 4 LTE.

  • Patrick Sullivan

    If you check the website for Cell Mapper the Pottsville sighting shows up as Band 12 also. I was the one who submitted it and was surprised because I had signal in an all brick building so I checked out LTE Discovery and saw it was Band 12.

  • superg05

    no mention of the Samsung update a day ago

  • Abay Tadesse

    When will band 12 launch in Pittsburgh?

  • Mike Palomba

    Just installed adblock plus on my computer and its like night and day with this website. It used to be slow and pop=ups everywhere, but now its very fast and there isn’t a pop-up polluting every square inch of the screen.

    • skywalkr2

      I’ve had adblock on for years. I didn’t know this website was a major offender until you posted this.

  • J-Hop2o6

    Still no Seattle, WA Band 12 post sightings yet… I even sent a screenshot of Band 12 active in Seattle.

    • SirStephenH

      Yep. There’s been sightings for some time now. I’ve even sent them a couple links. Nothing…

  • Javier

    Band 12 now come on tmo in Orlando wth

  • Jose

    Any news for Idaho. Anyone knows? I currently have edge

    • SirStephenH

      T-Mobile doesn’t own any band 12 in Idaho but it’s possible that they could pick some up or they might just wait for the 600MHz auction next year.

      T-Mobile’s still supposed to be on track for its LTE build-out by year’s end though. Most everything EDGE or 3G now should also have LTE by then.

      • Jose

        Thanks hopefully they will upgrade their edge towers here. Live in a rural area and those seem last.

  • Rich Reshetar

    Plumsteadville/Pipersville, PA is also showing 700mhz frequencies active

  • Andrewjones189

    Need band 12 in Arkansas

  • skywalkr2

    Still getting crappy band 4 near Philadelphia (West Chester PA). Need band 12 asap.

  • Irfan

    just found that T-Mobile is not interested to implement any more 12Band in Northern VA , MD and DC area .. mean to say we got band 12 but thats it not more extra no more 20×20 or 10×10

    • Jaden Keuten

      they only own 6×6 A block nationwide except for the Dakotas. It’s not that they’re not interested, it’s that AT&T owns B and C. Also, Band 12 can only be deployed in 1.4, 3, 5 and 10 MHz.

  • Edward Lantigua

    I am getting band 12 in Washington Heights, NYC. Zip code 10033
    Just noticed last night because I surprised when I had full bars in my bedroom when I usually get 0-1 Bar.