Verizon making Un-carrier-style moves by simplifying plans, eliminating contracts


Verizon today announced that it’s going to be making some big changes to its rate plans and the way that it sells phones, and the tweaks are pretty similar to the changes that we’ve become accustomed to at T-Mobile.

First up, Verizon is launching four new plans on August 13 that are reminiscent of T-Mo’s Simple Choice system. The new Verizon plans come in four options — Small, Medium, Large, and X-Large — each of which offers unlimited talk and text as well as a set data allotment. The Small package offers 1GB for $30 per month, the Medium has 3GB for $45, Large has 6GB for $60, and X-Large includes 12GB for $80. After you use up your allotment, you’ll pay an overage fee of $15 per gig.

Once you select your plan, you’ll pay a per-line access fee for each device that’s on the plan. Smartphones will cost $20 each, tablets and hotspots are $10 apiece, and wearables are $5 each. You’ll then add in the monthly cost of your smartphone, too.

The other big change that’s coming August 13 is the end of contracts and subsidies. When you switch to Verizon’s new simplified plans, you won’t be able to get a new phone subsidized with a two-year contract. Instead, you’ll make monthly payments to cover the cost of your new phone, similar to how T-Mobile sells its own devices. Verizon is also dropping the “Verizon Edge” branding for its payment system.

Reading through Verizon’s new plans and its decision to kill contracts, you definitely get the feeling that you’ve seen this all before from T-Mobile. The move just validates what T-Mo has been doing lately, though, and it’s a good move for the US wireless industry. The end of contracts and subsidies at Verizon will help its customers to better understand the actual cost of a phone, and because Verizon is the largest carrier in the US, that means that it’s got the largest base of consumers to educate.

Source: Verizon

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  • Jose Hernandez

    I thought AT&T was the largest carrier, by customer base?

    • MatthewPDX

      They were until VZW bought Altell.

      • Jose Hernandez

        Thanks for the info

  • Joe

    Yes finally we are almost done with contracts and stupid subsided phones. AT&T is the last one that needs to get rid of them. People have bin fooled all this time about the price for there phone.

    • UMA_Fan

      AT&T has done more than Sprint. AT&T at least has eliminated contracts in indirect channels.

      • AT&T has gotten rid of contracts only for IPhones. Android and Windows phones still have contracts with them, the last time I visited their site.

    • Sprint also needs to get rid of contracts and stupid subsidies.

      • Joe

        O yeah them too

        • Fabian Cortez

          Sprint who?

  • IceGreenT

    So $50/65/80/100 for 1/3/6/12 GB compared to T-Mo’s $50/60/70/80 for 1/3/5/unlimited plus many perks.

    • Joe

      Imo Verizon prices are not too bad for there network quality. Still a little overpriced but not horrible. I would say they should bring them down by $10 and there good

      • Acdc1a

        Maybe on a single line.

        • Justin Smith

          There is no single or family line now. They are all one

        • Acdc1a

          $105 for 3 lines to SHARE 3GB is insanity. That was my point. $65 for a single line just seems mildly over priced.

    • Angel

      Don’t forget to add network access fees! $20 per phone, $10 per tablet and $5 per wearable!

      • thatguy

        he didnt, he is quoting prices at 1 line. 1gb at 30 +access fee of 20=50

        this is all good and fun but the best part of verizons plan is that EVERYONE with a smarthphone will go over 1gb and have to pay $15 overages muahhahahaha

        • PHL

          Also, the TMO allotments are not shared, so the 1/3/6/12 is not directly comparable to 1/3/5/unlimited. Depends on how many lines are on the plan.

        • Adam

          Verizon is an extra $5 a kid to keep them from using up data reserved for grownups.

        • Aaron Peromsik

          Some people with smartphones spend 90% of their time within range of wifi.

  • taxandspend

    In the context of a family of 4, I don’t see how anyone could consider 6GB that’s shared “large”.

    • Mike Palomba

      You’d be suprised, I know people with families of 4 and 5 on VZW and ATT who believe 5GB shared data is the norm. When they hear I use 10+ GB per month just on my line they’re dumbfounded

      • taxandspend

        Once their kids start streaming music on their phones, they’ll blow by those limits. Unless of course they’re on T-Mobile.

        • Justin Smith

          I know a family of 2 who just have a shared 2GB plan.

  • fd

    I have share this with John to get him started

  • dtam

    the monthly fee for service should go down as well, say $20 per line.

    I used to get 5 voice only lines for $110 (5 years ago). Once they eliminated the phone subsidies, I ended up paying 5 unlimited voice/text, 200 mb for $110. the 200 mb was a $5 per line option at the time

  • lomsha


  • eanfoso

    I was semi decent until the per line access fee

  • cellularcrazy09

    I think Verizon just doesn’t get it. Yes customers want simplicity, but they also don’t want to have to worry about overages on their bills. I like the peace of mind I get with T-Mobile that my bill will be the same month after month. Once Verizon eliminates overages then we might have a battle on our hands.

    • Daniel Marchand

      Totally agree, and not everyone realizes if you can’t live with the throttle T-Mobile let’s you add a one time data pass or you can upgrade your plan… So you get to choose if you want to save money or pay the equivalent of an overage fee (buy more high speed data)

    • Matt

      And maybe a REALISTIC amount of data. Verizon …. what a joke!

    • Matt

      I would ONLY consider Verizon of they offered 12GB of data prepaid for 60.00 or so.

  • PHL

    Simplicity is good, but aren’t these prices higher than Verizon’s current plans? I’m pretty sure they’re more than their current promos.

    • VZW

      The new prices are higher. Currently, Verizon offers 10GB for $80 per month with a $15 per month line access fee using Verizon Edge or bring your own equipment. The new X-Large plan is $80 per month for 12GB of data with a $20 per line access fee.

      If you want Verizon, get the 10GB or 15GB data plan ($100) and use your own device or get Verizon Edge.

  • 21stNow

    “The move just validates what T-Mo has been doing lately, though, and it’s a good move for the US wireless industry.”

    A better move would be to get rid of all contracts, service and financial. The financing contracts still allow the carriers to play games to keep customers instead of offering the best pricing. That, and the fact that US networks are largely incompatible with each other in terms of frequencies used, causes us to not get the full advantages that European customers enjoy.

    • UMA_Fan

      What? So you’re saying they shouldn’t allow people to break up phones interest free? That’s help out out of pocket costs for many people

      • 21stNow

        I don’t believe that carriers should be involved in any level of financing for devices. That’s what banks are for.

        I also don’t like that carriers sell devices or insurance for those devices. Carriers should provide the cellular service only, but that’s for another thread. ; )

        • GuyBorg

          So you would rather have your bank add interest and increase the costs of financing? You do realize T-Mobile offers interest free financing to earn your business right? Banks just feel obligated to take your money, not work for it as wireless carriers do in Magentas case. And before it is mentioned you can get interest free financing thru financial institutions, you are generally required to open a new line, doesn’t apply to existing lines beyond promo periods. I just don’t follow your “logic”…

        • 21stNow

          I’m not understanding your question. You do realize that because I oppose these things that I don’t use any carrier financing programs, right? I only buy phones when I have the cash for them. And yes, I buy multiple phones a year.

        • lomsha

          Good for you but it is useful to some people.

        • 21stNow

          I’m sure that some people do find it useful, just as some people found two-year contracts and subsidized devices useful. I still think that both contracts are ways for the carriers to manipulate customers. I want carriers to offer value, not manipulation.

        • orlando duran

          Having a phone payment is not a contract. Contract have penalties aka termination fee. Phone payment plans are no termination fee, just what’s owed on the phone. Which is what it would be if you were paying monthly on your credit card, except there is no intrest

        • 21stNow

          The Equipment Installment Plan is a contract.

        • orlando duran

          Again….a contract has a penalty if you break it. When you finance a car and you decide to sell it before you pay the loan off, the money you get from sellimg the car goes to the bank to pay off the loan, there is no penalty. It’s the same phuckin thing with phones. IT IS NOT A MOTHER PHUCKIN CONTRACT-GET IT NOW?

        • 21stNow

          It’s sad that you can’t express a point without using foul language.

          The Equipment Installment Plan is a contract that has consideration for providing a product or service. The consideration is the amount of money that the customer pays in exchange for the product, which is the phone.

          The EIP has terms that state that the phone payments will be made in monthly installments so long as the customer continues service with T-Mobile. If the service with T-Mobile is terminated, the full remaining balance of the phone becomes due.

          There are several contracts that exist in the world that have no penalties if the parties form a mutual agreement to end their relationship during the original term of the contract.

        • orlando duran

          LoL….a company will only make a contract if they have a financial incentive to penalize you for defaulting on said contract……In the real business world, it’s cut throat.

          Please google things before commenting, your ignorance is bliss

        • 21stNow

          I deal with contracts every day that don’t have a penalty if the parties mutually agree to terminate the relationship. I don’t need to Google this. My previous education and on the job training has taught me this already.

        • orlando duran

          Lmfao. … company would make one unless they have a financial (aka penalty) or legal (court) recourse for people renigging on the contract.

          But, hey thank you sir for the great laughs, wonderful way to start the weekend.

        • 21stNow

          If both parties mutually agree to terminate the contract, neither party reneges on the contract. Your spelling of the word indicates your level of understanding of the concept.

          By the way, that would be thank you ma’am, not thank you sir. I hope that you have learned that you should express yourself without resorting to foul language and personal insults.

        • Do you realize that TMUS gets a discount from the phone makers and doesn’t pass it to consumers, but use it to cover the interest? There is no such a thing as interest free loan.

        • orlando duran

          LoL…yea bad for a company to make a profit. Go back to your obama phone, government leech

        • orlando duran

          Do you not understand how business works ? Not everything is free or low cost. Selling you insurance also allows them to make more money. Oh I get it, it’s not fair ! Welcome to life in the real world

        • 21stNow

          Of course I understand how business works. I’m sure that a carrier can still be profitable without selling insurance. And I never said anything about it being fair; don’t put words in my mouth.

    • orlando duran

      Tmobile -ATT -verizon all communicate fine with each other

      • 21stNow

        I was speaking of the devices that work on each network. More phones are including more LTE bands so that one phone may be compatible on more than one carrier’s data network, but not as many phones have both CDMA and GSM radios.

        • orlando duran

          In case you haven’t noticed….Verizon began this year the transition to gsm, the world standard. So the gsm/cdma is not needed

        • 21stNow

          The transition isn’t complete, so a phone with CDMA bands is still needed if one wants to use the Verizon network today. The same applies to Sprint. This is two out of the four carriers that are in the US. My point still stands.

        • orlando duran

          Omg…..Google things before commenting, your ignorance is hurting my brain

        • 21stNow

          You use terms like OMG and call my comments ignorant. That makes total sense.

          What exactly was ignorant about my comment?

        • orlando duran

          Things like omg have to be used with small minded-ignorant idiots like you….that way you will understand things

        • 21stNow

          You still haven’t pointed out what was ignorant in my comment. Your last comment makes no sense.

        • Deibid

          the new moto x pure edition will have all GSM bands and frequencies, as well as CDMA for carriers like Verizon. And it will only be $399..great price!

        • 21stNow

          I’m glad to see more of these devices coming on board with more radios. I think that Verizon Wireless is easing the policy on which devices are allowed on their network (I may be wrong here). If we can get Sprint to do the same, that gives consumers more freedom, which is a good thing.

    • Kiwini

      Best would be for All devices in the US to be compatible with all carriers. If you’re going to pay $700 for your phone, you should have the ability to use it wherever…. Without contracts, you should be able to switch carriers whenever you want

  • UMA_Fan

    Thank god. They are an annoyingly number of people out there who still believe subsidized phone pricing is actually what phones cost.

    • art

      to be fair. phones dont really cost 700 dollars either. lg g4 is brand new for roughly 500. and an actuall flagship phone like the nexus 5 or one plus one only costs like 350. and theres profit in that. i think paying 700 is a bit too much especially when they start charging this bs 100 storage options.

  • RefarmAllPCSandDeploy700NOW

    Not quite of an uncarrier. Verizon still falls short.

    Please mention that subscribers have to pay $15/GB overage fees—this is still stupid.

    Also with T-Mobile, you can use your unlocked compatible phone and not have to pay for phone installments. With Verizon,

    “New Verizon customers who want to take advantage of the new plan may do so by buying a new smartphone using Verizon’s device payment option, formerly known as Verizon Edge, or by paying the retail price. Current customers can keep their existing plan or move to the new plan, with some restrictions.”

    Well, that’s still a contract, and you’re forced to have phone payments unless you buy full price phone that COMES FROM VERIZON.

    There might be very few clean (nonVerizon) compatible phones such as Nexus 6, iPhone 6 and 6+, but that would be a good start for BYOD until Verizon stops the “certification process” busllhit.

    • orlando duran

      That’s not a contract at all….sure they don’t let you BYOD, but it’s still not a contract, you can leave at anytime

  • YABD

    Oh boy, oh boy… Verizon is suffering the stress from the competition.

    • Mike

      Yup, this move will help the other 3 carriers. Its not a good value. By time all the charges add up, it will cost more on their structure.

    • Matt

      Good to see!!! About time the giant tumbles. I guess they’ll concerned now that TMo its #3

  • mreveryphone


  • JaswinderSinghJammu

    I am glad they have at least they lowered the additional line cost to $20 hopefully that is whether you have the edge or not. Little better data allotment for some plans. It’s a good start but not as good as T mobile.

  • Matt

    Still has Verizon’s evil overages! Hmmmmm

    • Actually, TMUS does treat prepaid like 2nd class customers. The same Simple Choice plan loses features if prepaid. If anything, it should be the other way around, for providing an already paid for service costs less than providing the service and then waiting for payment.

      • Kiwini

        If you’re doing prepaid, try Straight Talk. $45 for 5gb of ATT LTE.. No overages or silly fees when you bring your own phone is a pretty good deal. And speeds aren’t limited to 8mbps…ive exceeded 30mbps depending on where I am

        • Robert Dunn

          No tethering sucks though

  • Paul

    Aawwwwww, so close to what Magenta offers. So close, but not quite.

  • pda96

    I love how TMO is forcing the big 2 into making changes that are more consumer friendly. Yes, it still doesn’t compare to what TMO offers. But something like this from VZ would never been imagined a few years ago if not for the pressure being put on by TMO. Awesome job, John !!

    • Kiwini

      Not all consumers are going to like the idea if no subsidies. The carriers have wanted to do that for a long time.. Tmobile proved it could work

  • jj201367

    Verzion will never beat T-Mobile. They will be the number one carrier

    • Kiwini

      Unless you’re a shareholder, I don’t know why you’d want that or how that would improve your experience. The only reason Tmobile has done what it’s done us because they had to… If they were #1, network would be more congested and you can bet prices would rise and deals would be less sweet. Tmobile isn’t your friend ;its a business doing what it needs to do to make a profit

  • Ryan Fong

    i remember when Verizon said what T-Mobile was doing was “ruining the industry” funny how a losing a few million customers every quarter can change your way of thinking

  • Irfan

    they are afraid , they invest they have more users , now they r afraid , but this knock will not gonna help , 15$ per gb too much its f..king internet not gold ..they r afraid because t mobile is coming to taken them down …just wait few years

    • Kiwini

      They’ve been charging those overages all the time. Most people are on VZ for coverage, not price

  • Irfan

    my company ceo said , if u make mistakes its ok no problem , if u are afraid , u r done ….
    verizon is afraid now …

  • gmo8492

    Verizon makes it seem like you’re ordering a pizza instead of getting wireless service.

  • steveb944

    “Small, Medium, Large, and X-Large”

    I guess they have to keep things simple for all those Verizon customers that just don’t quite grasp things.

  • Sp213

    That is… expensive. So a family of 3 with only 1 GB would pay $90 + $60 + the monthly price of the phone? I understand that the verizon network is overall better than T-Mobile’s but is it really worth that price?

  • randian

    You can have 3 lines sharing 12 gig for $140 with Verizon, or 3 lines with 10 gig *each* for $120 with T-Mobile.

    • steven berson

      Not to mention you still have internet after going over, wifi calling, free internet/text outside US, rollover data, and hotspot without extra cost.

    • CRT24

      Actually you get 4 lines for 120.00 right now, all with 10 gig.

  • jpswain

    T-mobile is keeping the cellphone industry honest, but Verizon and AT&T still stick it to their loyal customers with glossed over terms and conditions that are nothing short of a duplicitous lies. Data plans are now the favorite means of churning excessive fees, and then they have the audacity to blame their own customers for being negligent for exceeding the data plan limits.

  • Chris

    I was with tmobile since 1998 when it was voice stream but until last year when tmobile rolled out volte to my galaxy s5 I was not able to make calls for 2 months every call I tried to make was call ended everytime 100% the only way to use the phone was to put in 2g mode tech support couldn’t figure how to fix it and higher level or tech support couldn’t figure it out for 2 months my phone was basically useless in 4g lte mode they even exchange my phone sim card swap and new phone number and even went to the extreme of changing the account number seeing if my current account is routed wrong to the network still all the same call ended everytime so that force me going to verizion and I have not one problem with call end or dropping calls but damm I miss tmobile 100%after I left just alone with Verizon I’m paying almost $200 with my work discount a month for only 30g data when they had that double that data promo there line access fees of $45 or $25 depending on ur plan is a total joke I went to verizion in Nov of 2014 I miss tmobile ever since. I actually think tmobile data is faster I live in the San Francisco Bay area I was thinking the other day why the hell am I paying $200 a month only one line with 30g way to expensive so I want to go back to tmobile so bad so I went to tmobile today where my friend works and now there having the $200 off galaxy s6 so it a good time to go back to tmobile he got me a 120 gb galaxy s6 for $679 waved activation fee for being a returning customer in all with everything unlimited with truly unlimited data simple choice plan in all with discounts my bill comes to only $81 dollars and no call ended problems at all and everything seems great maybe had a bad volte problem before but seems all the kinks r fixed I should of made the switch back eariler I lost my 17 years loyalty status with tmobile that sucks but it feels good to b back with tmobile best deals and plans and best service and now all other carriers r coping there ways. Next step Craigslist my Verizon s5

    • George

      Word of advice, Samsung phones are terrible

      • Phones…

        Okay, based on your research or experience, which phones do you recommend?

        • orlando duran

          StaY the hell away from alcatel, kyocera, one plus one, Blu phones….these are all complete and utter crap phones

        • Blu has only like two phones that are LTE, in 2015! No Band 2 or 12 on either one.

      • Matt

        I’ve always had problems with Samsung phones. I’m an HTC and LG fan. Currently, I have an LG Stylo and I like it a lot.

        • Kiwini

          Me too. I’ve been using Nexus 5 but Google support is awful. Trying to decide whether should try an iPhone like 99% of people I know. May do the Tmobile test drive & see also if their service is better..

      • orlando duran

        LoL…said no one ever. Go back to worshipping your over priced apple I-crap

      • Not all of them. The Ativ S Neo is a good phone made by Samsung.

        • Kevin Stevenson

          my note 4 is a beast

    • William Zehnder

      Dude you can shut off VoLTE without turning off LTE

    • Rob H.

      Sounds like it was an issue with the S5.

  • This is nothing but a half baked attempt at imitating the mobile consumer champion, TMUS.

    Line charges? Overage fees? CDMA? Pfft!

  • Kiwini

    It also proves what Verizon & ATT said from the beginning. They were going to let Tmobile make changes & if they worked, they’d copy it. Subsidies will pretty much be gone from all carriers. Tmobile will have to continue to come up with new ideas for competitive advantages. Verizon is still not competing on price. Even mvno like Straight Talk are feeling the pressure as they’ve upped their Bring Your Own Phone $45 plan up to 5gb of (ATT) LTE. (no extra connection or any other fees;just couple bucks in sales tax) There may be no contracts but consumers will still feel “stuck” if they owe hundreds on a phone. Tmobile will have to continue improving its network quality, especially with its larger customer base… And no doubt prices will start rising too

  • So, 6GB oF data will still cost $80 a month..LoL! Verizon customers in a competitive market where T-Mobile has great serice are fools!

    • Acdc1a

      Come on, you know that they have the “what if I travel?” excuse…I hear it all the time.

      • 21stNow

        For those that travel often, especially by car, it is a valid concern. With the desire to play media and the need for GPS, having a strong cellular connection is important because Wi-Fi isn’t available as you drive up a highway.

        • Acdc1a

          I’ve traveled the country by car and with the exception of the Outer Banks of NC there’s been nowhere that I haven’t been able to at least use voice and GPS.

        • 21stNow

          I haven’t had the same experience. I drive from Maryland to Georgia and have several instances where I can’t access my media and other data apps during the drive. I’ve also had high-speed data dropouts when traveling from West Virginia to Maryland and from Phoenix to Las Vegas.

        • Acdc1a

          West Virginia is a real pain as it’s all roaming. You’ll use your roaming data in a hurry there. I had the same issue in Michigan’s UP last year. It’s funny you mention Phoenix to Vegas. Made that drive in July. Other than a few flips to “E” for enough but not really, there was coverage the whole way. When did you have your issue?

        • 21stNow

          May of this year. Don’t get me wrong, my T-Mobile phone did better than I thought that it would during that drive, but there were definitely holes where I couldn’t listen to my music. I had phones from three carriers on that drive: T-Mobile, AT&T and VZW. They all had gaps along the way, with VZW having the least amount of gaps.

        • Correct. Raw Story mentioned that there is a location in West Virginia that has absolutely no mobile service, not even from AT&T or Verizon. I forgot the name of the location, because RS also mentioned that the town has absolutely no electronic devices and it’s been that way since 1958.

        • Spanky

          I was at the Renaissance Fair in Tuxedo Park, NY yesterday (45 miles outside of NYC) yesterday. One of my friends who has T-Mobile had “No Service” the whole day. I’m with AT&T and had 3 bars of LTE the entire time we were there. Yes, T-Mobile is doing a lot to shake up the industry, but their coverage is still lacking.

        • hiran1228

          How is Verizon.

        • hiran1228

          How is Verizon

        • 21stNow

          I had Verizon Wireless’ prepaid service just for that month (I’ve since switched to Project Fi on that line). The coverage was fine. I also have a postpaid tablet with VZW. My issues haven’t been with coverage for the last four years. My issues have always been with VZW’s customer service. It is absolutely unbelievable how much they can make the simple things hard.

        • patt

          you should put that tablet on prepaid page plus 55 for 3 gigs something like that for a tablet that is a perfect plan if you travel a lot

        • 21stNow

          Thanks, but that’s way above my normal usage. I pay $20 for 1GB on VZW.

        • patt

          Buy preloaded sim on ebay for 10-12 bucks

        • Mike

          You’ll bee better off getting a Verizon or ATT mvno prepaid plan if your concerned about traveling

  • NardVa

    Verizon is killing of contracts, but they still are still charging high monthly rates for what amounts to unlimited talk, text and a laughable data portions.

    • Acdc1a

      The laughable data is what kills me. I barely use my data and I’m right around 3GB per month. My wife blows through 10 in an average month and when we’re traveling she can use 20 or 30…and that’s just on the handset! In a normal month on Verizon we’d be at $135 per month and in a month that we travel we’re talking $300? No thank you!

      • Matt

        Just wait until no one jumps on top of this. People will be hopping over to T-Mobile and MetroPCS.

  • JaswinderSinghJammu

    From what I read you can’t do a bring your device and get these prices. It says one must buy a new Verizon phone on payments to get these deals. That’s insane. T-Mobile is way better. Thanks John Legere.

    • Johnnola504

      Verizon will not activate a device if it was not bought from them. They check the ESN.

      • JaswinderSinghJammu

        I meant if you bought a Verizon device from some retailer or bought it from eBay or craigslist or friend etc. Would they charge you a higher per line access fee or it dies matter it’s $20, $10 or $5 depending on the device?

        • Johnnola504

          Not sure, but they are sneaky with their wording. Could go prepaid, but that is more e pensive.

        • JaswinderSinghJammu

          I am just curious because I have T-Mobile and hoping the coverage will improve with 700 MHz launch in the south bay.

  • Saige CB

    Lol ill keep my unlimited everything 2 lines for $100

    • FILA

      same here. I wouldn’t switch to Verizon even if they sold us the same unlimited plan for 2 phones for $50/month. I’ll gladly give T my money

  • Matt

    Verizon is deceptive in this because there is an additional “20.00” smart phone charge, jetpack devices have a “10.00” charge, and tablets have a “5.00” charge. I guess VZW had to make up for lost revenue somehow.

    • gadget_hero

      It is actually cheaper than the $40 per smart-phone now (unless you use edge then it can vary from $25 (4GB and under) to $15 6GB and up), tablets current cost $10 and hotspots are $20 currently as well. What they have done is made the data more expensive the more you buy and lowered the device fees. I even thing the overage fee is more expensive.

  • Johnnola504

    When I left Sprint after 15 years of service, I tried to get Verizon to give me some kind of incentive to go with the. The answer I got was ” good service” they would not knock of the initiation fee of $35. I went with Tmobile after trying the “Test Drive”, and love the service! And I pay HALF , $100 for 2 phones unlimited everything with 7 gigs of hotspot. The same plan with the hotspot would cost me in the $140 for my line alone!

  • Joel Perez

    From Indiana to South Florida, it was over a 1300 mile trip for our move. I have pandora 90% of my trip and I had voice 99% and the same with GPS. Honestly if your home are has great T-Mobile coverage I see no excuse not to have them. The best customer service, the best prices, and the only carrier that actually tries to improve everyday for its members. I understand if you don’t get them because you may not have service in your area etc. but other than that I believe everyone else should make the jump. Verizon still w/o unlimited data sucks but think about how many lines are on their network. They would have to be really careful not to over work their traffic.

  • IdRatherPostAsGuest

    “After you use up your allotment, you’ll pay an overage fee of $15 per gig.”

    Nope. Nope-nope-nope!

  • WD

    Lack of coverage in certain areas on T-mobile can be very annoying. I was on Cape Cod three weeks ago and basically had no coverage except in certain areas. It was so frustrating in this day and age in a very hot vacation destination not to have service. I am glad they are putting so much pressure on the industry and it’s clearly working but I also hope they are building out their network and spending more money on coverage.

    The other thing is: People are not getting my texts sometimes and I am not getting some of theirs and that a s BIG problem. Anyone else having that issue on T-mobile?