BlackBerry Venice shows its slider self from multiple angles in latest leak


We’ve seen quite a bit of the T-Mobile-bound BlackBerry Venice in recent months, but today we’re getting our best look yet at the upcoming Android slider thanks to a set of hands-on photos that’ve leaked.

Vietnamese site Tinhte has released several photos that clearly show the BlackBerry Venice in all its vertical sliding glory. We get a good look at the physical keyboard, which looks like what you’d expect a BlackBerry QWERTY to look like, as well as the device’s screen with what what appears to be slightly curved edges. Up top there’s SIM and microSD slots, and around back lives an 18-megapixel camera.


The software on the device looks to be Android Lollipop, and a mostly untouched version at that. Included are an assortment of Google apps, complete with Gmail, Google Maps, and Google Play.


There’s still quite a bit that we don’t know about the BlackBerry Venice, but the rumor mill has suggested that it could launch in November on T-Mobile as well as the other three major US carriers. That’s an important move for BlackBerry if it hopes to maximize the Venice’s odds of success. As for the device itself, it’s an extremely interesting phone in that it’s an Android phone made by BlackBerry and it’s a form factor that’s extremely rare nowadays. I’m looking forward to giving the physical keyboard a try to see how a QWERTY that must be able to hide beneath a sliding display compares to the keyboards on BlackBerry phones like the Classic.

Now that we’ve gotten a good look at the BlackBerry Venice IRL, are you thinking about buying one when it’s released later this year


Via: CrackBerry
Source: Tinhte

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  • Frettfreak

    Blackberry needs to become the name people think of when they want a “secure” android phone. They already have a foothold in the Corp world with their enterprise server software (lots of companies still use it) and would be a way for any security conscious consumer to feel better about safety ad well

    • JJCommonSense


    • jelp2

      Unfortunately, BB is not aiming at the consumer market. Maybe that will change with the release of this device.

  • I haven’t been this excited about a phone in a long time. I’ll definitely be getting this one.

  • steveb944

    Oh hell yeah.

  • JJCommonSense

    This looks dope! Blackberry has never been known for making a bad phone… they just weren’t making them for the masses. But if you could combine the security that Blackberry is known for, with the latest version of android, with mostly vanilla flavoring, and and some killer specs… you might have my money lol. Thank goodness I’m on TMobile’s lease plan!

  • vinnyjr

    I like good design and quality. This is different than the same old candy bar style phones that every manufacturer has put together. Hope they give this device the specs and quality camera it deserves to be relevent. There are so many very good Android devices, this phone needs to be equal to what is out now, not 6 months ago. If it isn’t it will be DOA. I like the design, hope it does well.

  • Bryck

    Can anybody confirm 100% of Android embedded on this phone. Thanks.

    • gmo8492

      The pictures and BlackBerry’s official statements aren’t convincing enough?

      • jelp2

        BB doesn’t have any official statements on this.

  • charlieboy808

    Before everyone starts selling their left nut to buy one of these, take a moment and consider what could happen. I’m only saying this from the point of view of being burned by the last QWERTY phone I bought. I loved the Sidekick since the first Color Screen design that I bought. It was ahead of it’s time when it was released. The last version however was an utter piece of garbage. The only thing that was great about it was the QWERTY keyboard. The rest of it was crap. I can totally see this phone being sold as “Oooh it has a keyboard!” but be lacking every where else in the phone’s performance. The last SideKick had 512MB of Memory and is stuck at Android 2.2.1 (

  • Rod

    This phone totally rocks!!!! Will definitely consider if it has high specs, great camera like Sony Z3, Android and Blackberry features.

  • Sushimane

    I never saw myself getting a blackberry device. But a blackberry with Android os and it has a sliding keyboard I like. I would so buy this

  • thepanttherlady

    I don’t think the Sidekick line can be compared with Blackberry with regard to build. Blackberry has a reputation of building some really solid phones.

    • charlieboy808

      LOL there’s no doubt about that. Where I can compare the two is OS. The Sidekick was amazing on it’s own OS. BlackBerry is the same with their products. I’ve been burned once, I don’t want people getting their hopes up too soon. LOL

      • gmo8492

        Dude this runs what looks to be stock Android. The phone is going to be fast and fluid since there is no overlaying skin slowing it down. Comparing it to a phone that ran android 2.2 and with 512mb ram is just absurd.

        • charlieboy808

          Just saying, don’t get your hopes up. LOL Don’t get your panties in a bunch.

        • gmo8492

          I know what to expect, and I would agree with you if this was Samsung.

        • charlieboy808

          Seems like BlackBerry can do no wrong. Except for being irrelevant in today’s age of technology. Let’s forget about the clicking screen. LOL Everyone can screen up from time to time.

  • Verizonthunder

    I like and want asap

  • Android_God

    Can you possibly add more ads to scroll through in order to get to the comments?

    • jomail

      i dont see a single ad!
      dont get why people keep complaining. get ABP for firefox or chrome.
      unless you sir are still on IE, but i doubt it if you made your way to this site.


  • I’m hoping this is one that I can recommend to people along with the Nexus phones and the Moto X Pure edition. These are the phones I’m most excited for right now.

  • Android_God

    And what is a Blackberry?

  • LuvMusic

    This is an interesting phone but I’ll wait for a few reviews before considering it a “contender.” The last Blackberry I had with a physical keyboard, the keyboard was not great. It was quite easy to wear out the key pad. It was a work device and I think I went through three keyboards in about two years.

  • Logan S

    If BB make it developer/power-user friendly, this might attract enough masses & momentum to make it a significant entry in what’s lately becoming a stale, candy-bar/slate Android world.

    Keeping micro SD is a excellent starter. Rootable is a must. Unlockable bootloader is a bonus. I know BB wants to get back a into enterprise world and touting security would be in its playbook, but they need to balance it with wide developer accces.

  • I Actually don’t hate this…. I don’t need a physical keyboard, but I Actually am really digging the style of this.

  • gmo8492

    The design is pretty good, and it looks like the camera has optical image stabilization based on the metal ring engraved with “ois”. I hope BlackBerry releases the full spec sheet soon.

  • Brian

    @charieboy808 wow you really bought a sidekick lol. Blackberry 10 is amazing os and Android lollipop is not bad either, but I would rather blackberry make 2 versions so people can choose if possible. From my experience with blackberry for 10 years now they always make high quality shit. I had the bold 9900, z10, Q10, and now the classic. This new device whether it’s bb10 or Android should run very smoothly. I’m definitely going to give this a try it looks very good, and with the added security it should work wonders.

  • no2apple

    why is this site pushing Crapberry too much ???

    • jelp2

      Really? Have you counted the Samsung and Apple writeups??

  • All I have to say is, SCORE!

  • Dylan Gorski

    My only concern is how quickly it will get updates. I’ve never been a fan of BlackBerry but I’m loving this phone! The best parts of BlackBerry mixed with the Android operating system and all the Android apps sounds like a win – win! I’ll definitely be getting this on T-Mobiles lease program.

  • Angel

    Why wasn’t this a side slide? It would have been WAY much more comfortable to type. Like that the keyboard is just as big as the on screen one, which have swype/trace/whatever-is-called. Now landscape would be much more comfortable to type more space they could have even added arrow keys.

    Also I would have love to at least have the track pad. I remeber back when my G2 (HTC) digitizer died, how I got around with it. Not to mention how much it helped for those webpage that you have to hover over selections to get another menu. I think the last phone I used that had one was the HTC myTouch 4G Slide.
    When I heard of BB making an slide phone with Android I was so exited now I’m, meh.

    Also it would have looked like a micro laptop/netbook.

    I miss the DROID 4/3 form factor :-(

    • morbid

      A horizontal slider would have been very welcome, it’s been a long time since there has been a decent one. Yep, arrow keys would have been nice… another row for dedicated numbers would have been good too. Maybe Nokia will make a horizontal slider again…

    • AS118

      If this phone does well, they may release a horizontal one. I’d say bug them about it if they do end up releasing the Venice. I like portrait myself, but landscape’s my second favorite kind of keyboard.

      The old droid slide-outs were great.

    • jelp2

      BlackBerry wouldn’t release a side slide. The purpose of the slider is to give you a full touch plus BB iconic keyboard.

    • Entwin

      If the rumors are correct this will have the same keyboard tech as the passport so arrow keys would be pointless and just take up space even in landscape mode.

  • Arlene


  • Joe

    Considering the only other slider Tmobile has is the terrible LG Optimus F3Q, this is very welcome. My wife had the F3Q and it almost turned her away from Tmobile and back to Verizon because she blamed the network and not the phone for all the issues she was having. Upgraded her to the Galaxy S6 and now she loves Tmobile lol.

  • AS118

    Yes, I’m definitely considering this phone if it comes out. If it has even 1 front-facing speaker (if not stereo), even better.

    Swype keyboards are too inaccurate for me, and they don’t have the words I need either. I type a LOT faster with physical keys.