T-Mobile’s next Un-carrier Amped move is coming tomorrow


Wondering when the next Un-carrier Amped move might ne? Well, it looks like it’ll come tomorrow.

John Legere just posted a tweet that reads “Guess what’s coming tomorrow?! The next #UncarrierAmped!! #turndownforwhat.” Attached to the tweet is a video of our outspoken CEO mouthing the words to the DJ Snake and Lil Jon tune “Turn Down for What.”

We haven’t seen any leaks or heard any rumors about what the next Un-carrier Amped move might be, so for now tomorrow’s announcement is a mystery. We do know that Un-carrier Amped is all about amping up previous Un-carrier announcements, and we’ve already seen JUMP! and Simple Choice get amped, so we can eliminate those two.

What Un-carrier move do you think T-Mo is going amp up next?

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  • Yo

    It is obviously music freedom that’s gonna get a revamp, he’s linking a lip sync to a song duh!

  • williejackbrainer

    Adding iRadio could be a part of it.

  • dean wolz

    bring back classic plans!!

    • Ryan Hammond

      ….said no one ever.

  • AxelCloris

    I’m also thinking tomorrow will be Music Freedom. We’ll probably see inclusion of Apple Music and perhaps some other small tweaks to the program.

    • matt

      i dunno, adding apple music wouldn’t be “amped up” enough. its gotta be something huge

  • Scoop003

    Movie freedom? Netflix, hulu, and YouTube won’t count towards data

    • Prod1702

      This would be nice but will never happen. This pretty much makes it so you that you could would watch videos unlimited which is the #1 reason tmobile sells more data. If they did offer this it would be cool but just dumb on T-Mo’s part.

      • Nick

        Exactly. Everyone would just buy the cheapest, smallest, data plan they have since the only “big” data uses are audio and video.

    • Chris Drudge

      ZERO chance it’s that.That’d be like a gas station giving you free gas for your car and only charging for fuel for your lawn mower. Or your electric company giving you free power for your AC and only charging for what your alarm clock uses.

  • Georgios Renieris

    I say it’s Apple Music on music freedom or a tablet plan amped up.

    • matt

      all iPad plans already get music freedom

  • steveb944

    That video…. SMH.

    But looking forward to Music like AMP!

  • Dblock

    Long Live Tmobile

  • Mark

    How about increasing the throttle speed to at least 300kbps, just enough to load pictures a little faster (especially on Facebook).

    Or make all Social Networking sites not count against your data (Facebook, Twitter, etc).

    Just a thought.

    • matt

      i remember reading something in 2013 where t-mobile gives everyone access to facebook , if you have a data plan or not.. you think they would white list facebook

    • Markus

      Hell I can’t even use facebook when throttled.

    • That would be great!

  • Joey

    Rhapsody unradio for all customers would be nice.

  • Aurizen

    I’m still hoping for a customer loyalty discount or somethin. Score doesn’t work for me.

    • PHL

      Would be nice. How about an automatic 1$ per month per line discount for every year you’re a customer? Maybe capped at $5 discount for add-a-lines and $10 for each of the first two lines. This would be a good retention tool as everyone sticks around to “level-up”.

      • Aurizen

        That doesn’t sound bad! I was thinking something across the lines of a percentage every year that would be maxed at 20% – 30% for loyal customers. like if you been a customer for 5+ years you get 20% off on phones and accessories.

  • Chad D

    John Legere is going to make his announcement that he is running for president.

    • I’d vote for him.

    • DStudio

      I suppose it would be fun to see him trash everybody – Republicans and Democrats alike. He’d run in the Un-Party. He’d despise Obama and Bush, Hillary and Donald.

  • PHL

    I have a feeling that T-Mobile will increase the data allowances for the base SC plans. This will target the single-line and small family accounts that don’t qualify for 4/100 promo. I think they up it to 2GB, just like they did for Metro PCS plans a couple of weeks ago. I think they want to give prepaid customers a reason to convert to postpaid. Maybe a $10/month bundle with 3GB total plus Data Stash and MWB.

    I doubt that they raise the throttled speed significantly. Anything much more than 128 kbps removes most of the reason to buy more high-speed data.

    • Elier Ruiz

      Me too!

  • justanormalguy13

    With oneplus two and moto phones soon announced, a way for non carrier phones to get WiFi calling would be what I want.

  • tim

    Free streaming on TuneinRadio! That would be a true music freedom!

    • dan lol

      Tune in radio is amazing

  • Allen Alberto Enriquez

    The choice is T-Mobile US Customer’s you’ll have only 1 day to decide!

  • DStudio

    Hopefully more than just Apple Music support, which he’s already promised.

  • Guest

    Hopefully. Just Maybe he is gonna kill lil Wayne….LIVE!!!

    • nycplayboy78

      STOP :p

  • taxandspend


  • Ray

    All about Apple. This does nothing for Android users like myself. *Sad trombone*

  • Genecio

    Am I the only one that felt slightly frightened by John’s facial expression and mouthing of the song?

  • SirStephenH

    Great, can’t wait for another amped feature that I don’t get because T-Mobile JUST stopped selling the 2 for $100 promo I’m on. I wish they weren’t so CARRIER with their amped UN-CARRIER initiatives.

  • Clifton K. Morris

    Likely, the AT&T roaming minutes will cost $39.99.