T-Mobile’s next Un-carrier Amped move is coming tomorrow


Wondering when the next Un-carrier Amped move might ne? Well, it looks like it’ll come tomorrow.

John Legere just posted a tweet that reads “Guess what’s coming tomorrow?! The next #UncarrierAmped!! #turndownforwhat.” Attached to the tweet is a video of our outspoken CEO mouthing the words to the DJ Snake and Lil Jon tune “Turn Down for What.”

We haven’t seen any leaks or heard any rumors about what the next Un-carrier Amped move might be, so for now tomorrow’s announcement is a mystery. We do know that Un-carrier Amped is all about amping up previous Un-carrier announcements, and we’ve already seen JUMP! and Simple Choice get amped, so we can eliminate those two.

What Un-carrier move do you think T-Mo is going amp up next?

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