Samsung’s next Unpacked event is happening August 13


Following countless leaks and rumors, it looks like we finally know the date on which the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and perhaps even the Galaxy S6 edge+ will be revealed.

Samsung will hold an event on at 11:00 am ET on August 13 at which it’ll show off #TheNextGalaxy. Sammy’s teaser for the event shows black lines along a white background, with the center portions of some of the lines being raised. Perhaps a hint at a new device with a dual curved edge display?

The Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy S6 edge+ have been dominating the rumor mill lately, and when you consider both that and the leaks that hinted that Samsung may move up the Note 5 from its traditional early September debut, it’s looking like we could see two new Android phablets revealed at this shindig.

Between the Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy S6 edge+, which rumored Samsung phablet are you more interested in?

Source: Samsung

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  • superg05

    i Don’t know if i should be happy or sad

    • Korea

      Samsung Models line is High Way. Non-Stop.

      • superg05

        what does that even mean keep on driving past it? or keep riding the models down their path non stop?

  • Cellphone Chris

    I want to see the Gear A announced alongside the Note 5. Been waiting for the round device to replace my 1st Gen Gear. Holding out on upgrading the phone, I swap batteries on some days and definitely use removable memory often.

  • Zach Chadwick

    Neither. They can pack as many specs as they want into a Phone, but they can’t change the way Android handles Memory, or CPU capabilities.

    • DStudio

      Or the way Samsung handles Android (and Android updates/relatively early dropping of support).

  • mreveryphone

    Note 5 day one purchase for me… Hopefully the gear a is better than my gear s…

  • Randall Lind

    Another version of Galaxy 6 line? really?

  • Awt

    I would probably go for the S6 edge plus, because I like the idea of the bigger screen and I don’t want the stylus.

  • Korea

    Samsung Note is classic, Samsung Galaxy 6 is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Samsung is getting better and better.

  • watkins

    Neither of them. The note line looks like crap now. When did they turn into Apple devices? Glass back, non removable battery and no external memory? Samsung can keep this garbage. I’ll stick with my note 4 another year.

    • nycplayboy78


    • Phone Guy

      And another year. And another year. And another year. They aren’t going back. :)

      • watkins

        You never know… And if they don’t go back neither will I. There are plenty of other options.

  • Victor

    We all knew this was coming after the releases of the s6 and edge a few months ago with no SD or removable battery, the times are changing… Hearing rumors of a 4100m battery….. I’ll most likely get it but I’m disappointed I feel like Samsung is following too much in apples footsteps

    • watkins

      Then don’t buy it. Vote with your wallet. There are plenty of other options out there

    • S6andNote4isBoss

      Time to move forward stop crying and pony up the cash or just step to the left so we can buy for you.

      I will be purchasing the Galaxy Note 5 and S6Edge+ that’s how I roll.