T-Mobile COO Mike Sievert teases new promo plan that includes Mobile Without Borders

Mike Sievert

UPDATE: Sievert also teased the new plan in an interview with CNET, describing it as “big, bold, and cool.”


Last week T-Mobile introduced Mobile Without Borders, its new Un-carrier Amped initiative that lets you make calls, send texts, and use data in Canada and Mexico without any extra fees. Mobile Without Borders is free so long as you’ve got a current Simple Choice plan, but if you don’t, T-Mo has said that you’ll need to pony up $10 per month for the add-on. For folks that don’t find that second option appealing, though, Mike Sievert might have something for you.

Sievert recently took to Twitter to tease a new promotional plan that includes Mobile Without Borders. Some users were upset that the feature doesn’t come free with the 4 lines for $100 family plan, but the T-Mobile COO says that his carrier will launch “an EVEN better promotional plan which will qualify.” Sievert says that the new plan will begin this week.

Exactly what this new plan might include — outside of Mobile Without Borders, of course — is still a mystery. Considering that Sievert responded to users with the 4/$100 plan, the new offering could be a similar style of family plan. We’ll have to wait until T-Mo announces the new plan to be sure, but the good news is that with the promo plan coming this week, we won’t be waiting long.

Thanks, John!

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  • taron19119

    Its not really free

    • GreatNews

      What do you mean?

      • vicjulian64

        For people before The Uncarrier 9.0, the 2.5 GB is permanent

    • vicjulian64

      The last uncarrier put the 2.5 GB standard, it will not revert to 1 GB in 2016

      • taron19119

        What are u talking about

  • Chris Hilbert

    Hoping the 2.5 GB limits for add-on lines becomes the standard.

  • GreatNews

    Now the big question is if they could bring Even better promo of the 2/$100 unlimited plan!?!?!?

    • terryjohnson16

      I agree

    • I agree. I hope they also offer a promo individual plan in case someone doesn’t have another friend or family member to get on a plan/line with to get a great unlimited deal like that too. The individual plans haven’t got any love in a LONG time. I remember there was a $60 unlimited everything promo plan like 2 years ago.

      • BG

        This is what I’m looking for. Don’t have anyone to share the 2 for $100 so I just stick with my $50 plan and use WiFi everywhere. Was thinking opening up the 2nd line but hope to see what the new plans are before end of tomorrow. Might just pay my phone off and move over to Harbor Mobile for the $50 unlimited plan which is Tmobile $80 plan for single line. Been with them 9 years on this current account need to hook us up already. Don’t have any use for mobile without borders I barley travel and if I do it in the states.

        • I agree. Isn’t harbor mobile for business users or something though? Are you in business?

        • BG

          My friend is and can sign me up.

        • That’s great. I need a friend like that, lol.

  • Mike

    I wonder if Marcelo Claure will get tired of the “UnCarrier” bullshit again? LOL

  • Alex Pilaia

    4 lines for $100, with the Data Stash and Borders included in it… with 3GB per line… PLEASE

    • PHL

      That would be great, but I kind of doubt it. Maybe 4 for 110 or 120 with all those bennies. He said that the new promotion includes MWB, but he didn’t say that the price would stay the same

      • jamaal

        Mike said the new promotional plan would be superior to the 4/100. So that means it will be better in term of everything.

        • PHL

          Superior in total, but that doesn’t mean certain elements might not be worse than before. He also did NOT say that the price wouldn’t change.

  • Sushimane

    As much the mobile without borders is nice I like my monthly payment too much. And the fact the mobile without borders is a add on feature I could add it one month and remove it the next month and do it again.

    • Cruise Guy

      AND be prorated for the week you go to Canada too. :) $10/4 = $2.50 for your family to use their phones in Canada or Mexico for the week. Not a bad deal.

      • Sushimane

        I have a single line with a legacy plan select choice my monthly plan without tax is 60 plus 10 dollars 70 dollars so not to bad. But I with simple global I got free roaming 3g and free texting, 20 cent a minute but free WiFi calling to the US.

  • Chris Boylan

    If only it worked in South Dakota or Wyoming. Seriously, how about some un-carrier action out west!

    • Mike

      I’m pretty far west in Washington and I have love. LOL. But seriously, I would love to see a native network in that area…

    • jay_max

      There’s plans to build out a network in South Dakota by year end. And an expanded North Dakota network. And native coverage in Western Montana. Patience, grasshopper.

      • snotgoblin

        I’m really questioning how they plan to build out into the Dakotas as much as they showed in such a short amount of time. They haven’t even begun to build out from what I have seen and heard and that’s a lot of real estate to cover by year end. Especially with winter not far down the road.

        I hope they get it done, but I’m having my doubts it will be by year end this year. Especially with their existing network upgrades still ongoing nationwide. Hopeful, but doubtful for this year.

    • dontsh00tmesanta

      This is why you get a carrier that works for you now not what you hope will work for you some day lol

      • Cruise Guy

        You are so smart and so correct. VZ and at&T are perfect for that area. Tmo has so many advantages over the others if you don’t need data in that area.

  • Darrel

    Any incentives for exisiting customers? Maybe increase 1GB allotment to 2.5GB?

    • Cruise Guy

      And give you a new Mercedes too? They are pretty generous already. Look what we had just six years ago. $125 for unlimited talk without data for a line. :)

  • dontsh00tmesanta

    its a $10 add on for the 2 for $100 plan

    • Irfan


      • dontsh00tmesanta

        This info came from a online chat rep so take it as you wish

      • steveb944

        You’re leaving over something that recently released and no other carrier has…OK

      • bakgwailo


        But, yeah, seriously, wut? The only thing holding you onto tmobile is a promotion they announced last week?

        • Irfan

          no no , i already made my mind to leave , if this promotion cost me nothing than i will stay stuck with t mobile …

  • JLV90

    Don’t know what they could possibly do to make it “better” hope it’s not a let down.

  • jay

    Lets see what the fine print will hold on these promotion plans…

  • S. Ali

    Shared data on tiered plans. T-Mobile. Please.

    • terryjohnson16

      No thanks. That would be carrier-like

    • Cruise Guy

      no way. Then we can call ourselves Sprint. Shared data is horrible.

      • steven berson

        Why is that bad? I have 4 lines 3 of which have 2.5gb. 2 of them don’t use the 2.5gig but 1 of them goes over and gets throttled. It would be useful to share the data so they don’t go to waste.

        • Chris Hilbert

          Flip side is you have 1 user consume all your data, making everyone slow speeds. Not arguing, just pointing out how you could get bit.

        • RLB63

          They have a feature already that limits a lines number of minutes from a shared pool called Family Allowances. They could easily have it control amount of data each lines gets from the shared pool.

        • Cruise Guy

          If you limit it, you are back to assigned amounts for each user. Just easier to give each person their own bucket. Done.

        • Cruise Guy

          Simple. You are right, that could be useful, but then one person has to monitor everyone Else’s data usage. If I had shared data, and someone else wasn’t paying attention, I would end up getting throttled. You never really know how much you can use if other people decide to use more or less this month. Keeping it separate lets you stay in control of what you have.

    • DStudio

      As long as your data is metered, it’s better to have it shared.

      Ideally you could set individual limits for each line, which fits the typical family scenario when each line is being used by a different person.

      For business use, shared data is certainly better. Even more so if you need data at e.g. an event location where you’ll spread out access points. In this case it’s better to manage a single pool of data.

    • Alex Long

      How about they make the Data Stash pool shared?

      Every line gets their own guaranteed high speed data allotment each month, and the previously unused data from the non-data intensive lines gets to be used by any line that goes over their own high speed limit. This way other plan members won’t get to “steal” your high speed data and the rolled over data actually gets used.

      Because let’s face it, Data Stash sounds good on paper but in reality the lines that have extra data to rollover in the first place aren’t likely to ever tap into their Data Stash bucket unless your usage is highly variable month to month.

      • Chris Adams

        Thinking the same thing. Increase the 4 for $100 plan to include MWB and up it to 3GB per line with family stash. Family stash would be a great Amped move by itself.

  • Bill

    When is T-Mobile going to use carrier aggregation for faster speeds?

    • Fabian Cortez

      It’s out there in the wild. Mostly in markets without 15×15 MHz or 20×20 MHz.

  • NardVa

    I’m guessing the new promo will be 4 lines for $125 with the 10 GB to share (2.5 GB per line). T-Mobile will make the 10GB permanent instead of temporary and offer free Mobile Without Borders.

    • Oms

      Hmmm…I would rather pay $10 more per month to keep the current promo of 4 lines at 2.5GB each for $100. At least you can add and remove the $10 add on at anytime.

    • steveb944

      That’s not really a deal. How is paying more than what we currently have better? It’s already permanent for those of us that have it, he was talking to current customers not new.

      He said “promo” plan, so I don’t expect it to be permanent.

      • Alex Pilaia

        All promos are permanent now, according to Leger.. But you are correct. why pay $25 more for same amount of data? Maybe instead of the 2.5GB per line, change it to 15GB total to share, as in a pool.. My dad uses 0 data (has a flip phone) so we are wasting 2.5GB on his line, and cant use it elsewhere.

        • NardVa

          I thought the 2.5 GB per line went back to 1GB per line after 12/31/15.

        • Arby

          If you had that plan prior to uncarrier 9.0, the 2.5gb per line per month is permanent.

        • Jose

          Why does it show until end of 2015 online on my acount

        • gmo8492

          Call customer support to clarify, because T-Mobile twitter said that people currently on those promotional plans are grandfathered in at that rate.

        • steveb944

          I meant in the sense of a plan that they’ll always offer as standard.

          I think 3GB each, at 12 total would be good.

          I don’t like pools because you depend on others on your plan to not spend YOUR data. It’s better split to avoid controversy.

      • NardVa

        I thought the 2.5 GB per line went back to 1GB after 12/31/15.

  • archerian

    Play the fiddle while Rome burns on Thursday, the 16th.

  • Bear with me in my Folly…

    As a teacher, bear with me in my folly…I am hoping for unlimited access to children related educational materials…Of Course, I am willing to pay the extra! Thanks…

  • moonoverparma

    Instead of all these promos, how about you convert all of the 2g in my area, thanks.

    • Mike

      that will be complete by the end of the year (mid year in a lot of areas) working toward the goal of 300 million POPs

  • Steve

    I have the 4 lines for $100 plan with an addition 6 lines for $10 per line .. whatever promotional plan they release i hope all 10 of my lines benefit.

    • Bilal A

      Me too!

    • oksana

      i have the same plan.hope we get some love this time.

  • Clifton K. Morris

    A lot of people keep saying T-Mobile is a good company and really on top of things.

    However, every US company actually uses Amdocs billing systems and platforms since the dawn of the industry.

    What we’re actually learning is that when T-Mobile changed from Amdocs/Samson to Ericsson, you can see how much more evolved it is.

    T-mobile isn’t really doing much… They are standard features.

    • CSR2

      we still use samson, and these promotional plans work just like the old ones did when we only used samson for customer’s billing systems. So i don’t understand your highly technical post!

    • tmoperson

      this is completely inaccurate / misinformed

      try again

  • Big Bear

    Too many damnpeople who dont know shit and complain. You not happy with tmobile go ahead and switch. So far tmobile is good. Good luck in finding a better deal then what tmobile offers. Damn cry babies.

    • Momma Bear

      You’re a bear, do you even know how to use a phone? Don’t your claws get in the way? What forest you live in? I wanna know where to go on my next camping trip since your forest has good coverage. By the way, I’m a bear too, living in the city, also using tmobile. Roarrrrrrrrrr.

    • fromtheright

      Sprint is cheaper for me.

  • YABD

    We need more coverage in USA.

  • TK – Indy

    Hate to spoil all the dreams, but no way anyone will end up paying less than they currently are on any future T-mobile promotional plan. Everything that they have done for the past year has been geared towards increasing billing, not decreasing it. This trend will continue until they begin to lose customers instead of gain them.

    • Joe D

      Tmo doesn’t exist in a bubble. Depends on the competition and pricing pressure.

    • Bilal A

      Tmobile is really cheap compared to the others. We’re not saying make the plans cheaper, were saying if other customers are getting things for free (can/mex calling), then give us legacy customers the same thing for free. Don’t make us pay an extra $10. The uncarrier is about saving money, not spending more.

  • i dont know about coverage in other countries.. how about working on better coverage stateside first?

    • Visvism

      Maybe you should read older posts on this site and others across the Internet. T-Mobile has been taking their network seriously as of late and continue to invest in making it better. Low-band spectrum purchases and deployment, carrier aggregation, re-farming of current spectrum, new auction purchases, reserve spectrum requests from the FCC for next years auction, etc..

      I guess they haven’t been working on better coverage stateside after all… smh

  • bafunda

    Unlimited 4G LTE data for all! This would be awesome, but I know it’s not going to happen.

    • No, that would be awful because then we’d have even more cheapskates trying to use their phones at home to watch Netflix and killing the speeds for the rest of us.

    • SirStephenH

      Not even unlimited users get unlimited…

      You get 21GB then they lower your priority.

      • Dylan Aarhus

        Dude I have unlimited I don’t get throttled at 21gbs it’s illegal for me to get throttled on a simple choice family plan

  • Bklynman

    Why can’t they do something for people with only 1 line? I have one voice line,one for my hotspot,people that have this should get something,why is it that Metro customers get more data than we do? Before anyone starts up,don’t like it here go someplace else,explain to why tmo,doesn’t do something for single line owners?