LG Leon LTE just $79.92 from tomorrow, 2 for $100 and 4 for $100 extended until July 14th

Screen Shot 2015-06-27 at 21.26.47

T-Mobile has sent a couple of communications out to its retail staff regarding promotions. The one above features two offers available this weekend. One which, sadly, expired today but another kicks off tomorrow through Tuesday.

From June 28th to June 30th, customers will be able to purchase the LG Leon LTE for under $80. That’s down from the original full retail price of $149. Not a bad deal at all for a phone with a 4.5-inch FWVGA display, Android 5.0 Lollipop, a quad-core processor and 5MP camera. Although I must say, I think the price was far too high to begin with.

As well as that is news that T-Mobile has decided to extend the 2 for $100 and 4 for $100 promotions until the middle of July. The carrier had planned to remove the offers from its lineup today, but has now extended them further to July 14th.

Details can be find in the screenshot below:

Screen Shot 2015-06-27 at 21.34.13

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  • Not Bad….I would like to play with Leon in the store.

  • J.Ralph Roman

    Best Buy also has the LG Leon for $79.99

    • Jeffrey Wang

      Yep, I bought mine there.

  • Bill

    i thought i was getting 4 LG leon for $100 got me a little excited there

  • kgraham182

    The T-Mobile version of the LG Leon is too high, when the MetroPCS version is free or close to it.

    • Coocoo4cocoapuffs

      The metro pcs version also requires at least one month up from and an extra month of service to get it nearly free

  • Mike

    2 for 100 and 4 for 100, can someone elaborate?

    • Coocoo4cocoapuffs

      2 for 100 both lines unlimited data

      4 for 100 all lines have 2.5 GB of data instead of 1 GB as long as you enroll before the end of the offers expiration date

  • Joseph Bekin

    I bought my wife a Leon and it was AWFUL! It was so slow doing the simplest of tasks. No auto-focus for the camera. Poor battery life. I wouldn’t recommend that phone to anyone!

    • Lower your standard buddy…it’s a budget device. I’m sure it’s not awful either…

      • Jeffrey Wang

        I like it. Then again, I have a 6 Plus if something goes wrong. I use this phone for app development and I’m impressed with it!

      • Joseph Bekin

        I’ve used other budget devices before, Alcatel One Touch Fierce 1 & 2, LG F3, etc..and this Leon was by far the worst in my opinion.

        • Just left the local store, it’s nothing wrong with. No lag, it’s good.

        • Joseph Bekin

          I must have got a bad one then. Mine was VERY laggy with nothing even downloaded yet.

    • Jeffrey Wang

      The camera is definitely terrible, I’m sticking to my 6 Plus for anything good :P. My phone is fast, the only issue is the screen keeps randomly turning on after I turn it off. Try returning your Leon LTE for a new one maybe?

      • GersonT1000

        Please don’t compare a $600 phone to an $80 phone.

        • Jeffrey Wang

          I’m sharing my experiences.

        • Rodney Hamilton

          Seriously! I find it hilarious that some people have to find out the hard way that an $80 phone is not a $600 phone… Mind boggling.

    • Valued1

      Agree with Joseph. Bad camera. Fuzzy close ups. Will not work with barcode scanner apps.
      Phone good for LTE and calling. Unusable camera.

  • Kevin

    I have the 2.5GB X 4 line for $100 deal. I thought 2.5 GB expire on 1-1-2016, but some said TMobile is making the 2.5GB permanent, can anyone tell me which is true?

    • lucho

      you will keep it for at least 2 years from date of purchase

    • JLV90

      it is permanent as long as you stay on that plan any line added also qualifies for 2.5 GB for $10 a month up to 10 lines.

      • Amblin

        According the the T-mobile rep. I just spoked to. The deal is not permanent and only last the life of “the deal”. So end of the year it’s gone.

  • This site has so many ads, you can’t even read a post. MY GOODNESS! Get rid them…so we can at least read the post…

    • Albert Orange

      LOL… what ads? AdBock Plus FTW!

      • Jeffrey Wang

        Nah, uBlock FTW. No “ad white lists.”

      • mingkee

        You should root the phone to get the best result.

      • Thanks. This does not happen when I’m on my BlackBerry Passport, only when I’m on my android phones. Man it sucks lol.

        • eanfoso

          hey how much did you pay for the passport? I want to get me one, but don’t want to drop 500$ on a phone

        • Well. You don’t want a Passport lol.

        • eanfoso

          aw come on lol yes I do! I drool over them when I go pay my home internet at my local at&t! but they’re still a little steep though, so how much did you pay man?

        • Brooklynman

          You can always check ebay for use Passports,and see how much they go for, if you really want one.

    • guidomus_maximus

      Those ads that slide down the whole page 4 inches and then slide the whole page back up are especially heinous.

  • Verizonthunder

    Got lucky thanks to a T-Mobile representative at my local store who view there emails as I got the extended promotion from last weekend on the LG g pad f 8.0 my father liked that tablet and agreed to pay me ten bucks a month for the data sense the eip was covered by T-Mobile.

    One note for those who purchased the promotional tablet from father’s day weekend. The bill credits will not show till two to three bill cycles but should be credited twenty or thirty dollars for your eip. I spoke with customer service who elaborated on my concern as my tablets eip was not credited but took care of that for me and added a follow up foot note to see if my concern was addressed.

    Ahhh the LG Neon I know a coworker who is desperately wanting a update but she is too cheap to pay for eighty bucks for a nice phone than what she has now that. She keeps complaining in the lunch room… I see why she’s still single and her daughter lives far from her lol no to gold diggers and self entitled people who are not even worth something free.

  • BDestroyer

    How much after taxes is the 2 for $100 – $110 or is it more like $120. Chicago, IL I pay about $10 on the $50 single plan right now. Tmobile rep tell $110 but I say elsewhere $120 ?

    • Saige CB

      My plan (2 for 100, BYOD) is $113. After tax and all

      • BDestroyer


    • LoveTMO4life

      It will be more like 120 in IL. Before we got out of that god forsaken state our phone taxes were around 23%. Makes sense if it’s 10 for 50!

  • Trevnerdio

    That sounds like a really good deal…

  • Allen Alberto Enriquez

    I love the deal I use the discount to buy accessories! I’ve been using the LG Leon lte for 2 days I am a power user, plus I use the cloud apps which give me more room. LG Leon is so cool that I think I am going to upgrade to LG G Stylo! Accessories EIP was a piece of cake to get at the retail store the experience is so great especially when dealing with a person to person all I paid just like advertised zero down but the taxes $22.40 out the door! I am very happy I immediately jump on this deal! Speaking of which I have the jump program so in a couple of months I will get another phone!

  • Rodney Hamilton

    I like my Leon. The quad-core processor makes it very responsive and antenna is pretty good. Yes, the camera sucks, but fortunately I’m old and don’t care anything about using a phone to take pictures. Another con is that you DO NOT want to drop it unless you have it wrapped in a very good case. The screen is wimpy. Still, you get what you pay for, and I am getting my money’s worth. Having read some of these posts, I find if hilarious that some people have to find out the hard way that an $80 phone is not a $600 phone.