LG LEON LTE to be free at launch to T-Mobile prepaid customers [Rumor]

lg g stylo leon

You may remember just a few days ago, T-Mobile launched a special promotional offer for customers signing up to Prepaid or Simple Choice No Credit customers. First off was the offer of a free SIM Starter Kit, and second was the special $50 price of the LG Optimus L90. In two days time, on May 20, T-Mobile is going to add to its collection of special prepaid offers. We’ve been shown an internal memo to staff which states that customers signing up to a $40 or higher prepaid plan or a SCNC (Simple Choice No Credit) plan will get the LG Leon LTE for free after rebate.

We were previously informed that the Leon LTE would be launching on May 20th alongside the budget G Stylo phablet. This means that – right from the outset – T-Mobile will be trying to shift as many of these low-end devices as humanly possible by almost literally throwing them at their target market.

How it works on both prepaid and SCNC will be different. The Leon has a full retail price of $149.76, that’s ($0 down and 24 monthly payments of $6.24 on EIP for regular postpaid customers). Prepaid customers will see the price dropped down to just $50 at checkout and then be able to claim the $50 back online as a promotional rebate. Customers on the no credit Simple Choice plans, however, pay $149.76 up front and then claim that amount back as a rebate online at T-Mobile.com/promotions.  In the end, neither customer pays for the device, they just get different amounts as a rebate to take their effective tally to $0.

Apart from paying their respective deposits, prepaid and SCNC customers have a couple of other caveats. Prepaid customers have to purchase the device with a $40 or higher prepaid plan. SCNC customers need to pay their deposit and remain in good standing for at least 30 days. Needless to say, this offer isn’t valid with any other promotion, coupon or discount (including the 25% employee discount). Regular postpaid customers aren’t eligible either and the offer is good as long as supplies last, for a limited time to new and existing customers. Both will get their bespoke promotional code at checkout in store which they’ll then need to claim the money back. Full details in the screenshot below:

Screen Shot 2015-05-18 at 21.21.07

From the staff side of things, retail employees won’t have to do any price overriding at checkout. On prepaid, it’ll automatically show as $50. On SCNC it’ll come up as $149.76.

As for the LG G Stylo, it doesn’t look like that device is going to be part of any special promotions just yet. But we do have information on its pricing. It will cost $289.92 full retail price once it’s available on May 20. As of right now, both devices still show as “coming soon” online. But we’re pretty confident – unless plans change – that T-Mobile will launch both of them on Wednesday, as previously reported.

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