T-Mobile SIM Starter Kit now FREE for some customers


T-Mobile has been rolling out the deals recently. Whether it’s an extended trial run for Verizon customers or $100 back for buying Samsung products, T-Mo hasn’t exactly been shy about its promotions this past month or two. And today, comes a special deal for prepaid customers, as well as No Credit customers and those adding lines.

According to a memo we’ve seen, T-Mobile won’t charge the SIM Starter Kit price to some customers meeting the right criteria. The price has been dropped to $0 for any new Pay in Advance customers, anyone activating a new Simple Choice No Credit line (i.e. those who don’t qualify for EIP) and any add-a-lines/additional lines. Essentially, it seems, the only people who will have to pay the SIM Starter Kit price of $15 are those activating a new, regular postpaid line.

The blurb we were sent states:

“….we’re cutting the price of the SIM Starter Kit to $0 for all Pay in Advance and Simple Choice No Credit (SCNC) activations and add-a-lines nationwide. Now is the best time to activate Prepaid with the Un-carrier. Seriously. $0 for the SIM Starter Kit!”

This special pricing is live now, until June 30th. It’s clear then that T-Mobile is pushing hard to extend its lead as the “#1 prepaid brand” over the next couple of months. It could also be great for anyone who might struggle to pay anything up front to get on to one of T-Mobile’s plans. Walking out of a store without having to stump up $15 for a SIM is a real deal sweetener.

As far as we can tell, the memo has been sent out to nationwide retail stores. Both third party authorized T-Mo locations and official corporate stores. Let us know if you’re planning on taking advantage.

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  • pseudoswede

    Maybe it’s just franchise stores, but I’m annoyed when I’m charged $20 to have two SIM cards replaced (micro to nano) and they don’t have a SIM card cutter. Had to call T-Mobile to get a credit applied to my account.

    • brybry

      I manually cut it with scissors to save myself the hassle.

      • Cam Bunton

        Ha, yeah, I have a SIM cutter tool to do it myself too. Saying that, 2 of my three SIMs are now Nano. So I just stick them in adapters if I need to.

        • Corporate RSM

          It is actually T-Mobile policy to charge for SIM replacements for any reason other than defective SIM’s.

        • Cam Bunton

          I know. But that’s not what happens in some cases.

    • Wow! I got SIM cards replaced a couple of times for free when the size required by the new phone was different than by the old one. Glad that TMUS refunded you, but you should have never been charged to start with.

      • Cam Bunton

        Yeah, I mean, I’ve heard many times that CS reps generally refund you if you need to replace your SIM. It’s not written down anywhere black and white. Just common courtesy gesture of good will.

    • enoch861

      It’s franchise stores that charge you since they actually buy the sim cards or something along those lines as the guy was explaining to me. Real T-Mobile stores don’t charge you a single cent since they receive the SIM cards directly from the mothership since the store is owned by the mothership.

      • fhritp

        That answer is false. Still have to charge for a Sim swap if you purchase a phone 3rd party.

  • pramarama

    Do they not charge for the SIM starter kit for upgrades?

    • Andrew

      I don’t think so. My upgraded phones have always come with a free SIM.

    • JLV90

      no only when you add a new line

      • MatthewPDX

        I was able to get the fee waived. Doesn’t hurt to ask.

  • Fabian Cortez

    Nice. Time to get it now just in time for the Idol 3.

  • archerian

    So T-mobile’s taking no chances to be sure they overtake Sprint next time, these free SIM starter kits should add to some ghost subscribers they can count as prepaid adds for the next 150 or so days.

  • Finally, some prepaid love! ♥️

  • jj

    Is this deal available online? I’m not seeing it.

  • Shawn

    Thinking of switching from att to t-mo. Can someone give me an idea of what the taxes are for 2 lines $100 deal?

    • Paul

      In California by bill comes to $120 for the $100 plan for 2 iPhones with Unlimited Data

      • Shawn

        Thanks. I am currently paying $195 for 2 lines with 15gb data and 2 iPhones 6. That includes company discount and taxes with att. Like what tmo is doing, but a little nervous about their coverage.

        • Timothy Poplaski

          Do this: http://explore.t-mobile.com/test-drive-free-trial and take a road trip around all the areas that matter to you. If the coverage works, sign up for a plan. If it doesn’t return the phones and walk away.

        • JLV90

          So take the free test drive, if it doesn’t work out for you at least you get another free pair of headphones and extra charger for your iPhone.

        • Agree, try out the TestDrive explore.t-mobile.com/test-drive-free-trial

  • I got a new nano SIM card in preparation for T-Mobile to release a Windows 10 flagship phone!

  • Philip

    Many months ago, they are giving away SIM card of any size for free right? I am glad I got a few doz.

    • JLV90

      they do have activate by dates on the SIMs

  • AussieB

    SIM cards should be

  • SIM cards are always free at AT&T; similar to how a replacement credit card from your bank is also FREE.

    With a Sim Card, a company can sell service, but T-Mobile has always sold phones. A $20 requisite requirement to sell the service, like T-Mobile does, should be frowned upon.

  • I was going to ask was this also for existing customers? I spoke to T-Mobile via Live Chat and the rep seemed to have no idea of this promotion. She said it seems like it would be for only new customers.

    But now I’m reading that some of you all have had sim cards replaced either for free or refunded back credit. I need a new one/one replaced because my next smartphone uses a Micro Sim and I only have nano sims.

  • ljcochran

    I just paid the SIM activation in store for adding a line, because the rep says the promotion is only for prepaid customers. Can you find any official T-Mobile info to refute this?