T-Mobile plan fees and taxes being adjusted from March 22nd, small RPF increase

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In T-Mobile’s support pages, the company has announced that from March 22nd it will be changing some of the taxes and fees on its plans. The carrier states that this should result in a bill decrease for the majority of its customers, but for some, bills will remain the same or increase by no more than 1-2% of the total bill.

“As part of regular government program compliance reviews, we will adjust the way we assess taxes and fees on our plans on March 22, 2015. These reviews help ensure that our customers are accurately assessed taxes and fees based on the type of plan they purchase. Taxes will be calculated based on the value associated with the talk, text, and data of your service plan. We expect many of our customers to see a decrease in taxes. However, the taxation of charges vary by taxing authority. (Note: Some rate plans and features won’t reflect the tax changes until after April 2, 2015.)”

As part of these changes, T-Mobile will increase the RPF (Regulatory Programs Fee) from $1.61 to $2.71. Unless you qualify for “waivers” from the RPF, in which case, you’ll see no changes to RPF on your account.

For those unaware, the RPF is a fee T-Mobile collects in order to recover costs the carrier has incurred due to complying with a number or local, state and “federal mandates” as well as obligations like E911, number pooling and number portability. It is applied to all T-Mobile lines and “may be subject to change”.

Overall, the likelihood is that you won’t notice the change that much. As previously mentioned, your overall bill should decrease due to alterations made to taxes etc.

Source: T-Mobile

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