T-Mobile plan fees and taxes being adjusted from March 22nd, small RPF increase

T-Mobile building

In T-Mobile’s support pages, the company has announced that from March 22nd it will be changing some of the taxes and fees on its plans. The carrier states that this should result in a bill decrease for the majority of its customers, but for some, bills will remain the same or increase by no more than 1-2% of the total bill.

“As part of regular government program compliance reviews, we will adjust the way we assess taxes and fees on our plans on March 22, 2015. These reviews help ensure that our customers are accurately assessed taxes and fees based on the type of plan they purchase. Taxes will be calculated based on the value associated with the talk, text, and data of your service plan. We expect many of our customers to see a decrease in taxes. However, the taxation of charges vary by taxing authority. (Note: Some rate plans and features won’t reflect the tax changes until after April 2, 2015.)”

As part of these changes, T-Mobile will increase the RPF (Regulatory Programs Fee) from $1.61 to $2.71. Unless you qualify for “waivers” from the RPF, in which case, you’ll see no changes to RPF on your account.

For those unaware, the RPF is a fee T-Mobile collects in order to recover costs the carrier has incurred due to complying with a number or local, state and “federal mandates” as well as obligations like E911, number pooling and number portability. It is applied to all T-Mobile lines and “may be subject to change”.

Overall, the likelihood is that you won’t notice the change that much. As previously mentioned, your overall bill should decrease due to alterations made to taxes etc.

Source: T-Mobile

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  • Prepaid FTW!

  • sushimane

    mine went down i was paying 91.80 but now im only paying 91.08 kinda puzzled when that happen but whatever. lol

  • Abe_The_Babe

    I have the 2 for $100 plan and it ends up costing almost $122 with fees and taxes. I’ll keep my eye out for any changes.

  • Willie D

    My bill went up by $3.36 so far. So decrease in cost? Where?

    • Stefan Naumowicz

      The changes they are talking about in this article don’t take effect until the 20th, so something else is responsible for that

      • Willie D

        When I said so far, I mean with the new fee, so far, it will be $3.36, but who is to say what else will go up with it. Generally taxes are assessed AFTER all the base rate plan and surcharges. So far, $3.36 is what it has gone up, but once it is all said and done and finalized, my actual accumulated charge may be more, I wont know till the next billing cycle how to add that up. Sorry for the confusion.

  • Brian Perez

    Pay like 12 in taxes on topof my eip and tablet cost of 10 so well see if i ended paying uunder 100 instead off 105

  • steveb944

    I better be part of that majority that gets a decrease/same, otherwise I’ll see an increase of ~$2 per month, $24 a year.

    And this’ll kick in just in time for my new bill cycle so I won’t know until April/May.

    • BillSmitty

      Good luck. I’ve never seen this “fee” increase and then my bill stay flat or decrease. In fact, checked my account the other day, and bingo, increasing. Still cheaper than other carriers, but no doubt a BS fee, I’m sure they mark it up more than their actual costs.

      • steveb944

        Thanks I’ll need it.

        Exactly my thoughts. Bills tend to go up, never down.

  • MKashi

    A 68% increase in the RPF, not a “small” RPF increase.

  • Rick

    I’m still not convinced that this isn’t a cost of doing business, and shouldn’t be a separate fee at all, but this is the result of an old hissy fit between telcos and the FCC over universal service fees, reporting, and compliance that started when telcos sued to be able to tell subscribers what USF and 911 fees actually were. The FCC once prohibited them from calling out USF as a federal fee. there was a similar effort to force telcos to hide excise taxes,which died in committee…

  • Menel

    AIO/Cricket seems to get this right, none of these hidden taxes and fees. All included.

    Calculated on their backend as the cost of doing business.

    • Or MetroPCS or prepaid T-mobile.

      • eanfoso

        Actually prepaid t mobile does have taxes, plus the 2% tax for 911, source? I used to work for t mobile.

        • fentonr

          True. I don’t see why people hate these so much and call them hidden fees. The government requires them and by law, carriers can pass this fee on to customers. All major carriers do this on their post paid plans.

        • PHL

          The problem is that oftentimes what the telcos charge is not what they pay to the government. For example, they might charge a “Regulatory Compliance Fee” or something like that. It is not an actual fee or tax. It is just some made-up fee that pays for the cost of them complying with state and federal laws/regulations.

          It’s as if Uber or Lyft quoted you one price, and then charged you an extra $10 as a “Red Light/Stop Sign Observance Fee”.

        • I only pay sales taxes, that’s all.

        • Logan C.

          tmobile prepaid only has sales tax on the refill cards in store and the 911 tax is a flat 50 cents. You’ve obviously never worked for T-Mobile.

      • Ordeith

        If you want to get less for more.

    • guest

      and that’s because you can’t tax people without a SSN and address. Many prepaid customers don’t provide SSN, Addresses, etc.

      So, yes all prepaid don’t charge taxes and fees

      • Menel

        I pay taxes at WholeFood, Kroger, Target… and they don’t have SSN and Address….
        That detail is pointless.

    • monkeybutts

      There are hidden taxes and fees they are just included in the price. MetroPCS does the same thing

      • Menel

        You don’t understand hidden taxes and fees.

        TMo and ATT. Hide them from advertising, but they pop up during billing.

        AIO/Cricket they are built in for advertised price and on billing. They never pop mysteriously of arbitrary amounts.

  • Freddy

    Least I dont have to pay a local regional sport fee of $2 nor a TV Broadcast fee of $2 that my local cable company BrightHouse has implemented recently.

  • Mike

    These kinds of things can be used to get out from cellular contracts (not that Tmo still uses them in that sense). It’s a change of terms. It’s been argued successfully before.

    • gmo8492

      Maybe if someone was stuck with a traditional contract, but every T-mobile customer is free to leave when ever they choose to.

      • Mike

        That’s why I noted that “not that Tmo still uses them” but I do know from when I had Sprint and a flip phone years ago, these types of changes were successfully argued to terminate the contract,

    • guest

      this is not a true statement – FCC would defend this increase as it is not an increase in cost of your service which you may otherwise be allowed to make such an argument

  • anthony

    T mobile better not be increasing anything or I will be leaving soon I got three lines.

    • fentonr

      That doesn’t make any sense. You’d switch carriers because of a few extra cents charged to your bill because of government fees?

      • Bobblahblah

        I talk to douchebags like that every day. Yeah, he will probably call in to complain. Then they realize they’ll pay more with the other carriers and understand they’re being stupid and irrational.

        • Logan C.

          Pretty much, I sit right across from the retention team as a technical support rep in my current job (not T-Mobile) and asshole customers are all the same, they posture and act big and they get over to an account specialist and take a token treat to shut up and be good.

      • Willie D

        The RPF would actually add $3.36 to my lines of service accumulated, that is before taxes (which may also go up with this or down with this fee, depending on how desperate California is) I can say living in San Francisco, I pay some of the highest taxes in the nation, a “Utility Fee” for a service, that is unregulated and not a utility – ironic isnt it, of nearly $4 per line of service. I pay a 911-Users Fee, for access to 911, separate from E-911 fees that are included in the RPF, of $3.60 per line. On top of other taxes like City Users Fees because I have my billing address in SF. Just a bunch of crap taxes. I can deal with them cause somehow on T-Mobile they cost less than they did on Sprint, but still, my bill always goes up when the RPF goes up.

    • yankeesusa

      Then leave. Other providers charge these fees also. That’s like saying, my landlord is charging me rent, i’ll go over to those other apartments… guess what, you have to pay rent there also.

    • xmiro

      Byeee Feliciaaa!

  • Bobblahblah

    to all you morons that are complaining to Tmo about the taxes: complain to your elected officials, not your carrier, you dolts.

    • Willie D

      The Regulatory Programs Fee is used to help offset costs T-Mobile incurs to comply with local, state, and federal regulations, such as E911. This fee is not a government mandated charge or tax. – So yes, complaining to the carrier for something they control and not a tax the government controls is logical and worth it to some.

      • Herb

        It’s not mandated by the government, but is explicitly allowed in government rules to compensate for expenses incurred for compliance.

    • xmiro

      but that would mean they have to actually get up and do stuff…

  • Barnassey

    Actually the regulatory program is a bullshit used to hide price increases.

    • Roger

      Every other business has to comply with the law too. Why the heck to carriers get to charge a separate fee they can arbitrarily change and isn’t considered part of the “price”?

  • Richard Roma

    Here is the other problem. Unlike every other carrier and Tmobile pre-uncarrier, you cannot just disconnect. You now must pay outright the MSRP handset that you just purchased.

    • steveb944

      If you’re trying to make it seem this’ll get you out of a contract? I think there’s something in the contract that says this fee can fluctuate as it’s “Regulatory Programs”

      If not…So you prefer those huge ETFS the other carriers charge you to lock you in? I rather pay for my devices in full and not be locked.

      • I’m very concerned where this “fee” is going, because it seems to be going to someone’s wallet.

        For example, I have a VoIP account where I can even opt-in to pay 9-1-1 location service. When I do opt-in to 9-1-1 the fee is 40¢ per month.

        Still, if I don’t pay the monthly 40¢, I still have the option to call 9-1-1 but will be billed $85 to connect to the correct public safety answering point. (9-1-1 call center).

        What you pay for and actually recieve is variable (similar to T-Mobile’s network). When I had to call 9-1-1 in the past, T-Mobile routed me to the 9-1-1 office for the wrong city; located 3 miles away. Only after explaining the emergency situation, did the emergency operator say I called the wrong 9-1-1 office. (Good Job, T-Mobile! Glad I wasn’t being held up at gunpoint like your regulatory fee!)

        T-Mobile should just call themselves the network who is “Terminally Out To Lunch”..!

        • yankeesusa

          Don’t know what the complaint is about. All other service providers have the same fees. It’s still way lower than most other providers after all the fees are said and done. Yes, verizon and att have better coverage but most people that have tmobile wouldn’t have them if they didn’t live in their coverage area and in my area they are top dog.

        • xmiro

          E911 is mandatory by the government, it’s not up to T-Mobile. And every state charges different amount for it.

          E911 covers costs your local 911 center has to implement cell tracking so when you’re in a ditch yelling for help they can actually do a decent job of locating you

          Unless of course you’re okay with them taking 3 hours to find you

        • GXP

          E911 Technology is not T-Mobile’s fault. It’s the dispatch system for the police that is not up to technology. They can only triangulate you to the nearest cell tower which can be within a few mile accuracy which is why you have have an option to put in your home address on record for 911 in hopes they know where you are when you call near home with your cell phone. No GPS technology on cell phones transmit to this system to my knowledge. My city (Boston) just this year implemented better technology to be able to tell by cell phone the closest dispatch center by district but it varies if your city/town had upgrade their E911 system. This is why landlines are still the best to call 911 since it’s attached to an address location sent immediately to police 911 dispatch.

  • ThinkThelma

    So everyone seems hung up these regulatory fees. First off is not just for E911, that’s only part of it. Let’s just talk about number porting. I have seen anyone complain about being able to take your number with you when you change carriers. The carriers all have systems in place to communicate with each other, verify the validity of a number port and release numbers to each other. They also have teams who prices these requests, some of you may have talked to the Number Transfer Center before. All those people they now need to pay every day to work in that department, those systems that had to be created and maintained, those all cost money. The government passed a law and told the carriers you have to do this. It doesn’t matter what company or industry you look at, if the government tells them they have to do something, the customers are the ones who pay for it.

  • Anne

    “The carrier states that this should result in a bill decrease for the
    majority of its customers, but for some, bills will remain the same or
    increase by no more than 1-2% of the total bill.”

    Yeah, right. Mine went up, and by quite a bit more than 1-2%. We have 6 lines, and we saw a 5% increase in our bill that just came in today.

  • Frustated

    Yeah my bill went up by about 5% Worse their online tool says no change in my bill between last month and this month???? Very frustrated with T-mobile right now. Thinking about Verizon again as T-mobile’s main strength was better price. Not so much now.

    • Dusty

      So you are telling me you switched from verizon to t-mobile for a 5% decrease? That you are no longer saving money by switching because of a 5% increase… Come on now. I know it sucks but really? And i just got my bill with the increase and it shows side by side for me the difference. Then again you did post this over 3 weeks ago so just check your account again it should show now.

  • tom

    my bill increased 4.6%

  • Jake

    Just about everyone I know that’s with T-Mobile, their bills went up, including mine. So who are these folks who ended up with lower bills? Because they’re not as “common” as T-Mobile suggests. And I like the way they call it “regulatory” like it’s the “government’s fault”; last time I checked it’s the phone company’s choice to up the fee; the government isn’t collecting jack from them, but they’re collecting from us. Additionally, will phone companies give us a discount for paying for the initial start-up in funding the entire communications system to be installed. Yeah, we the taxpayers paid to establish, implement and protect the communications system we have now of which the T-Mobile’s and AT&T’s manage; from taxpayer funded installation of communications lines across the nation and oceans to the design, launching and maintenance of communication satellites all these guys use to charge you for the service. Isn’t the air they use to transmit signals maintained by the taxpayers and protected (via military, FCC and etc.) by the taxpayers? Well then maybe we need to charge an Regulatory Programs Fee from the phone companies for all the tax money we spend to insure they have a business that’s profitable and reliable.

  • Charmed79

    Ours went up also, so did the bills of 4 others we know who also have T-mobile.

  • Jimmy

    My bill went up $1.10 per line per month which is total increase of $5.50 a month.

  • Kashyap Shah

    How are they competitive now !!! ridiculous increase… it affects me most with $1.1 on each line… and they also charge it on base account… just another way to get your money … so much for un-carrier… at the end of the day all of them are carriers and just hide cost which is what you pay anyway… I recently switched and feeling disgusted and cheated …

    • Dusty

      Try tweeting @johnlegere

      • Kashyap Shah

        I tweeted to make enough noise but there is so much a single person can do. All the rep end up saying that increase was there in fine print and was nothing they can do.. so tough luck…

  • Sherry

    I got 4 lines for $100 and it increase to $138

  • Santiago Vo

    My bill went up 5%! Liars…

  • John Sun

    big increase 10%, $8 increase for my previous $77 bill

  • Jason

    In addition to the RPF going 1.61 -> 2.71, my FUSF went from 0.66 to 1.22. These combined caused my state/local sales tax to go from 3.10 to 3.19. overall increase: 2.4%. Lower than some of you, but more than the “no more than 1-2%” indicated in this article.

    Has ANYONE seen a decrease in overall bill, or even a decrease in taxes at all?

  • Maxx

    Dirty!! My bill did not increase by 1%-2%. I have a total of 5 lines and it increased to 5% – 7%. After 12 years with t-mobile, it might be a time for change.

  • Cuphat Hu

    More than 10% for my 5 lines. I like T-mobile and with the company for many years now. Time to take a better look onto Google Fi.

  • rickwla

    From Jan 2015 to Feb 2015 these fees increased my bill for one line by $5.15 ($3.88 was in the T-Mobile Fees & Charges section and $1.27 was in the Government Taxes & Fees section). This is a 4.6% increase. I’m livid and just got off the phone with their customer retention unit.

    I paid off the balance of my iPhone 6+ ($500) and waiting for my unlock code so I can take my business to Metro PCS. They have an unlimitted/unthrottled LTE plan for $60, inclusive of all taxes and fees. They’re owned by T-Mobile and use their LTE network. I’d rather pay $60 than the $74 I was paying T-Mobile for the service/fees/taxes.

  • Bill

    The “small RPF increase” is actually a 68% increase (from 1.61 to $2.71 per line). That is not small!

  • incubus

    After reading this article i started looking at both my VZ & TMo bills and am sort of amazed how complex the fee structures really are. The account is charged fees (Govt & Carrier) based on the billing address, but each line is charged based on the primary location of use. This means that each line has fees based on the State’s fee structure. Each line’s fees are also based on its percentage of use over the entire account as well. On top of that it is also based on usage…more minutes or data used means more taxes incurred. CNN has a neat infographic on fee percentages by state http://money.cnn.com/interactive/technology/mobile/wireless-taxes/

    Just looking between my lines in Washington & California, CA has a lot more little surcharges and fees while WA has fewer that are more expensive. That being said i’ve come to accept these as mobile devices are moving from a luxury to a utility for society. So the government imposing consumer safety/protection actions will steady create more costs that get passed onto the consumer no matter which carrier you use. No one complains about all the fees and such on energy bills, we just bitch about the bottom line! At least we can shop around mobile carriers easier than we can energy companies :)

    Nothing in life is for free.

  • edickson

    “state and “federal mandates” as well as obligations like E911, number pooling and number portability”

    Are we paying T-mobile taxes? i am already paying for 911 why do i need to pay t-mobiles part. I only port my number once when i change companies, why do i need to pay every month for this.It just seems that t-mobile is passing their fees to us and we end up paying for them twice.

  • louis925

    Right. One dollar increase is not much. Why not everyone in US give me one dollar?

  • Ih2puo

    How does a $80 plan turn into $91.67? Prepaid is the only way to go.