Watch T-Mobile’s LTE network trounce the competition in NYC (video)

t-mobile nyc test

Recently we read that – according to Open Signal – T-Mobile has the fastest LTE network in the U.S. This is thanks mostly to the carrier’s super-fast Wideband LTE network which recently rolled out in the Big Apple.

To prove how fast T-Mobile’s network is in New York City, the company sent its popular product guru, Des Smith (aka @askdes), on to the streets to compare download speeds with the public. The challenge involved downloading a speed test app, then performing a test. Check out the video below:

The video was originally shared by @JohnLegere on Twitter this morning and has been released alongside a new add campaign which will begin to air on TV from tonight during primetime. The new commercial – dubbed “Ready Set Switch” – will also focus on the carrier’s network capacity and download speeds vs. the competition. And you can get an early preview of the add courtesy of the T-Mobile YouTube channel.

It’s yet another campaign by T-Mobile to educate customers of other carriers that its own network is very good (as long as you live in a major metro area). For New Yorkers who never leave the city wanting to have a faster network experience, T-Mobile is there, and it will pay off your contract so you can switch. At least, that’s the message.

On another note, it will be interesting to see how the other carriers respond to this advertising. Verizon and Sprint have both been criticized and complained against by T-Mobile for their false network advertising. Or for misrepresenting T-Mobile’s network. I can’t imagine they’ll just let this one slide without any comment.

Source: John Legere (Twitter), YouTube (T-Mobile)

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  • Linguist Much

    I’ll have to ad this to my list of things to watch tonight! I can’t wait to watch this add on TV!

  • besweeet

    Getting 35 down and 8 up on 1 bar of LTE. Who else does that?

    • Joe

      Ya I mean I don’t get 35 down where I live cuz we only have 10×10 but it blows my mined when you can play YouTube videos without any buffering on 0 bars of LTE.

  • winnt4

    Wow, amazing. Sitting here in Southwest Florida we can’t even get 2G data.. Oh and this is by standards a major metro area….

    • besweeet

      Huh? Almost the entire state is covered with LTE, so you’re either in a metal cage with 1-foot-thick walls or a mile underground.

      • itguy08

        He needs to be specific. Looking at Sensorly, there are quite a few non-LTE areas in what I’d consider SW Florida. Be it Pensacola, Tallahassee, or even down by Naples.

        • besweeet

          I guess you’d also have to remember that Sensorly doesn’t have ever area mapped. Probably a lot of middle-of-nowhere places that are upgraded that aren’t shown on Sensorly or RootMetrics.

        • winnt4

          Unfortunately, FMB isn’t in the “middle of nowhere”, pullout on the map, shows LTE all around except this area. Had some connection until last summer, then nada…..

        • besweeet


        • kalel33

          I’m guessing Fort Meyers Beach.

        • Michael Perez

          I don’t understand why people say Naples has no LTE when I clearly drove from Miami to Naples about 8 months ago and I had coverage everywhere I went to include the beach area. I did see a 2G EDGE spot when driving on I-75 heading to Naples but I had that issue with all carriers because nobody wants to build a tower in complete swamp land.

        • Trevnerdio

          Pensacola is NW Florida, and it’s covered in LTE/HSPA+

  • Mario

    This is the best commercial ever!!!! And it was funny as hell watching this sprint and Verizon and AT&T customers lmao

  • UMA_Fan

    Don’t see how anyone can claim T-Mobile is false advertising. They are clearly stating they are basing their claim on user speed tests.

    The issue with every other carrier is that their claims are subjective. Like Sprints newest network claim and atts strongest signal claim.

    • Westbrook

      Please explain how AT&T advertised “strongest” signal claim is not legit. Do they not provide a source to that claim? That would be strange. It could be a matter of then just flaunting their low frequency data network which could be stronger indoors. Please elaborate.

      As for sprint, what are they saying? I’m not familiar with what you are talking about. I’m sure you are right though.

      • Toffer_Lloyd

        Basically they simply measured the “strength” of the actual signal. But that doesn’t actually mean that the connection is any faster (it’s just one of many factors) nor that calls are better sounding (they’re not since T-Mobile uses a better voice codec), or even more reliable, etc. Basically it is a fact that has little relevance to actual user experience.

  • kgraham182

    Verizon or AT&T should run a commercial marketing More Speed in More Places with it shot in Big Sky Country. Something T-Mobile can’t say.

    • Deadeye37

      All those cows can really enjoy streaming the hundreds of versions of Old Macdonald on their Verizon phones. However, if Old Macdonald finds out that his cows are stealing people’s phones, the cows are going to find themselves in Old Macdonald’s fast food chain.

      • itguy08

        It’s not cows. Was recently ~60 miles west of Pittsburgh, PA in a heavy trucking, gas, oil town. Verizon service was OK – 1-2 bars of LTE and from what my wife said, it worked, but slowly.

        T-Mobile? 0-2 bars of slow EDGE, in and out of service. My phone would camp on AT&T and they were much better 3-4 bars of HSPA/LTE.

        Still love my T-Mobile service but they have a lot of work to do yet. Legere should stop the name calling and hire more tower workers!!!

        • Hector Arteaga

          It’s gonna be great when they do expand to those areas. However, most of us hardly ever go out to places like that. I mean, I live in Memphis and I hardly ever leave service areas.

        • itguy08

          It’s not them expanding – they already serve those areas, just need to do it better. And with more people, more of those people will be mobile and venture out of the cities and should have good service.

          I was using my phone a lot. It worked well enough as a phone – got calls, made calls, etc. Service was a little spotty, and data was molasses like. Verizon was a hair better but AT&T was best of all.

        • Hector Arteaga

          Well, we will see. Their stated goal is to have LTE in every Edge coverage area by the end of this year. Only waiting will tell us if that’s true.

      • KingCobra

        Haha, good point.

  • Bryan Pizzuti

    “We at Verizon wanted to show just how fast our network is, so we’re here in this open field where no one else has coverage. Unfortunately, since there are no actual users here to ask, you’ll just have to trust us.”

    • Ginger917

      Actually in the Midwest we call that open field a farm and it helps supply grain to cows so that you can go to mcdonalds in the big city and talk on your T-Mobile phone. Lol. Good thing farmers have other options besides T-Mobile.

      • Bryan Pizzuti

        Actually no it doesn’t, because we have our own cows here in Upstate NY, they’re right next door to where people live, we don’t set aside separate counties for them.

        • Ginger917

          Did you actually read what you wrote? Right next door to where people live and according to you Verizon has great coverage there but T-Mobile doesnt? And this is the best this site has to offer. Sad.

        • Bryan Pizzuti

          No, the point is that because they’re right next door to where people live here, T-Mobile actually covers them here. unlike out there in the midwest. Where they apparently don’t teach reading comprehension.

        • Farmer John

          In San Jacinto, CA this is precisely the case. Dairy farms yards from residential developments and no need for Midwestern products – topped with excellent T-Mobile data rates. Lol at the dumb hick that thinks cows come only from the Midwest. Get over yourselves and your unethical subsidies… Good call Bryan, set this guy straight.

    • Tened1953


  • kgraham182

    One reason T-Mobile shows up good in speed test result is because AT&T and Verizon users are not going to waste their precious data running speed test like we do cause we have unlimited plans. You would be crazy to not think the top 2 can’t match T-Mobile.

    • dtam

      this makes no sense. what your saying only matters on the sample size but not the average speed.

      and no, top 2 can’t match t-mobile. if t-mobile had the same amount of customers as those two, then they would be the same speeds. it’s all about supply and demand.

      • Rob

        T-Mobile would still have the advantage over low band because they have to deploy more towers to cover the same area, adding to their capacity. As long as they have the bandwidth going to the towers, they would still have more capacity than at&t and Verizon who mostly use low band 700MHz while T-Mobile is stuck with 1700 and 1900. There are advantages to AWS and PCS when it comes to total network capacity. That said, I seriously doubt that T-Mobile has the capability to match the actual trunk that goes to the towers in the first place due to at&t and Verizon both being rather large ISPs

        • dtam

          I agree, I was trying to put it in the most simplistic terms on why tmo would be faster than the other two. 1/2 the subscribers of the big 2 means more bandwidth for us to share.

      • Joe

        Actually to be honest if t-mobile had the same amount of costumers at the big 2 there speeds would be pretty bad. Not as bad as sprint but still not as good as Verizon I think once they implement 700 mhz and career aggregation they would probably be able to keep the same sppeds as the big 2 with the same costumers.

        • Joe

          The reason I am saying this
          is cuz look at even the city’s with wideband LTE once t-mobile started gaining
          costumers like crazy they started getting pretty slow even though in wideband
          markets. I will give them the benefit of the doubt though cuz they also have
          VoLTE which is still in the process of binge fully implemented and working
          properly which might be why they have problems in some areas.

        • Hector Arteaga

          I thought Verizon was using 20×20 AWS. Isn’t that the same as T-Mobile (in major metros anyway)? So that means that their current network could theoretically handle twice as many users (in theory anyway).

        • Joe

          Yes In theory but remember that Verizon is almost as fast as t-mobile too. But t-mobile does have VoLTE which means everyone is also making calls over LTE. I really can’t tell you if t-mobile could stand up to the test of having the same amount of people on there network but I have my doubt’s.

        • dtam

          you’re very likely correct. but there is time for tmo to build up their capacity as their subscriber base increases

    • jumpmanj2395

      Lol wow you have no idea how LTE works.

      • kgraham182

        I know exactly how LTE works, you don’t think Verizon or AT&T networks can get 70+ speed test result too. Why doesn’t TMO do the same test in Boston, Key West, FL, or Honolulu. Verizon and AT&T advertise their coverage, and they have the best in the country can we agree. Why would their users care about mapping new towers and data speed if the speed is consistent? Especially when it uses their limited data? T-Mobile users run around checking speed test all day and mapping 700Mhz tower sites.

        • Mike

          Maybe they will test in other locations but thats not the topic. They did this in NYC to compare with the competition there. Not Boston, Not Honolulu, or Key West. The point? They got toasted in NYC.

        • jumpmanj2395

          No you don’t. T-Mobile’s network is on AWS and is very dense. Verizon and AT&T are not. They also don’t provision backhaul correctly. T-Mobile is using 4×4 MIMO on their network, Verizon & AT&T don’t. T-Mobile also has more spectrum for LTE. Verizon speeds are not consistent. Why do you think they have the lowest data speeds?

        • Hector Arteaga

          I agree with most of what you said. T-Mobile has plenty of AWS spectrum, but they certainly don’t have the most spectrum. They’ve simply been able to (very smart) build out their network to suit the spectrum they own. If we are talking about high speed LTE, Sprint owns the most spectrum and has the most potential. However, they have never been able to execute properly.

        • TylerCameron

          Sprint has a lot of useless 2.5GHz spectrum.. Signal goes away as soon if you don’t have line of sight of a tower.

        • Hector Arteaga

          I don’t think I agree with you on that. If they had proper site density and small cell sites, why would it be useless? The problem is not the spectrum, I just don’t trust Sprint to properly use it. I’m not sure they have enough time now to make a difference. If that spectrum was in T-Mobile’s hands, it would have been put to much much better use.

        • Mike

          T-Mobile did the test in NYC since it’s most populated city in the USA duh

        • tmo troll of NYS

          Should scroll through archives here, pretty sure (actually 100% sure) T-M is number 1 in Boston. As much as I get frustrated with t mobile and not always having LTE where I am, surprisingly, with what resources they have are doing a good job expanding and getting stronger. In Schenectady NY I get 75 D and 55 U. Albany is 30D and 22 U Rotterdam is 71 D and 40 U and my town Glenville has 15 U and 8 D. I also blame myself for buying a HTC m8 because it cannot access 1900mhz.

        • KingCobra

          I think AT&T is #1 in Boston.

        • durrrrr

          Wow you have much you need to learn…

    • UMA_Fan

      Nope. T-Mobile has more cell sites period in these metro areas than Verizon or Att because the spectrum they had forced them to build out a network like that from the get go.

      Verizon and att started out with free low band spectrum so they c keep towers further apart and have fewer of them than a company with tmobiles spectrum would need to cover the same distance.

  • Mike

    The Sprint, AT&T, and Verizon fans are quiet on this topic.

    • 9to5Slavery

      This is only newyork so far from testing

  • jumpmanj2395

    It’s amazing how many people think they know anything about LTE networks. Lol, please sit down somewhere.

  • Fabian Cortez

    Funny commercial.

    You could most certainly predict who was on Sprint.

    • Jon

      Why’s that?

      • Fabian Cortez

        Or even AT&T [due to congestion].

        When they were vocalizing the numbers from the speed test app.

      • J.J.

        1.** mb… that would be sprint

  • LuvMusic

    Chicago missing from the map… Tmo speeds are very average in the Windy City. :(

    • Brian Perez

      yeah the Windy City is not that good and in the recent spectrum auction they lost the license to dish be able to expand to this actually I’ve been there twice this year and ive had to only connect to the 4G network because the LTE was very unreliable

  • Brian Perez

    funny commercial gave me a good laugh all I have to say you that its network has the strength I like speed I couldn’t get by with Verizon or AT&T and I tried out their networks yes they have the coverage that’s great but if you don’t have speed one way or another it just depends the type of user that you are and what you expect from the network that you’re on some people really just need to stop fighting and bickering over nonsense if you’re with a certain network or carrier thats your choice no one is going to put you down for it if someone does that all on them don’t feed into the negativity.

  • Isaac P

    @JohnLegere This is what keeps me loyal to T-Mobile! I love my carrier. Can the rest of the blues, yellows and reds say the same, with passion?

    Stop being tortured by your carrier; stop being sentenced by signing up for an exclusive duration of servitude at YOUR cost. Join the #Uncarrier movement and experience a network who doesn’t judge and charge you when you change your mind. Experience the joy of #MusicFreedom and #DataStash all on the nation’s fastest LTE network!

    • TK – Indy

      Joy? Passion? Wow, I’ll have what he’s having.

      • MKashi

        they sound like stripper names

  • Mike

    Would have been funny if they did this stunt in front of Verizon’s headquarter offices in New York City! :-)

    • MKashi

      it might be funny outside, but better not do it inside the building… T-mobile coverage quickly drops indoors.

  • TK – Indy

    Geez, let me park under my own tower and make fools of everyone. People are so gullible.

    • Westbrook

      Yes you clearly illustrate the finest gullibility that a human can display. What’s funny is how upset this video makes you. Just switch and get over it. It’s actually worth it. Post your number and I will send you a referral code monkey.

      • thepanttherlady

        There is no need to resort to make calling.

        • Ginger917

          Make calling? Darn spellchecker

    • fhritp

      I get better service than my roommate who has verizon. Thanks Tmobile.

      • I can’t wait until June 27 so I can laugh at all those people who wanted me to switch to Verizon, with their piddling slow LTE speeds and say, “I told you so!”

  • afive720

    These comments are funny. I think many need to understand the way lte works, as well as maybe educate yourselves on how much T-Mobile has compared to verizon and att. Sure, T-Mobile does have amazing speeds in some areas, but the coverage and penetration isn’t even close to att and verizon. Then, consistency isn’t great, also since last year network has slowed down in some areas while became better in others. Overall, good outside, poor inside. I travel a lot for work and that’s based on me going to major cities in many office buildings.

    Before you say but T-Mobile is deploying 700mhz, hat isn’t even close to being nationwide and provides a boost in some sectors only. Not to mention, it really isn’t going to be able to handle nearly as many connections as other two carriers.

    Bottom line, I love T-Mobile. But no reason to be delusional. You guys need to understand technical side of things before claiming that T-Mobile is killing verizon and att in nyc. I was just there last December. My business phone on verizon kept lte all over Manhattan, while T-Mobile was great outside and sometimes inside. On average, vey poor service deep inside buildings.

    • Eric

      T-Mobile’s 700 MHz will only be used as a backup, in case Band 4 or Band 2 isn’t available, or is weak. Plus, due to T-Mobile dense network, and carrier aggregation, their capacity is only going to get bigger.

      • TK – Indy

        They have a finite amount of spectrum, and they have less and worse quality than anyone. In the end, they will be slower and have less quality than anyone, unless this changes and they get loads of low-band spectrum. Not possible within 5-6 years as far as being able to use it, even should they strike gold and be able to afford it.

      • afive720

        I get that, but no matter what they don’t have a ton of spectrum. So, comparing them to att and verizon isn’t fair as the other two have way more spectrum that’s better and way more funds to build it out. Tmobile is highly reliant on what DT decides to do.

  • Joshua Miller

    I do have to say T-Mobile rocks in Sacramento. My best friend has Verizon and he bests me probably 60% of the time or so but most of my connection issues have been device related. Unfortunately warranty replacements Dont give a new nexus 5 so I am SOL there. I also moved to the other side of the mid town grid and that made speeds go down because metro is big here and this area is a transit hub. But STILL ATT and Sprint have nothing on it. My friend from sf visits often and has sprint and on Ber 6+ she got around .6 Download and upload never went above .2. In a year or two Tmobile will be on point. And I for one can say km glad I’m granfathered Into 2 lines for 100 unlimited and also the original JUMP! program. And I do have to say T-Mobile was my fkeat carrier on my own. I have had all 4 major carriers. I always come back.

  • 412

    They ain’t liein. I live in Jersey City NJ and I got metropcs and my sppeds are 35 mbps download and 25 upload

  • T.J.

    This is totally off topic but I am just curious about something – perhaps a T-Mobile employee or insider can answer.

    John Legere tweets about anything and everything including aspects of his personal life such as his daughters, going to the gym, attending a party, jogging with friends in Central Park, etc. However, never once has he tweeted about his wife or if he is unmarried, his girlfriend. Is he in a relationship with anyone? I find it hard to believe that he’s single.

    • calvin200

      I don’t find it hard to believe at all.

    • Bud

      He did mention his daughters on a interview.

  • ronjon400

    In central florida i get 30-80 mbps down and 9-30 upload (iPhone6+)
    as far as having a strong signal in the boonies, you can say whatever you want.
    All i can say is, i don’t hang out in the boonies.

    • Fabian Cortez

      110 Mbps I’ve seen and 30 Mbps up.

    • karl french

      Travel down the road on 27 down to Sebring and u will be lucky to get edge at my house in Lake Placid Fla if im outside I get H inside if I didn’t have their booster I get zip and off the beaten track is 27 u get edge

  • tmobile

    T-Mobile does not work in boonies or neither works in many suburban areas in many cities you go on a road trip then your 2g or even worse no service I think T-Mobile is a joke saying there better in one city well yeah if you you put all your money on one city I’m sure you will win?

  • Omar Boyer

    thats a new york thing ,i have screen shots from both att and tmobile here in Los angeles ,all taken at different times of the day tmobile fastest is 22 dwn in dwtwn LA average 10to12 . Att average 15 to 20 ,with bursts of up to 55 dwn ,i never seen tmobile get 55 at least here in los angeles maybe some other parts like NY its faster but not here. The tmobile phone is a G3 the att phone a galaxy s5, im sure the tmobile g3 supports there wide band network ,not sure what att is using carrier agregation? but its sures been faster than tmobile s wide band here.

    • afive720

      Yep, I’ve done same tests with verizon. For a month I switched my personal line to Verizon while keeping business on T-Mobile just to see if it will be worth it. After all said and done was negligible price difference, $10/month for 30gb. I always hated Verizon and fact that they were cDma. But now that they had volte and nationwide lte and were dropping 3G, decided to try.

      Anyway, T-Mobile is the fastest some places. They managed to upgrade to literally have 100mbps download speed some places. Verizon maxed out at 80mbps. But, when you talk about overall speed, verizon constantly averages over 30mbps while T-Mobile had many areas with timed out speed test results, or data below 5mbps. Reliability if having web and being able to make calls is simply not there when you need to move between indoor locations. Yes, T-Mobile has gotten way better over the past two years, but they are extremely far from being able to compete with the big 2 on reliability and data consistency. Fastest in a single spot does nothing if overall isn’t the same. Who cares if you are getting15mbps vs 40mbps on a phone? You literally don’t need that much do buffer HD video even.

      • Omar Boyer

        i get what your saying ,same here att just like verizon in your case has been more reliable than tmobile ,here in LA att does offer more reliable data nd better signal indoors were as tmobile u drop down to edge while att in the same building has LTE. With tmobile you walk down the wrong street u getting less than 5 mbps even tho the phone displays full bars lte ,with att u dont get that its more consistent u get 15 to 20 everywere only problem is NO UNLIMITED data but oh well…

  • former_tmo_rep

    lol noticed how they did outside, but indoors where ppl really use their phones…Imagine them trying to pull this off in a Target store hahaha. I admit my tmobile service is fast outdoors, but once I’m in the office, or a lot of dept stores…forget about it

    • nycplayboy78


    • dtam

      ymmv indoors. in my office i’m 20 feet from the window with a wall in between. 2-3 bars LTE, 8 dl/7 ul Mbps.

      inside target stores, almost always bad, however the last time I was in a target, signal actually improved!

  • John

    As usual it depends where you are and often when, for network congestion. However, in the middle of New York City, if the other carriers can’t do better than that it does say something. I think t-mobile definitely more than holds their own in urban areas and often is the fastest. However as others have pointed out if you’re looking for 4g speeds in rural areas or even city outskirts, often you can forget about that. Texting and calling isn’t an issue in the vast majority of the rural areas, in my experience, but Edge data is still the norm there. It all depends where you live, work, and play. For me, my overwhelming majority of time is spent in the city where t-mobile is the fastest so I’ll gladly trade that for the big 2 being faster or even provide better coverage in the sticks where I spend far less than 1% of my time. Especially without contracts, unlimited streaming music, no overages, and at a significantly lower cost. I have 5 lines and a tablet. Is t-mobile best for everyone? I’m sure not if you live in the country. For me and my situation, t-mobile is a no brainier. Left Verizon 3 years ago and can’t imagine switching to them from t-mobile now.

    • afive720

      I did the opposite. See, you’re right. I trave between major cities a lot and T-Mobile is overall fast in those cities. Since Verizon rolled out XLTE they usually surpass T-Mobile in speed, and ATT is really upgrading in that department too. The lead they’ve had is winding down in those cities. But even in same cities you have dead spots, dropped calls, poor indoor coverage. I’ve always had that on every T-Mobile device. For example, take the gym I go to. It is 3 stories. First floor is lockers, second workout areas, third are basketball courts. First floor has slow lte, locker rooms have non usable voice and data. Second floor has 8-12mbps down, third 30mbps. Verizon? 45mbps all over. My point is that even in amazing T-Mobile coverage areas that are urban that’s the norm. You often do not have service when others do, or have subpar experience. To me, good speed test results and unlimited web doesn’t make up for it when I have a business to run and need to take as low of a chance as possible to drop a call or to not be able to make one.

      • John

        Like I said, everybody’s experience across the country will be different, and people simply need to choose what carrier works for them. I work in campus in one of two 7 story downtown office buildings with 4,000 people and it’s my T-Mobile service with only HSPA+ (no T-Mobile LTE coverage here sadly) that can stream video wherever I go in the building and my Verizon coworkers that can’t even stream audio on their supposed LTE network due to congestion from 9:00 to 5:00 on what I’m assuming must be only 5mhz of coverage (non XLTE?) otherwise they probably would be faster. My HSPA+ data speeds at 8-12 mbps are normally 4 or 5 times as fast as their LTE speeds and they know it – I can’t get any of them to agree to do speed tests with me anymore. I don’t know what difference speeds beyond 10 mbps makes anyway as HD video streams fine at that speed. I am by no means trying to suggest this is the case everywhere and T-Mobile will work for everyone, but where I work, live and travel to it is. I have never had an issue dropping calls or not being able to make one or text anywhere in an urban area or even in the vast majority of rural areas. I live in a very rural state. If I had I’d be in the same mindset as you in finding that unacceptable and would not have stayed with T-Mobile for 3+ years. To be honest I’m perfectly OK with Verizon and AT&T customers being tied to contracts and staying where they are because if too many people do switch to T-Mobile I’m guessing it’s network will get congested, as well.

        • afive720

          Well, keep in mind that both verizon and att have similar plans as T-Mobile now wih no contracts. Tmobile did get slower the cities I went, while it got faster other areas outside the city. I’m guessing they are having some performance issues for the first time with all the new subscribers. Again, not everywhere. Att ran into that with iPhone and again couple years back. The speeds in Atlanta fell behind T-Mobile for the first time. According to root metrics report, that’s been fixed. Anyway, Verizon XLTE is amazing. Take a look at root metrics. Their average speed here jumped from 25mbps to 32mbps. Tmobile is around 24mbps I think.

          Honestly, I’ve had issues with verizon when it comes to promised plans. Ended up needing to contact customer service and talk to managers. Compared to T-Mobile, it is very nice service. Warm transfers, and they actually take care of you even if the plan isn’t available anymore. On T-Mobile, they give a credit and say they’re sorry. At least in my experience.

          I wouldn’t cry if I had to use T-Mobile, I really like the service and unlimited. If Verizon was $40/month more, I wouldn’t stay. But, at same price it is more than worth the added coverage.

          My business partner needed more cash so he has been doing uber which always needed active data. On T-Mobile it drops out of lte and stays on 4g because uber is active. But even then, tons of dead spots. after we’ve gone to Verizon, no issues, lte everywhere. That’s him driving around Atlanta, buckhead, down to Sunday springs and kennesaw area.

        • John

          Good to know you’ve had positive experiences with big red. May as well stay where you’re happy. Competition is good for everybody and I think T-Mobile has forced AT&T and Verizon to offer better plans and prices as of late. I don’t think they would have done so on their own without the “uncarrier” moves. Still think it’d be tough to beat my 5 lines plus one tablet pricing for unlimited calling, texting and 22 GB high speed data between them for $173/mo. Granted only one of those devices is on EIP – rest owned. If I ever did switch I’d probably check out Cricket or At&T as my devices would be compatible with their network. The ever increasing demand for data across the spectrum will make it difficult for carriers to keep up. And certainly the big 2 have the most money to invest.

        • afive720

          That’s where T-Mobile clearlu wins. If you own your devices, you have amazing pricing structure. The only way to have price that’s comparable on Verizon is to finance devices from them. Otherwise, it is $25 more per line per month. I’m pretty sure att is the same.

          Let’s face it, the only reason all of these carriers are doing what they’re doing is because of T-Mobile. They tried to ignore u carrier movement for almost a year, but they ended up shedding customers. Once they began offering similar plans, it is more so back to normal.

          T-Mobile started offering to pay ETF, others stepped up. In fact, I’d go as far as saying that verizon and Att offer Bette incentives to switch. If you’re not on contract and are on edge or next agreements, T-Mobile won’t pay you a dime to switch. We couldn’t even get activation fee waived ($15×3). Verizon, on the other hand got us $100×3 instant credit, no activation and $150×3 within 2-3 billing cycles.

          Again, nor praising verizon, just my personal experience trying to find something that works for me. I find myself to be a good negotiator, with T-Mobile it was brick wall with trying anything other than “we will pay off your contract if you had it” thing.

        • John

          That is so interesting. Apparently who you actually deal with can make all the difference in the world. I have never had much satisfaction dealing with either companies staff at brick and mortar stores, to say the least. Usually have much better service either via a phone rep or ordering online with chat help. I left Verizon after 4 years when my whole family was out of contract and eligible for new phones. They would only offer $50 off the primary line new device, where as T-Mobile gave me 4 high end at the time smart phones absolutely free. Just never felt as though Verizon ever appreciated my business where almost always I feel T-mobile does. Always good to hear others experiences, though. Thanks for sharing.

        • afive720

          My dad had verizon for ages and really hated their customer service. He was paying huge amounts because he relied on data heavily. He mostly kept them because he works with the government in DC and verizon coverage is the best there. He had horror stories like them charging him over $400 in roaming charges when he was on cellular for less than a minute after landing in Dominican, they wouldn’t even wave it. Two years ago, I convinced him to try T-Mobile and he was hesitant due to his perception of it. Root metrics convinced him that it will be comparable, at the time they were only like 2% behind verizon. He could barely stand it for a month, he had no service and dropped calls all over dc, specially in government buildings. Ended up paying nearly double for ATT because he already had a nexus 5 and Verizon didn’t really support it.

          I’ve dealt with verizon customer service a lot over the past 4 months, only one time did I really hate the rep. Every other time, most polite service I’ve had. They sometimes give conflicting information, but have always backed up their word. So overall, I dig. Tmobile, gotten so much better when it comes to customer service. I remember when I still supported them during ATT buyout and I always had to speak to India, terrible. They are now polite, but they don’t get much done. Promises and apologies followed by no action. After working there and seeing the systems, I understand why.

          Overall, I am happy for T-Mobile and for many I would recommend it. For a single line service, can’t beat the price for that quality of a service. However, even the metro areas that provide very high download speed and excellent coverage could be a miss with T-Mobile. I found many dead spots, specially in building. Root metrics seems to test wrong indoor places, because there’s absolutely no way their comparison is right for DC area, as well as Atlanta.

          I’m not trying to rain on anyone’s parade or seem like I am all pro Verizon, I simply go based on my experience and my understanding of networks as well as spectrum. If I had to drop my business and move to a single line plan, it will be T-Mobile as I don’t see how verizon can match that with enough data. I pay $175/month before $20 monthly discount on Verizon for unlimited with 30gb web. One of the 3 lines barely uses web as it is our business line that’s mostly on wifi. To me, perfect. We average about 20-25gb a month. They also gave nearly $1000 worth of credits the first time we came, and. Ow we are close to $500 when we came back after being with T-Mobile for a month. So, I’m definitely saving a ton compared to what we’ve had on T-Mobile. Again, this is after dealing with customer service for ages and after store rep messing up the first time. It isn’t something you could go and ask for, so your experience may differ substantially.

        • John

          You’ve definitely got experiences to back up your claims and done your homework and found the best solution for yourself. I have heard others talk about in building issues and it being an inherent problem for higher frequency wave lengths and that T-MO is buying up low frequency 700 MHz to try to offset that. Fortunately I’ve not experienced that problem where I live You’d think DC and Atlanta would be rock solid for everybody.

        • afive720

          The low frequency they bought was from verizon. The amount they have is very marginal when compared to other carriers and I don’t see how they can afford to buy more when their parent company isn’t putting forth the cash :(.

        • John

          That is certainly a concern. They’ve been borrowing and selling stocks to try to do just that. It seems the government wants four major carriers viable to keep competition in the marketplace, which helps. Hopefully with going from from 30 to 55 million customers in the last two years they’ll become profitable and will be able to afford more spectrum.

  • Luis Medina

    They should try this in Chicago. Hopefully it will get them to fix their network here.

  • Billybob

    The other carriers are just laughing. Yeah, T-Mobile’s network is so good they are the only carrier in my area, their home state, with only a 2G signal.

    • CLTmedic

      I don’t understand why people like you can’t grasp the concept that just because the coverage is poor for you does not mean it sucks for everybody. The universe doesn’t revolve around your perception, sir. Go away now.

      • TK – Indy

        His perception is much closer to reality than camping under your own tower and comparing your service to everyone else.

      • kgraham182

        I don’t understand why people like you can’t grasp the concept that just because you can achieve 70+ speeds doesn’t mean it’s capable for everybody. The universe doesn’t revolve around your perception. I do speed test all time the app just timeout most of the time.

      • Billybob

        You obviously have no real knowledge of the situation and have bought in to their marketing, but I’ll waste a couple of minutes to elaborate. T-Mobile is headquartered in Seattle. About 100 miles away is Grant County, Washington which is home to Microsoft, Boeing, Yahoo, Dell, Intuit and other high tech companies’ data centers. The county is ringed by Level 3 fiber at gigabyte speeds and every address in the county has minimum 50 mbps fiber at their front door, yet T-Mobile still operates 2G only service and has never bothered to even have fiber installed to their tower sites in this high tech environment. That’s nothing short of pathetic. Sprint, AT&T, and Verizon all have had 4G service lit up for some time, but not good old T-Mobile. They can’t even cover their home state, yet brag about their network. They are a joke.

        • kanakamaoli

          Billybob am happy getting 120—130MB download speeds in Honolulu. Yes you read right megabits.

        • NetworkGrammerGuy

          Sorry about getting technical on you, but I am confused. There is a big difference between the two.

          MB = Megabytes
          Mb = Megabits

        • Will Smith

          Confused? I think not. Trying to elevate yourself or put someone else down, for sure. As a self proclaimed “Network Grammar Guy” you have to know that “non-techie” people always get the capital “B” from what they know about their hard drive size mixed up wit hthe lower case “b” used for circtuit speeds.

      • afive720

        I can easily get 100mbps on T-Mobile 2 miles away from my house while filling up gas. I can easily get 30mbps on T-Mobile when at home. I can easily get between 7-75mbps down on Verizon all over. I can not easily get reliable lte and voice calls on T-Mobile all over. Point is, even compared to sprint T-Mobile needs a lot of work in terms of reliability, signal consistency and coverage. Problem is that T-Mobile can’t accomplish all this with the spectrum they have, in the same financial situation. The only way they will be able to at least make the gap smaller is if DT invest few billion dollars each year.

        Obviously, that isn’t happening. You can judge by the comments they made about T-Mobile this year, you can judge from T-Mobile marketing. They market super fast speeds, which they do have. They also have amazing voice quality, another plus. That brings customers, but reality is that these super fast speeds are hit or miss indoors and some areas in metro cities have very poor to non existent service. I invite you to drive through buckhead suburbs, or Denver suburbs. Or even take the highway down to Baltimore from DC.

        So, T-Mobile is great if you live in the area that it covers very well. Unfortunately, their coverage maps are false. Now, every carrier has incorrect coverage maps, but the big 2 usually do not have same issues as T-Mobile. There are many places T-Mobile shows perfect lte, yet if your phone is in your pocket it has no service.

    • Brian Perez

      Carriet availability is om a area by area basis.

  • Robby

    San Diego has wideband LTE and I only get 2 mbps at home. I really expected more when wideband was announced in my area.

  • T-MobileLackingLTE

    T-Mobile Wideband LTE is slow. 4.91mbps down and 1.44mbps up in midtown ATL.

  • UglyPete

    1. install micro-cell next to video shoot
    2. convince verizon customers they will have faster speeds everywhere when they switch to TMO
    3. ????
    4. PROFIT!

    • UglyPete

      Ok step 3 is sell to dish =)

    • Will Smith

      Clearly you have never tried to install anything in Manhattan, UglyPete. This “campaign” was put together shortly after that Open Signal report came out late last week – you could barely get a request filed for anything in this short window. No, this is real people using their phones on their carriers.

      Have you ever seriously considered T-Mobile to the point of taking them up on their Test Drive program where you can use an iPhone on the T-Mo network for a week? You could get your own story here on T-Mo News – “I was a hater, now I’m a fanboy!” You could even change your handle to FanboyPete! :D

      • UglyPete

        There is nothing to consider… I have TMO service lol

  • jj201367

    Tmobile is the fastest I get 80mbps speeds on wideband LTE

  • Alex P.

    This is a very misleading and dishonest Ad. Sure, in that particular spot the T-Mobile’s LTE network will have good signal strength and show highest speed, BUT I also live on the territory of New York City and in my house the LTE signal is basically non-existent (the phone sometimes shows it but usually drops it and stays at HSPA most of the time). Regardless of the fact that T-Mobile’s own coverage map shows that I should be getting an “Excellent” LTE signal (another misleading information). Same goes when I drive outside, on particular NYC streets. Yes, HSPA speeds are still adequate for using internet/email/Google Maps/streaming music but it would be nice if T-Mobile would at least try to be more honest about the REAL availability of their LTE network…

    • Westbrook

      I think your point is misleading. I live in Clinton and I regularly have excellent LTE speeds. What’s does living in NY territory mean anyway? Are you retarded? You either live in NYC or you don’t. If I had to guess, you probably live in New Jersey in the middle of nowhere and your upset you’re stuck on Sprint or Boost, so you post these misleading points about how because how you have shitty coverage – this ad is false. That’s an insane assertion. This guy tested his T-Mobile Head to Head against random people on other networks. His T-Mobile line beat the competitors easily. Nothing misleading about that. Its easy to do. Now if it was Sprint making these claims, yeah you have to question the assertion. Now as with T-Mobile, even independent research indicates what the commercial simply points out. T-Mobile has the fastest network in many areas. That’s just a fact. The commercial only takes advantage of that point. Don’t be so obtuse.

      • Mark G

        In recent test in Chicago Sprint and Verizion had higher avg speeds. I have both sprint and tmobile service, Sprint for phone and t-mobile for my tablet (Both were originally on tmobile but due to the lack of coverage I had to switch my phone to a different service)

        • Westbrook

          My personal line, which I use on a Sprint MVNO, because it’s dirt cheap under $9 per month, and I only use for voice and occasional sms, is slow as hell the few times I tested the networks speeds. I’m talking 2 Mbps at best in a Spark area. Its a joke. I usually just leave data off and just use my T-Mobile mobile spot for my phone and tablet (and absolutely no need to use my work device for anything not work related). I pay $10 on my brothers T-Mobile account for 5GB of high speed data, which makes using the Sprint data-add-on not worth the cost and slow speeds. So what’s your point? You think you irrelevant experience makes the actual realife speed tests in these videos less legit? Lol. I’m pretty sure its real, so I don’t get your pointless remarks.

        • Mark G

          My experiences are irrelevant, but your trolling is. My point? All network speeds fluctuate depending on many factors. This Video is just a fanboys infomercial. when a network is as small as tmobile’s it should be fast to makeup for the lack of coverage.

        • Westbrook

          Huh? A fanboy? The dude is a professional. He’s a T-Mobile employee offering money to anyone from a competitor to beat his data rates. He gets paid to do this. No one throughout the NYC area was able to best his challenge. What does your irrelevant experience in Chicongo have to do with these videos and real life documented tests? Nothing. You’re just trolling because facts and figures are difficult for you to comprehend. Chicago has nothing to do with the factual points in the video

          Lack of coverage? I’ve had good experience with my T-Mobile hotspot. I even used at no additional cost in Europe and Latin America. I want to see you coverage out there. Its even more laughable that you think Sprint has Verizon like coverage. It doesn’t. Its probably not even as expansive as T-Mobiles locally.

          What’s laughable is your claim you took your device from T-Mobile to Sprint. Hahaha… Yeah GSM phones are easy to activate on Sprint (especially Spark capable ones). Your whole claim is fishy, so I’m not sure why you don’t see your pointless comment as real trolling and irrelevant.

        • Jason M

          Calm down little man. He’s pretty much right. Its a stupid cheesy publicity type stunt commercial. And honestly we have no idea if its real or fake, but even if its real, it matters in NYC just about none at all. T-Mobile is very fast because they use huge swaths of midband spectrum, that part is true. And clearly they have less customers so the load is less, also good. But all of that means a grand total of about squat in network stability in a place like NY with towers and urban canyons. See how well that midband 1700/2100 signal does in building penetration in NYC. So yeah speeds may be good bt I doubt anybody with Verizon or ATT in NYC wishes they had Tmo in the ejd of the day. Theyd hrow it out of a window by weeks end if they say had Verizon before and got 700 signals reliably everywhere.

        • Westbrook

          If you weren’t such an idiot you’d realized Clinton is a neighborhood near midtown Manhattan. In other words, my comments have everything to do with reality and not your imaginary ideas of what some customers might think in New York city. Sure some AT&T folks and Verizon customers are perhaps indifferent, their service works just good enough. But that wasnt the point. The video just shows that T-Mobile has a fast network. In some cases faster than AT&T and Verizon. However in many cases almost always faster than Sprint. I know. I live, work, and play in the area. If you weren’t such a pea brain you would have understood this. Some of you slow folks think T-Mobile is making some outrageous claim instead of just seeing the video for what it was, speed test challenge in one of the biggest cities in American.

        • dtam

          aren’t all commercials cheesy publicity stunts?

    • Gavino96

      Whether or not anyone believes it, the phone itself has a lot to do with it. One of the things I’ve seen is that iPhone users tend to have the most problems with reception, not matter who the carrier is. I used to sell phones for ATT, Sprint and T-Mobile and the results are always the same. If it’s not an IPhone that you are using then it is Android phone and probably using the Clean Sweep app on it. I have found that this app uses a lot of data and tends to disrupt internet services and contribute to dropped calls and late text messages. Always check your phones before laying blame on the carriers. I myself use two phones, a Nexus 6 and an unlocked Lumia 1520 (my preferred phone). I have no issues with these phones because I do not install third party apps for anti-viruses or battery checking. On the Nexus 6, I run Lookout with premium services enabled. By far the best app on Android.

  • GinaDee

    I’ve done these myself. Unpaid of course. T-Mobile usually wins unless you do it somewhere in the boonies where they don’t have LTE yet or no service.

    AT&T used to always win in my tests here in the Greater Los Angeles area but now they are constantly just a hair faster than Sprint. Verizon still wins on overall LTE coverage but I’ve had better data speeds with T-Mobile than Verizon here in my real world usage.

    Verizon has gotten better now that they’ve added the 2nd carrier AWS LTE. Last year Verizon was slow as molasses.

  • Guest

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  • This is VERY true. I just visited NYC (Born & raised in BK) this weekend from Charlotte. And my friend has Sprint. We were in the Sprint store trying to get her upgraded to the Note 4. And while in there, I ran a Speed Test. Sprints LTE signal in their own store on the note 4 was about 4Mbps down. While on my Note 3, T-Mobiles speed was a whopping 45Mbps down. I did @ least get her to go into the T-Mobile store to try to get the Note 4, but they wanted about $5 bills down, and she didn’t have it.Sprint truly is a horrible service. And to think that I used to go to bat for this company when I lived up there. Had Sprint for 13 years. I sure feels good when those blinders come off.

    • Ana Peralta

      Well what can’t you do with 4Mbps that you can do on 45Mbps. Reliable connection and speed are main factors, last week I traveled to Concord NC I sister in law with her T-Mobile Galaxy S5 has no signal to make phone calls during our road trip in most place.
      That’s what Sprint differs from T-Mobile a reliable phone connection.
      Check out my Ookla Speedtest result. What’s your speed?

    • afive720

      Sprint is a joke, lte is barely on any kind of standard when compared to others. 3G is even worse. And to the poster who replied, I think you do need a bit more than 4mbps. On a low latency connection 4mbps is good, but HD videos and pages load much faster on stronger data. i don’t think you need 45 down, not even 10. I find the sweet spot to be around 8mbps.

  • RJKMadison

    Just made a weekend trip to New Jersey and got 55/20 at our hotel. Wow!

  • Andrew Heisler

    So one area tmobile is faster then all the other carriers. They use this area for testing. But I bet you could get the same results with other carriers in different areas. One area at@t is fast, the next area verizon is, and sprint is fast when your next to there tower.

  • predation

    i miss carly.