Sony Xperia Z1s and Z3 appear on T-Mobile’s software update page, Android 5.0 on its way

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It wasn’t that long ago that T-Mobile launched its awesome software updates page. Instead of guessing, hoping and wishing for updates, you can now see exactly which phones have software in development. It’s a particularly great tool for those still waiting for Android 5.0 Lollipop to land.

Following in the footsteps of the LG G2 and G3, two Sony phones have finally appeared on the updates page. The Xperia Z1s and Z3 are now both officially due to receive a Lollipop update in the future, although it may be at least a few weeks before we see any evidence of that. Both are showing as being in “Manufacturer Development” which essentially means that the carrier and manufacturer have agreed to support the software update.

For those of you rocking one of Sony’s handsets, I hope it arrives sooner rather than later. If you’re really impatient and just want a phone that looks like it has Lollipop on the surface, just install the Google Now Launcher from the Play Store. It doesn’t have all the same animations and UI elements as Android 5.0, but the app drawer and the overall look is similar. Add that to Google’s Material UI designed apps like Maps, Calendar and GMail and you have a phone that almost looks like it’s running 5.0.

Source: T-Mobile

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  • VicRooLoo


    Almost as good as news that Root is officially available!

    • jonathan3579

      If only there was a way to flash the international ROM. I would definitely pick it up again.

  • Android_God

    Hopefully with Sprint getting out the update for the Note 4 we can hopefully see it very soon!! Still stuck at, “manufacturer development” though!

  • substance

    Hope they don’t forget about the Xperia Z… Then all 3 of my Sony’s will be running Lollipop!

    • gmo8492

      The xperia z hasn’t even gotten lollipop yet :/

      • 9to5Slavery

        That sucks

    • g2a5b0e

      Sony has stated that the Z will get 5.0, but I wouldn’t be surprised if T-Mobile passed on it. I can think of a few examples right now. The Note 2 got screwed out of Kit-Kat by T-Mobile while everyone else got it. I forget the name of the update the Lumia 710 didn’t get through T-Mobile, but that’s another one. I love T-Mobile, but that crap needs to stop.

      • J Cav the Great

        The GS3 (Non LTE)got screwed out of Kit-Kat too while Sprint and AT&T got it…I know cause I had a

        • g2a5b0e

          I hear you. No excuse for a flagship device with 2GB of RAM to not get Kit-Kat. The S3 (U.S. Version) was the first & it came out 18 months before Kit-Kat.

          There was a time when I would have considered T-Mobile among the best of the carriers when it comes to updates. They now stand last in my eyes. Verizon has made some huge strides in this area & so has Sprint. AT&T was always solid.

  • bob90210

    This awesome. We now have blog posts about updates to a page that already exists to have updated information about software updates.

  • TmoSamsungMan

    Ohh my god i can’t believe the CEO himself Mr John Legere posting with a S6 edge and it hasn’t been posted here yet. Wow what’s going on here? It’s on sammobile. We should all ask him about the storage options. At least some props please for the news. 
    Edit: This guy’s rocking a batman ring! Wow a ceo and batman fan, sick stuff man, guys freaking cool

  • dontsh00tmesanta

    So I noticed the z3 is not longer sold on the website

  • A month later, still no Lollipop for Xperia-Z3 T-Mobile users. :<

  • Michael Mullins

    funny how sony mobile shows the z3 with the same fw that I have, but 5.0 update…yet T-Mobile isn’t releasing it….wth tmo

  • Nate

    May and still no update!

  • Jon Carlson

    I’ve had 5.0 for a while, now they’re saying 5.1 is supposed to be in July . Would be nice.