LG G2 and G3 appear on T-Mobile software updates page, Android 5.0 in development

A couple of days ago, T-Mobile launched a brand new page for checking the progress on Android software updates. With most phones in the carrier’s lineup still waiting for Android 5.0 Lollipop, it was a smart move to have one place to go to check the process status. When it went live only nine handsets populated the list. Now, two more have been added.

LG’s impressive G2 and G3 are now both on the list, and that means one thing: Android 5.0 Lollipop is on its way. The software is still in the first stages of development. But at least it’s on its way.

On T-Mobile’s Software Updates page, software updates are organized in three stages: Manufacturer Development, T-Mobile Testing and Completed. In order for the latest version of Android to make its way to customers’ handsets, the software needs to be submitted to T-Mobile, who test it and make sure everything’s working.

I don’t know exactly what timeframe we’re looking at with the update, it could be weeks. But for those of you with the devices, at least you know now that the software update is coming for both the current generation LG flagship, and the previous one.

Source: T-Mobile

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  • steve1026

    I still cannot understand how the Note 3 is already in testing, when the 4 month old Note 4 is still under development? Can anyone shed some light on this?

    • Cam Bunton

      Note 3 got Lollipop before the Note 4 here in the UK too. Kinda sucks.

      • maciejkoziol

        What about S4 in UK?

    • Jackwads

      Think of it this way…. the remaining useful life of the average Note 3 is at least a FULL YEAR SHORTER than the Note 4. Considering the investment it takes to build an update, doesn’t it then make sense to get that update out a bit quicker? The Note 4 is still selling well, and will continue to do so regardless if it has Android 4 or 5 on board. So if you take device release dates into account, the Note 4 will still enjoy having Android 5 for a much longer time than the Note 3. The only question then remains if you can stick with it or will you get your panties in a wad for the next, next great thing to come out?

    • g2a5b0e

      I’m not sure that I fully understand Jackwads’ reasoning, but the true reason is the Gear VR. It’s taking the folks at Oculus a little longer than expected to tweak the kernel in order to continue to operate with the device. That’s the reason I’ve read about that seems to make the most sense.

    • Billy Allen

      They made lollipop for the note 4 a while ago. When they tried to send it out to the careers there was a huge issue, which caused samsung to redo the entire update. All their other phones have not had issues, which is why they are getting released a head of the note 4

  • Noooooooo. My wife’s Moto G became unusably slow after lollipop. So much so that we just ordered her a G2 to replace it, partially because it doesn’t have 5.0. And it’s not just being slower, Lollipop actually removes features like silent mode. I’ll be avoiding the update on the G2 for as long as possible, until we hear some reviews about how it performs and what features are present.

    I simply do not understand everyone’s impatience for this update. Unlike all previous Android versions, 5.0 doesn’t bring any must-have features to the table, just pretty animations and some under-the-hood improvements. Why is everyone chomping at the bit to have it, especially with all the problems it’s bringing to other phones?

    • fuego

      My nexus 5, nexus 6, S5, and moto x all have lollipop. No issues here man, I’m waiting for my note 4 to get the update though.

    • Chris Fisher

      I’m with you on the silent mode. I have an LG G Watch R and with it giving me notifications and vibration I don’t need my phone doing the same thing.

      The other issue that really gets me right now is when trying to use the phone while connected to a wired headset. If I make or accept a call in the car they can’t hear me and I can’t hear them. I have to pull the cable out of the headphone jack. From what I am reading this is not just the Nexus 6 I have that has the issue.

      Other than those two things I really, really like Android 5.0 and find it a nice update. I had the LG G3 prior to this and I’m shocked it is not on Android 5.0 yet.

    • dontsh00tmesanta

      No issues here. but I always do a factory reset when upgrading major versions. Like KK to LP for example

    • trablezie

      I have lollipop on my galaxy s5 and it has silent mode,idk why ppl keep saying it doesn’t, when u hold button to put in silent mode,it stops at vibrate,just tap down one more time,after it stops at vibrate and now the phone is in mute mode,which is silent mode,other then that ever since o downloaded lollipop,i have nooooo issues and longer battery life to,just make sure u always do factory reset and clear cache to.

    • DerpDetector

      Your anecdotal experience =/= unusual and not representative of the typical Android 5 experience.

      Stop worrying about what other people want.

    • Renaldo Johnson

      Impatience for an update that was available as an OTA November 13th… :-/ Okay.

  • k

    Just please add volte to the g3 update please!!!!

    • j0mama

      Tested it, volte is there.

      • Brian Perez

        How did u test it?

        • T-Mobile Cares

          Brian, prior to releasing any update our employee’s are given devices with the new software for testing purposes. We then ask then to put then through their paces. We then reach out to the manufacturer to address any issues uncovered during that testing. I hope this sheds a little light on how important these updates are and the lengths we go to in order to insure the software is as bug free it’s humanly possible. Your overall satisfaction is of the utmost importance to. us and we would rather hold off on a release. if it is going to cause a poor customer experience.

        • LastKings31

          Will it be 5.0.1? And what new features will the update bring for the g3?im waiting for the update!

        • T-Mobile Cares

          Can’t discuss that at this time. Nothing is final. Sorry.

        • Dillon T

          Because your not really T-Mobile….. If you are, update your site to Testing then. Because your “A little bit farther than Manufacturer Development”.

        • Slightly Impressed

          Will the site be updated at some point to indicate this?

  • T-Mobile Cares

    Just to update: The LG G3 Lollipop update is a little further along than Manufacturer Development. We have tested a few versions of the update and are working out the kinks. VoLTE will be included in this update.

    • Brian Perez

      Oh volte for the lg g3 will be included in the lollipop update?

      • Dillon T

        They aren’t the real T-Mobile.

    • Binkie

      Now this post is transparency, thank you for that. Now everyone cool their jets, T-Mobile G3 is taking longer because we’re getting vo-lte.

      • brand

        Already have it. I’m on tmo g3

        • Dillon T

          I have VoLTE too, I’m on Android 4.4.2

    • George

      If LG G2 and HTC one (M7) are updated then why not samsung Galaxy S4? It is the only flagship that is left out from 2013 lineup.

    • GreatNews

      Any news on a ETA?

  • Brian Perez

    Is it even worth updating to lollipop i have a lg g3 and im.not really sure id be worth having it take up space on my.ph0ne

    • tech33

      Like the most worthwhile update EVAR with a 50% increase in battery life for the phone!!! That’s an improvement of *hours*!!

      Someone please tell TMobile to stop dinking around and get to this STAT!

      • monkeybutts

        I heard most models of the LG G3 with Lollipop get much worse battery life.

  • Joe P

    Maybe one day Sony will join the select few with the Z3. But I’m not holding my breath. I guess I like the wrong phone.

  • Ordeith

    Where is the Lumia 521 and 635, T-Mobile? Android isn’t all you sell.

    • DerpDetector

      Android is all that matters.

      • Ordeith

        Well that’s a stupid and myopic point of view.

        • jameswilliamson .

          And yet, still true.

        • Ordeith

          That would only be a desirable situation for the exceedingly ignorant.

        • jameswilliamson .

          Kind of like the Windows platform.

        • Ordeith

          More like you and your comments.

  • Cupcake

    What happend to the Note 2 getting updates? smh

    • Sal

      The device is over 2 years old and Google recommends support for only 18 months, unfortunately. I feel your pain. I used to have a Note 2 and absolutely loved it.

  • k

    This reminds me, Cam, anyway for you to do an article on upcoming (2015) phone models for TMO that will have Band 12 capability? Particularly the G4?

  • AS118

    Excellent! I have a G2 myself and was wondering if/when it would get an update. I do want 5.0 on it. It’s still a very powerful phone that does everything I need it to and more. I may not upgrade it for a good while.

  • jz

    Any new info cam?

  • scott

    Over 7840 views on this link alone wheres the update ?

  • jsean

    im still in 4.2.2 ddnt even get the KITKAT update LG G2 D801 (D80110c)

  • GreatNews


    • scott

      Yeah its sad we should have done had the update months ago

  • Every other carrier has already updated so as far as i am concerned its all bullshit TMO is always last to update anything .

  • zPacKRat

    T-Mobile should be embarrassed, all major carriers have rolled out LP, they are rolling out LP to the HTC M7, with the M8 already getting it. WTF TMO, get your act together, I had the G2 and now the G3 from release week and this is how you treat your loyal customers? It’s still listed as being under development on their status page, how long do we have to wait, any real answers to this? probably not, just the same corporate BS we have been handed over and over again.

  • lgg2

    update LG g2 and g3 are on the next stage of T Mobile Testing

  • Al Simmons

    From the majority of post’s you can see that no one has read about all the bugs

    & problems from the carriers & select phones that have been upgraded already.

    A bunch of people who have no clue what the new OS brings or does,

    they just keep saying they want Lollipop.

    WAIT & let the bugs get worked out so you all will not cry.

  • sasidhar79

    talked to a t-mobile rep and her supervisor, they claimed that they do not have any idea about lollipop update for G3 and also stated that the release may never happen as G4 will be out pretty soon. This does not sound good as tmo expects G2/G3 owners to upgrade their phone to G4 so that we can enjoy Android 5.0. I wish this info is incorrect.

    • Augustine White

      actually the g3 update is being tested by tmobile and getting ready to be released along with the lg g2, note 3, and the note 4

  • Katrina Garza-Edwards

    any hope for Note 2?