Google MVNO won’t be a competitor to the big 4 carriers


Yesterday, here at MWC in Barcelona, Sundar Pichai confirmed that Google would be launching a wireless phone service at some point in the coming months. It was rumored some time ago that the search engine giant would be entering the wireless space with an MVNO. The company has been speaking with Sprint and T-Mobile, according to a that speculation.

During his speech here yesterday, Pichai compared the wireless network to its Nexus-branded smartphones, in that it isn’t the company’s intention to launch a network “at scale” and directly compete with the traditional carriers. Rather, to “experiment”.

The focus of Google’s network could be on connecting devices other than phones, as watches, cars and other devices increasingly will include mobile connectivity features, Pichai said.”

In many ways this could be good news for T-Mobile, a carrier which has made a name for itself being the disruptive carrier in the U.S. The last thing they’d want is to have a company the size of Google directly competing with them. Secondly, partnering with Google and allowing the company to use its network will surely bring in some extra revenue, helping T-Mobile grow in the process.

Source: Yahoo! Finance

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