HTC One M9 to support band 12 and band 2 LTE?

Last year, when HTC launched its flagship phone, it did so without including support for one of T-Mobile’s newest LTE bands: 1900MHz band 2. Although, at the time it wasn’t very widespread, by the time 2014 came to a close, T-Mobile’s band 2 network was growing, a lot. In fact, most of the new LTE sites that went live in previous 2G/3G/HSPA-only networks were 1900MHz. The biggest of those – of course – being Cincinnati.

So it comes as some relief to see that the HTC One M9 making its way to T-Mobile will not only have band 2 support but also play nice with the 700MHz low-band LTE too. At least, it will be if an FCC filing (ID NM80PJA120) is anything to go by. Spotted by a friend of ours, Atomic50 on Reddit, the full list of US bands supported by the T-Mobile model includes:

GSM: 850 1900
LTE: 2 4 7 12 17

This will come as good news for many T-Mobile users as one of the main reasons to choose a Samsung over the HTC last year has now been removed. It’s a fully T-Mobile compatible device that’ll work as well on the faster, higher frequencies as it does on the stronger low-band network.

Source: Reddit

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  • Roger Sales

    If you’re an HTC fan, you’re definitely picking this up to get the best coverage possible – not just because its the latest and greatest.

    • Adrayven

      That will be the reason I upgrade this fall.. not for specs.. I’m happy with my iPhone 6, but because the next version should have the latest T-Mobile bands..

  • Mathew Kessel

    funnily enough, the unlocked and at&t versions (m7 and m8) always had all the us gsm lte bands (albeit no aws hspa), it was only the tmo version that did not include 1900

    • Yeah, just not always the AWS HSPA, which is crucial since T-Mo’s HSPA+ is not a bad fallback from LTE. And the T-Mo version was missing the 1900MHz in 3G as well. The GPE M8 had all the bands.

  • besweeet

    @askdes confirmed it on Twitter: twitter (dot) com/askdes/status/572088874412863488

  • kgraham182

    While we’re at it, the Microsoft Lumia 640 will support band 12 and 2. As well as the Samsung Galaxy S6

    • jay_max

      Unfortunately, TMO’s product page for the 640 does not list Band 12. I hope the page is in error.

  • Joe

    Now it also better have full carrier aggregation support, VOLTE, and WIFI calling from the beginning of release or a promised update to support all that. Cuz i’m not spending $650-$700 for a phone that has the hardware to do something but no software support.

    • Willie D

      I am not getting this device, but I never settle on a “promise” that something will be supported. After my tenure with Sprint promising me the world, WiMAX, LTE, data speed upgrades, new backhaul, coverage, anything you could think of, I learned the hard way that promises are bull$hit and it is best to get what you need and want right off the bat. So if it lacks any feature you want, it isnt worth waiting for HTC to update it.

      • Joe

        I do understand what you mean on not trusting what companies say… But HTC has bin sending updates out on time and t-mobile has also bin doing pretty good about keeping there promises. And just wondering why are you not buying the phone? BTW I still am using a GS2

        • Adrayven

          Agreed.. it’s not just the promise, but who makes it and how they have followed threw in the past.. HTC wasn’t the best in that regard, but seem to have been getting better with updates. T-Mobile’s track record the past year has been great..

          Remember, T-Mobile is NOT taking in any new phones, Per the CEO, that do not support WiFi calling.. so at the very least.. It will have WiFi calling..

        • Joe

          Ya I do expect it to ship with VOLTE, and Wifi calling. But I really want to c it support carrier aggregation cuz t-mobile has bin testing that.

        • Jay Holm

          I would like to know more about T-Mobile’s plans for carrier aggregation.

        • Joe

          Ya so would I cuz all that we know is that they’ve bin doing testing but have not said if its official or what they plan on doing with it

        • idisestablish

          Every Android phone that’s been released in the last 4 years has supported Wi-Fi Calling (except for Nexus), so I’d say it was a pretty safe bet even without the promise.

        • Whiskers

          Well they never updated my M8 for windows with WIFI calling and kept saying they would do so in the future.
          Ended up sending it back and still using my 925 at this time .
          So i would’nt hold my breath on anything cell companies promise .

        • Joe

          Hmm ya that’s true but I guess we shall c when it comes out and hope for the best.

  • dfsdf45

    the One M8 sucks, no 1900Mhz was a deal breaker for me. I went with S5

    • taxandspend

      It’s stunning that the M8 didn’t come with that band, or at least have it enabled by update.

      • Deihmos

        I didn’t know and didn’t bother me. LTE is fast as it is.

        • David Coleman

          Missing band 2 means nothing if you live in an AWS rich environment, however if you are AWS starved, like we are in Cincinnati, then we owners missed out as T-Mobile rolled out LTE to the Band 2, cause there’s not enough Band 4 to have a network.

        • taxandspend

          Or if you are anywhere they are upgrading 2G to LTE. Seems as though that covers the broadest footprint for upgrades.

        • David Coleman

          Didn’t know that! So they are rolling out PCS LTE to replace the 2g. Thanks for sharing!

      • David Coleman

        I was stunned too!

  • Bryan Pizzuti

    Hopefully it supports more bands than just that, for international roaming…

  • Cameron

    Can’t source reddit in the comments because they’re a “competitor” so comment gets removed. Reddit gets called “a friend” and sourced in the article. Thanks TmoNews.

  • keasycase

    How can u tell Wat band ur on on a HTC phone… Without and app

    • MastarPete

      I don’t have an HTC but you should be able to search for HTC engineering menu or service mode codes. it’ll be a code that you can type into the phone’s dial pad, typically starting with a ‘ # ‘. otherwise try asking on XDA developers forum for your phone model.

      just be careful to type them exactly as some codes are shortcuts to functions like Reset to defaults.

  • Jimmy James

    Anyone know how this high-band, low-band stuff works? Will it default to the 700mhz, if it is available in my area? Does the S6 support 700mhz on T-Mobile?

    • Johnnybgood3

      No, the main band is 4 AWS (faster, >15Mhz wideband on most cities). On the other hand band 12 (700mhz) has better in-building penetration an farther reach but slower (and only 5 mhz on most locations)

      • Jimmy James

        Ok. Thanks. I only get 1 or 2 bars at my location in the office. Hope there is a way to force band 12.

        • Diego Martinez

          No need to force it, the phone will use the strongest signal available.

    • dtam

      I think I read that it will search for the best available signal.

      yes, S6 will support LTE band 12

    • gmo8492

      Simple answer is yes since your phone will search for the best signal, and since lowband spectrum is better building penetration than it will pick it up seamlessly. Same goes for the S6.

      • JamesP4

        Not true. I have a Note 4 and most of the times, even in my inner building office, the phone defaults to Band 4 given the higher bandwith and speed. I noticed that Band 4 has to be very weak (db>120) for the Note 4 to switch to Band 12, Even if Band 12 is as strong!. Band 12 seems more like a backup option. I can “force” Band 12 thru service mode and it is always there, although slower.

        • Julian C. Taborda

          This is probably programmed into the baseband to prefer band 4/2 over band 12 untill the last possible second because band 12 is only 5×5 Mhz

        • idisestablish

          The purpose of Band 12 is for a wider coverage area. It makes sense that they would reserve that bandwidth for people who need it (who are out of range of band 2 and 4) and prioritize 2 and 4 since they have greater capacity and are typically faster. There’s no reason anyone should want to be on band 12 unless the other two aren’t available.

  • Tony Pettinato

    Great to know. Hoping to finally make the jump from Verizon to T-Mobile this year, so not having to exclude this phone due to network connectivity is great.

  • Raiterio Patterson

    The One M9 is gonna fly off the shelves

    • Chris Meyers

      They NEVER do. First of all HTC never has the production necessary for large scale sales numbers, they dont ever even shoot for that to be honest, and it is always a pittance of like for like Samsung flagship model sales for that year. So no, HTC sales will never be that high.

      • Rob

        It doesn’t help that you go to the T-Mobile store and they act like the only phones that exist are Samsung. When the M8 came out, my store didn’t even bother putting up a display model for a month!

        • OBoi

          I thought it was only my store here in Maryland Rob that did that same crap

        • idisestablish

          It’s not that they didn’t bother, the stores get a dedicated device as a demo, they don’t use one from their sellable stock. They held off on demos for the M8 because there was limited inventory and they wanted to ensure that all available units could be sold. They did the same thing with the iPhone 6/6 Plus. Turns out it wasn’t really needed with the M8, but that’s the reason.

        • Jimmy James

          So true. There wasn’t anything in the store when I purchased mine. They did have a couple of cases for the M8. The person wasn’t even sure what I said when I asked him if they had the HTC One M8 in stock. He was like, “Uhhh. HTC? Lemmee check.” I expect that from regular people, thinking Samsung and Apple are the only smartphone manufacturers, not new sales people.

        • Rob

          Same thing here. Then they were still trying to convince me to get a Samsung instead. I was fuming mad when I left the store.

      • Raiterio Patterson

        That escalated quickly….. I’ve been a glass half full kinda guy. I detect some unresolved issues with HTC you got there

  • Bordelais

    Just curious, will the M9 have a fingerprint scanner?

    • gmo8492

      It doesn’t.

      • Bordelais

        Funny how missing one minor feature like that is all it takes to make you say “no thanks” and move on.

        • gmo8492

          At least the S6 dramatically improved its fingerprint sensor by only requiring just one tap instead of swiping down like before.

    • Allen Enriquez

      I am pretty sure an app will be or is developed

  • randomnerd_number38

    Well I sure as heck hope so. All phones being released this year on t-mobile should support band 12 and band 2. Otherwise what good is that “end of 2015” lte map?

    Also, I changed my mind about going to Verizon. I was wrong about the discount offered by my new job, t-Mobile is still cheaper.

    I also have converted to iOS. Android is great and all, but I must confess in the month since I’ve made the change, I realize there’s something about the way this OS feels and functions that just seems a cut above to me. It helps that the iPhone 6+ screen is big enough for me now too :P

    • Allen Edmonds

      I did the exact same thing, I sold my Nexus 6 for an iPhone 6 Plus. The main reason I did so is to develop for iOS.

  • Henry992

    I still prefer Samsung over HTC because 2k resolution ,14nm octa core processor.

    • Brad

      2k screen are practically pointless on a 5 inch device. Would rather a 1080p screen to consume less battery and processing power.

      • J-Hop2o6

        Same. 1080p is enough for a 5″ phone. 1440p is good for 5.5/6″+ . That, and other reasons why im getting a m9 instead of the s6.

  • StankyChikin

    I am intrigued by this device.. This and the Z4.. I can’t wait until the Z4 is officially unveiled so I can make my choice on a new phone.

    • Taylor

      I doubt the Z4 comes to T-Mobile any time soon, if ever. A 6th month turnover rate for a premium handset costs too much on the retail side. If Sony stays in the cellular business for another year (doubtful) TMO will probably replace the Z3 with the Z5.

  • David Coleman

    As a HTC ONE M8 owner living in Cincinnati, I know this to be all too true!! In truth I’m still pissed that T-Mobile sold me a phone that I couldn’t use the network I needed it to run!! While I need an upgrade to a 2015 model, I went from sure to buy this phone to lukewarm. I’m almost thinking of extending upgrading till the LG G4 and the Xperia Z4 come out.

    That camera…I Just hope the software can pull out a miracle but if the other manufacturers have OIC, then I may have to pass!

    • Bill Berry

      When I found out rural areas that were to go directly to LTE; I wasn’t happy. I shouldn’t have to be made to by a device that works terrific on HSPA+ and when I’m shopping for my next device it begs the question will it run on Verizon Wireless’, AT&T’s, and T-Mobile’s LTE bands.

      • David Coleman

        Given that the phone can run Band 2 but it was T-Mobile’s screw up!!

        • Bill Berry

          They seem to screw up a lot, but I have to wonder if it is more deliberate than anything else; it’s what I’ve said a zillion times before, there’s an art to the theory there is always a catch!

    • justchillinuno

      I have just recently experienced this issue with lack of Band 2… My Wifes S5 while on Vacation to Lake Tahoe had FULL BARS LTE….. I… With my upgraded from an M7 not having a kick ass M8 was stuck on 2g…. Paperweight I tell ya… I did find a trick though… Switch manually to forced 3g only… and it would get 4g service! Living in Salt Lake City I never noticed the issue…. Plan on another upgrade…. M9 incoming…. Day 1 as usual I suppose….

  • Deres Doels

    Galaxy S6 will have bands 1,2,3,4,5,7,12,13,17. I am going with the galaxy S6.

    • taxandspend

      Where did you read that?

  • Famous Jameis

    This POS is only dual band GSM? I’ll keep my iPhone 5, thank you very much, no thanks. This phone will only work domestically for voice lol? This has to be a mistake, a typo. Say it ain’t so.

    • Fraydog

      Usually devices are listed that way with the FCC for testing, then we find out that the global GSM bands, 900 MHz and 1800 MHz, are added later.

      • Fabian Cortez

        Actually, the FCC documents for device testing will only list the bands use in this country.

        The user manual and/or the manufacturer usually reveal all bands.

    • J-Hop2o6

      This is just showing releavant US bands. ALL phones support Quad-Band GSM.

    • Corey Harrell

      Dude, you think that a flagship phone that’s sold world wide would only be dual band lol. Name the last flagship phone that wasn’t a quad band. maybe you letting them crab legs go to your head famous jameis.

  • Daniel Gomez

    This is good now the new iPhone better have band 12 and I see improvement in T-Mobile lte and if it gets to 300 million then watch out at and t and Verizon for sure they better get scared and once this band 12 roll out is complete its a wrap for them companies :) feel free to comment anyone

  • Daniel Gomez

    At my house my lte keeps losing signal but 4g works that’s why they need band 12 cause of dum shit like that and I live in city but my moms at and t works fine :(

  • Kenneth Warner

    M9 will be my next phone I have the s5 and the s6 isnt much different so yeah but I might get the nexus 6 64gb version

  • Allen Enriquez

    I wonder if T-Mobile will carry the HTC virtual Reality accessorie?

    • Gialight

      Probably not. The Vive is a gaming platform. You’d probably see it at Best Buy and Gamestops rather than T-mobile.

      • Allen Enriquez

        Thanks so much Gialight, it would have been nice if they did I would have got 30% off!

  • solomon

    Tmobile is on a roll, why oh why would anyone from other carriers hate on tmobile, , it’s only because of tmobile there enjoy ing lower prices

  • Levinite

    I’m VERY concerned about buying this phone now. T-Mobile have only listed LTE bands 4 & 17 on their site.

    Quad Band GSM; LTE: 4, 17; UMTS: Band I (2100), Band II (1900), Band IV (1700/2100), Band V (850)

    What in the eff?

    • Sam Samuel

      You really think T-Mobile will sell a phone that doesn’t support a majority of it’s LTE bands? *sigh* FCC: Go to Test Report (SAR), Page 4. The T-Mobile Version WILL support LTE Band: 2,4,12. The T-Mobile website isn’t always accurate.

  • brendanhohoho

    The HTC One M9 is a genuinely desirable smartphone with the best design and build available in Android land, even with Samsung upping the ante. It’s good to see the powerful Snapdragon 810 and more memory, however, some key hardware remains the same meaning M8 users are unlikely to be tempted to upgrade – and the old model is now an attractive buy at around £350.