Android 5.0 Lollipop now available for T-Mobile Galaxy Note 3


A couple of readers got in touch with us in the early hours of this morning to let us know that the Android 5.0 update is now available to download for the T-Mobile Galaxy Note 3 variant. This confirms an update made to Samsung’s support pages, which states that software version N900TUVUFOB5 was made available yesterday evening.

Along with Android 5.0, the software update also includes Wi-Fi calling optimization and a couple of bug fixes.

We don’t know exactly how big the update is, but if previous Samsung phone updates to Android 5.0 are anything to go by, it could be pretty hefty. The Samsung Galaxy S5 update recently weighed in at almost 1GB. So if you are to download it over-the-air, I’d recommend doing it over Wi-Fi.

If the update hasn’t shown up for you yet, go in to your settings menu and check manually for updates. If that doesn’t work, try Samsung Kies PC/Mac software and install it via USB.

Let us know how you like the Lollipop update combined with Samsung’s TouchWiz. I’ve had some brief hands on time with it on the Galaxy S6 and – although I prefer stock – I quite like the way they work together.

Thanks, Phil and Johnta

Source: Samsung
Hat-tip: Android Central

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  • aay54

    Lancaster ca downloading 5.0

  • Mike Coleman

    Downloading ota right now…

  • Frankwhitess

    I have mine update already and I must say I love it !!!! It’s pretty cool how smooth and easier it is ..

  • niko

    Just finished downloading it on my Note 3! I love it!! Extremely smooth, smoother than butter, SO FREAKING SNAPPY when opening up apps MUCH MUCH MUCH better battery life (I’ve finished downloading it by 5:30am and it has lost only 2% within an hour – no joke, and the new keyboard totally reminds me of apples keyboard that flawlessly doesn’t make many mistakes when typing. (: Its about damn time we finally had this update. Plus, all the lollipop accents are awesome. I think I’ll be happy keeping my note 3 till the note 5 comes out now.

    • Joe

      LOL I still use a Rooted Samsung galaxy s2 running CM 10.2 (Android 4.3.1).
      I might end up getting a HTC ONE M9 or the Galaxy s6 in a couple months.

      • 9to5Slavery

        Why don’t you put that in your diary?

        • Joe

          There did it just for you :D

        • 9to5Slavery


        • Joe

          Dam I cant w8 to get a new phone tho its like when traveling my mom which has a Nexus 5 gets LTE and I get edge. O ya and did I tell u that I cant lessen to music and browse the internet cuz the music app just closes its self. LOL the struggle.

        • 9to5Slavery

          what else

    • 9to5Slavery

      Good comment for everyone to read !

    • niko

      ALRIGHT, I must confess one NOT SO AWESOME thing about this new update. If you put your phone on silent, that alarm you set for class the next morning? Yeah. Won’t set off, literally. It’ll just show your alarm, but no sounds. It’ll ONLY vibrate if you put your alarm on vibrate when it activates. So in other words if you put your phone on silent, it’ll act like NOTHING can make a sound, literally, not even your alarms or reminders. So in terms of putting your Note 3 on silent, that means: your alarm won’t ring regardless what settings you put it on AND your LED notification won’t flash if you received a notification of any sort (REALLY UNNECESSARY). So do you know what that means? When you put your phone on silent during class and you just wanna have your phone on your desk to make sure you’re not missing an important emergency text or something (while you’re not looking because you’re being a good student who’s paying attention to lecture), your notification light won’t flash. YOUR LED BLINKER WILL ONLY FLASH IF YOU HAVE YOUR PHONE ON VIBRATE OR SOUND. I was just telling my friend the other day how Androids are even better than the iphone 6/6+ too with the fact that we have a notification LED light on the front of our phone. I even told my friend that the notification light would blink when it’s on silent. WELP. :l NEVERMIND, FML FML FML. I dunno about you guys, but this is a serious issue. I don’t wanna have my phone on vibrate and then press the dumb start button under my notification while it’s on vibrate. WHAT IF I ACCIDENTALLY PUT MY PHONE ON SILENT. #thestruggleisreal

  • Just Wondering

    When will the Lollipop update for my LG Optimus L70 or ZTE ZMAX be available?

    • J.J.


    • 9to5Slavery

      It won’t be updated because you bought outdated android phones that won’t receive annual updates.

    • supergear


  • Just Wondering

    When will the Lollipop update for my LG Optimus L70 or ZTE ZMAX be available?

  • ludachris79

    Got it at 2:40am and I will need some more hands on time before I can tell if it’s truly worth it, but looks very good so far. Everything seems smoother so far. I will say i wish Google had implemented a dark theme into lollipop as well as a light theme… All that white… First impressions seem like this is a good update for the Note 3.. I’m happy 5.0 is here.

  • Trapwiththis


    • tmorocks

      What a baby. Buy an iPhone then.

      • 9to5Slavery

        No he should buy a better Android phone because clearly that one sucks.

    • J.J.

      Note 4 to an iPhone. The loss will be great!

      • 9to5Slavery

        People experience differently. Some just want a working phone. I guess you experienced a great loss because you don’t want just a working phone, you want a computer in your pocket.

        • J.J.

          I assumed since the person bought a note 4 they wanted a computer in there pockets. Rather they want it or not they will be losing functionality switching to iPhone

        • 9to5Slavery

          So is that your other account since you assumed it to how you feel? lol.

        • J.J.


        • 9to5Slavery

          If you don’t understand it read things twice. That’s what they teach you in school don’t they?

    • Philip

      I will not be updating on my Note 4 for a while. Mine is rooted

      • ojdidit84

        Mine is rooted too but the ROM I’m on always gets updated fast and CF has already found a root method for Lollipop so I welcome it as soon as it hits the N4.

    • Geees!

      What are you, 5?

    • steve1026

      You clearly don’t understand whats involved with pushing out an update, either because you are a child, which your writing skills and temper tantrum clearly show, or just have a lack of knowledge of the process.

      • HeatFan786

        What’s with this “get real” attitude people have? Just because he/she cannot eloquently explain why they’re mad doesn’t mean they are just being “an entitled little child.”

        Is it too much to ask carriers and OEMs to work together to shorten the time needed to produce updates? Not many people asked for VR. They should make VR a standalone app from the Samsung App Store.

        Consumers are paying $700-$800 for phones roughly. Updates are coming out later and later these days. My Note 3 got Kitkat in Feb 2014. My Note 4 won’t even get Lollipop till mid March if I am lucky. For two years, is it too much to ask to get timely updates? Don’t give me “get a Nexus or iPhone” argument either.

        I am with Samsung since they have better multi-tasking. I don’t need T-Mobile TV. Maybe they ought to realize that the subscribers is too little and it’s a waste of time. How about Uncarriering the process goes to less bloating?

        • KingofPing

          Sorry, but what boils down to throwing an “I hate you!” tantrum because “someone made them wait” is pretty much the *definition* of being an entitled, spoiled, child.

          Times are, in fact, being shortened – each OS release we see OEMs pushing out faster and faster updates. For most of us, this progress is pleasing.

          …for others, it’s completely ignored. They simply cannot be appeased. It will always be, “I paid xxx amount for this! I *deserve* this. I’m *special*.”

          Well, at least they get the first and last bits right…

        • 9to5Slavery

          You don’t make any sense. Just stop.

        • HeatFan786

          It’s being shortened with HTC and the Nexus, but Samsung & LG are very slow. Well, I mean customers are the kings/queens, so companies ought to cater to a lot of reasonable requests like faster updates and flexible pricing. If someone asks to update them to ship them a free product just because each person that buys an item at a later time gets a promotion, that’s being entitled.

      • 9to5Slavery

        Most of the average users don’t understand, doesn’t mean they have a lack of knowledge of the process and are identified as child.

    • YABD

      Do not jump from Samsung to iphone. You will regret that change.

      • 9to5Slavery

        Says the person with the cat astronaut picture lol.

        Everyone experiences differently. You might of regret it but doesn’t mean everybody else will. Sucks to be you.

    • KingofPing

      ^^This is not the user Apple needs, it is the user Apple deserves.

      • 9to5Slavery

        You got it all wrong. Not his fault his phone is not working.

        • philnolan3d

          It sounds like his phone works fine.

        • 9to5Slavery

          *not working for the update. lol..

  • ucrazy51

    Got my Note 3 update this morning. Everything went well and a great improvement with this update. Nice new features and a lot faster. Thanks Samsung

    • 9to5Slavery

      this is a healthy good comment

    • Stephanie Harrison

      I got the same results. Better battery life and better performance. Everything is so darn quick now. I love it.

    • Steven Yang

      How about the mms over wifi bugs? Are they still present?

  • Jimmy James

    After the HTC One Lollipop upgrade, I factory reset my phone. Noticeable speed difference and battery life with Lollipop after the reset. Not sure if it was an app that was installed and wiped out during the factory reset, or if the refresh itself helped it.

  • NOYB

    Theres a typo on the Samsung page linked at the bottom of this article. It says:
    “This mobile device operates on Android version 5.0, KitKat”

    Totally wrong.

    • Stephanie Harrison

      The build number is also wrong too. Look at the end where it says the number 5. That’s actually supposed to be a 6.

  • J.J.

    Sold my note 3 for a note 4 on launch. Excited for a working lollipop ota, but kitkat still works fine so I’m not crying.

    • 9to5Slavery

      nobody asked that you sold anything for anything.

      • Android_God

        “9to5slavery” okay princess maybe bags of money will fall out of the sky so your precious self doesn’t have to GASP… HAVE A JOB. trust me when I tell you that your employer feels the same and probably wants your ass gone

        • 9to5Slavery

          “Android_God” enjoy your slavery while you raise the flag.

      • J.J.

        Just like no one asked you to comment. Wow just a friendly statement. Be happy!

        • 9to5Slavery

          Just saying, because it seems that you think people care about what you do. You’re not that important.

        • J.J.

          Ok. Im srry sir/ma’am

        • 9to5Slavery

          Actually you are important. You just need to prioritize like many others including myself. Realize that trading phones will not help you grow as a person, but grows what the world wants to think of you that you think of you. Be the best you can be.

        • J.J.

          Lol i will try

  • Scott harwell

    Just updated to lollypop, love it but my tap and pay on wallet still isn’t working, anyone else?

    • 9to5Slavery

      that sucks buy another android

    • philnolan3d

      We also got zero of the new features from Camera2 API. They also screwed up Action Memo and WatchOn.

  • TatDude806

    *SIGH* While us Note4 owners have to wait because of compatibility issues with a VR headset 95% of us will never buy! Should have kept my Note3!!!

    • JLP

      Soon buddy, Sprint got it’s update today, so I’m sure ours is around the corner.

      • Stephie Adele

        Sprint released their update for the note 3 or the note 4?

        • monkeybutts

          Sprint released update for Note 4

        • Stephie Adele

          Thank you for the clarification. I thought that is what you meant but wanted to be sure. I’m still anxiously waiting for the note 3 update.

        • Stephanie Harrison

          Sprint updated their software for the note 3 and note 4. Both, should be running lollipop. Hence the word SHOULD.

        • Stephie Adele

          I keep checking but no update yet. I will just wait.. it will happen soon enough. Lol

      • NotOnSprint

        That’s not fair! Why do the dancing narwhals have to get it first?

    • Oliver Jackson

      It’s in the second stage so itll be here real soon for the Note 4

  • havenmayor

    The lollipop update is nice on Note 3. Very smooth…almost like having a new phone.

  • Kyle Konieczny

    Coool the older version of my phone got the new update before mine… What’s with that? Fuck the vr headset that’s dumb..

  • ??????

    kies shows mine up to date?

    • 9to5Slavery

      well that sucks. buy another android phone that works.

    • Steven

      Kies is not deployed for note 3 lolliopop yet. Currently only ota. Will probably be available later

      • ??????

        im rooted, can’t do ota- how long does it normally take for kies?

  • Meh Meherson

    Snagging update now. 1029.53 megs

  • Omegajb

    I’m not going to lie and say I’m not disappointed that the Note 4 got it before the Note 4

    • Android_God

      Don’t worry because it looks like the Note 3 got it before the Vote 3!!! ;)

      • 9to5Slavery

        I need to get my Note 2 updated so my Note 2 updated.

  • Oliver Jackson

    Your late to the party TMONews. It functions beautifully .Its like having the Note 4

    • SK

      I just wish they would release lollipop for the Note 4 :(

      • maestroalvarez

        they won’t yet because of the compatibility issues with the Gear VR :/

        • gmo8492

          Yeah those two people using Gear VR would be bummed out if their Note 4 didn’t work properly with it.

  • philnolan3d

    Got it installed earlier. What a let down.

  • TechNashville

    How freaking lame is it that I paid almost 900 bucks for my Note 4 and last year’s model gets the update first, all over some bullshit Gear VR shit that I don’t give a shit about. Shit. Shit. Shit.

  • Sorin Lazarescu

    I read the release notes on TMOs website. Noting interesting. I will keep my rooted 4.4.4 ROM.

    • Redunkulous

      I’m with you, but if I do un-root and update to stock 5.0. Is it easy to root a Note 3 on android 5.0?

  • Mike

    from what i can tell, it looks like there are a few things missing from “lollipop” in this update

    no screen pinning apps
    no multiple users support
    no built in power saver mode (yes, i know the phone has the one it had before from samsung)
    no built in flashlight toggle from quick settings

    • Mike

      and i guess i should clarify here as well. im not bashing the update. ive had no problems with anything so far and it looks nice. im just stating that i thought those things were some of the supposed features of “android 5.0”

    • gmo8492

      Yeah, Samsung removed some stock lollipop features in exchange for their own. Sucks, but Google already told them to layoff the mods they put on Android

    • jonnycage

      Samsung is wack for that. They could’ve included those features, why not add them and give customers everything they’ve paid for by investing in a Samsung phone in the first place? They could’ve at least added their ultra power saving mode, that feature is even included with the galaxy avant which is way less capable than note 3. And themes from the s6 is capable to run as well

  • cliff m

    this is amazing, battery for 4 days according to the new battery fast as all get out! sluggish the first 10 mins, cleared cache.uninstall google play services one. installed rebooted, bamb!!! #lickin” the pop, baby!!!

    • jeremy vega

      same here. battery life has improved a lot.

    • Dats

      How did you get the battery life better?

      • Donald

        Google is now using the Android Runtime (ART) instead of the old Dalvik runtime by default. The way these different runtimes work affects battery life. ART is significantly more efficient than Dalvik.

        • Fifth313ment

          The Note 3 still uses Dalvik. They didn’t want to mess up the phone.

        • Jay__

          It actually uses the ART compiler

    • Irfan

      yes only 5 % / turn on energy saver , do not sync any app, put on standby yes 4days

  • Niko **IMPORTANT** **SOS**

    ALRIGHT, I must confess one NOT SO AWESOME thing about this new Lollipop update. If you put your phone on silent: that alarm you set for class the next morning? Yeah. Won’t set off, literally. It’ll just show your alarm, but no sounds. It’ll ONLY vibrate if you put your alarm on vibrate when it activates. So in other words if you put your phone on silent, it’ll act like NOTHING can make a sound, literally, not even your alarms or reminders. So in terms of putting your Note 3 on silent, that means: your alarm won’t ring regardless what settings you put it on AND your LED notification won’t flash if you received a notification of any sort (REALLY UNNECESSARY). So do you know what that means? When you put your phone on silent during class and you just wanna have your phone on your desk to make sure you’re not missing an important emergency text or something (while you’re not looking because you’re being a good student who’s paying attention to lecture), your notification light won’t flash. YOUR LED BLINKER WILL ONLY FLASH IF YOU HAVE YOUR PHONE ON VIBRATE OR SOUND. I was just telling my friend the other day how Androids are even better than the iphone 6/6+ too with the fact that we have a notification LED light on the front of our phone. I even told my friend that the notification light would blink when it’s on silent. WELP. :l NEVERMIND, FML FML FML. I dunno about you guys, but this is a serious issue. I don’t wanna have my phone on vibrate, possibly waking up from ANY sort of text in the middle of the night. The most i could do is press the dumb start button under my notification for *priority interruptions only* while it’s on vibrate. WHAT IF I ACCIDENTALLY PUT MY PHONE ON SILENT. YES, I’m complaining over something ridiculous, but seriously. #thestruggleisREAL … PLEASE, ANYONE, help. ): I already tried google, I need a real expert, not an idiot.

    • TechNashville

      God people. It’s not a bug. It’s a new feature. You will want to put your phone on Priority Interuption.

      • Niko

        Of course it’s not a bug, I’m aware of that! The priority interruption feature is just really inconvenient and only works for when your phone is either on vibrate or sound. Otherwise it’s disabled if it’s on mute.

    • TMoRetailStorePhoneTech

      I’m not sure if it will help you but I have been using the app No Disturb for years, the icon is blue and has a moon. It’s free in the Play Store.

    • Jason Stroman

      So how are you notified when your phone is on silent? Also with your alarm scenario you have to keep the phone on vibrate? Basically you can only receive notifications if your phone is on vibrate? And what about the LED notification light? Seriously debating the update.

      • niko

        The thing is, you’re not notified when your phone is on silent; you receive no notifications whatsoever. The LED light doesn’t even flash, regardless if you got a text, Facebook message, email, etc. Its really annoying. The update itself is worth is since I really did improve the note 3 itself a lot. But the only downside is the whole new notification thing. It blows. But unless you don’t have priority mode on, you will continue to receive notifications when your phone is on vibrate. The led light will blink and everything. Only downside is..well.. It’ll vibrate when someone texts you, which is not good for a quiet environment.

        • thepanttherlady

          Have you tried the NoLED app?

        • Jason Stroman

          Ok let me get this straight. If you have the texts calls eat set to priory you will still very them and the LED flash but the downside is that it will vibrate? Also at night you will have to keep your phone sound on in order for your alarm to sound in the morning? I suppose at night if you turn the notifications off then there is no need to place it on silent. Please answer both for me.

  • Lady of South

    Any chances of the Galaxy S4 getting lollipop? I did kies 3 update last night. No noticeable differences yet.

  • kiiKane

    Just tried to update and it gets to 28% then says it encountered an error. I made sure there is 5GB free which should be enough space. The phone is rooted with towelroot, do I need to ‘unroot’? Apologies if that’s a silly question!

    • daddy0702

      Same thing happened to me. I used Odin to flash stock 4.4.2 NK3 then it took the OTA. Good luck.

      • kiiKane


    • Donald

      Yes, root will interfere with OTA. Everybody knows that. You can update via Kies and it will work, but (obviously) unroot you. That’s how I did it.

      • kiiKane

        lol well obviously not everyone but thankful for such a graceful response.

        • T3rrence


        • Paul

          XDA has it and Chainfire’s root will work via Odin.

  • Camera

    Hopefully another update follows for the camera.

    • Irfan

      no chance

  • Brock

    Ah, finally. I was kind of hoping to wait a little longer, however, to have the latest iteration of LP. I think it is at 5.0.2 or something? – I don’t know. For those of you having issues, the most important thing you can take from this update is the boot.img (kernel). So many people on XDA have ported fully functioning working versions of LP to the T-mo note 3 from other carriers… the only things not working on them is the NFC. The kernel from this update should fix that issues.

    Also, if you are having issues, you should just suck it up and wipe all of your data after the update. I always do this anyways, simply because google backs up everything for you, and everything is restored once you sign in again at “first boot”.

    #T-Mobile you guys rock, never a single complaint here.

    • Stephanie Harrison

      Never been an issue for me either. Only thing that doesn’t work and seems buggy even after a full factory restore is the WiFi calling. But, that’s not a big deal to me. It’s not like I use it anyways. Only use it when I go to see my parents in the mountains where tmobile doesn’t have service. So, might just be me or something. But, not really worried too much about it. Otherwise, it’s a killer update! And, I’m glad to be running it before the note 4! Love T-Mobile. Although, this might be a silly question but why is it that they updated the note 3 before the note 4? Just curious.

      • Fifth313ment

        Samsung has had issues with their Gear VR reality headset and it needs to be worked into the code for the Note 4 which is why it’s been delayed.

  • Chad Dalton

    its working beautifully

    • Irfan

      u mean no issues …. Are us sure ?

      • Chad Dalton

        Yes, its snappy for what i use, and virtually no lag. I would have liked the super power saver battery option. But everything seems to be fine…

      • Paul

        I’ve not had any issues either. No 2 phone are alike, regardless if they are the same model. My user experience has been great!

  • Faslane

    Anyway to download JUST the image, and not OTA?

    • Paul

      KIES or go to the XDA community.

  • Marcelo_L

    I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again (and again, and again, and again).

    Poor form TMobile. I love ya dearly, but there’s ZERO reason the Galaxy Note 2 shouldn’t have an update to Lollipop, much less KitKat. You’ve had the builds for MONTHS(and months), and not releasing it/them (while others have) is very poor form.

    So, when O when will you do right by we GNote II owners???

    • Mike

      Dude the Note 2 is three years old .

      • Marcelo_L

        Where have you been? It’s only 2 years old. And that makes ZERO difference. TMO has been sitting on OS updates for the phone for about a year now. What was the excuse last March when KitKat 4.4.4 was out?

        That and the GNote II is apparently getting updates in other geographies (I’m not gonna do it for you, look it up for yourself, the word is out there.).

        • Oliver Jackson

          The Note 2 is getting Lollipop as well fam. Go to TMo’s website and its got the chart for it

        • Fifth313ment
        • Marcelo_L

          Where? I’ve looked for that, and couldn’t locate it dude. I know you’re CONNECTED, so hook a dude up, point to the link. :)

        • ElmoGagootz

          Chart last year said it was going to get KitKat. T-Mobile LIES!

        • Mike

          The note 2 dropped in 2012 so it’s 3 years old . The newer phones like the Note 3 and Note 4 are on the priority list for lollipop first.

        • Marcelo_L

          Dude…learn some calendar math. The GNote 2 dropped in Oct 2012, which at MOST means a little over 2 years ( and 5 months ).

          Look, it HTC can realize that they can(should) update the OneM7, no reason the GNote II shouldn’t be.

        • Mike

          First off the M7 is a newer phone then the Note 2 . T-Mobile priority is to get lollipop on newer devices first with the most ppl using the device Note 3 &4 , Galaxy S4 and S5 , and Note Edge. The Note 2 users on T-Mobile are non existent now.

      • starpintr

        Mike, I guess you have money to burn.

        • Durandal_1707

          This is part of why I decided to go with a Nexus 6 this time around.

    • starpintr

      I agree. Note 2 was passed over on kitkat when it was offered elsewhere. Why pay $$$ for a top phone if there is no support?

    • Well you have to admit, it’s pretty old. I’d imagine they work on the latest devices and the work backwards. It’s amazing they bother updating anything that’s not on sale anymore at all… why bother? I for one wouldn’t mind paying for updates for older hardware, especially if that’d give them reason to do it.

  • Mike

    It’s T-Mobile fault the Note 4 hasn’t gotten lollipop

  • Joshua Miller

    When is it coming to the note 4 I feel like I’ve been waiting forever for the update to lollipop

    • Maddening!

    • Donco

      I figure it’s coming after the S6 release. They are trying to get Note 4 owners to ” upgrade”. Pisses me off.

    • CHRIS

      You will probably want to hold off on lollipop trust and believe me. The update is stable it’s not gonna ruin your phone but you will definitely have plenty of bugs. It’s not really worth it especially when your not going to miss out on anything anyway. As long as you’re core apps work the update itself is just unnecessary.

  • JBLmobileG1

    I like it so far but I have noticed a bug. The default sound for when receiving messages etc, is the whistle. When I set my notifications sound for everything to something totally different (than the whistle), under the main system settings, it still manageso to notify me with the whistle. Very strange…. I even tried to restart the phone with no luck. I just recently changed it up in the text message settings, although it said it was default with the new ring tones name, but I manually went down the list of sounds and selected it. Hopefully this helps, if not, factory reset maybe my best bet although I hate doing that because my settings and setup will be gone.

  • Irfan

    Updated through Kies , Camera is same no improvements , over all look and feel changed , capacitive buttons behavior changed , black background changed to white , material design them take a lot of space over the phone apps ,browser button moves to bottom ,basically Material design take over on all phone .
    Issues : Multi Window
    no private mode
    its not best , this update is ok …

  • Irfan

    many issues : call does not work on LTE and no chance VOTLE call ,screen locking sensor during call does not work , no i have to do factory restore and program phone once again wait of time , Tmobile and Samsung second always phone has issues when update it …

  • Irfan

    Updated through Kies , Phone call over LTE Fail , VOLTE fail , 4g HSPA call quality :poor , screen locking sensor during call does not work, problems problems issues issues , totally fail update , did factory reset did not fixed . lower volume over headset and on speaker ..and i do not know how many issues on the way .

  • Is it 5.1?

    • Mike

      no, just 5.0

  • OK so they say it’s faster, they say it’s got better battery life… anyone noticing any of this?

    • JBLmobuleG1

      It may seem a little faster but it’s buggy and as for battery life, it may drain a little quicker in my opinion but haven’t really played with it much. I’ll find out tomorrow when I goto work. I really hope they fix the bugs that we do find because these type of bugs are unacceptable and should have been discovered by the tester if they actually used their phones.

      • Thanks for the reply. Despite the promises, I’ve not yet seen an objective comparison of a phone before and after Lollipop in terms of performance and battery life. Hoping Note 4 goes right to 5.1!

    • Paul

      I don’t have any bugs, or not the ones I’m reading.
      Battery isn’t too bad, but I rooted and uninstalled the bloatware. I’ve read other’s saying the battery was better than 4.4.2 stock.

  • Lollipop Software…

    Maybe, it just me, but I am not impressed with Lollipop software. Since the update, I have had more than my share of errors. To that point, I have contacted both Samsung and Google for assistance…and remedies.

  • dre

    Problems with calls and data. Called Tmo, did factory reset, still having problems. Im about to root, then go back to kitkat rom.

    • Irfan

      flashing to KitKat will not work , i tried because your bootloader or baseband is updated , flash with pure t mobile stock 5.0 , u will find that on Sam Mobile . com , because it was update not complete whole Firmware .

  • ksalim4

    Still some issues to resolve with note 3 after upgrade to lollipop
    I.e youtube is having difficulty from vertical to horizontal
    Kitkat was no problem

  • TaekwonBo

    Download via Kies was quick. Thought it was stuck on T-Mobile logo. Pressed power to reset but was optimizing apps in the background. I’ll report back.

    • TaekwonBo

      After install phone really lagging from Knox updating (previous Knox setting erased). Took very long time so let update overnight. next morning phone really snappy with occasional lag. As the day goes by the snappier it gets. Had error with Google play services wanting to update but never gave me option to do so until about 20 minutes after install. Google backup never restored anything. Wi-Fi doesn’t connect on its own as it previously did. SERIOUS battery drain.

  • JBLmobileG1

    Anyone else notice that when after the update the keyboard will randomly put double spaces in between words? It’s actually pretty annoying. Also I am noticing, using the Tmobile My Account App, that something is using my data that is a part of my 3gb of mobile hotspot. Just in two days 1.3mb have been used. While it’s not a lot I am sure it will add up overtime. It’s my data and Tmobile is taking it away from me when I am not even using it. They better fix this issue quick or they should reimburse me for my data plan… that or make it unlimited tethering so I have no reason to complain.

  • JBLmobileG1

    So I tried to clear the system cache partition. Hopefully this will fix the errors that I am experiencing without having to completely reformat my phone because I hate losing my settings. I did notice after I did this though, and the phone booted, that I received an error message regarding TouchWiz. At first all my icons on the screen disappeared and just the live wallpaper was showing. Then after a few seconds it went back to normal. I haven’t experienced any issues since to my knowledge. But I still find the keyboard creating double spaces between words which I have to go back and fix. It’s annoying. I really hope T-Mobile eventually updates this version of Lollipop for the Note 3 because it’s filled with bugs.

  • MegaMan

    Issues what i experienced, My note 3 was rooted running 4.4.2, after flashing 5.0, noticed “Gameloft ” games arnt working, text message “hide preview isnt working, email preview option isnt working, battery life improved, so is speed, looks good, beside that nothing to brag about, i did received HD call, seems to be little bit more clearer, i did had issues with it earlier without wiping the cache and factory wipe, so i did both and only issues im incounter are the one i mentioned. Is it worth it? Yeah, if you looking for speed and look.

    and one last important thing, friend of mine informed me, my texts are sending out multiple times, more than 5 times, wtf!!, so Note 3 5.0 is BUGGY, so be prepared if you are looking to upgrade.

    • Note 3

      Correct. Big Bug. Got the same issue for my Note 3. Google the whole day but no solution so far. Frustrated…..

  • Marcelo_L


  • humpfh

    I’m so grateful for T-Mo news; my friend has an S5 on big red, and he said his phone is AFU after 5.0. I checked and saw an OTA update available while i was on the phone with him, and thought “Y’know what, I better check and see how this is before I install it.”

    I cancelled the download based on the complaints. Thanks, everyone, for your help. :) I hope they get a fix out soon that I can use.

    • Paul

      The Note 3’s update to 5.0 is way better than the S5, and that’s from what others are saying that have seen and experienced both.

      Not everyone is having the issues that you might read about. I have no battery issues, connection issues, or errors. I recommend updating but it is your decision.

  • Btbcc12859

    Buggy: Cant find IP address (didn’t have that problem before.) App slow or not responding. Images slow to load in folder, Wallpaper don’t load or distorted, and screen capture/crop asked to save twice

  • 20Hrs 2 FULL Charge? Really?

    So, I havent seen anybody comment on how long it takes to charge their Note 3 after the update. Before 5.0 my Note 3 would fully charge in about 3 to 4 hours and last pretty much all day based on moderate to heavy usage. After the update, (I unfortunately did the update the day it hit OTA) my battery life is pretty much cut in half and takes *FOREVER* to recharge, I’ve only seen my phone make it to 100% ONE time since the update… it took about 20 hours to fully charge on Sunday. I used to use my phone all the time while plugged into the charger… well I can forget doing that now, the phone discharges faster than the charger can keep up, I’ve actually had the phone shut off on me while using it plugged in! and the battery was at >25% when I plugged it in! I really like Android, but I really hate when they update it….. it ALWAYS has major issues EVERY SINGLE Android phone I’ve ever owned, from the original Droid and up…. has had mind-boggling frustrating issues after the update. Not everybody has the desire to be an Android Support Engineer and just wants their phone to “work”… it’s a hard sell to tell people that their phone is going to give them more problems than their PC on a regular basis… the benefits are truly beginning to be more than negated by the drawbacks….I should have known this would happen so I’m just as angry at myself as I am with Google, Samsung and T-Mobile for letting this crap-ware through the gates so poorly tested. :(

    • TaekwonBo

      W/5.0 installed I was at 15% with the low battery warning and when pluged in, the indicator est full charge was at less than 2 hours. I did experience an 11% discharge with little use to no use within 45 minutes

    • Paul

      I haven’t had an issue with this update, no force closes or errors. Also, it’s normal. Apple has had issues with updates as well so it’s not Android that’s the problem, not T-Mobile since the larger Apple issue was when the iPhone wasn’t on T-Mobile.

  • TaekwonBo

    Is there an official place to post bugs on an update? Is it on the Samsung site, T-Mobile site or GoogleAndroid site?

    • Paul

      2 things you can do:
      – Go to a T-Mobile store and have them install the update manually. You may have a bad install.
      – If you are familiar with Android and computers you can install the update manually yourself, this is what I did. XDA will be where you need to go.

      It’s not uncommon for some phones to install incorrectly.

      • TaekwonBo

        All went good with the install but see some occasional hiccups. I was wondering how does google know what areas to fix. Is there a forum for bugs?

  • dark_o_knight

    Updated my phone friday, used the update all weekend, happy with everything pretty much, zero issues, battery life has seemed more efficient, already fixed my notification that people cant seem to fix on their own. althought that doesn’t need fixing as its the way 5.0 works. if you are having issues to a factory reset or clear your phone cache. although i didnt have to do any of that. Love this update

  • Paul

    Installed the update and things are running pretty well. It’s a sexy Android ROM, for sure. I’ve always been a fan on the “clean” design look.

    Chainfire’s root works so I was able to gain root access and uninstall almost all the bloatware. The XDA community is already at work cleaning it up. I look forward to seeing the improvements they can make on it.

  • ChanceMAggie

    So I installed the Lollipop update yesterday on my Tmobile Note 3. Everything was working fine for a day. This morning I restarted the phone and bunch of my apps disappeared from the home screen as well as from my apps section. I get frequent pop ups saying Unfortunately contacts/Internet/blah blah blah is not working. My Play Store doesn’t open at all. All the apps related to Google Play Services like gmail, my games, Hangouts etc is GONE!!!! Please fix this Google or Samsung :(

    I dont know if anyone has had this problem. Let me know if this happens to you after restarting.

    • Paul

      2 things you can do.
      – Go to a T-Mobile store and have them install the update manually. I think something hiccupped and you have a bad install.
      – If you are familiar with Android and computers you can install the update manually yourself, this is what I did.
      Essentially, I think you have a bad install and just need to have it installed again. I installed it and have had no issues. It’s not uncommon for some phones to install incorrectly.

      • ChanceMAggie

        Hi Paul,

        Thanks for the reply. I am a techie guy so I can install it manually. What do you mean by installing manually by myself? You mean install the gapps and google play services manually using apk?

        • Paul

          Hey.i mean using Odin to load the Lollipop image. You can find step by step guides on XDA. it’s not hard but you’ll want to read over the steps a couple times. Look for the “Effortless” thread as it’s a great one to follow.

        • ChanceMAggie

          Hi Paul. I ended up backing up my files via Kies and did the factory reset and ended up reinstalling all the apps. Everything is fine and smooth now.

        • Paul

          AWESOME!! Glad to hear it.

        • Jimmy Bowers

          Same thing happened to me, tmobile guy said Master Reset. Lost tons of settings due to backups not getting it all. GGGRRRRR, QA people, if we need to erase the cache partition before updating then say so.

    • john

      My note 3 will not keep my peferences on my news page it did before the update now i have to keep updating Manueley everyone I read the news. Been getting a unfortunately Internet has stop working message also.

    • Melly1983

      I have the same problem also the home botton its just there totally useless, if any one call me I have to loose the call to see who was cause the call doesn’t pop up in the screen, I can’t see the hour, I can’t set any photo for the home screen phone or lockscreen…this updated sucks!!!

      • ChanceMAggie

        Melly, first things first. Nice profile pic.

        Second. .I know it’s PITA but just back up everything using Samsung kies and do the factory reset. Trust me I was annoyed at first having to lose everything but I am glad I made that decision cause my phone is faster and has longer battery life.

      • Jahrta

        yes, i agree. It must be said: amazing profile pic

  • Colin Barry

    I have been waiting for the update for the Note 4 for months., This is getting ridiculous. First it was end of December, then beginning of January, then sometime in January, then it was February. Nots it is March and I still don’t have Lollipop.

  • Sexual Harassment Panda

    Way to reward all us Note 4 buyers

    • Chance Strayer

      The Note 3 had access to the L preview for longer than the Note 4, since the note 4 hadn’t been released yet when the L preview was first released. Samsung had more time to update the Note 3.

  • 1ceTr0n

    Before the Note 4?? What in the literal fvck???

    • Kyle King

      Google had time to work on the note 3 update before having time for the note 4. Chill, they are working on it. If they can’t build it based on exact specs there could be issues.

  • I did the Lolliop update today on my T-Mobile Galaxy Note 3 through OTA via WiFi (required). Took over an hour for the download and install to occur (I didn’t log the file size). Install went without a hitch.

    Lolliop on the Note 3 is a very nice LOOKING GUI improvement over Kit Kat, with a cool new transitional effect between home screen panes, very much similar to iOS’ “blow-up” effect as the new icons set lands on the screen from the previous pane. The vertical folder “coverflow” of recently used apps when you press the home button is cool. Note, Widgets are now sort of hidden, and not in the apps folder under a tab anymore. You simply tap, then hold the home screen (the screen, not the button), and you’ll get 3 options to choose, including wallpapers, widgets and home screen settings.

    With what little time I’ve played with it, , and everything runs smoothly, including my most used apps. I’m not getting any error messages as others are reporting. And best of all, I can use both the stock Android email app for my Google account (required for Google Play), and still use other independent email apps without conflict, as I’ve had a problem with on Kit Kat.

    I’ll check back in if I encounter any problems with Lollipop on my Note 3. So far, so good!

  • Melissa

    Anyone having issues with wifi calling after this update?

    • Jake from state farm

      Go to your settings > connections > more networks > wifi calling. Select network usage only. Leave the settings via home button. Then back into the settings for wifi calling and select wifi preferred. This fixed it for me.

      • Melissa

        T-mobile’s solution was to replace my Sim card and charge me 7.99 for shipping on it and then send me a new phone after that failed.

      • Melissa

        Yet, it’s still broken.

  • vinnyjr

    What about the Note 4? The Note 4 could use the update as well.

  • Hannover Fisst

    I just not my notification for the Lollipop update on my T-Mobile Note 3. Note 4 users should start getting theirs in the next 3-4 weeks. File size is 1029.53mb.

  • ip247365

    when is it coming to the s4?

  • suchjr

    My wifi was very unstable before the update but afterwards my wifi is much more stable and quite a bit faster. I would have to turn my wifi off and then back on to get anywhere close to the speed of my other devices. Now it is as fast if not faster. The sertings are very different but after playing with them for a few days I’m getting accustomed to them. I like the look of Lollipop, its almost like having a new phone.

  • jeremy vega

    Is anybody experiencing GPS location toggle automatically turning on when your phone is at 15%. it keeps happening to me. i don’t know why or how to stop it from turning it on.

    • TaekwonBo

      My GPS icon was always turning on every time I turned my phone on or was opening apps. I long pressed the location icon and it was defaulted to High Accuracy mode. I later changed it to GPS only and don’t seem to see the icon appearing anymore.

      • jeremy vega

        thank you so much for your help and it worked.

    • Tyler

      That could also be a security function of Lookout or another app that you have that has a signal flare option. When your battery gets low, it sends out a ping for last known spot. That way if you lose it and it’s dead, you can go to your computer or app’s website and find the last known location.

  • Chula

    I don’t understand how the Note 3 got the update before the Note 4

    • Chance Strayer

      The Note 3 was out longer during the L preview. They had more time to work on an update.

  • Aizen

    I can’t browse my music by albums “unfortunately music has stopped” pops up. I can play my music otherwise.

  • Jimy

    I am having trouble with the touchwiz. For example, each time I press on a app icon and try to move it, it says,”Touchwiz has stopped” I don’t know why. There’s bug issues with the touchwiz, I believe. Additionally, the battery range did not come to change at all. It drains as usual like during the 4.2 kitkat. I realized my note 3 was way better with its original update the 4.3 Jelly Bean. Now with the new touchwiz, it keeps stopping. Can’t even move app icons at all. Apps crash like Instagram, and so forth. Same issue with the music player app.

    • Lynn Busse

      I would be interested in what the fix is for this as I am having the same issues since installing the update on my AT&T Note 3 last night.

      • cm

        Same issues here on AT&T with my s4, can’t add widgets or apps onto any of my tiles.

        • Storm.texas

          Same problem here!! Cannot add widgets to my home screen!! I feel the Vibration when I hard press the screen but Nothing happens!! Any known fixes?

        • cm

          I changed the launcher to Nova, so far so good!

  • j

    I just updated to the lolipop and now i cant even put folders on homescreen anymore how is this supposed to be better than kitkat anyone know how to put folders ive tried everything

  • Sara

    My phone is saying my system UI doesn’t work after the update! Does anyone know how to fix it?

    • Kyle King

      You can try a factory reset. I think for my phone, note 3, you power up while holding the power button and volume up (might be volume down, it’s been a while) and then choose factory reset in the settings. You may also have to re flash your phone but that’s a longer process

  • Bethany Muhvic

    After update my Touchwiz no longer works, can’t re-arrange the icons, lost the ability to custom set vibrate options for different notifications (ie in coming emails vs txt msg), my touch screen is “iffy” at best, my gps randomly turns on and searches while on wifi and my contacts are all separated out and a nightmare to clean up!! Would like to undo update, any ideas how?

  • rob g

    This update sux!!!! Can’t browse net while on a call (on wifi but not on a wifi call)…the whole scheme look like a little girls…have more dropped calls now in areas that had 4G or better before…just all around unhappy with this update…

  • jsuperstuff22

    Really has made the battery life poor, not only on my phone but also my gear 2 which before had a great battery, but now it drains very quickly.
    This update needs some major fixes, not only for battery drain, but also had the phone responding slower and occasion freezing

  • Cyndi Carr-Burwell

    I lost my wifi calling completly and Independ on it due to living 25 miles into the wilderness away from any signals. This sucks. I called and they sent a text with a possible fix but now I have to drive 25 miles to do it. I keep getting a sim card error also. If the link they send doesn’t fix it I may have to get a new sim card. Why do these updates cause problems for some people and not others? I’ve had to have 3 phones replaced due to past updates causing problems so bad only a new phone would due. I love the look of lollipop, nice blue and so easy on the eyes but I need my wifi calling. I wasn’t a big fan of the dark black theme of the last one. Hopefully the next update won’t have so many issues.

  • tommy

    My tmobile phone doesn’t show the 5.0 update is there any way to do it manually besides the Kies thru computer

  • Josh Pierce

    I lost all my apps, google play crashes, messages crashes and I can’t make calls. I now have a nice expensive paperweight

  • Music FilledLife

    When I go to the Internet and tap on Saved Pages my whole screen turned completely blank. Now I can’t find any of my saved pages. Is there any way to fix it or access those pages?