Android 5.0 Lollipop update now available for T-Mobile Galaxy S5


A couple of readers just got in touch with us to inform us that the long-awaited Android 5.0 Lollipop update has landed for the T-Mobile Galaxy S5. And by the looks of things, it’s a fairly hefty update weighing in at almost 1GB in size. It’s available to download over the air, so if you haven’t received a notification yet, check your settings and update manually. If that fails, give Samsung Kies a try.

With TouchWiz being so pervasive on Samsung’s phones, the Lollipop update won’t make as huge a difference to the overall look and feel, but you will undoubtedly see some great new features and more refined animations.


If you get it installed, be sure to let us know how the software looks and feels on your device. Does it improve performance? Give a shout out in the comments with any thing new that you notice.

Thanks, Marcus and Chris

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  • Julian C. Taborda

    Galaxy s5 now supports advanced wifi calling! Just tested this out, walked out of wifi range and call transitioned to voLTE and then walked into wifi range and call transitioned back to wifi calling!!!

    • JJCommonSense

      Oh wow now that’s fantastic! I never use WiFi calling because I don’t want to be tethered to the house if I’m on the phone.

    • Mr Paul

      Every AT&T phone now supports has always supported advanced cell calling! I just tested it out myself, as well. I walked into a building, and my call didn’t drop, and I came back outside, drove a few miles into the next town, and my call was handed off to another tower, and my call still didn’t drop.

  • taran

    i love the new look of the keyboard, contacts, dialpad, etc. Nice update. Everything seems to flow smoothly

  • MrMiddleFinger

    Just finished updating, it’s always good to get somthing new! It looks nice makes galaxy feel like you have a note. A little lag when swiping through apps. The keyboard is on point! Hidden game in the lolipop version button.

  • itguy08

    Wonder if this will actually make the GS5 reliable and fast? I’ll see in about an hour.

  • themask128

    This update has already made my phone much faster since updating this morning – you might need to clear the cache on google play services – it gave me an error regarding it needing an new version than the play store not finding it until i cleared the cache. Fingerprint reader is much more reliable now

  • Sean

    Only a matter of time before the Note 4 gets its update…

  • Silence Dogood

    Finally, just in time for Android to start rolling out their newer update. This process is wayyyyyy tooo slow.

    • Paul

      Android rolls out a new Android > Phone makers add their bloat and changes to Android > Carriers add their bloat and changes to Android > You get your update > ??? > Profit.
      It’s a long process and will always be a long process…unless you have a Nexus device.

  • Oscar Ayala

    I hope this fixes the random restart problems with this device

    • Peter Smith (CFSA)

      Oh you have been having that problem too.

      • Oscar Ayala

        Yeah it’s pretty annoying, hopefully this fixes that problem.

        • Mike

          I have that problem too.

        • Stevennnnn

          The random restart problem was because of VoLTE. I disabled it and the restarting stop…hopefully with Lollipop T-Mobile fixed the issue so I can use voLTE.

        • bart

          Ditto on the volte. I went through a repair and a warranty exchange… still had constant reboots. Disabled volte, and phone is stable. I can go weeks without a crash.

        • Garen

          No, I still had the random restart on lollipop for the same reason.

    • Tmoemp

      I read somewhere that that issue was cause by a battery compartment that’s just a LITTLE too big. My camera also rattles, only when the camera is off. Lame. Might upgrade before I even worry about this update.

    • Rob916

      Turning off VoLTE fixes the random reboot issue.

  • Bryann Pena

    When I get home, ima upgrade mine and see how it looks like.

  • JoeMail

    I hear xposed was just released for lolipop! good timing.

  • Rob

    I just downloaded the update to my wife’s GS5. Now when we restart the device, it will not go beyond the TMo welcome screen. Wonderful, just wonderful.

    • schweddyballs

      always back up your phone completely before installing any software, as boot loops can happen to any phone. after the update it will take a long time to boot up so be patient and don’t turn it off (5-10 minutes). if all else fails, hard reset.

  • galaxyNote4isBoss

    Happy for my Galaxy S5 owners on +T-Mobile​ I’ll patiently wait for my Note 4 to be updated.

    Pretty sure before February 28th it’ll be done. 

    • TatDude806

      Keep Dreaming! They are just now rolling out the 5.0.1 in Europe, I figure TMO will take another 6-8 weeks to “test” (Test=add bloatware) the software out. Too bad the CM people can’t find a way to port the SPen software over correctly, otherwise I would have rooted and had it already!

      • Android_God

        Congratulations! Your post just broke the nonsense meter! Please standby for your unicorn filled with skittles!

        • Paul

          DAMN IT!! I want some of those skittles.

        • Blkbear

          ONLY the unicorn horn will be full of skittles. If there is a rainbow in the Unicorn poop, it’s not due to skittles.

    • Paul

      Shouldn’t be too long for the Note 4, and then hopefully the Note 3.

    • squiddy20

      Says the guy who “knew” the Lollipop update for the Note 4 would be available before the end of 2014.

  • JB

    Here I am, sitting with my Note 4, all jealous… Lol

  • Paul

    Com’on Note 3 update!!!

    • Chimphappyhour

      Yeah, right now I’m engaged in a little race. Which way will I get Lollipop, Note 3 update or Nexus 6 64GB purchase.

      • Paul

        I keep looking at the Nexus, 64 Gig of course, but I keep coming back to my Note 3 with love.

  • TatDude806

    Ugh! Sad, the Note 4 is the f’ing flagship yet the S5 is getting it before we are. STUPID VR CRAP!

    • JJCommonSense

      Lol its coming young grasshoppa… lol let’s let them work the kinks and bugs out..

      • TatDude806

        The kink is that damned Occulus VR crap that 95% of Note 4 users will not buy!

    • AAAAAR

      S5 is the flagship, not the Note.

  • Shaking My Head at the PFY

    Chill out Note users…. Let the S5 users be the guinea pigs to report errors… You’ll get your prized software update soon enough to start slobbering all over yourself at the thought of the next update….. Android M when Google breaks tradition from dessert names and goes with something that describes the average human…. Android (M)oron… I think most updates actually cause more problems than they fix…..

    • Erik

      Also note 4 set to get 5.1 or 5.0.1 when it’s released. The s5 users can have their just 5.0. Them they have to wait longer to get what note 4 users have.

  • Jose M Gonzalez

    great! now can they just get to the LG G3 since everybody else already has it?

  • wilfredo

    Wow finally hope this fixes sum bugs the S5 been having too & im having such good week

  • Android_God

    I always love the comments whenever a big Android update is about to roll out. people comment about how horrible there not even year old old high end flagship phone is performing and hoping that the update fixes it.

    These posts occur without fail. The sense of entitlement is palpable. First world problems! BWAHAHA!!

    • itguy08

      Only on Android. Those with iPhone 5s’s didn’t have any issues with iOS 8….

      • Android_God

        Is the 5s the current flagship phone from Apple?

        • itguy08

          It was at the time of iOS’s release.
          iOS 8 was released on 9/17/14
          iPhone 6 was 9/19/14.


      • Gary Hernandez

        If i remember correctly didn’t apple recently have to do a recall on one of their updates because of bugs?

        • itguy08

          At least they recalled and updated everyone. Lollipop has many bugs and some may be SOL on fixes.

  • Mike

    Dont worry, after this data heavy update, im sure there will still be bugs. Its Android.

  • Drey

    This update makes my S5 look even better. I love how all the menus and apps changed. Is it just me or did the S5 also get faster with this update??

  • calgrav24

    This update finally solved my LTE connection issue I’ve had sonce June. It now stays connected all the time. Before it would completely lose signal from any cellular connection when I tried to download large amounts of data or watch YouTube, basically anything data intensive but now works perfect.

    • calgrav24

      Oh BTW this problem only would happen if I was on LTE but would be fine on HSPA+.

  • Mr. Samsung

    Any Samsung customer in need of help with backing up their phone or updating their device can visit their local Samsung Shops inside of Best Buys and speak to a Samsung Experience Consultant and get help at no extra cost. No matter where you bought your Samsung smartphone or tablet or how long you’ve had it. Keep in mind they do not do warranty claims here or fix phones, and they cannot update your software early.

  • Mattyme

    I’ve updated my S5 with android 5 update…. Now my phone has gone really slow, the battery isn’t lasting half as long and apps are not working the same as they were before the update!
    Not impressed at all….. Anyone else having trouble?

    • Oscar Ayala

      I was having that problem at first but after a restart now it’s much faster

    • calgrav24

      I haven’t had any trouble with mine after the update. In fact mine is running smoother than before. The only thing I have noticed is a message saying “contacts has stopped” in the background or something to that effect anyways.

    • Brian Richards

      We have two S5’s. Both are super lagtastic after the update. They also run hot now and have a variety of other issues.

      • André On

        Do a clean install and use Nova Launcher.

  • superg05

    that reminds me when the update for the edge is released i need to wipe my phone first

  • pv_seattle

    google now instead of touchwiz is so much better. Seems to work fine for me.

  • Man I really wish handset makers would not be so tight lipped like ZTE on whether they are going to upgrade us ZTE Z Max users on T mob to lollipop. Anyone have a any real news on that?
    I will say that the ZTE z max rocks so far on 4.4.2. Battery is 65% after 24 hrs. Its nuts. for 250.00 this phone is a killer deal. I also get 700 mhz Band 12 LTE I hear. wooo hooo

  • Dusty

    Took the update this morning and noticed that while in a call, if I need to make a selection to navigate a phone tree, the keypad tone seems to stick. even unchecking keypad tones doesn’t stop this problem from occurring. Anyone else experience this? The problem has been reported to both Samsung and T-Mobile.

    • superg05

      did you restart your phone after first boot?

  • itguy08

    Using it all day…. Meh. Don’t really like this “Material Design”. It’s kind of fugly.

  • Mike

    when will T-Mobile flagship phones Note 4 and Note Edge get lollipop ?

    • AAAAAR

      S5 is the flagship

      • TechNashville

        Uh. The Note line is also considered a flagship device, FYI.

  • xamarina

    I just update my TMobile S5 to lollipop via OTA and now I’m stuck in boot loop :( :(
    Please help!

    • trablezie

      If your talking white t mobile screen,let it sit,mine took bout 5mins,then it worked and running just fine and smooth.

      • Kris

        Yes, unfortunately, I got stuck in the boot loop too. I will try your method Anon. My phone has a black screen with the blue light on, and this happened after the update was fully downloaded, it just never booted up again. This won’t erase any of my contact and other personal information, correct? Just making sure, endless amounts of work and appointment information on it! Thanks!

    • Anon

      Go into recovery mode and clear Dalvik cache. Reboot the phone and you should be good to go.

    • T

      Remove battery

  • RonJeezy

    Update is nice battery seems better contrary to the reports from Sprint folks last week. Anyhow I do miss my little letter, email, Instagram notifications on the lock screen. The T mobile network name is there instead but other than that. It’s enjoyable. Mine has done that force close thing with the Contacts in the background a few times. And the reboot took like 3 to five minutes to pass that white screen as well I had to clear the chache to update Google services.

  • Brian Richards

    I regret doing this update. Phone is significantly slower and runs significantly hotter. Everything on the phone is seriously laggy now. We did this on two S5’s and both of them are now seriously lagtastic. And if slowing my phone down wasn’t bad enough the new horrifically ugly notification screen is burning my retinas out. I’ve also noticed it’s hit and miss being able to sent a text from go messenger now, and wifi calling sound quality is definitely reduced from the previous version.

    • Brian Richards

      NEW BUG: It now also seems to be impossible for me to answer an incoming call as the touchscreen goes completely non-responsive as soon as a call starts coming in.

      I’m also getting the repeated contacts has stopped working messages.

      • RonJeezy

        The blogs I read from the Sprint update state that most bugs right themselves after a few days

        • Brian Richards

          I hope so.

      • Brian Richards

        I’ll add that my battery is only lasting about half as long as it used to as well. Pretty much feel like I downgraded to an older phone at this point. A phone with color schemes picked out by a 5 year old.

  • Tmobile 10 yrs voicesteam

    S5 update did alot better on phone battery life app work fine call come in better so does data did it on 3 s5 work fine fast

  • Frank B

    Well, for those of you that have and/or use MobiLinc for home automation, don’t do this update. It breaks it. Apparently this version has an issue with Drop-down menus. This may have an issue with other applications that use drop-down menus. I spoke to MobiLinc and they said that there is an update (5.0.1) that fixes a lot of bugs that 5.0 has so hopefully TMO will push that update soon. Just an FYI… Other than that, it seems fine for now.

  • comfort80

    i don’t seem to have all the bells and whistles that 5.0 claims it has. like the guest/user mode and the fancy color changing clock…

  • byte_mii

    I would miss this update if you can. Have had it on my s5 for a few weeks and the phone is significantly slower and more laggy in general. A ton of errors including repeatedly saying contacts is no longer working. Also occasionally the touch screen freezes when there’s an incoming call making it impossible to answer and since the update my phone no longer routes to voice mail just rings out.

    • Dylan Aarhus

      That’s funny my update works flawlessly

      • Brian Richards

        That’s funny, I’m having all the exact problems byte_mii is having. Plus others. although the voicemail thing seems intermittent and I do believe it happened pre-update occasionally as well.

        • Dylan Aarhus

          I would say put all of your stuff on sd card and factory reset your device idk why mine works flawlessay but Im able to get emails and other things on my device

      • byte_mii

        Mine didnt initially very laggy then seemed to sort it’s self out and was much snappier unfortunately that didn’t last. It doesn’t seem to have a fixed state of being rubbish or not. Needing to restart my phone a lot, problems with the notifications and touch screen at the moment.

    • p0nch0

      How have you had it for weeks, when it has obliterated been days since it’s release?

      • byte_mii

        I’m on EE we got OTA update a few weeks ago.

  • pug_ster

    I’m hoping that t-mo would update my Galaxy s3 to 4.4.

  • Dylan Aarhus

    I just got android l on my gs5 and I’ve noticed a lot of changes the fingerprint scanner works flawlessly the battery life is much better and not to mention the material disign

  • Mike

    Please don’t forget the 5.0 update doe the Galaxy S4. We need some of the upgrades too.

  • Rob916

    This update has been PHENOMENAL on my S5. I did start over from a clean slate. I backed up everything with Kies first, I then removed the SD card and wiped it clean on my PC. Once the 5.0 update installed I did a factory reset and formatted the partition cache, reinstalled SD card, restored backup from Kies and my battery life is EXCELLENT now. 13 hours unplugged and I still have 36%, phone is snappier. I’m also not having any overheating issues like some of the others are having. I think the key to this update is starting clean.

    • uneek mariiposa

      I think everyone should do this after any update… Or essential to a better running system.. You start out fresh… Good tip.

  • Al Majetic

    Is this 5.0.0? Not 5.0.1 or 5.0.2?
    If it is I’ll definitely pass for now. I have four nexus devices and Google is yet to still release a better OS since kitkat.
    It’s funny some of you have mentioned longer life, when all the reports show it’s been worse due to bugs which Google is working on. I guess you haven’t had a solid clean OS without apps to compare to.

  • Nobody777

    Why oh why did I take the red pill (in this case, Android 5.0)? The same thing happened to me last time, when I updated the Android system on my Galaxy S3; terrible battery life after the update. My S5 has been running like a champ. I have consistently been amazed at the battery life and often bragged about it. Then I saw that update, just waiting to be downloaded… I thought, “remember what happened the last time?” but I ignored that little voice and instead let damn Morpheus talk me into the red pill. I said to myself, “Surely couldn’t happen again.” So I just pressed it……. UGH!!!! Now my battery is utter CRAP again!!! In fact, it’s so bad that the phone even died while connected to the power cable. It was draining so fast that it couldn’t even maintain charge. I am currently in the process of backing up everything. Gonna wipe it all and start over and see what happens then. Surely T-mobile has someone test this crap before then mass send it to everyone right? Why do they do this to us? I guess I have myself to blame on this one. I knew better and still tried it.

    • John

      I updated mine and it works fine except for minor bugs that I can deal with. My battery life is the same or maybe slightly better. Maybe go into recovery mode on your S5 and clear the cache. If that doesn’t work you can try factory resetting it as your last resort.

    • defcon888

      Same this is happening to my wife. She upgrade to 5.0 and her battery is taking a dive. I was told by T-Mo customer service that there might be a conflict with an app I downloaded and the OS downloaded. They recommended that I do a factory reset and and go from scratch. I am willing to do that…..just have to convince my NON-techy wife to give up her phone for a few hours…..pray for me….LOLOL

      • Nobody777

        I hear ya. :) I bit the bullet and just did a factory reset last night and it does seem to do the trick. Battery life seems decent again and all is running well… for the most part. A few things are glitchy (navigating through image gallery and a few other menus experienced some occasional stalls) but overall it’s running fast and I do actually like some of the updates. My wife doesn’t like that they made everything white rather than dark background, but it’s tolerable. The reset definitely is recommended! Now I just have to re-organized all my icons. :) Tell your non-techy wife it will be okay. ;) hehe

        • defcon888

          I think she likes it, but I won’t know until I get home (I work away during the week). The problem is going to convince her that I can fix it and make it better. I think I am going to install NOVA Launcher for her and get all her ICONS and folders figured out and arranged, back up the homescreen and then factory reset.

          Nobody777…..did you do a soft reset from within the phone or the hard reset (Power + Home + Volume Up)?

      • Brian Richards

        Few hours? It takes me like 2 days every time I have to reset to get everything back to normal.

  • Brian90

    Anyone have major issues with the Samsung touchwiz software after the 5.0 update? Try downloading the “google now launcher” from the play store–it speeds everything up quite a bit.

  • Mak14

    I have updated my GS5 to Lollipop on T-Mobile on 18th at around 8p MT. Since then (11p MT on 02/21 at time of writing this) I have not recharged my phone; yet more than 50% charge is still left. Okay, my usage is pretty low as of now. Just about an hour of screen on-time. But I could easily say that battery life on GS5 has improved a lot which was already very good. Fingerprint scanner seems to be working flawlessly now which was not the case earlier. Though visually there is not much different except a few minor changes, overall seems to be a good improvement with Lollipop update.

  • Robert

    I have found my battery has improved maybe 10-15% and it runs smooth. Love to know how to fix the contacts stop running notification. The best part is the phone is only using on average about 1.25 gigs of ram but before it was 1.48 or more on average.

    • RioMann

      That “contacts stopped running” piece is really irritating. Seems to pop up every time I pick up my phone.

  • Robert

    Also the cursor control is a thousand times better with the update for text/typing contentions and pasting.

  • André On

    My Note 3 said it doesn’t need the Lollipop crap. It works flawlessly and it’s rooted.

  • uneek mariiposa

    Does anyone know anything on the G900T1 model? galaxy s5? To get the lollipop 5.0 update?

  • dropthepuck28 .

    Updated my S5 and so far everything has been excellent. I checked quite a few forums and I think the key is to start with a clean slate. I removed my SD card, factory reset the phone and then applied the update. After the update was successful I performed another factory reset. Lastly, I formatted the SD card on my PC, inserted it into the phone and formatted it again. Sounds like a bit of work …it was, but the results have been worth it. My battery life is considerably better. Prior to the upgrade, on average I was down to 35%-45% at the end of each day, now I’m in the high 60’s lower 70’s. The phone is definitely snappy and responsive, no lags at all. Not certain if I can say it’s any faster, maybe it just seems like it is. Lollipop is really cool and worth the upgrade. To me the additional time spent performing the upgrade was time well spent. I have enough headaches in my life, don’t need any from a phone. Enjoy!

    • Guest

      When you say battery life is in 60-70% range… how often is the phone used during the day? or mostly standby.

    • Alex

      I have factory reset once already and I’m still having major lag, battery and crashing issues as well as my phone running extremely warm. How did you format your SD card? Could I accomplish this on a Mac without losing information?

  • TheMaster

    Reset to factory Settings after lollipop update works perfectly. No more lag no more errors and no more battery drain. Most if not all of the issues disappear and phone runs so smooth now.

  • Broadway71

    Upgraded GS5 to Lollipop. Had no issues. I thought it was stuck on the reboot like most of you reported. But it eventually passed it and upgraded normally. Just let it go do its thing (roughly 20 minutes give or take to complete upgrade). Works great!!!

  • 1ceTr0n

    Note 4 goddamnit!!

  • trablezie

    I downloaded lollipop on my galaxy s5 and it has silent mode,idk why ppl keep saying it doesn’t, when u hold button to put in silent mode,it stops at vibrate,just tap down one more time,after it stops at vibrate and now the phone is in mute mode,which is silent mode,other then that ever since i downloaded lollipop,i have nooooo issues and longer battery life to,just make sure u always do factory reset and clear cache to.

  • Ronda Morrison

    My only issue with the update.. I keep getting a pop up saying my contacts has stopped. . It’s annoying at times hopefully they fix that but other than that feels like a new phone love the new features still getting used to them.

    • Cijo

      I had the same issue. Clearing Cache files should fix the issue.

      • Ronda Morrison

        Thanks for the tip. .gonna try it now!

      • anthony

        In did it and it doesn’t

  • Nick Champley

    I updated my galaxy note 3 this morning and I’ve had nothing but trouble with it it totally reset my home screen back to when I 1st got the phone I keep getting messages popping up saying my touchwiz has stopped and my contacts I love the layout it looks awesome but please I hope it’s a bug and can be fixed cause I can’t move any apps anywhere on the phones pages or my home page

  • Alin

    SG S5, after upgrade and factory reset still appears bugs. Contacts stopped, back button crashes, apps crashes, it needs to be reset everyday.

  • Brandon

    nothing is working when I try to download this both ways tmobile white Samsung s5 model number SM-G900T

  • Justin Watson

    Nearly destroys battery life… Breaks custom notification sounds, I had to move the file to internal storage and select it again in settings to fix it. Contacts always crashes.

  • Gov Knows

    Can you uninstall the update and start all over again? That’s what I feel like doing, BUT I FOUND SOMETHING,!! If your having problems, download NOVA LAUNCHER It gives your phone a new look and most of all it gets rid of that annoying TouchWiz crap! The phone will get color again it’s great!! It makes it look like what your S5 looked like before the update!! And it’s FREE!! Google store.

  • Grace

    I updated my my Galaxy S5 a few weeks ago haven’t had a problem’s with the lollipop.. Runs nice and smooth..

  • kattb1

    Do not like the Change as it runs battery down faster and the change to mute or vibrate isn’t as easily found as before.

  • Rene Prado

    My upgrade went mostly smooth. No major improvement in speed or battery life. But! Red light (Pulse sensor) lights up on proximity to anything (my fingers or the desk were it lays), killing the battery faster. Also texting disappeared from Ultra power saving mode and no way to add it back.

  • Jesse May

    Have had lollipop on nexus 7 2013 since late December early January. That device is wifi only and have had no problems. Just got on S5 today haven’t had chance to try yet. Seems like there is an option to turn off most features that drain battery that people are having trouble with.

  • brian

    I received the lollipop update for the s5. It appears to be sluggish at best. I received 7 application updates (nothing special, facebook, netflix, nook, etc) that took over an hour and a device restart to complete over 4G lte. Battery usage even with Bluetooth, GPS and WiFi turned off is less than before the lollipop update. The battery used to last a day and a half but now has to be charged more than once per day. I also receive lots of errors complaining that “contacts has stopped”. The Google Chrome implementation could be better. It’s difficult to navigate chrome tabs now that the tabs have been integrated into the running applications area. Overall, I wish I wouldn’t have received this update.

  • AngryasHell

    How do I rollback this update? There’s now a three to four second delay with everything I do. This update turned my phone into a useless piece of crap.

  • B

    Guys, make sure that you phone is charged/charging. Because this update takes a while, and a lot of power.

  • claude

    For me this is a deal breaker with Samsung and Android. If they don’t fix this soon, I will never buy again an Android phone the way I did it with Blackberry before all the people. I need to charge my phone at 3pm, and before these updates my battery can last 32 hours, now barely 8-12hours. I checked the battery use and the problem is the “Android System” and “Android OS” and “Google Play Service”. Between those 3 they consume 30% of my battery. Before this upgrade normally Screen was in the first position. The good side is that now my phone doesn’t restart 4 times per day. Men, this is a catastrophe for Samsung/Google, the beginning of the fall if they don’t fix it soon.

    • bill

      Entirely bad update on note 3 Netflix wont run. The only reason did it was because some probably malware kept saying had to update within 3 times to fix battery from last update. That popup still pops up. oh well might as well have apple product

  • dude

    Samsung, why is this garbage update in my phone? It ran super fast before, now I can’t scroll a website without lag. Please, how do I rollback drivers/undo the update.

  • Rick

    Updated and crashed my phone. It died, restarted, died, and froze in the Tmobile boot screen. I can’t believe I was anxious to get this update.

  • angelo

    I updated note 3 to lolipop seemed ok takes some getting used to battery feels like its draining slower but I ran into a problem cause i can no longer take pictures or videos when i have them being stored on sd card. Im debating backing everything up and doing a factory reset and also reformating sd card im debating it becuse idk what other problems I will run into.

  • Manny Vasquez

    This update sucks big time I have WiFi issue contactsomeone issue alarm clock issue app issue and lots more stupid update

  • Mac

    i got the update.. It’s not that good.. there are a few missing things.. for example.. now you can’t tell when was the last time you unplug your phone from the charger… It only tells you how long you have before the battery dies. – also, on the Note 3, it does not come with Ultra Power Saving Mode… also, no privacy mode :(

  • Matt

    Sorry to hear that so many people have issues with Lollipop on their Galaxy S5. By contrast, the update was completely smooth for me. I did the OTA update a week or two ago, and have not experienced any issues, whatsoever. As for battery consumption: Currently, I have used my phone for more than 40 hours without charging it, and I still have 19% battery charge left. I am rotating the stock battery with 2 aftermarket batteries, and have not had issues with any of them.

    @Mac: Your phone’s uptime is logged under Settings>About Device>Status. I am sure there are apps that will make that a bit more accessible.

  • steveo

    Note 3: The new update sucks! Browsers all crash and phone freezes up.

  • frustrated

    Agree. Samsung/Tmobile’s version of 5.0 made S5 very unresponsive, slow. Plus i hate that the easy Do Not Disturb function is gone.

  • Craig List

    The most useless “upgrade” ever. Even after a factory reset, “contacts” is constantly dieing, the battery is never being charged to 100% on a USB3 port and drains within a day. This is really a bad joke.

  • pissed

    for t-mobile… what happen to the 3-way calling feature. every time i try it cuts everyone off…should of never downloaded it..

  • adgartech

    Updated now phone says unfortunately phone has stopped, now what?

    • Katrina

      Did this to me yesterday. Pop up every 2 seconds, couldn’t do anything on my phone. Only thing that worked was a hard reset with the power, home, and volume up buttons. Lollipop works like a charm now.

      • avi

        You just hold all 3 buttons???

  • unhappy user

    This sucks the biggest balls of any update I have seen. all settings removed, most apps are not working correctly and if I wanted to revert my phone to some romper room multi color paint job I would have hired Sydney Pollack. How about some consideration and control here. If I wanted you to purposefully and forcefully take control of my phone and mobile experience and tell me what I like rather than r3espect my personal preferences, I would have joined the sheep at Apple.
    No thanks, looking for a new phone and provider now.

  • unhappy

    Italy the worst update ever. Drains battery. Slows down my phone. Removes alarm clock. It’s just awful. Can’t stand the update at all

  • gabegw11

    Just wanted to shout out my experience. Yesterday I decided to give this new s6 a try. I am an iPhone 6 plus user and have heard so many awesome things about the new s6. I went in to the store and also convinced my roommate to get one as well, he also an iPhone 6 user. We got all set up and all seemed excellent then both phones said a software update was available. We upgraded both things seemed ok and rebooted then we started getting weird errors on both phone. Error 1. Google play services – Google play services , which some of your applications rely on, is not installed on your device. Please contact the manufacturer for assistance. Error 2.) Get google play services. This app won’t run without Google play services which are missing from your phone – get google play services. Error 3.) Lollipop fatal error – Force close, you touch force close all stops working on the phone then get messages like Android Services has stopped working stuff like that.
    Contacted T-Mobile – performed hard reset on the device factory reset. Same issues appeared however now multiple of the same icons on the screen etc. Thought maybe it was just me but also my roommate having exact same issues. T-Mobile said since error says to contact Manufacture they provide me with Samsung contact I called them up was on the phone for a little over an hour Samsung told me that we have several things to look at here after he investigated and put me on a prolonged hold he said that the problem is not on Samsung and not on T-Mobile however is on Google and Google is aware with this issue for a few weeks not but has not yet issued a fix or a resolution. Samsung rep apologized and said that I can send both s6 phones in to samsung for a manual reflash which will put me on the old version however that I can not re update to the new version otherwise same issues will arise and that would day 11 – 13 business days and I would have to ship in to samsung or I can go and get another device e.g older Samsung model. Anyways after this headache I am going back to my iPhone. I will say I really think the s6 is a nice phone other then the software problems and the charging is super fast love that and also the phone is super sexy but the other issues are just to frustrating. Just wanted to share my experience. I will give android another try in the future again I try it every few years.

  • mr pissed off

    Banking app stopped working. Google play services stopped working. Facebook app stopped working. Abdolute shit upgrade thanks mr Lollipop

  • R

    Upgrade crashed phone…had to resync everything on cloud. Horrible

  • juan

    This update sucks a$$ battery drains in four hour if that. ever since I updated to lollipop from kit Kat my phone has been stuck on stupid. Here’s some of the issues
    1. Battery life is gone like I said 4 tops
    2. Heats up just sitting on the table
    3. Always freezes up
    4. Gives pop ups say an app has STOP even if I haven’t opened it or opened a different app.
    The list goes on and on

  • David

    New stupid animations that I cant get rid of. The notification panel is now messed up and no “clear” feature at the top. Don’t want S Finder which wasn’t on my pull down before. I do not like how the notifications pop up. I am tempted to give my phone a hard reset just to not have this crappy update.

  • not happy

    Note 4 upgraded now I keep getting some spam thing to try a gaming app every time I open my phone! And my keyboard stops working. Wth

  • Debbie Preston

    S5 updated without my knowledge and knocked off over one thousand pictures from my phone and even my SD card
    I’m angry. Now they better find a way to undo that mess I never wanted or agreed to and get back my family pictures. It even took them from my paid backup from Google plus, photos, drive and SD card. This is unbelievable!

  • Richard Wiedeman

    My phone was fast and responsive now it has slow to a snails pace. Worst of all the most frustrating thing is google text to speech which I use all the time is so slow and crashes. What can I do to get that working again. I use Nova Launcher but it doesn’t seem to work well with Lollipop. I just paid 5 buck for it, I’d hate to get rid of it. Help.