Croatia and Paraguay added to Simple Choice international roaming

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T-Mobile’s list of countries supported by the free international roaming – as part of Simple Choice – continues to grow. Android Police noticed that Paraguay and Croatia are now included. Since launch, the list of supported countries, where you can get unlimited texting and 2G data roaming free of charge as part of  your Simple Choice plan, has now grown to over 120.

Oddly, Vietnam has been removed from the list, and it would seem that T-Mobile isn’t the only carrier to stop offering roaming in Vietnam. Regular reader, commenter and all-round tech-nerd Neal Gompa “Conan_Kudo” posted on Reddit a while ago that a “massive restructuring” of the nation’s networks have hindered roaming compatibility with a lot of international network providers. 

Regardless, if you’re planning a trip to Asuncion or Zagreb this year, you’ll be glad to know you can use your T-Mobile phone without getting charged any extra.

Source: T-Mobile
Via: Android Police

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  • taron19119

    When is t-mobile q4 2014 results conference call going to be held

    • VG

      Not announced yet, but most likely the last week of Feb based on prior years.

    • Kidney_Thief

      February 19th.

  • Willie D

    Actually Cam, “I” messaged you over a month ago that T-Mobile was killing Vietnam roaming, and it was due to government regulations. Thanks for giving credit elsewhere!!

    • Cam Bunton

      Apologies. I must have missed that. Neal’s explanation on that Reddit post was thorough, and I felt it beneficial to point the readers’ attention towards that.

      Thanks for passing on the message. I do appreciate it.

    • EndlessIke

      Maybe more than one person messaged him?

  • vlv723

    Now if only T-Mobile can change their slow 2G to decent 3G for international roaming, that will be great.

    • Zach Chadwick

      I can’t disagree with that. But then again, just to have roaming agreements with foreign countries that are not even on the same continent is impressive. Verizon and AT&T wouldn’t even think about offering unlimited SMS, and 2G data while traveling abroad for free.

    • hanfeedback

      I would pay for 3G, like say $10-$20 per GB, they could still make a profit, but for 500mb for $50 I have to get a local sim if I want more than the throttled speed they offer.

  • What, no Liechtenstein? I guess that when visiting uncle I’ll have to walk over to Austria to place calls.

    • Cam Bunton

      Haha.. maybe soon. ;-)

  • Bud

    Cam, why no article about EE being sold to BT. That’s a influx of funds for Dt.

  • dexi

    Usually, when I go to Europe I switch the simcard with the European one. Now it is less than necessary. Last summer and this winter I was in Poland. I had the Internet and messages for free, and for calling I paid no more than $40 during both trips. I am very happy that I didn’t abandon T-Mobile for 7 years already.

    • hanfeedback

      Im going to be in Poland for a month, I havent seen reports on their partners there, do you know which networks it works on besides Tmobile? which Im assuming it naturally works on.

      • Euro

        Orange and PLAY

      • dexi

        If you Roam it doesn’t matter. Just set your phone to automatically search for a network. With T-Mobile US we are not limited only to one network and it’s positive thing. In Poland in some places Play has better coverage, in other Plus, T-Mobile or Orange. Unless you want to buy a simcard from a Polish operator, then stick to T-Mobile or Play (Which have the biggest amount of data for very cheap).

      • patt

        In Poland you can simply choose any provider you want. If you want cheap data I would simply buy PLAY sim card, and swap with your tmo if you need to call US. 1gb data is like 10pln(3$) you can also find unlimited LTE plans only if your phone can pick up LTE (mostly iphones from USA)

        • hanfeedback

          MY phone has 1800 for LTE so it should work, I dont think Play is a good option, my research shows it’s not good outside big cities and I plan on traveling extensively through the country, I was curious of Tmobile’s roaming partners because I hadn’t seen a post about who they were but if I get a local sim I will need something with good coverage.

        • patt

          Oh I see but if you get local sim best coverage would be T Mobile PL.
          As far as for roaming all you do is pick which carrier you want to roam on. Play roams on all polish carriers where there is no service.

        • hanfeedback

          ok, I will look at Tmobile PL when Im there, thanks for all your help.

        • BadBatz

          I was there last November using two phones: local SIM (T-Mobile Poland) and T-Mobile USA roaming. My old unlocked Samsung s3 worked fine with the Polish SIM but the prepaid plans are byzantine over there with a myriad of choices and FAST disappearing money for both data and voice connections plus some bizarre charges I could never understand (and I do speak Polish but you can choose English when activating the SIM.) All in all it was cheaper to make local calls on the US line @ 20 cents/minute vs. almost twice as much on the Polish prepaid line. (I had the Polish number only because of people calling me from Poland.)
          As for T-Mobile USA roaming (HTC ONE M8) voice quality was very good and reliable, data often faster than EDGE (shows 3G, whatever that means) pings and speed test indicate .25 MB or so, but OOKLA testing is not very reliable abroad in my experience. The data speeds were plenty good for email, BBM, Google maps and some light browsing. The coverage is practically everywhere BUT in some parts of Poland there is only one frequency (say, 900 or 1800 for voice) so make sure that you have a quad-band for voice. I visited Warsaw, Krakow, Lublin and driven on highways and byways in central and south-eastern Poland, always with good coverage, way better and way more consistent than in eastern US :-)

        • hanfeedback

          Thanks for your input, I do appreciate it. I do NOT speak polish at all so I will probably stay with my TMobile US sim, I would only want a local sim for faster data access, I guess I’ll just have to see when I get there. I am on a Note4, so I would be missing the UMTS 900 band but it has LTE on 1800.

        • BadBatz

          To add to my previous answer:
          For email, light browsing, maps, etc. the data speeds offered while roaming are adequate. I don’t do Twitter, Facebook and such but often email pictures (1-2 MB) and text via BBM a lot the data connection speed never was an issue in Poland.
          Keep in mind that Poland is a scam central so beware…If you get a Polish SIM you’ll start receiving text messages (they are more familiar with the term “SMS”) offering you everything from soup to nuts, just delete those… Moreover, the cellular provider will text you often with offers meant to drain your account even faster than with normal use :-) Also, turn the Wi-Fi, BT and NFC off on your phone when you don’t need it – I’ve head constant issues with people trying to connect to my phone via BT (I use a BT headset a lot) esp. in Krakow. And speaking of Wi-Fi: before “free international roaming”, if you were on the international talk and text plan, you could make free calls to all the countries covered by the plan from any place on Earth provided you were connected to Wi-Fi (and Wi-Fi calling was supported by your phone, of course.) Since November 2013, even if you are on the int’l talk and text plan, you can only call the US for free over Wi-Fi from abroad and all other calls made over Wi-Fi, even within the country you are in, like from Poland to Poland, are charged as if you were using cellular network.
          Enjoy Poland – nice country, nice people but beware of scammers and right wing nuts.

        • hanfeedback

          Seems like alot of countries including mexico tend to find ways to drain credit alot faster than advertised. Since this is the first time I am going out of the country since I switched back to Tmobile. I guess I will have to see if the speeds are acceptable and if they are I might just make due with Tmobile’s roaming. BTW, how long were you out of the country? Im planning on being gone for a little while. My phone has Wifi calling but I also have the stateside talk and text which allows calls to polish landlines. Scammers probably target tourists in many places.

  • El_Chuletas

    I am in Thailand right now as part of a training exercise with the Thai army, I am using my tablet, it works OK slow but for free what r
    we can I ask for.

  • FILA

    I thought the international data was capped at 200MB of 2G internet?

    • nope, it’s unlimited with the simple choice plans.

    • Csr

      You may be referring to domestic data roaming. You get 200mb if you have an 11gb web or higher

  • ssjchaseutley

    Im getting an update on my SG4 and i cant download it bc i need to be on wifi (at work). I know its unrelated but i figure i post this somewhere. Anyone else have an update?

  • UralBas

    On Tmobile states that they do have coverage in Brazil and Bolivia.

    After travelling to these countries in the past 3 months, I have seen this not to be the case.

    In Brazil/Sao Paolo you will login with Oh! network, though you will be unable to make calls. No network coverage though you will be able to recieve phone calls at times.

    In Bolivia your phone will recognize Viva, You may recieve calls consistently and even have some 2G data network coverage. Though nothing useful in the cities of Santa Cruz, and Cochabamba.

    Wished the coverage was better.