T-Mobile Band 12 (700MHz) LTE network spotted in Amherst, Ohio

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For the second time in as many weeks, we’ve been sent a 700MHz LTE sighting. Last time out, a reader got in touch with a sighting in Houston, Texas. This week, a cell site is seemingly either going live or being tested in Amherst, Ohio. A reader managed to get it showing up in ServiceMode on his Galaxy Note 4 (above).

T-Mobile’s network chief, Neville Ray, on several occasions has indicated that the low-frequency network is already being tested and activated in a number of locations. Exactly how many, and in which markets, hasn’t been announced officially. We’ve heard of a site going live in Long Island, as well as the Houston and Amherst ones. But I’d imagine there are many more.¬†Since the number of handsets capable of logging on to them is small, it’s not likely we’re going to hear of that many sightings. That said, I’d be surprised if T-Mo didn’t mention it in its next major launch event which – if the company follows last year’s timing – will be at CES in January.

As well as rolling out 700MHz LTE and wideband 1700/2100MHz LTE, T-Mo’s also been building out LTE networks using the 1900MHz bands. Perhaps the biggest market among those is the Cincinnati area¬†which went live, officially, in October.

As always, keep in touch with us if you spot any network changes in your area. You can email me using cam@tmonews.com, and be sure to include screenshots and locations.

Thanks, Adam.

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