T-Mobile Cyber Monday offer: Free iPhone storage upgrades



T-Mobile has finally announced its “massive” Cyber Monday offer, and it isn’t an anti-climax as many feared it would be. In fact, it’s pretty awesome. From this morning, customers buying select iPhones from the online store will get a free storage boost. In other words, you’ll get the 64GB iPhone 6 for the price of the 16GB model. The offer ends at midnight Pacific Time, tonight (or when stock has gone).

While stocks last, the company is offering the following:

  • Buy an iPhone 6 16GB and we’ll upgrade you to an iPhone 6 64GB
  • Buy an iPhone 5s 32GB and we’ll upgrade you to an iPhone 5s 64GB
  • Buy an iPhone 5c 8GB and we’ll upgrade you to an iPhone 5c 32GB

T-Mobile points us towards the holiday deals page, which doesn’t seem to have been update yet. However, the product pages have been update to show the correct pricing. That said, I’m not sure I – or anyone else – could justify spending $599 on last year’s iPhone, when the current model with the same storage capacity only costs $50 more.

iPhone 6 – 64GB for $649 ($100 off)
iPhone 5s – 64GB for $599 ($48 off)
iPhone 5c – 32GB for $449 ($50 off)

Let us know if you’re planning on picking one of these up.

Source: T-Mobile

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  • 1st

    Well that sucks….

  • T-Mobile

    No promotions on real devices or plans?

    • Cam Bunton

      Still think the Note 3 offer is the best of the holiday deals.

      • Nathan S.

        I would go with the Note 3 if it were not for a decent amount of speaker and call quality threads out there. Great deal though. I currently have the note 2. Really thinking about trading it in for $174 and then picking up the nexus 6 64gb. would bring the total down to around $477 for the N6. Seems decent enough. I will have to wait around for it to ship whenever it gets back in stock which will be a downer.

        • schweddyballs

          just sold a note 2 on ebay for 290$, you may be able to get more than 174$ by selling 3rd party.

        • Nathan S.

          I may just do that. 290 sounds a good bit better than 174. :) Thanks for the tip. I went ahead and ordered the Nexus 6 64gb version. claims should be here in 15 days due to backorder status. :)

    • jacky

      nexus 6 and samsung note 4 is on sale cyber monday at @48 discounts.
      i just picked up 3 samsung note 4 @$48 discoutns each phone.

  • Chris

    Only iPhones? That’s extremely disappointing. Oh well, full price it is.

  • finally

    well since i was planning on getting an iphone and held off for a couple of months this is great news! i know many of you guys hate apple but ive had both android and ios and honestly all the features that android provides are great but i really never use them, but that’s just me i know many of you do. ios simplicity fits me best. just ordered mine!

  • Verizonthunder

    Really T-Mobile are you having that much trouble offloading the regular iPhone 6. Why not include the Nexus 6 for Cyber Monday with a similar promotion?

    • Jason Crumbley

      Because they don’t have any Nexus 6 in stock.

    • TheVorlon

      Have you noticed that Google doesn’t have any in stock?

      • Verizonthunder

        Sorry been busy spending thanksgiving with family and friends. I was not aware they were having a shortage.

    • schweddyballs

      It IS 50$ OFF. NEXUS 6 32GB IS 600, AND 64gb IS 650, THATS 48$ LESS THAN IT WAS YESTERDAY. That’s the same “storage upgrade” as iphone

  • voicestream

    looks like the galaxy note 4 is $48 off

  • Matt

    What a joke…

    • donnybee

      Didn’t realize that giving people $100 off the price of their phone was such a joke.. That sure is a nice high horse you got there.

  • Arjun

    How to take advantage of this and $75 accessory offer plus free $20 bluetooth speaker?

    • voicestream

      Don’t think you can. The accessory and speaker offer is only for qualifying Samsung devices or the Sony Xperia Z3.

  • Justin Plecko

    Major letdown! Great if you want an iPhone, sucks once again if you want anything else.

  • Angry Customer

    And of course I would have a problem doing it if I was an existing customer. New customer only apparently

    • schweddyballs

      Still avail to existing customers.

    • jacky

      available to existing customers too. i dont know where you get that information only for new customers only. im existing customer and i just picked up 3 samsung note 4 @ $48 discounts each phone.

      • angry customer

        Refering to the iphone deal

  • marky

    Is the $48 off the Note 4 online only or in store prices as well? I wanna do the accessory and speaker deal with this but it’s in store only.

    • schweddyballs

      the 48$ is a web only discount

  • HangmanSwingset

    I would be excited if this applied to the 6 Plus. And a 128GB for the price of a 64GB. It’s a shame, since my 64GB 5S is pretty cramped, and I just sold off the iPad.

    • Dakota

      There’s no reason not too as its $100 difference regardless

    • Ford_Thundercougarfalconbird

      Or buy an Android with expandable memory and save yourself a few hundred dollars for lattes and skinny jeans.

      • HangmanSwingset

        There aren’t android phablets that have longevity like iPhones do. My phones typically stay within the family.
        And, financially speaking, as much as I’ve invested into the app ecosystem, I’d be spending around the same amount restoring such content.
        But. You know. Everyone MUST like android.

  • Noah Mamo

    Available for new lines of service only. Guess I should switch to ATT to get TMo to care about me again…

    • steveb944

      That’s what the last deals said as well and current customers were able to take advantage. Check mytmobile to be sure.

      • Noah Mamo

        You’re right, thanks. Except they’re still charging $100 down instead of charging $0 down like the 16gb. Meaning that I only save $50 if I upgrade after 12 months since the $100 in savings is spread over 24 payments…

    • schweddyballs

      Still available to existing customers to. I just did jump upgrade and got 50$ off nexus 6

    • Dakota

      Go to a prepaid like straight talk for a month

    • thepanttherlady

      Just checked two different accounts and show the discounts there.

  • tmobilesham2014

    The “MASSIVE Deal that wasn’t!” it was the most ridiculous no deal they could have conjured up. Here’s to hoping dish network does buy up tmobile and cleans up the executives at the top.

    • donnybee

      Who said you’re entitled to a deal? And how is that a failure of the leaders? Grow up.

    • jacky

      Uhhh i picked up 3 samsung note 4 @ 48 discount wach phone i think its a sweet deal.

  • Chad Dalton

    haha, glad i picked up one of the Note 3’s…

  • schweddyballs

    Just scooped up two nexus 6 32gb, through my jump upgrade. Saved 100$. 32gb version was IN STOCK, AND 50$ OFF (dunno about the 64gb stock I would imagine its low/back ordered). T-Mobile still does promos for existing customers guys.

    • thepanttherlady

      Ordered my 64GB on Wednesday and called this morning to ask if I’m able to get the $48 off so I don’t have to cancel and reorder. The rep said she’s notated the account and will manually add the credit when the phone has shipped which should be within “7 business days” from when I ordered. *fingers crossed* :)

      • Adrayven

        Odd they didn’t just do it on the spot.. I mean.. why wait to credit account?

        • schweddyballs

          most likely to ensure the order is not canceled to just get a free 48$ discount.

        • thepanttherlady

          That makes sense since I think it would have to be a $48 bill credit versus lowering the cost of the phone.

  • KingCobra

    Good deal. Too bad I already bought my iPhone 6 though it would have been great to save a cool $100.

  • Dakota

    Probably best iPhone deal…Im almost tempted but keeping my old device at least another year. Hope they don’t run out, pissing people off. Too bad they didnt do any promo as this would have gotten them a lot of buzz. Many people will never even know about it. They could have at least done a teaser of something big coming for iPhone on cyber Monday

    • Steve R.

      As of right now(8:50am PST) it seems as if the promotion is still running. I purchased two iPhones at 2am though, just in case they did run out briefly. It could just be that the offer wasn’t publicized very much?

      • CalicoKJ

        I did mine at 10 PST and they were still offering the deal.

  • kev2684

    welp, isn’t this a massive let down to non-iPhone fans. lol. i was thinking of lower plan pricing or an upgrade to their cheapest prepaid with $45 unlimited talk/text/5gb LTE, an upgrade to $30 100min/unl text/5gb walmart data plan when they said massive cyber monday deal not one sector of their entire 50+ million customer base.

    • jacky

      Uh i picked up 3 samsung note 4 @48 discojnt each. Sweet deal.

      • jacky

        48 dollars discount each.

  • brybry

    glad the phone never came back in stock at my local store.
    Got the 64gb silver for the price of 16gb.

  • MarkieE

    So T-Mobile advertises “Massive Cyber Monday Deals” even before Black Friday. But when the day comes, conveniently leaves out Android users. Not bashing T-Mo or favoring Android vs. Apple, I just think it was unfair of T-Mo to advertise in that manner.
    Their marketing should have been something like: “Massive Cyber Monday Savings on iPhones”

    • thepanttherlady

      Samsung Galaxy S5
      Samsung Galaxy Note 4
      Nexus 6

      All state Cyber Monday deals on their site.

      • Android_God

        Don’t expect the Android crybabies to be rational! BOO HOO HOO!

    • Cornelius Hardy

      I agree. Should have been massive iPhone sale, and they could have done that any day of the year. Cyber Monday should have been for all os’s.

  • Got the Nexus 6 for $48 off, awesome!

    • jacky

      Picked up 3 samsung note 4 at @49 dollars off sweet.

  • Cornelius Hardy

    Not massive at all. Only one device is on sale. Wish they would have gotten some windows phones, or left the HTC m8(windows) at $48 off. IPhones are like a virus that keep infecting all of these walking machines.

    • donnybee

      Then call me infected for having a better written OS and the best performing hardware all the while keeping malicious software and attacks at bay natively. Yep, I must be infected.

      • Cornelius Hardy

        I didn’t say it to start a fight. If you purchased a iPhone because you like it and it works for you, then that’s great and how it should be. A lot of people only buy it because it’s popular or they think they’ll be cooler. I can’t begin to count the people who can’t answer one simple question. “Why do you like iPhone?” I’ve used them all and prefer windows phone and windows pc’s over everything else. Although I will only buy devices from Dell or Microsoft. I buy what works for me, and I’ve never had any of the problems you mentioned. Not a 100% Microsoft fan since I do prefer the WiiU over both Xbox and playstation

  • HeatFan786

    That’s a decent deal since the 16GB 6 is a rip off. Apple should’ve done away with 16GB and kept 32GB as the starting point.

    • Fabian Cortez

      But that makes no sense for Apple with respect to money.

      For the consumer it sucks because you now have to spend an extra $100 since we all know 16 GB isn’t enough.

      For Apple, well, do I really have to explain?

      • HeatFan786

        They will be forced to eventually since the market sets the standards, not Apple.

        • Fabian Cortez

          Unfortunately, Apple seems to be that single outlier that sets the trend.


    • John

      Apple is strict when it comes to pricing and stuff. It would be nice for Apple to do what you are suggesting. However, Apple is very money hungry. On the bright side at least with this years models you go from 16 to 64 to 128. Rather than on last years models it was 16 to 32 to 64. Overall I agree with your point of view. I just don’t see Apple doing what you suggest any time soon.

      • HeatFan786

        I disagree on the time frame. Who would’ve seen them going with a 16-64-128 last year? Not many. Apple is rushing more than before. Yes, NFC came very late and is a huge marketable feature for Apple Pay, but they rushed into pushing the 1080p display to keep up with the HTC One M8 and GS5. Apple needs the 6S to focus on the regular demographical area while getting the 6S Plus for the productivity, big screen, etc demographic.

  • Steve R.

    Got two iPhones at 2:30 am =D A savings of $200 when we were previously planning on waiting two more weeks to buy them at regular price is a pretty good Cyber Monday deal, especially for iPhones on T-Mobile.

  • Erik Knudsen

    What a terrible cyber Monday offering. TMoNews, you’re definition of “pretty awesome” and mine could not be further apart.

    • donnybee

      I personally think this is pretty awesome. Maybe not on the older models, but for the latest and greatest with a free bump from 16GB to 64GB it’s pretty awesome. Especially considering that Apple devices don’t usually get a very large decrease in price due to strong continued demand.

      • John

        Strong demand and Apple is the most strict of any smartphone manufacturer when it comes to pricing.

        I agree it is an awesome deal considering. However, it was stupid to leave the 6 plus out of this offer. It would have been nice to see the iPhone 6 plus 64GB reduced from $849 to $749.

    • pramarama

      I agree with the other responses. For an Apple phone that was just released recently, $100 discount is about all we could ask for. How often do you see iPhones on sale, not including old models?

      • John

        I agree!

        To answer your question. Rarely on new iPhone models.

  • Stephanie J.

    Mine account is still showing up as $749 for the iPhone 6 when I login and try to check out…

    • CalicoKJ

      Mine did that, but if you multiply the monthly payments they come out to 549.84, so adding in the down payment it’s 649.

      • pramarama


  • Raiterio Patterson

    There are better deals for a 32GB unlocked on eBay. Go home T-Mobile, you’re drunk.

    • Guest

      32GB iPhone 6? Go home, you’re drunk.

      • Raiterio Patterson

        Forgot to mention I was referring to the iPhone 5s 32GB unlocked.

  • Sarge

    I attempted online o get the deal online and it wouldn’t go through citing my plan was not correct, even after upgrading the plan. I was directed to call a number and called it. After 15 minutes of waiting , I was directed to either hold or leave a message for them to call back. 20 minutes later I received the call and was then forwarded to another rep from sales. That meant holding for more than half an hour only for them to hang up when the phone to connect started ringing. This is again a lousy customer service experience.

    • k

      Are you on a business account?

  • tomnewtn

    I just registered for a Cyber Monday code for a nice discount on Moto X. Now it will be the same price as Nexus 5. And actually ship.

  • John

    Good deal, but not sure why they decided to exclude the iPhone 6 Plus from getting the $100 discount on 64GB.

  • Joey Soloo

    Good Deal…….

  • Rob O’Connell

    anyone else having trouble buying? Every time I click ‘buy now’ I get the following message:
    “We are sorry, our systems are not currently available. Please, wait a few minutes and try again.”

    of course it’s been this way over an hour for me!
    I’m trying to buy the discounted note 4….

  • Gregoron

    Not a bad deal on the 5c. The 8gb was originally selling for $450 and the 16gb for $480 at some stores. I got the 32gb from this sale for the price of an 8gb ($450). I think they’re getting rid of inventory to make room for the 6 and 6 Plus.

  • Russianrat

    Still paying the down payment on the 6….they take the 100 bucks off at the end…

  • David

    Deal’s gone it seems.

  • Chris

    Waited on 611 for 20 minutes to confirm that website crashed and that the deal expired “hours ago” because of stock issues. Pretty sad.

  • Did anyone here get their order in for the iPhone 6 (64GB)?? If so, did you get any updates on your order yet? Thanks.

    • B. J

      They sent me a text this morning saying the order has been shipped.

    • Nick Gonzalez

      So I actually ordered my iPhone 6 64GB in gold on Friday and was told then that there’s a 2-3 week wait. On Monday when I found out about the cyber deal I called T-Mobile to see if I could get it in on the deal somehow (being a 10 year customer) since I just missed the deal.
      They gave me a $100 credit on my bill.
      And there’s still a 2 – 3 weeks wait, at least for me.

    • Philly Jim

      Yes and No

  • CJ

    So I was told the systems were down and they would call me within 72 hours and would honor the deal :) Let’s hope they are true to their word or else the 12 year customer is going to Verizon :)

    • It would be silly to leave over a this lol, but that’s your choice. Enjoy those horribly high phone bills at Verizon, because that’s all you will get.

      It’s funny how some of get mad when you can’t get what you want, when you want it. Of you missed it, you just missed it. I’ve been with them 19 years, and I’ve taken the good with the bad. Do the same, and don’t become self untitled.

      • CJ

        No I would leave for bad coverage I get 2 bars at my house and no bars where I travel for work. I am also not sure I am a fan of paying full price for a phone I kind of miss 2 year contracts, but I could be the crazy one lol. I have been very patient and I agree Verizon is not the best but it works everywhere I go.

        • If you have bad service, why would you stay for 12 years? Makes no sense at all. You are obviously upset you couldn’t get in on this deal, fact. So you coverage can’t be bad…it’s cool though.

        • CJ

          I feel a company should honor what they say if they say they will call back in 72 hours they should – so far 24 hours later they have not called back. I wish we had a choice between 2 years and Jump Program.

        • Goofy

          So you’re making this about rate now, right? What’s the benefit of “Jump” over T-Mobile? Don’t you pay for your device with Jump just like Tmo? And the two yr. program is much more than $27.10 more than Tmo not to mention additional lines are like $40 ($10 on Tmo) ATT; not to mention Data is $25 each Gig above your contracted amount. Good luck on ATT. Not to mention how terrible their CS is.

    • CJ

      So as for an update – T-Mobile did call me back and honor the deal. I am glad Legre is fixing the issues at T-Mobile and bringing back what originally got me to T-Mobile good Customer Service.

  • Philly Jim

    I tried several timess on my computer got all the way to the end and website wouldn’t let me complete the order called seversl times was told to be transferred to there website server managers or something like that got disconnected , final cahance I called around 12:10 est put the phone on spesker I was in bed somebody answered at 12:50 tried explain then got cut off and t mo closed , all together spent about 3 1/2 hrs on the computer and on the phone trying to take advantage of the promotion , it would of been an upgrade , now I know if I said I wanted a new line it would of been no problem , I left sprint after 18 yrs for there bad service and even worse customer service, t mobiles customer service is going the wrong way , I, ve caught Rep’s lying at least 4 times only to have to ge it straitened out through retentions………..tried to call today was put on hold after a half hour I just hung up, it’s not the 100 $ deal I’m mad about , it’s about honoring your advertisement , I’m a small business owner and have offered saving’s and special’s in the past and if I couldn’t service that customer when the coupon was going on , I alway’s made good on it no matter what, that’s customer service, it there wherea problem with there server’s fine then honor the promotion the next day or make good on your advertisement , this isn’t my first batttle with T Mobile but it might be the last , just tired of all the BS , life can be aggravating enough don’t need it from a phone company .

    • Gregoron

      I originally placed an order on Monday via Chrome browser and it wouldn’t let me sign the agreement prior to submitting the order. I tried Explorer and that got me through my purchase without any problems.

    • Chris

      I used twitter and even though they aren’t super fast, T-Force members will honor the deal. Try it out @TMobileHelp

      • Philly Jim

        Thanks for your help after several phone calls I finally got to the right person and they honored the deal, the CSR was very helpful and went out of her way to make sure I was totally satisfied, my daughter will have a Merry Christmas….

        • Chris

          Nice glad to hear it worked. frustrating at times but TMO does try harder than other carriers in trying to make things right. It’s the abusive amount of calls that some people put in to force discounts that ruins it for the rest of us.

  • Lmao

    Did anyone who ordered a 64gb space grey have their order shipped yet?

    • Yes.

    • Goofy

      Yes, I did. It’ll be in So Fl tomorrow. UPS Ground from Louisville. Ordered around 10am EST on Monday.

  • P-Dubs

    I am surprised to see many people had so much trouble ordering the phone. I used chrome browser on Windows 8.1 on Monday around 12pm PST and it went through first try smoothly. And today I just got a text with shipping confirmation. I ordered iPhone 6 Gold 64GB.

  • 214jj

    Hello I ordered an iPhone 6 64gb , gold on monday. But I guess it didn’t go through. So I reordered Friday , and they honored the deal since for some reason it got canceled. Any guesses on how long I’m going to have to wait? Order says being processed still.

    • P-Dubs

      I got mine today, I ordered right on Cyber Monday.

  • daRav

    I’m waiting on 2 64gb gold/gray, 1 plus 64gb gold and nexus 6 since Nov. 24