Reminder: T-Mobile’s Cyber Monday offer goes live at 5:01am Eastern tomorrow [Updated]

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Just a few days back, T-Mobile announced that – along with its other holiday deals – it would be kicking off a “massive” Cyber Monday deal (or deals) tomorrow.  The carrier stated that it will announce the offer tonight at 8pm Pacific/11pm Eastern.

“And there’s more holiday goodness to come. Next up, Cyber Monday’s right around the corner. Watch for a message from us telling you all about T-Mobile’s very special Cyber Monday offer this Sunday at 8:00 p.m. PST – and then get your browsers warmed up for 12:01 a.m. PST on Cyber Monday, December 1st.”

We’ve still not heard any specifics on what this offer entails, but the announcement and offer should show up on the T-Mobile holiday deals page later tonight.

Update: T-Mobile got in touch to inform us that the scheduled time of the offers has been pushed back by two hours. This means the offers won’t go live until 2:01 Pacific/5:01 Eastern, with an announcement due at 11pm Eastern.

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  • scuttlefield

    Why put the ET time in the title when the announcment is in PT, the company is in PT, and it just seems to make more sense since it’s the first minute of Cyber Monday? Not to be nit-picky, I just get tired of apparent East Coast bias now and then.

    • Shane83646


    • Brian Perez

      I guess east coast carriesmore weight/revenue hahaha

    • Cam Bunton

      Force of habit.. I’ve been working with my head in Eastern Time for nearly 5 years now.

      • Sean

        Those of us from the East Coast don’t mind ;)

        • Android_God

          I’m on the east coast and his bias comment made my jaw drop!

      • Android_God

        Suuuuure bud! It’s OBVIOUSLY BIAS!!!

      • Nick

        What??? I thought you did it just for me :)

    • Android_God

      Of course IT MUST be bias! There COULDN’T POSSIBLY be any other reason! Because well… EVERYTHING is a conspiracy!!!

    • EndlessIke

      Because that’s where 50% of the US population lives?

    • hit_the_lights

      Lol what a dumbássed thing to whine about.

  • Clint at T-Mobile

    Just a quick note that it’s actually going live at 5:01 am et tomorrow – or :2:01 am pt for pt time zone fans :).

  • Justin Dirak

    There are some amazing deals that Amazon is offering, they literally update them every 10
    minutes. I found this website that has a hand picked list of best Amazon deals currently available cybermondayfox. com

  • Tmo Oldtimer

    Was just messing around with the family plans and noticed that Data seems to be showing up cheaper in the cart than when initially selected. Discounted data maybe part of the Cyber Monday deals???

    • PHL

      I’d be interested to hear what you saw in your cart. I tried playing with my account, but I did not want to take any chances with screwing up my 2.5GB promo plan. I did notice that the option for adding 2GB to the 2.5GB (4.5GB total) appears to be gone. Anyone deal with this lately?

      • Tmo Oldtimer

        I too did not want to screw around with my account so i acted as a new customer. I am still on a classic plan looking to upgrade because we are in need of new phones and all 3 of our line contracts end this month. When selecting data on the family plan it shows cheaper in the cart, i.e. 1GB show up $0, 3GB shows in the cart as $10?Anyone know why this is?

        • JE_25

          That is T-Mobile current pricing for their Simple Choice plans. It is 1Gb for $0, 3GB for $10, 5GB for $20, and Unlimtied for $30.

        • PHL

          JE_25 is correct. The baseline Simple Choice plan already includes the 1GB high-speed data.

          Bummer about not being able to add the 2GB for $10 any more to my promo plan. $10 for an additional 500MB is not really worth doing.

          Of course, I guess I really don’t have much to complain about.

      • JE_25

        The additional 4.5GB for $10 was for a limited time only. It ended when the promo plan ended. Anyone with it is grandfathered in but there is no way to add it at this point.

  • david

    Just so you guys know, tomorrow, Motorola will be offering the 2014 Moto X for $360.
    It’s part of their Cyber Monday special. It’s GSM unlocked. The 2013 model can be found for a cheaper price, but for those who need the lastest model, this might be a way to go.

    • epsiblivion

      how much for the 2013?

      • david

        The white unlocked 16gb version is $280 at amazon. Search B00E92B88I at amazon.

        Late last month, MobilePros1 via EBay, was selling it for $230. They sold over 3000 of them at that price.

  • Dee

    cmon T…its 11.01..wheres the deal?

    • Yeah report back if you find it.

    • Dorkalicious

      Exactly. I want to go to bed.

      • Tmobile Cares

        Go to bed then. We here at TMobile just want you to keep paying your monthly bill, thays why we offer crappy deals on Black Friday

  • sidekicker89

    sooo what is the announcement?… it’s 11:10 Eastern

  • Dee

    I wonder if they are going to announce now.May be its meant for 5.01 AM EST….5 more minutes and Iam out to bed…..been waiting for past 2 hrs….ehhhh!

  • h

    Its iPhone deal booo

  • alex
  • ican’ttelltimeworthchit

    maybe it’s free smartwatches for all employees because they obviously can’t tell time

    • Mr. T

      zero down smartwatches, no employee discount just customer pricing!
      Johnny’s not giving away his salary fo nuthing fooooo!

  • PS

    Free IPhone Memory Upgrade and other Smartphone Deals announced for Cyber Monday Deal:

  • confused

    Where are the deals…

    • dilbert grapefart

      they everywhere you just have to use your imagination

  • G
  • Looks like that “h” person was right. I searched for “T-Mobile cyber Monday” on twitter and came across a couple things saying they’re offering a 64GB iPhone for the price of a 16GB iPhone. Great deal but no iPhone for me.

  • Georgie


  • Georgie

    Galaxy note 4 $100 off
    Iphone 6 plus $100 off

    • TSON1


    • confused

      where? link please

  • Moreblowhards

    Why is it that Carrier offers and promotions are mostly bull crap? Don’t they understand that the bluster and misguiding word games turns off customers and promotes ill will?

  • Cornelius Hardy

    I’m seeing iPhone deals online. Only news besides current $48 off deals. Not news for me. Hate iPhones.

    • confused

      where are the deals?

      • Cornelius Hardy

        I just typed in tmobile in bing and cyber Monday news came up. ZDNet for one.

  • Dee
  • Mary Flores
  • Jaime Wilkesheski
  • JBLmobileG1

    I wish it was the Nexus 6 64gb version for the same price as the 16gb version. If it is only an iPhone deal, where’s the Android Love?

    • kev2684

      nexus 6 is brand new. don’t expect any sale for an item released within the last month especially if they are struggling to keep it in stock at it’s regular price.

  • craig

    any word on if the note 3 $100 promo is being carried over?

    • Rtoodeetwo

      I ordered a Note 3 on the website on Saturday and they’re backorder at the moment.

      • craig

        thanks. actually works better for me to take a while before activating. i have a verizon moto g still prepaid through jan 8!
        i was waiting for monday deals — but didn’t want to miss the $100 off.

    • wheresthedeal

      Just ordered mine w/ the $100 promo… couldn’t wait any longer for the “Cyber Monday” deal.

      • craig

        likewise.. not like they were going to make it $150 !

  • Dee
  • nick
  • Eli M.

    Below my expectations:
    T-Mobile Un-leashes iPhone Upgrades on Cyber Monday

    Starting at 2:01 am PST on Cyber Monday, buy a new iPhone online at and T-Mobile will give you a free memory upgrade. This
    offer is only available online and inventory is limited. Simply go to

    The following memory upgrades are available for the iPhone 6, iPhone 5s and 5c on Cyber Monday:

    Buy an iPhone 6 16GB and we’ll upgrade you to an iPhone 6 64GB
    Buy an iPhone 5s 32GB and we’ll upgrade you to an iPhone 5s 64GB
    Buy an iPhone 5c 8GB and we’ll upgrade you to an iPhone 5c 32GB


  • AxelCloris

    I guess that shows me not to order an iPhone next year until after Black Friday. Could have saved $200 on my wife’s and my phones.

  • Shane83646

    From the T-Mo Website:

    Our Cyber Monday offer is on its way!
    We are currently working on updating our site with exciting new offers and will have them up and running shortly. Please check back soon to get our amazing Cyber Monday deals!

  • Mairaj Khan

    DAMMIT. I just ordered two 64 gb iPhones on Saturday.. any chance I can get them to give me the lower price?

    • confused


      • confused

        I just got $100 bill credit HOLLA

        • Rey Charger

          What did you asked ?

        • confused

          i ordered on tuesday so i told them my situation

        • Romdude

          That’s normal as it is within the buyer’s remorse period which is usually 14 days. During that period, you can always ask for whatever is the best deal after you bought your phone or just return it and get the newer deal if they don’t agree.

        • confused

          No I told them I was going to kill a puppy if they didn’t give me a deal. I had to make the dog yelp a couple times but the cs got it done!

        • Romdude

          The puppy thing would have been my next suggestion but you beat me to it.

      • Rey Charger

        Let us know what cs tells u

      • CAPZ ALL DAY


    • JaswinderSinghJammu

      They should or return if the difference is more than $50.

  • ChitChatCat


  • Srsly? :l

    They’re an hour late with their cyber monday “announcement”. I’m patient and all, but they had all day to prepare for this I’m sure. Unbelievable. All we can do is get over it and wait, which sucks.

  • JaswinderSinghJammu

    That’s week and leaves the Android fans out of there and no new tablet announcement or deals at all.

    • confused

      $150 0ff the galaxy s5… *sips tea*

      • JaswinderSinghJammu

        That is not cyber Monday deal bud. What’s in your tea? :)

        • Treysdaddy

          You didn’t mention Monday and misspelled, “weak”.

        • JaswinderSinghJammu

          Yup you got me there with the spelling. But you knew what I meant.

        • Treysmommy

          That you enjoy the foothills of Tennessee??? A little to family oriented for myself.

        • John Masters

          I don’t know about the family relations there Treysommy. You misused “to.” Should have been “too.” Don’t demand perfection from others, unless you’re perfect.

        • Jerry Springer

          Trey’s daddy knows how to spell but does he take care of Trey, Next on Maury Povich…..

    • T Mob

      The zero down tablet er wait it’s been out of stock since 10 minutes released… lol

  • Dustin

    It appears that the team responsible for the roll out of their 3g network has now been reassigned to marketing

    • loopyduck

      More likely the same team that handled the iPhone 6 pre-orders.

  • Tmobile Rep

    What day is Cyber Monday?

    • LOOOL


    • Good one

      that was funny

    • Toasted_Cracker


      • Tmobile Rep

        Eastern or Pacific time?

  • Jeremy

    Will this be with 0 down still?

    • Jeremy’s Pappy

      Yeah when you get your credit up just because GMa lets you be late on the rent, doesn’t mean Tmobile gonna.

  • david

    The press release doesn’t mention the iphone Plus. damn.

  • Guest

    So are there any more updates? Still nothing

    • Cam Newton

      The update is that if you thought TMobile was going to do something spectacular you’ll be massively disappointed

  • tmobilegotusagainguys

    This isnt a MASSIVE CYBER MONDAY DEAL !!!!1!1!!!11! i should sue for false advertising

    • ILikeNicuMpooP

      Good luck with that ;p

  • Tmobile Cyber Monday SUCKS!
  • A2theC

    Complete crap, I can buy a 128gb sd card for the $100 off they are offering without having to trade in my phone or sign a no quit “non-contact” 24 month agreement to pay for a new phone. This crazy massive deal is only for idiots who don’t know anything about technology or money.

    • JimInChicago

      Thanks for your post and pointing out the “fine print.”

      Thanks for suffering my probably dumb question and responding. I’ll side with you if you think I’m an idiot for asking but…. Just to clarify: Today, Tuesday, I”m buying a new iPhone (non-Cyber Monday Deal) from T-Mo. The “no quit ‘non-contract’ 24 month agreement” is not typical of all T-Mo iPhone purchases on a 24 month payment plan–just this special Cyber Monday “storage upgrade” deal???

      Thanks again.

  • Al

    Load of Crap from TMobile ,Order Placed on Monday was cancelled automatically on there end & was trying to get charged for the 99.99 today.They wouldn’t honor The Cyber Monday price after there system crashed yesterday.Stay away from T-Mobile.