NEW2U™ pre-owned iPhone 5 now available from T-Mo for $348

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We’re not exactly sure when it was added, but it seems one of the best deals available this Black Friday weekend from T-Mobile is the NEW2U™ pre-owned iPhone 5. I say one of the best, purely because – in my view – it’s hard to beat the price T-Mo is selling brand-new the Galaxy Note 3 for this holiday season. $418 for last year’s best phablet is awesome.

That said, $348 for a device which can run iOS 8 without breaking a sweat, still has a great camera and a sharp, clear display is a steal. At least, when you compare it to how much Apple normally charges for its products. On EIP, that’s $0 up front and $14.50 per month on EIP, over 24 months.

So, if you’re budget isn’t huge and you want a great iOS experience you could do a lot worse than pick up one of T-Mobile’s pre-owned iPhone 5’s.

T-Mobile’s Certified Pre-Owned NEW2U phones include:

  • A careful inspection of the phone, including battery, audio, camera, display screen, and operating system—all tested and certified by T-Mobile. Only phones that meet our stringent standards are offered for sale.

  • A 90-day limited warranty, no annual service contract, and the same return policy as new phones.

If you’re not keen on buying an iPhone, and want to save some cash by purchasing a pre-owned device, check out the full list of NEW2u™ products. There’s a great collection of phones like the LG G3, Xperia Z, Galaxy S4, Nexus 4, LG G Flex and Galaxy Note 3 among others. All for much less than their original full retail price.

Full list of pre-owned phones here.
iPhone 5 pre-owned here.

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  • Michael Tran

    Hmmm not to long ago best buy was selling the iPhone (at&t) 5 for 249.99. It’s currently 299 from best buy right now. If you could get it unlocked that would be a better deal.

    • archerian

      is is available now? $300 for a new Iphone 5 is a good price, might get one for a friend

      • Michael Tran
      • Michael Tran

        The 32gb att is 349 at best buy as a replacement device (no contract)

        • brybry

          yea and if it’s paid off you can get it unlocked immediately through ATT.

        • matt

          AT&T only unlocks devices for customers. heh

          if you buy a phone for full price, and you are not a customer, you don’t get an unlock

          if you buy a phone for full price, and for some reason AT&T forgets to associate your imei to your account, you don’t get an unlock. we had this problem several times with go phones, and we had to go to the AT&T store and ask them to type in the imei #s.

          i bought a playstation vita at full price. i haven’t gotten my unlock yet.

  • archerian

    “without braking sweat” – both grammar and spelling mistakes in three words.. time to keep off the brandy while dishing out articles eh Governah?

  • Fabian Cortez

    No Wi-Fi Calling = no deal for me.

    • Tmobile Cares

      No deal for you = the world keeps turning

      • Fabian Cortez

        So… Deal for me = the world stops?

        I don’t quite understand your point.

        My point, because you clearly missed it, was that the phone is being offloaded yet it doesn’t support Wi-Fi Calling even though it is more than capable. This is classic Apple at work and I’m not so sure if T-Mobile is all too innocent in be equation.

  • UMA_Fan

    Ah if only apple put WiFi calling on this. There really should be no technical reason since the iPhone 5c does it

    • matt

      the reason the 5c can do it and the 5 cannot is VoLTE. the 5 cannot do VoLTE and therefor cannot do Wifi Calling. the 5c has a newer cell phone radio ( same one in iPhone 5s and iPad air and iPad mini retina) . the 5c can do VoLTE so it can do wifi calling. wifi calling is dependent on VoLTE. its because of the hand off. without VoLTE any built in Wifi calling feature would hang up as soon as you left your wifi area

      • Fabian Cortez

        Only the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus do VoLTE. The 5c and 5s do not.

        Even the original iPhone (2007) could do Wi-Fi Calling if Apple wanted it to. There’s not much to Wi-Fi Calling.

        Please don’t drink too much of the Apple cool aid; it’s toxic.

      • UMA_Fan

        Yeah the 5S and 5C do not have WiFi calling hand off

  • Wtf

    I came on the website Wednesday the 26th. Finally T-mobile has refurbished iPhones!!!

  • Mike

    Thought Tmo was only going to sell wifi capable calling phones. The iPhone 5 is not wifi calling capable at this point. The lack of wifi calling will be a major problem for those who have low TMO signal strength in the areas where you live/work. Might want to look at a different phone if you need the wifi calling option to supplement for poor/erratic TMO signal strength. In my area, suburban Phila, TMO service using the IPhone is so erratic that wifi calling is basically the only option. Good luck.

    • Mike

      Well don’t buy the phone plan and simple no one is forcing u to buy a non wifi capable phone

      • Mike

        Simply pointing out that if you need wifi calling due to the erratic nature of TMO coverage that this phone is not for you. You sure don’t seem like a nice person judging from your reply.

    • that one guy

      With the ios 8 update iphones are now able to perform wifi calling

      • Mike

        That’s true for the iPhone 5s, 5c and the recent 6 and 6+. Wifi calling is built in and no need to use an external program. The iPhone 5 and prior do not have the Wifi calling option built in. If you want to do wifi calling on the 5 or earlier you need to use Skype, google voice or similar external program.

    • Guest

      I don’t get why everyone is making such a big deal about WiFi calling. I have an iPhone 6 but my SIM card is my old iPhone 5 one, so I can’t use WiFi calling. Even if I could I wouldn’t, because T-Mobile LTE is faster than my home WiFi.

      • Mike

        The big deal is that if your in a poor network reception area you may experience poor quality calling, poor reception and frequent dropped calls. The wifi calling uses your wifi network to make the call rather than going though the TMO cell network. This is also useful when no usable TMO connection is available.

      • matt

        if you put a t-mobile iPhone 5 sim in an iPhone 6 and you do not get wifi calling then try the following: ( this might require wifi connectivity)
        1) turn off iPhone 6
        2) remove sim
        3) wait . maybe wait 5 minutes
        4) turn on iPhone 6. wait for it to boot up , unlock it and say NO SIM
        5) insert sim card

        this will force the iPhone to update the sim card and get a new carrier profile. i found when testing my unlocked iPhone 6 that this restored lost features. like wifi calling, VoLTE , wifi tethering and visual voice mail

        also in order to wifi calling to work , i believe you need to set LTE to VOICE and DATA.

        also wifi calling is in the phone settings and not in cellular settings. some people like me haha didn’t know it was there

      • Rick Rudge

        I was wondering what the difference was between an iPhone5 and an iPhone5s. Thanks for pointing out the Wifi calling capability. If you feel that you need this feature, then obviously this deal isn’t for you, but a lot of people don’t and this is a good deal for them.

    • JE_25

      Any newly released phones that they sell will all be WiFi capable. The iPhone 5 is not a newly released phone since it was released in 2012, so it doesn’t count.

  • Nery

    Hello people, I have a question. Can I buy the htc Desire Eye from amazon in full and call customer service to have it unlock to use it on tmo?

    • iOSX

      No, the original carrier of the phone in question can only unlock it. Of course, there’s always the websites that claim they can unlock a phone for you but they’re expensive and aren’t always successful.

      • nery

        I meant if I call att customer service can they unlock it? Even if I’m not a client

        • iOSX

          Probably not. I believe you have use their service for a certain amount of time before they’ll unlock the phone for you.

  • John

    I go to T-Mobile site daily. The refurbished iPhone 5 that they are selling has been on the site for 2 weeks now.

    • Adrayven


      If you actually knew what you were talking about you would know that Apple Referbs are treated like new products. You would also know that if this was Apple Certified refurbished it would come with a 1 year warranty AND eligible to get the AppleCare+ extended warranty.

      So the fact that it’s 90 day says its not Apple Certified refurbished. Though you could put it on T-Mobiles Jump / warranty program …

      Then again, if you’re looking for budget phone.. you’re likely not caring about warranties.. it’s all about up-front price.

      • John

        get over yourself

      • John


        If you actually knew what you were talking about and
        weren’t such an a j e r k you would know that typically refurbished
        products in general come with 90 day warranties and new product come
        with 1 year warranties. Sure if you buy the refurbished apple product you
        can get apple care extended warranty for an extra fee.

        All of the
        USED phones T-Mobile sells are now being sold as New2U regardless of
        brand and are refurbished are there certified preowned phones.

        • josephsinger

          I cannot speak for someone else but I think what is confusing is the difference between a T-Mobile “refurbished” vs. an Apple re-furbished. Apple refurbished are given the same warranty as new items i.e. a full year. T-Mobile evidently has different terms and only offers a 90 day warranty. Also note that they say “A careful inspection of the phone, including battery, audio, camera,
          display screen, and operating system—all tested and certified by
          T-Mobile. Only phones that meet our stringent standards are offered for
          sale.” Apple replaces the battery.

        • Paul Ryan

          Mind-blowing Thanks Jusef!

      • Mike

        if you purchase a new iPhone you get 12 months. If during the 12 months you need to have the phone replace (refurbished) you get 90 days or the balance of your original warrenty which ever is longer. That’s through Apple. If you get a refurbished through TMO you get 90 days that it. You can purchase a replacement/damage policy for $8 a month. According to TMOs website these phones are refurbished by NEW2U according to TMO’s standards not refurbished by Apple. Looks like 90 days is limit of TMO’s warrenty.

      • Rick Rudge

        PowerMax sells Apple Certified used/refurbished iPhone 5’s (although finding an unlocked one is a little harder to find). The prices aren’t much of a discount from buying new at the Apple store, and just a 90 day warranty too. So T-Mobile isn’t far off the mark.

  • Brad

    So this is what all the 14 night stand phones are doing

    • hahaha! Funny, and that is probably true.

    • Mesoo Horney

      I wiped the phone internally and externally, no way TMobile found multiple visits to Yourporn during my trial :(

  • Shane83646

    Some of the certified pre-owned phones are almost the same price as what the equivalent new phone would cost. Doesn’t seem like much of a deal to me.

  • Spankey’s Spanker

    Thanks but no thanks spankey!

  • notyourbusiness

    I saw this the other day. My significant other got the iPhone 5S on eBay for a little less than that, which is obviously a better deal.

  • Daniel Holmstock

    I wish more shoppers would see Amazon or Ebay have way better deals then this – HOWEVER i understand that this deal is good for people who are just going to put the phone on a month to month payment – but really you can get a good 5s for about 300 on both sites.