Wideband LTE officially hits Philadelphia, now live in 20 markets


In a press release this morning, T-Mobile confirmed that its network is indeed the fastest in Philadelphia. This post followed the published RootMetrics report which indicated T-Mo’s LTE performance was at least 5Mbps faster than its nearest rival, Verizon.

T-Mobile’s release this morning stresses that “according to thousands of crowd-sourced speed tests” – note: not “according to RootMetrics” – its network is the fastest in Philly.

Those speeds are good news for Philadelphia customers who on average use 2.5 GB of data per month. What’s even better news is that T-Mobile has made things even faster in the Philadelphia area by recently upgrading its LTE network to Wideband LTE, bringing up to a 50% increase in speed to customers in major cities including Philadelphia, Allentown, Harrisburg, Lancaster and State College. Surrounding areas such as Dover, DE and Atlantic City and Trenton, NJ have also received a speed boost from Wideband LTE.

With the addition of Philadelphia, the number of markets on the official list of wideband LTE locations has grown to 20. With at least five more expected to go live before 2015 arrives. And one of those will almost certainly be New York City, where many of our readers have already noticed 15+15 LTE in and around the Brooklyn area.

As well as Philadelphia, the following markets have wideband LTE:

• Atlanta, GA
• Honolulu, HI
• Mobile, AL
• Greater Bay Area, CA
• Houston, TX
• Orlando, FL
• Birmingham, AL
• Jacksonville, FL
• Portland, OR
• Columbus, OH
• Las Vegas, NV
• Seattle, WA
• Connecticut
• Los Angeles, CA
• Tampa, FL
• Dallas, TX
• Minneapolis, MN
• Upstate New York Area
• Detroit, MI

Users in and around the greater Philadelphia area should be experiencing speed increases, or will have done over the past few weeks and months as a result of this network upgrade work.

Source: T-Mobile


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