T-Mobile wideband 15+15 LTE spotted in New York City


Good news for Big Apple dwellers on T-Mobile’s network! Over the past week we’ve received a number of emails telling us that New York City has finally got some wideband LTE network love. T-Mobiles “fatter data pipes” increase data download speeds significantly over LTE connections and help deal with higher traffic in major metro areas. And it’s been spotted in Brooklyn, NYC.

It’s not yet been announced by T-Mobile officially, but we’ve received several user reports of the network going live. So, if you’re in the area and you’ve noticed that your download speeds have suddenly increased, you know why.


The above screenshot was shared on Twitter by network wizard, @MilanMilanovic, and shows clearly that T-Mobile’s network has been upgraded to 15+15MHz. Download speeds reached the mid 70s.

Another reader in Brooklyn confirmed with their own tests:

15+!5 in Brooklyn NY

T-Mobile has a target to reach before this year’s end and wants to get to 25 wideband LTE markets before 2015 swings in. NYC could well be one of those, especially given what we know about T-Mo’s prioritization of major metro areas.

Excluding NYC, T-Mobile’s official list of wideband LTE markets includes the following:

  • Atlanta, GA
  • Birmingham, AL
  • Columbus, OH
  • Connecticut
  • Dallas, TX
  • Detroit, MI
  • Greater Bay Area
  • Honolulu, HI
  • Houston, TX
  • Jacksonville, FL
  • Las Vegas, NV
  • Los Angeles, CA
  • Minneapolis, MN
  • Mobile, AL
  • Orlando, FL
  • Portland, OR
  • Seattle, WA
  • Tampa, FL
  • Upstate New York

We’ll keep you up to date with any major network news as always. If you do spot faster network speeds in a new area (not listed above), be sure to forward your speed test screenshots and serving cell info/service mode shots to cam@tmonews.com.


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  • OmeerRahman


  • sushimane

    I want a little taste of wideband. I’m maxing out at 40 down 15 uplink.

    • Technically some Wideband areas only get 40 down at the moment, just depends.

      • sushimane

        Oh lol

  • dat Wideband tho… I love it in Detroit Metro Area, and have for a long while! :D

  • GreatNews

    I live in NYC I have the LG G3 does anybody know how I check if I have 15MHz? How dpbi get into the Service Mode on the LG G3?

    • envious684

      Wcdma only
      Modem settings
      Engineering mode
      Previous to change from 2g to lte

      • GreatNews

        Thanks now I could confirm that its on 15Mhz in Brooklyn NY

  • Aurizen

    how they get 4×2 antenna and Philly is still on 2×2

    • Fabian Cortez

      NYC is still 2×2 MIMO. The “4” in the screenshot is for band 4.

      It can be a little confusing at times.

      • Aurizen

        Ah! Thanks, I was a little confused. Thanks for clearing that up.

        • Fabian Cortez

          No problem.

          4×2 MIMO on an iPhone using band 4 will show “4” and “4.”

  • Stevo

    I want some of that in Chicago!

  • Aurizen

    Wideband is officially in Philly as well, Cam.

    • Eric

      It’s unofficially official. :-)

      • Aurizen

        lol! yeah!

    • Cam Bunton

      Working on it.. ;-)

  • JoLo

    How about San Diego?

  • od312

    Where’s news about the Samsung Gear S, and the ability to be put on EIP for $15/month, and $5 for monthly service??

  • Rirruto

    FYI those coordinates (40.7697, -73.918) in the Speetest screenshot are in Astoria, Queens, not Brooklyn. Just did a Speedest here in East Flatbush/Crown Heights, Brooklyn 15.2 down and 7.68 up. Will test to see how I do in Woodside, Queens tonight.

    • colonelcasey

      I’m in Astoria now and did a speed test. Only got the usual 27/5. Unless 15+15 isn’t supported on the Nokia 925…

      • TBN27

        I live in Astoria also. In my apartment I get 2 bars of LTE and with the 2 bars I saw 18.16 down and 4.17 up. Last time I tested in the apartment, I was getting between 3 to 5 mb down and .5 to 1 mb up. Wide and LTE is here alright. I will confirm more when I go outside.

  • Jay Holm

    It’s always 15×15, when the heck are more 20×20 markets going to be launched other than just Dallas???

    • Cam Fas

      Tell me about it couldn’t agree more

    • Jay J. Blanco

      Metro pcs spectrum has to be integrated and they have to refarm again. They are keeping aws hspa for legacy devices. I hate that because my market has 5x5mhz lte when we could have 10

    • Eric


      The bottom map shows the markets that can have 2×20 LTE if HSPA+ is moved to strictly 5 MHz PCS. (Colored in magenta.)

    • Clayton

      Atlanta is already 20mhz

      • Jay Holm

        Lucky Atlanta! I live in Fairfield County Connecticut, 77 miles from NYC.

    • TMOguy

      Seattle is 20+20

  • Mike Palomba

    Hoping it come to Staten Island. It’s only 20 minutes from Brooklyn

  • Shlomo Boukai

    I’m confused. I’m looking at the service mode page on my note 4. What should I be looking for to confirm I have wideband?

  • Jay J. Blanco

    Thanks cam! And the person who submitted the news. I wonder who’s keeping up with Sprint Spark spotting lol not too much of that.

    Anyways 4G lte spotted outside of Orangeburg, SC

  • TechHog

    Great! Now I just need a phone to support it. Where are you Nexus 6 preorders?!

    • Brian Perez

      Is there à releqse date yet?

      • TechHog

        November 12th.

  • Oliver Jackson

    Cam,when will Miami/Ft.Lauderdale/WPB get some WidebandLTE love?

    • Richard Yarrell

      Yes it is up and running in the Bronx Nyc

      • squiddy20

        Someone obviously can’t read…

        • Oliver Jackson

          he was talking to me troll

        • squiddy20

          You asked someone else about areas in Florida. He talks about NYC as if that’s what you asked. Please tell me you see the disconnect.

        • Oliver Jackson

          I know what he was talking about in relation to a conversation we had prior to this and Richard got back to me. I was talking to Cam,actually,asked him about S Florida in regards to WB LTE . You stuck your nose into something that didnt have anything to do with you. so technically,to me,there is no disconnect [Expletives removed by mod]

      • Oliver Jackson

        I see.Now when my beloved Sunshine State in my neck of thwoods will get it.J-Ville,Tampa and O-Town already have it lol

  • Brian Perez

    I live in the bronx I have the sony xperia z1s andive been getting speeds of 50.12 download upload 23.27 i love it

  • sidekicker89

    Make sure you are mapping LTE sightings on the Sensorly app! :D

  • slug2slug

    anyone know how to get the servicemode menu on the note4?

    • SirMakoto

      dial *#0011# on the keypad , this works for most, if not all, galaxy series phones. the very top line would tell you if it’s 5mhz, 10mhz or 15mhz. my note 4 says 15mhz in the jamaica, ny area. i got 50+ up and 20+ down, but it was somewhat inconsistent on the down (30s and 40s), up is always 20+.

    • MiStAhMaN

      go to your phone dialer and press *#0011#

  • beefsandwich

    Im in midtown NYC now by bryant park. no wideband here 8/9mbp on the 40th floor… oh 700mhz where art thou..i could really use you for pandora in the gym under my office building 2 floors below ground where i had 3G data on sprint phone (which they sold to me as 4G).

    • Starcube

      I’m by 40th and Park Ave, I have 15MHz wideband here on the 26th floor.

    • Singleweird

      you’re gonna have to upgrade phones to get any 700 unless you have a N4

  • Greg Victor

    It’s about dam time!!! Time to Netflix until the cows come home :-)

  • Starcube

    Confirmed in midtown Manhattan by Grand Central Terminal, 15MHz is live.

  • Jonathan

    Lie, you can get the bets studio on eip

  • Greg Victor

    Anybody know how to run the field test service mode on the LG G3 so i can access the LTE bandwith info?

    • envious684

      Wcdma only
      Modem settings
      Engineering mode
      Previous to change from 2g to lte

      • Greg Victor


  • Deihmos

    Do all LTE phones support this? I have the HTC One M8.

  • Luis Espinal

    E 60th & Madison :( still at 5Mhz.

  • tommest

    I live in the bay area, ca . I don’t see speed of 70+ mbps on my HTC one m8

  • lmao

    But not in Westchester.. lol. It’s like waiting for the KitKat update on a Samsung device.

  • Peter Wong
  • KingCobra

    Would love some Wideband here. Congestion has reduced T-Mobile LTE to an average of 7 down, 5 up in Charlotte.

    • Andrew Heisler

      I get 30 down in Troutman. Less people out here I guess.

    • keeb

      Must be nice. 1-3 MBps in Indianapolis on LTE :[

      • tedick

        I used to live in Indianapolis and I was able to pull better than that on my 4g tablet. My LTE would be in the teens.

        • keeb

          How long ago? I visited a few TMobile stores in the last few months and the test phones get similar speeds 1-3 MBps during the day… You can get 5-10 in the middle of the night. (IUPUI campus and surrounding area)

        • jrunner

          Depends on where in Indy you’re at, it varies greatly. At work on east side it’s pretty slow (2-5 down, around 1 up), at my apartment on NE side by 56th/465 in lawrence it’s more like 13-17 down, 5-8 up, and by binford and 65th yesterday pulled 27 down 2 up. Sometimes downtown it’s better to switch off LTE and just drop to 4G HSPA (download is usually faster, but upload sometimes marginally slower)

  • FILA

    I know Baltimore needs wideband, its overcrowded. Im pulling down about 17Mbps (haha we complain about that) compared to some other LTE spots I been to pulling down 40 or so

    • Flowingwind

      Yeah I got 42Mbps down here in Baltimore on Hartford Rd just before Taylor Ave with my Note 3 two months ago (have the Note 4 now).

  • VicRooLoo

    Need this in Dallas. My work place has excellent LTE in the parking lot but when I head into the building all I get is Edge and the WIFI there blows chunks.

    • Cam Bunton

      Dallas was the first market to get wideband. Building penetration isn’t improved at all, that won’t happen until there’s 700MHz networks live.

  • kiiKane

    When it says Honolulu as the market, does that mean all of the moku or just Oahu or select cells on each moku? Plenty of areas on Maui could do with wideband just to cope with demand. A few sites over Wailuku way give faster upload than download :( Still a good choice of network but the 5×5 LTE seems to be busting at the seams in some places capacity wise.

    • dontsh00tmesanta

      Idk how to check on HTC one m8 but lte was 20mbps down 15up in kailua

  • GreatNews

    And what’s up with VoLTE in NYC?

    • Luis Espinal

      I’ve seen only a few instances where I’m on a call and still on LTE….but then I’ve also seen times when I drop to 4G and HD voice pops up…not sure if they’re related but that’s been my experience. ..I work between 60th n madison.

    • Roger Sales

      the few times I’ve used it have been hit and miss. It can range from very good to shoddy/dropped calls. Still working on the kinks I suppose.

  • Mhtruth

    I got speed test results In buffalo, Ny with similar speeds

  • MiStAhMaN

    Phone shows 15MHz but only getting 8-10Mbps on the download here in Midtown NYC

  • Greg Victor

    Anybody know when the next round of smart phones will get the VoLTE updates?

  • notyourbusiness

    I live in Queens. Not seeing anything spectacular in my house. Nearly 21Mbps down and 12.75Mbps up. Outdoors definitely better. Will do a test outside later.

    • AndyQueens

      Around Jackson Heights Queens i ran a test and i spotted a 15 +15. I only got around 28-35 Mbps up and around 25-30 Mbps Down.

    • Nathan Casey

      Here in Minneapolis I don’t get 15+15 yet but am consistently running at 40-60 Mbps.

    • Ant_Knee

      In Flushing, Queens, I have been getting the same 30-40mbps down and 15-20mbps up for the last six months or more. If it were truly 15×15 in all five boros, I’d see much faster speeds than a max of 40mbps

  • Kenny Chantasi

    Wish my iphone 6+ would show it in the field test mode. It just sits there telling me band 4 but the other areas don’t populate where I live (times sq area). If I go to another area say uptown, downtown, brooklyn or queens it may show the bandwidth. I know at JFK airport it was 15 this past weekend.

  • Greg Victor

    15 + 15 is up and running in downtown Brooklyn by the Barclay’s Center. I am getting consistent downloads of at least 35 Mbps.

  • Ĵϵṟϵṃψ Ψαñ

    I can see 15+15 is active in Boston but I still only have maximum ~21Mbps down and maximum ~21Mbps up. Average is about 15Mbps both ways. Any ideas?

    • Drew

      I was in Wareham Sunday and got 70Mbps while at Lowes – it was a solid 15×15.
      On cape is now 10×10, was 5×5 – and really fast in No Falmouth now – light years better than it was over the summer. Still pockets of EDGE that need to be filled in but they’re working really quickly.

  • Bigboss84

    my speeds never has past over 10mb download and 6 upload

  • ShermCraig

    Curious as to what defines “Upstate New York” in these articles? Can you please be more specific? Thanks!

    • Ant_Knee

      Westchester County I consider to be upstate NY :-)

      • ShermCraig

        Many do – whereas some think Syracuse on up is Upstate. That’s why I asked….

  • Greg Victor

    In sunset park brooklyn download speeds are consistently touching 60 Mbps. Tmobile brought its A game to Brooklyn. :-)

  • T-Mo Tech

    Yes it has been launched!!! All of NYC

  • Yos

    I’m in Bklyn. I’m getting 60/23!!! Thanks John L!

  • vinnie

    all well and good, BUT can you make a phone call? will the phone drop calls? data is great, but if t-mo is not able to service it’s customers by updating it’s phone service, they will never be a top contender.

  • Flowingwind

    Just put my order in for the Samsung Gear S today on the T-Mobile website. A rep told me to come in the store and it could be ordered there. I told him, I had the watch order queued up on the website no need to waste gas.

    The unlimited talk, text and 500MB of data was actually $15 a month but there will be a $10 credit on that account every month (brings it down to $5). I also got JUMP for the watch. I plan on upgrading it in a year.