Band 12 compatible ZTE hotspot inbound?


T-Mobile’s been working with ZTE on a couple of new LTE mobile hotspots over the past few months, although it’s not released them yet. However, an internal schedule showed that one mobile hotspot was going to be launched at some point over the next couple of weeks. The “T-Mobile LTE Hotspot” looks likely to land on November 9th. But, we’re not sure exactly which model it is. There are two possibilities that we know of: Either the  LTE HotSpot Z915 or the LTE HotSpot Z64. But it’s the former of those two that we’re interested in today, a device we’ve reported on in the past

An online filing shows a certified ZTE product which is compatible with all of T-Mobile’s LTE bands, including band 12, often referred to as A-block, or 700MHz spectrum. This device is referred to as the MF915. And we’re told that “MF” indicator is reserved by ZTE for mobile hotspots.

If this does launch soon, it shows the company’s ongoing commitment to make sure you can use your service wherever you are. Uncarrier 7.0 was all about hooking you up with Wi-Fi calling and texting in tons of places, and giving customers optimized routers as a sign of that commitment. A 700MHz compatible mobile hotspot would ensure that – when 700MHz goes live in your area – you can still get a solid connection indoors, where the higher frequencies find it harder to reach.

Source: PTCRB

Thanks, Neal.

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  • InSanDiego

    went to T-Mobile store today to look at mobile wifi, and the agent told me the Z915 is coming out on Monday. Seems to be conflicting info on how many devices it connects – she showed me specs for 8 devices, but your Oct 30 article suggested 10 devices (like their previous LTE Mobile HotSpot PRO). Have not been able to find any more info about Z915!

    • Singleweird

      its 10. and it comes out sunday.

  • Ryan M.

    So that’s how I won’t have to upgrade right away to a phone with band 12 support? Sounds good to me if it has a reasonable cost and plan (even better if it can use data from the entire family bucket and have no extra plan charge).

  • ArchMax

    This will be available tomorrow (Sunday the 9th) for $109.92 also available on EIP

    • eanfoso

      Dang, we’re better off waiting for black Friday, or find a used one on Amazon, it’s not like band 12 is live in My area or many areas anyway

  • od312

    What do you mean? I sold one yesterday.

  • holden

    There is now a ton of coverage for LTE in Maine! You guys previously posted that waterville had coverage, it is all over the state I’ve been noticing. Scensorly reports keep popping up which is great, just months ago the whole state of Maine except for Portland, Maine had just 2g coverage

  • William Burr Winans

    I have a question and I apologize for going off subject here. Does anyone have any idea when T-Mobile is going to shutdown Edge (2G) and HASP (4G) Network? I am guessing this would make sense cause T-Mobile are upgrading towers everyday and HASP is taking up all the Bandwidth which is why LTE is sometimes slow.

    • enkay1

      2G services will be phased out eventually. There is no ETA though. UMTS/HSPA is not going away any time soon. T-Mobile will keep it online but, in the AWS band, will bring service down to a single 5 MHz carrier (from 10 MHz DC-HSPA+) to make room for more LTE in some markets. The plan is to shift DC-HSPA+ completely off of the AWS band and onto PCS.

      • William Burr Winans

        Which means if all the HASP uses 5MHz Bandwidth in the PCS there will be more markets with Wideband LTE. I’m assuming that T-Mobile will shutdown Edge by 2018 cause AT&T did announce they are shouting down their edge network by 2017.

        • enkay1

          T-Mobile is probably going to keep DC-HSPA+ going in PCS. Not just a single 5 MHz carrier. Customer traffic is going to have to share HSPA with M2M traffic. They will probably aim for a 2G sunset once all the M2M devices are moved to 3G at least.

        • William Burr Winans

          Okay that makes sense! I think by 2020 everything will be LTE and who knows where technology is going to go.

        • mavricxx

          Actually they announced they plan to upgrade all 2g/GPRS by the end of 2015

  • SifuD

    The ZTE MF910 has been released in Australia and it supports LTE @ 700MHz. Been released for a month or more now. I think it is also being sold in NZ. In Australia it is with Telstra as a Prepaid model.

  • Nevsky2

    I just wish that they would enable WiFi calling on non-T-Mobile handsets.

    • William Burr Winans

      I agree I wish T-Mobile would create a 3rd Party App for WiFi Calling to use on devices that aren’t compatible

      • mavricxx

        Just buy a T-Mobile handset at full price and get it unlocked. I did that with my HTC M8 and it works flawlessly. T-mobile offers free data and texting when you travel to other countries and i was able to text, use data and wifi calls just like if I was in the US without any international charges. I LOVE T-Mobile!