Unlike its competitors, T-Mobile keeps the Nexus 6 unbranded


Des Smith, T-Mobile’s product guru, or Sr. Product Manager if we want to use the official title, updated his Google+ page over the weekend to reiterate T-Mobile’s stance on the Nexus 6. In short: Uncarrier is keeping it Uncarrier.

No Corporate Logo, No Bloatware, no crap you don’t want on the #Nexus6 from +T-Mobile​:

That’s Un-carrier – listening to our customers and giving them what they want, not sticking a stupid corporate logo and a bunch of crap software I know you guys don’t want on your #Nexus device.

We know you guys buy a #Nexus6 to avoid that kind of thing! 

Google did want to highlight the Virtual Preload (VPL) capabilities on Lollipop, so we made MyAccount available if you want it… But you can totally delete it. That’s what we do.

Hope you like what we’ve chosen to do there (or more importantly, what we’ve chosen not to do).”

Back when the original Nexus One was released its entire ethos was based on it being pure Android. Both hardware and software should be free from any interference from carriers. Whether that’s pre-loaded bloatware, carrier network locking or branding on the device. With Nexus 6, depending on which carrier sells you it, that isn’t the case. Both Verizon and AT&T have chosen to add their brand identity to the phone.

T-Mobile’s Nexus 6 went on sale last week, after having its launch delayed by 7 days when Motorola failed to deliver a shipment on time. And following a poll we published here a few weeks back, it seems it should prove a very popular device for the Uncarrier. Now let’s hope they get enough inventory to supply the demand.

Source: Google+

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  • VG

    I read that the AT&T version is SIM locked to that network. What about the T-Mobile version?

    • People have reportedly bought the t-mobile phone and successfully popped in their AT&T or Verizon SIMs.

  • eanfoso

    So I’m guessing also no wifi calling? that’s a bummer :|

    • thepanttherlady

      WiFi calling is baked into Android 5.0 and will be released early 2015.

      • itguy08

        If it’s baked in then why is it not available? Apple got it working on day 1 for iOS 8. No reason Google can’t….

        • thepanttherlady

          It will be available early 2015.

        • Peter Smith

          Hey again, did you ever pick up your nexus 6 yet? Curious about your experience. Do you feel the need to go back to Sony after using it?

        • thepanttherlady

          I did not get it yet. I had no intention on staying up all night waiting for it to hit online (decided to get the 64GB) on launch day. Since it’s on back order, I’m biding my time until it’s available again.

        • Peter Smith

          I know this is out of the blue but did you ever get that Nexus 6 yet? How was it for ya?

        • thepanttherlady

          Good morning. Yes, I did. I originally placed an order online on 11/26 for the 64GB which was placed on back order status 12/2. I canceled that order and purchased the 32GB in store on 12/5.

          It’s funny how much I don’t notice that my phone is so big (I really like the larger screens) until someone sees it and says “OMG! That phone is HUGE!” It makes me laugh every time.

          I like it but really miss the build of my Z2. If it had a larger screen I’d have stuck with it. I don’t like that the N6 doesn’t have a notification light, that’s a bummer for me and I miss having an SD slot. I bought a Leef Access microSD reader but it doesn’t work with the N6. Not so far anyway. Grrrrrr!

          I think I might jump to the Sony Xperia Z4 Ultra this year. It should give me everything I like in a phone. If so, my purchases will be much less for the next 2 1/2 years (need to save for a house and car purchase). :)

        • Peter Smith

          Great glad for the quick update review. I am due for an upgrade real soon and currently I have my nexus 5 with sweet lollipop. Love lollipop but nexus 5 suffers from no water resistance, bad camera, no SD card plus just a host of other things I am interested in for 2015.

          So all those things N5 lacked, Z3 has…only two hesitations. Fragile concerns for the phone “glass” and no removable back (very minimal concern thou).

          So would my investment be good with Z3 because like you I got 2 little babies that need more of that phone wasting b money. So looking for a phone for the long haul.

          Any suggestions are very much welcome. Thanks again! :)

        • Now or Never

          This is Google we are talking about. I gave up already but I haven’t gotten an OTA update for my nexus. This POS company innovates slower than apple but pushes out beta software faster than MS. The only reason they remain relevant is they buyout innovation. Google and android is just marketing fluff.

        • Danny Lewis

          Google actually updates often. They update Play Services which provides new features to everyone regardless of OEM.

          What OTA are you missing?

    • AnotherAndroidKid

      Wifi calling is coming via an OTA in early 2015. They claim anyway…

      The bummer is not being able to get my hands on one other than a demo. Can’t get anything more than backordered for my 64gb ordered before noon on the 19th

    • Cam Bunton

      Yeah, like others have said, not yet. A software update will bring it next year.

  • Jason Walker

    Now if T-Mobile went this direction with all their phones they would really be setting the bar high

    • Cam Bunton

      Truly Uncarrier…

      • Marcelo_L

        So, Cam….when are you moving to the states to more fully take advantage of the Un-Carrier life?

    • Bryan Pizzuti

      Have you seen their phones? There’s hardly any “bloatware” to begin with, just the T-Mobile software (all of which can be uninstalled, not just disabled) and Lookout AV, which can be completely disabled. Frankly, T-Mobile is a paragon of non-bloatware virtue already. Try dealing with an AT&T or Verizon software build one of these days, you have no idea how good you’ve got it.

      • JB

        Right. I think all that was on my Galaxy S5 and Note 4 from T-Mobile was Visual Voice Mail, Caller ID, wifi calling, Mobile Hotspot and MyAccount. All stuff that I use anyways and I would gather most would use or have some sort of use for. Not to mention since they went “Un-Carrier” there’s been no branding on phones to speak of (at least on every flagship I’ve seen this year.)

      • patelprit

        when nexus 6 is coming in store plz tell me guys…..

      • Jason Walker

        I have the S5 in my hand right now, it even has the latest software. You can only disable the T-Mobile Apps

        • Bryan Pizzuti

          Samsung doesn’t count, they love bloatware, they probably put it on there at their own initiative because TouchWIZ wasn’t quite bloated enough anymore. :)

        • Jason Walker

          I’m just saying that you can’t remove their apps on it

    • Hilton GoWahoos Redskins

      The Uncarrier. No phone for you.

  • pstar

    Any news on the backorders?

  • Dylan Gorski

    I bought a white Nexus 6 from Motorola and when it gets in I’m taking it to T-Mobile. Will it be able to have WiFi calling on T-Mobile?

    • skywalkr2

      I played with the demo at the store… liked it, but didn’t like the Blue back of the the TMO version of the phone at all. It showed all kinds of finger prints, grease, etc. Hopefully white will be a lot better.

  • Jay Holm

    Wow! 3 quarters of these comments are about one single thing, wifi calling sheez!

    • skywalkr2

      Wifi calling is by far my least favorite TMO feature as it seems to get bugged sometimes and not send me some messages.

      • Sam Samuel

        Then don’t use it?

        • skywalkr2

          I don’t, but try everytime I get a new phone. Previously folks told me it was a Samsung issue, but now I know its just an issue with the service.

      • Ford_Thundercougarfalconbird

        Works fine for me, been using it for years.

  • iwantitnow!

    forget WiFi calling we need to know when they will have the device in stock and have it shipped. . . .

  • Marcelo_L

    If it weren’t for the fact I need to constantly take notes, I’d SOOO go with the N6.

    Not having WiFi calling right now is a little disappointing, but as it’s coming soon enough, that shouldn’t be a problem for most folks Skype nowadays.

    Now as for the comment about “un-branding”. I wish that were totally true. There are more than a couple of apps on my GN2 that I’d like to “excise with prejudice” from that phone. Visual Voicemail is about the only one that’s truly worth it’s use to me. The other TMo apps haven’t been of any use at all, to be honest. Much less most of the Samsung bloatware.

    If it weren’t for the fact that SNote remains the best note-taking app for the GNote phones, I’d have “excised with prejudice” all of Touchwiz.

    I understand that carriers and manufacturers want to have their “differentiators” baked in, but let’s be honest with each other. Most of these “differentiators” have taken the “including the kitchen sink” approach, and none have truly addressed where the majority of users find their needs met. Hence why more and more phones, IMO, will be moving more and more towards the “Google Edition” approach. It may actually COST US more to have the bloat removed (very sad, actually), but I think carriers will have to come around with folks like One+, Xiaomi, and others that are producing “closer to stock” approaches (even if some of these “stock” approaches are CyanogenMod).

    Sorry for the rant…just felt like saying all that because it’s already November 24, and the 4.4.4 update for the GN2 is nowhere is sight. Grrrrrrrr.

  • Chris

    Great maybe I’ll get to experience that when they actually ship the damn thing. Delayed a week to enhance customer experience didn’t work too well!!!!

  • Brad

    Any leaks on HOW backordered the 64gb model is?

  • mingkee

    Actually, Wi-Fi Calling is a useful “branding”.

    • Brad

      It’s going to be baked into ALL Nexuses through the OS in 2015… not carrier specific….

      • meme

        It is not backordered at all because you can’t order it ….

  • T-Mobile Cares

    We wanted to address all of the concerns about the backorder situation for the Nexus 6. We at T-Mobile would love nothing more than to ship those devices on their release date. Sadly, we are incumbent on the manufacturer to provide the inventory for us to perform that task. Until we are able to procure the inventory necessary to fulfill orders, we are forced to ship what is available and backorder those not yet in inventory. I assure all those waiting on you devices, we will ship then the moment they are available to us. Thanks for understanding.

    • pstar

      if you didnt have inventory why did you let the sale go through? fast to take our money but slow to fill our orders. you held off for 7 days for better experience possible and this is what you call better exprience?

      • Prod1702

        I agree with all of what you said but the take money part. They do not charge your card until it ships. So you can cancel your order whenever you want and never be charged. The reason they held off for 7 days was because they had little to none. With the week of holding off they were able to get more in stock. If you look at on the forums the only size that is mainly having problems is the 64gb one. The 32gb one was on sell for more then a few days before it went backorder. I am not backing T-Mobile at all because I am one of the people that made a order very very earlier in the morning on the 19th and have yet to have my 64gb shipped. This is why they should of done a pre order on the 31st like google and Moto TIRED to do. Maybe this way T-Mobile would of had more time to full some of the orders.

      • Third_Eye

        As per FTC rules, you cannot charge the payment Tender till an order ships. Till the shipment happens, it is just AUTHorized and RESERved.

        I work in the e-Comm & Supply chain industry for a living. Even the most perfect system can sometimes lead to Backorder. When there is a mix of pre-orders it will only add to the equation. A huge shipment that is due to the warehouse, if things such as the Truck having a flat tire or snow/rain affecting the transportation itself could lead to delays. TMo would have accepted orders based on what is called Future Inventory that the manufacturers supply. Now they are left holding the bag.

    • TechHog

      I want to understand, but I’m bitter over the bait-and-switch with Mr. Smith only mentioning the time when preorders open to new customers. That has resulted in me almost definitely having to wait until January for my phone to ship, since I need to wait until all of the new customers who ordered the 64GB version to get it first. Great reward for a decade of loyalty. :/

  • Aurizen

    this is great! next I would love to see like custom T-Mobile icon on the phone status bar at the top. I call Batman symbol.

  • illlogix

    thank god!!!! sadly there is none in stock locally even after pushing back release date id rather have a solid date than broken dreams and promises <3 was it publicity to just have the earliest release date you or does ups and moto really suck

  • TechHog

    Great. Now if only they would ship to existing customers. :/ Also, Sprint doesn’t brand theirs either. Sprint doesn’t even load an app, which is surprising considering the fact that this is the same company responsible for the abomination that is the Galaxy S5 Sport.

    • D Griffin

      Not entirely true. There’s a “SprintDM” app that we can’t kill without root on the Nexus 6. It’s for Sprint’s handsfree activation and serves no purpose on a T-Mobile phone, but it’s on there. Also, I’m an existing customer and ordered mine as an upgrade the day they became available. Unfortunately, it’s now a backorder situation due to the phone being a raging success.

      • TechHog

        Tricky, though I’m not sure if I would call that an app. T-Mobile’s wi-fi calling will probably be similar. Also, it’s in backorder due to insufficient stock, not excessive demand. It’s a super niche phone and probably hasn’t even sold half a million total between all stores and carriers.

        • D Griffin

          I thought WiFi calling on the Nexus is supposed to be OS based?

        • eAbyss

          Yep, Google’s baking it into Android L. The Nexus 6 will support it with that update which should be out early next year.

    • eAbyss

      “Both Verizon and AT&T have chosen to add their brand identity to the phone.”

      • TechHog

        Verizon has yet to say anything, technically

  • Alex Zapata

    Well this is definitely a good start for those who actually have their devices.

  • notyourbusiness

    Kudos to T-Mobile for keeping this phone the way it was meant to be.

  • Guest

    Or maybe offer 2 versions? Unbranded for the ones who know what they’re doing and branded for the clueless folks.

    • Danny Lewis


    • That’s too much work for them. Much simpler and less confusing for customers to just have one version of a device.

  • Deswaga

    Thankfully no one wants the phone that lives where I’m at, my local store has plenty of stock!!!!

    • subash karki

      Where do you live?

  • Irfan

    so means they did put some hands inside in system files ….other side wifi calling ….not a big issue … but if they add …it would be great …and we miss the taste of VOLTE on nexus …which i consider a real lollipop

    • eAbyss

      WiFi calling will be added to Android L early next year.

    • Guest

      Android did a thing with lollipop allowing carriers to send apps to the device on start up. The best thing about this is you can uninstall it all, until the carriers learn how to change that for other phones.

  • this phone is too much in size especially for no stylus as i mentioned. i wanted to get a Nexus but not a 6 inch Nexus.

  • tomnewtn

    What Nexus 6? Does TMO even have them to ship?

    • Say What?

      It’s been a week and I’m still waiting for my blue 64gb to ship.

      • tomnewtn

        Same here. I ordered at 134 am on the 19th, so that tells me they had very little stock. Moto is to blame for that, but it shows that they gave ATT priority maybe? But then ATT Nexus 6 devices have a problem and had to be returned for repair. That would suck. So Moto is to blame in my mind.

        • Jeff G.

          And AT&T only got 32gb. Currently I think besides google play store T-mobile is the only one to have the 64gb version.

  • Greg P

    This is an awesome move by T-Mobile!

    • tomnewtn

      It is. Nexus should be PURE, and TMO respects that.

  • Samuel D Robinson

    I agree, what nexus 6!! T-Mobile should’ve been the first carrier to drop the device. But they pushed back for a smoother release. Yeah right they haven’t shipped orders plus not in stores. Crazy crazy.. But guess what? Walked into sprint and they had some and I told the rep the truth about wanting to try it unlocked. And they sold it for 708$…I put in my nano Sim and it works perfect.. Plus their is no branding or bloat wear.. So T-Mobile you just lost 708$… Not handing your business..

    • tomnewtn

      Nicely done.

    • Dr.T.Q

      Hi, congratulations for the phone.May i ask did you get the 64gb or 32gb ?

      • Samuel D Robinson

        Sprint only had the 32 GB. In blue

    • frhow

      My 64gb version from T-Mobile shipped ahead of schedule and I was suppose to get it yesterday but UPS lost my shipment. If it wasnt for the 64gb version I would do the same thing you did, but I can wait a few weeks in order to get the one I want.

  • eAbyss

    Had no trouble ordering the N6 over the phone from T-Mobile on the 19th. I didn’t even do it early, it was about 2pm Pacific and they had plenty of stock but the 64GB version was messed up in their system and couldn’t be ordered. This thing is sweet.

  • Darrell

    …no corporate logo on the nexus 6 because they didn’t have TIME to slap it on!

    It’d be nice to actually have the one I ordered in hand to see this; sitting in backordered status, like the rest of the schmucks who ordered 64GB via website… :-/

    • Wayne Peterkin

      the m8 doesn’t have one either

      • Darrell

        I’ll give you that, but (respectfully) the article is about the N6. :)

        • Wayne Peterkin

          Ok, lets talk about Nexus phones that T-Mobile carried. The nexus 4 and 5 didn’t have a T-Mobile logo either. Now the Nexus 6 doesnt have one. I’m showing you a pattern here and your posssibly flawed reasoning in claiming that the only reason that the nexus 6 doesn’t have a T-Mobile logo on it is because T-Mobile didn’t have the time to put one there. Well, maybe I missed something but what reasoning are you basingbyour claim on? I’m not even being sarcastic.

  • Hilton GoWahoos Redskins

    No bloatwear if it doesn’t exist. lol. #StillWaiting #NoETA . I did atleast argue them into refunding me the shipping charge since it obviously won’t be here by 11/27 if it hasn’t shipped yet.

  • Hilton GoWahoos Redskins

    I guess I did get half a win here. I had to get a new watch since the Samsung Gear 2 won’t work with non-samsung phones. So I walked into the store on release date for the G-watch R and the people in the store didn’t even know they were selling it. I got it on EIP while other customers were wasting money on the Gear Live with a sim card and extra data charge. Only part is, I take a loss on not getting the phone to go with the watch meaning I could have waited on the watch and it would still be in stock. At the time I figured, delivery date for the phone is still 11/27. I can wait another week

  • frhow

    Great, T-Mobile shipped mine last week, but UPS “lost” my shipment, I ordered a 64gb one, so now I have had to place an order again and its backordered until 12/10/14. F U UPS.

    • Daryl Hawken

      Someone is using your device right now I’d wager.

      • frhow

        Yep I bet. Hopefully the IMEI number has been completely blocked.

    • pstar

      Did you just re-order yours again today?

      • frhow

        Yep, sadly thats the only solution.

        • TS50

          Did T-mobile tell you that date of 12/10/14? Mine was back ordered and I placed the order 25 minutes after it released. Still can’t get an eta.

        • frhow

          Yep. On my order page it has an Est. Date of 12/10/14. It sucks the UPS driver stole the original one.

        • Jeff G.

          lol what did they do with the package? Does someone have a free Nexus 6?

    • Bilbo

      Oh man… I would lose my mind.

  • Chris

    Do you have a source for the claim that Verizon is joining AT&T in branding the Nexus 6?

    • Wayne Peterkin

      yes, it’s called Galaxy Nexus

  • Matthew Dorris

    verizon hasnt even bothered to announce the nexus 6 due to their precious droid turbo. how you know that it will be branded is beyond me. I mean, its almost guaranteed but don’t write an article with false information

    • Verizon PR

      I can confirm, the Nexus 6 will indeed carry carrier branding for Verizon. We will also include additional software apps that will enhance our customers’ experience, for example online account management app, texting app, and visual voicemail app to name a few. Stay tuned for more details.

      • jdbarn

        Enhance!? Buwahahah! Good one…..

      • guywithquestion

        When will those details be announced? I’ve been waiting to upgrade on Verizon

        • Verizon PR

          Please visit our website for more information or follow us on Twitter. In the meantime, if you use Pandora (if you don’t, consider downloading it) and enjoy 7 days of free uninterrupted music streaming compliments of Verizon.

          Happy Holidays

      • Matthew Dorris

        Just announce the phone. It will make me very mad if it does have branding and apps from Verizon but I’ll still buy it just because you don’t give any other option do you? And if you really think all the crap you put on your phones is an “enhancement” then you’re sadly mistaken. No one is pleased by giant ugly logos all over. No ones experience is “enhanced” by a bunch of apps that actually make performance of the device slightly WORSE. People buy nexus for pure android, not pure android with a side of verizon shit

  • Ordeith

    dollars to donuts someone finds CarrierID on this device as well. It didn’t take T-Mobile long to start that crap again.

  • nexus1981

    Is the at&t nexus 6 locked down to their service, I tried to buy one from them but they wouldnt let me purchase unless I was on their network or switching over, I think that’s some bs but I always thought that the nexus devices was unlocked so it didn’t matter which carrier u bought it from.

    • RedGeminiPA

      AT&T doesn’t sell unlocked phones, even if you pay full retail for them. Though, they will unlock them if you do… but you have to be a current customer in good standing for that to even happen.

      • Nick M.

        They have to unlock them now by request regardless. Congress passed a bill over that a few months ago.

  • Bill

    It’s right hard for them to brand a phone that they cannot even ship on time.

  • tomnewtn

    I see Motorola has a heck of a deal on the Moto X coming up. Think I might just shift gears here and save myself a few hundred bucks.

  • David Firebaugh

    I just wished it had WIFI calling

  • Bust

    Ordered mine on the 23rd with overnight and still dont know the estimated ship date… still says backordered with no other info… W T F… ship my phone already, this is fkn ridiculous

    • Bone Ceo

      I was in the exact same boat as you. I received mine exactly a week later after the day I ordered it. It was back-ordered and I had chosen overnight shipping. I was a bit upset at first, but was glad it did not take weeks.

  • RedGeminiPA

    The beauty of Android… it’s “open and free” for the carriers first… for them to do what they want, and install/remove anything they see fit.

  • tomnewtn

    Well Motorola’s cyber monday deal on the Moto X brings the price down to what I paid for my Nexus 5. I was able to register for, and receive the promo code so I think I’ll go for it with my own customizations. Apparently these phones actually do exist and do ship to customers.

  • chuckp

    Who cares if you can’t buy one???? The 64GB version has been on back order since 21 Nov for me… with no est. ship date. called customer care and they’ve given me a credit for the overnight shipping as well as knocking $50 off the price to match the fucking cyber Monday sale they had on it!!!! You’ve gotta have a lot of balls to run a Cyber Monday sale on something you don’t even have nor have any idea when you’ll have it! Big Balls!

  • chuckp

    If you’re still waiting on the 64GB that you ordered on the 20th, using JUMP and next day shipping no less, and still don’t have an estimated ship date… call customer care and get a supervisor on the horn and demand a refund for the shipping and mention that tmo had it on sale on Monday for $50 off and they may just take it off your bill… I just looked at my online bill and there’s a $72.99 credit sitting there! That eases the pain a bit… cheers!

    • dc

      I called today and the rep gave me the same deal $50 credit on my account and free shipping. The credit showed up instantly on my account. I guess it pays to make a little noise. With nothing to lose and $50 to gain it was worth the 10 minute call. He also said it would probably not be the 6-8 week wait. But I’ll take that with a grain of salt.