Galaxy Note 4, Xperia Z3 or Nexus 6 – Which T-Mo bound Android are you getting? [poll]


Today might be Apple day for the tech scene, but with T-Mobile having announced that the Nexus 6 is on its way yesterday, I was more interested in seeing which of the most recent high-powered Android flagships might be making their way in to your pockets soon.

Over the past few weeks, we’ve seen official availability announced for Sony’s water-proof, sleek Xperia Z3, Samsung’s market-leading Galaxy Note 4 and the premium-built Nexus 6. One thing they all have in common is that they all have a sturdy metal chassis. But apart from that, they’re a world apart. Each has its unique selling point. Whether that be the beautiful curved back and pure Android experience of the Nexus, the S-Pen of the Note 4 or super battery performance and IP68 certification on the Xperia.

The question is: Which are you most excited by? And which are you going to hand over your hard-earned cash for?

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  • yankeesusa

    Although the nexus 6 looks awesome and will always have the latest os update from google, I think the note 4 will be a better choice overall. I guess I have to hold the n6 and see how it feels in the hand.

  • Schweddyballz

    Going to jump to nexus 6 from my note 3, bye bye touchwiz.

  • CalicoKJ

    NOTA-they’re all too big for me (but I’d like to see more specs on the 9 because I need a new tablet). I’m thinking the SO will give the 6 a good look depending on how the Note 4 behaves when it gets here tomorrow.

  • kev2684

    Nexus 6. a nexus phablet was what i was waiting for. and now it’s premium unlike any other Nexus! i liked my Galaxy Note 2’s size, but when i experienced pure android, i can’t go back to touchwiz. i could flash aosp roms, but nothing beats google backed hardware and software.

  • TechHog

    I’m so damn torn between these 3. :/

  • Jax

    I want a nexus 6 but I’m thinking it’s too big/ expensive for me. I’m deciding between a Z3 or buying a moto x unlocked

    • jksong83

      The Z3 is $630; the Nexus 6 is $649. So it’s really not much more expensive.

      • Jax

        Well I figured that but I’m not gonna buy a Z3 outright. I know I can buy an n6 on eip but I’d rather not, plus I don’t think I want a 6 inch phone

  • Philip

    I already got the Note 4. Love it even more when I root it. Nexus 6 no removable battery n memory.

  • kevev

    Sticking with my Nexus 5 + Android 5.

  • bethel03

    I want the pure Android experience (LOVE my Nexus 4 and 7) but I do not think I can do a 6″ screen. I really hope there are more Google Play Edition phones released soon. I can always root and flash but want to avoid that if possible.

    • Dakota

      Me neither. Unless I get a sex change and can carry a purse

  • I’m happy with my Nexus 5, even if it’s on the upper size limit for me. The next phone in line for me, considering value, would be the Moto G LTE. Unfortunately, all phones are growing bigger, including the new Moto G, past my upper size limit. I refuse to pay more than $350 for a phone. Luckily the Moto G LTE will stick around for longer or at least until the battery in my Nexus 5 gives way.

    • Singleweird

      i miss the one s at 4.3″ :( perfect little Android if only it had LTE

      • Singleweird

        and kit kat, and a better battery, and snap 801 haha

    • Dakota

      With the

  • Bryan Pizzuti

    Already pre-ordered my Z3 :)

    • Verizonthunder

      Same here though now been updated to back order.

  • thepanttherlady

    I voted N6 but would like to get more information on the Oppo N3 before making a decision on my next device.

    • J.J.

      im not real familiar. is it common for that series to support tmo lte?

      edit: google pointed me in the right direction, i see the n1 did support tmo.

      • thepanttherlady

        Correct. Won’t know if anything has changed with the N3 until they release the damn specs. :|

        • J.J.

          i love tmo but i hate not having easy access to all phones. damn you 1700/2100 band

    • Zacamandapio

      :D :D :D :D
      I agree. N6 is a great device. Z3 4 me.

    • KOLIO

      I have the N1 & it’s a nice phone,very well-built.
      Got rid of the COLOR O/S,as it was stuck on the equivalent of 4.2.2.
      Running CYANOGEN 11 Nightlies w/o any issues whatsoever.It even supports the O-Touch & O-Click.
      Definitely compare the specs w/the N1 & N3,especially the weight.
      Not a biggie,but,could be if you’re a power-user & virtually have the phone glued to your hand all day.
      If you’d like,you could actually borrow mine for a test drive (no strings attached),I still have the 1+1 as my daily driver.

    • Stone Cold

      No new phone for you. :P

      • thepanttherlady

        You’re killing me, smalls!

        • Stone Cold


        • Stone Cold

          I really want the Z3 but the S Pen/multi window feature intrigues me with the N4.

  • boehmer365247

    I would love a Nexus 5 with Band 12. I don’t like skins and the Nexus 6 is too big for me, even as a phablet.

  • MadJoe

    If I had to choose one of these 3, I like the Note 4, but I am waiting for an actual 64bit-capable device before I upgrade from my Note 3 (at least that’s what I tell myself, but as prices drop on the G3, or new Moto X, I might just jump…)

  • tranceformer978

    If only the Nexus 6 had a Nexus price to match…

    • JamesG

      The Nexus 6 is much more high end and Google took a hit selling that device

      • Ty Christensen

        The last two Nexus’ have been $350, I was surprised to see this one jump up so much, $500 would have been a good price point, imo.

        • JimmieDubose

          How could $500 be a good price point when the 2nd gen moto x at $500?

        • Ty Christensen

          I’m just comparing prices of other Nexus’ since those are all that matter to me.

        • steveb944

          The Nexus 4 and 5 were less than the original LG variants.

        • Dakota

          I expected 400-500, esp since they never market the Nexus. Curious how many units it will sell vs N5. I dont know if Google breaks those numbers out. No doubt the N5 price was very attractive. Review after review always called it the best bang for your buck. More people are going contract free, abandoning subsidies… That makes a more affordable price more important than ever.

  • qpinto

    im going to keep my LG G2. its just as fast as the first day i got it. no issue at all. if it was band 12 it would be perfect but unless something happens to it i see no reason to upgrade just yet.

    if i had to choose, it would be the sony z3. the waterproof design and that camera is crazy good. once there is a way o root the thing without unlocking the bootloader ill grab it. the things i do these days dont require root anymore. however i would like to root to get rid of tmobiles usual bloat.

  • noelsito

    Nexus 6 is waterproof too! :)

    • AnthonyRyan89

      water resistant not waterproof

      • noelsito

        Oh dang, that’s true! Sorry, I got too excited.

  • Deadeye37

    Nexus 6 would be tempting if it had a micro SD slot in it.

  • JD

    Does the Z3 work on Band 12?

    • JamesG


      • JD

        Thanks I think I will be going with Z3 the PS4 remote play and smaller screen makes the difference for me.

    • Benny

      Yes. With various network support, there are 5 differnet Z3 models according to Z3 whitepaper on sony official website. The Z3 sold by tmobile (Model D6616, with tmobile bloatware) support band 4 which is currently deployed, and band 2 and band 12 which will be deployed in the future.

  • André On

    Without the Micro SD, Nexus 6 is a big no!

    • J.J.

      im ok with no sd but it better have 128gb on board lol

      • Dakota

        Sounds like you need the $1000 iPhone 6+

        • J.J.

          not in a million years. lol ill settle with my note 4 32gb with a 64gb card.

  • benny

    I’ll get Z3 because of premium camera performance and features like larger sensor, ISO 12800 and SteadyShot that can smooth jerky footage. 2 day battery life is also a plus.

  • Brian Bloom

    I’d be open to a new Nexus but for two reasons – I need wifi calling, and my Note 3 already feels on the edge of being too large – a 6″ screen feels like overkill.

    My vote is the Z3, mostly for the camera in it.

    • Mystery Man

      Nexus 6 does have WiFi calling.


    The survey should include “none”… as Google has not released a direct replacement to the Nexus 5, nor have they lowered the price of 1-year old N5.

    • J.J.

      yea they should definitely knock off at least $50. they probable wont since the 6 is priced so high. they are thinking if you cant afford the 6, buy a 5, if you cant by a 5 by a moto g since they will all be running lolli

    • Dakota

      Since Motorola made the Nexus 6, it seems those wanting a phone that can fit into your everyday pants us the Moto X. Especially since this year’s Nexus didn’t bring with it the under $400 price tag loyal Nexus buyers were counting on… The price, pure Android, and OS updates made the device a great little Android secret. Had the N5 been priced at 650, I probably would have abandoned Android last year. . I really wish Google had released a 5 inch version ;Apple is providing more choice. Although phablet ate increasing in popularity and seem to be big in Asia, everything I’ve read says the majority of people dont want something that big. I’m not buying a new wardrobe to fit my phone. There was a photo from China where tailors were sewing in bigger pockets unto pants for iPhone 6+ buyers

      • PiCASSiMO

        At $500 + tax, the Moto X is certainly an expensive alternative to the Nexus 5 at $150 more. Too bad… But as history has shown, the X will drop price mid year, unlike the N5.

  • Tusker

    Pre-ordered Z3, upgrading from my Z1s through Jump

  • chris

    I like the nexus 6 but it’s just to big for me. Z3 is the winner for me

  • nutmac

    Aside from brand loyalty, what are the appeals of Note 4? Z3 has the camera and waterproofing. Nexus has day 1 upgrade to latest version of Android and larger screen.

    • J.J.

      its all about how you personally use it. photo note is absolutely amazing in lecture. the multitasking is very convenient, the spen cut and paste functionality is well integrated, business model/graphing/spreadsheet building on the fly, never needing pen and paper when jotting down info while talking on your phone, super extreme battery saving mode when you have to jump multiple airline flights and dont want to be tethered to a wall charger all day. i could keep going but no other phone offers this with seamless integration period. if you wont use or need those things in your daily life than any of those other phones will do. facebook works on them all lol.

  • Zander

    Although I’m not on tmo (yet) I was shooting for a Note 4, I think the Nexus has swayed me with front facing speakers and water resistance.

  • Chris Siegell

    A possible weak point with the Nexus 6 is the AMOLED screen vs the Note 4 with the Super AMOLED screen.. I hope somebody gets a review unit soon so we will know more about the Nexus 6 screen quality.

  • JimmieDubose

    I have a note 3 and I’m torn between these three options. I want the z3 because it smaller and water proof. The note 4 has stellar reviews and I love the split screen multitasking. Than I always wanted a nexus but the previous models cameras or storage just didn’t cut it… I really don’t know what to buy

  • nmw407

    Getting a Note 4. Specs wise, the processors, ram, battery size, and internal storage were roughly the same for the N4 and N6, however, the Note 4 won for me because the battery is removable, it has a sd card slot, and the pen.

    With the Samsung $200 trade-in promo, it ended up being cheaper than the Nexus 6. I don’t super care about 5.0, because I’m sure some dev out there will create a custom rom with all the features of 5.0 if need be, but the pen function can’t be duplicated on the Nexus 6.

    Coming from the Note 2, I really enjoyed using the pen and that’s what really swayed my decision.

  • Travis Tabbal

    I’m still deciding. The Z3 looks nice, but is too small for my taste in phones. Those that want a smaller phone should be all over it though, it looks like a really nice device.

    Nexus 6 is interesting. If I can do a 64GB version on Jump, I’ll have to really consider it. The lack of SD is annoying, more so since it seems to be because Google thinks I’m an idiot and/or wants to push cloud on me. But I can make 64GB work. 32GB just isn’t enough, cloud or no cloud. LTE is fast, but local storage is faster, and always works, even in the Faraday cage I seem to work in. I also don’t like non-replaceable batteries. No matter how much power saving tech is in the thing, chances are ~3000mAh isn’t going to cut it for me. I use my devices a LOT during the day. The fast charge tech in the new devices might help me there, but that means I not only need to plug it in during the day, I need to buy new chargers as well. It’s not unusual for my Note3 with the ZeroLemon battery to be <40% at the end of a day, about 16 hours off the charger. I like AOSP and the raw speed you get with it. I would miss multiwindow though.

    Note 4 is definitely in the mix. It looks like they made a nice enough device. It's not a huge upgrade from the Note 3 though. That has me hesitating to get into an EIP for it. RAM and Storage are about the same. CPU gets a small bump. Camera looks to be improved some, but I don't use it a ton. The screen is the big change for me. It sounds nice, but I have to see it in person to decide if it's worth the change. And I'd have to buy a new ZL (when it's out), screen protector, etc…. Most of the other changes are software based, and can be added to the Note 3 either officially or from the various developers out there.

    So yes, the Note 3 might just stay a while longer.

  • Paul Garrison

    All 3 seem to be good.

  • J.J.

    note 4 in hand lol, but im already thinkin bout a quick flip to that nexus…hmmmmm

  • Zacamandapio

    Z3 FTW!!!

  • David

    I’m actually a big fan of HTC made phones, but until other brands start making cell phones with removal batteries again, I’ll be sticking to the Note series.

    • steveb944

      The quick charge feature pretty much covers you. If you have time to be swapping you probably have a chance to charge the device for a quick 15 min.

    • Stone Cold

      Cheaper to get a charger pack than worrying about carrying around an extra battery in my opinion. No having to always put wear an tear on the cover.

  • J.J.

    what a great time for android users. i remember when i did not have pinch to zoom on my my touch 3g

  • Nexus 6 – Giant screen and pure Lollipop for the win! T-Mobile better be getting the 64GB version!

    • ken

      T-Mobile always sell the lower end version of the nexus device

    • drzfr3shboialex

      They confirmed that they’re getting the 64GB.

      • Orion

        When did they confirm that?

  • jbrizzy

    Pink Note 4 please

  • francob911 .

    Just wait until February and get the HTC one M9! 2k screen 3gb ram snapdragon 64 bit 806 processor and its going to be water proof with a better camera than HTC EYE

    • Jason Crumbley

      I hope you are right.

  • So, I really want the Nexus 6 because of the Pure Google Experience. N6 comes with the 13 MP with OIS but the Note4 has 16 MP with OIS. Somehow if somehow N6’s camera despite the number has as good of pictures taken from the Note4, I am sold. I am willing to give up on the Stylus among other things like MicroSD and removable battery for that. I also want to compare the Front Facing Camera pictures as well. Love the dual front facing speakers and the design of N6. I really hope N6 comes through. I am dying to own my first Nexus device ! I am ready Google, Hit me !

    • Dakota

      Nexus faults have always been camera and speakers so that would be a big change. Not sure one worth an extra 250$ though with the 32gb Nexus 5 priced at 399…They should discount the older model

      • Yep. I have my fingers crossed with the camera. I think the 2K screen display and the fact that its water resistant is what makes this phone very expensive. Hopefully the price comes down a bit near Black Friday.

  • TheDude

    Moto X 2014 for me – if only Tmo would get wifi calling working.

    • Mschmal

      If WiFi calling becomes available I would go this route as well.

      • Romdude

        If it is sold on t-mobile, they said they will have wifi calling from now on. Call 611 and double check.

  • ken

    None of these phone pop out to me. I guess I’m saying with the n5 until the m9 or s6 comes out

  • Ian


  • Sean

    [Already have] the Galaxy Note 4!

  • jonathan3579

    Nexus 6, baby!!!

  • JaswinderSinghJammu

    Nexus 6 for now. But would be interesting to see Note Edge

  • Mschmal

    Nexus 6 is definitely getting WiFi calling, right? Is WiFi Calling a part of Android 5.0?

  • vrm

    It would help if you provided a table for comparison ( a comparison matrix). We are too lazy to search all three specs.

  • Bradly Robberson

    The best phone will be the Note Edge, but that is not a choice in this article. So i would like to test drive the Nexus but I like touchwiz right now so my vote goes to Note 4

    • Marcelo_L

      please read my comment from above. The note edge is DOA ladies and gentlemen.

      it’s already gone from the Samsung experience at BestBuy, and the united states will see only up to 1 million of these across all carriers. And the price is going to be around 800 bucks.

  • Philip Totaro

    The Motorola Droid Turbo will beat them all if their rumored specs hold up, so I’m saving my money for now.

  • Rob

    Nexus 6. Its kind of a no-brainer to switch from my M8 to the N6, especially since I have JUMP. I’m not giving up front-facing speakers and I like stock Android but can’t stand TouchWiz, KNOX security flags, and how long it takes Samsung to push out updates.

    • Marty

      Same boat my friend! November 12th cannot come any sooner

  • mingkee

    Where is an option “I will keep my current phone”?

    • Jay Holm

      Same here! I’m waiting for the Galaxy S6, hopefully it will have the Snapdragon 810, and that new micro-usb type 2 charging port.

    • Dakota

      Blogs assume their readers are the ones who need to constantly updated to the latest gadgets

      • Art Faucett

        But you are here though, so………

  • nycplayboy78

    Where is the option for Galaxy Note Edge?

  • so where

    the nexus6 changes nothing until google makes multi window software for android. until then its just a large and improved nexus 5

    • skywalkr2

      I’ve had two big screen Samsungs in a row…. plus a note 8 and not 10 2014. I have never used multiwindow.

  • Jason Crumbley

    The M9.

  • tomnewtn

    I buy mine from Google, but sticking with N5. Might go to Moto for an X since it’s not too gynormous.

    • Dakota

      Me too. N5 with

      • Aaron C

        I would like a Nexus 5 2015 edition with band 12 support, a 5.2-5.5″ screen, a bigger battery, wireless charging, and just-behind-the-curve performance — for $400.

      • tomnewtn

        One thing I love about IOS, and this surprised me, is that the Gmail app in IOS allows you to display “unread emails” only. Android doesn’t have that option so you have to scroll through your inbox. Anyway, the google apps work great in IOS, and security and optimization seems to be better. But I enjoy using both IOS and Android now.

  • 0neTw0

    Sticking with my OPO 64. Thanks though.

  • kevin

    none of them…im broke

  • Pure Android?

    I don’t understand the “Pure Android!” argument. Pure Android is lacking meany features present in a good skin like HTC Sense.

    • TechAce01

      Because the “Pure Android” of Nexus devices is suppose to be how Google want to represent Android OS. With that said, I’m in agreement with you. I prefer Sense and TouchWiz over Stock Android. There’s also Google’s hard on for the cloud and Anti- expandable storage option that keeps me away from their “Pure Android” devices.

      So yeah, I can understand why some people prefer Stock over the OEM UI’s, but I don’t get why the Pure Google Fanboys down anything that’s not Stock. Why can’t we as Android users just get along?

      • edfranco1

        I want the big vendors to install all their cool bloatware with the option to uninstall or disable at my description.

  • Chilehead

    Waiting for the LG G Flex 2

    • KOLIO

      Almost forgot about that one (I guess no one stateside is ever getting the LG OG PRO2).

      About time for LG to make some noise,everyone else has weighed in w/their Q3-Q4 offerings.

    • skywalkr2

      I was waiting for this, but the Nexus will suit my needs.

  • Fadi Jaouni

    Already got the best phone around; the Note 4

  • DoDaDum

    Where is the “None” option?

    • Cam Bunton

      It’s there. It’s the “not voting” option. ;-)

      • superg05

        no note edge in polls :( well it does matter to much time has passed since voting began

      • TechAce01

        But that doesn’t show how many people who would choose that option over the three listed.

  • beangraff

    What about the Xperia Z3x the larger sized xperia coming out in 2015? Hold out for better design, large phone and great camera?

  • AdamBath

    Already pre-ordered my Z3.

  • Jeff Martinez

    Not for the Waterproof feature, BUT! For PS4 Remote play!


    Waiting for the Sony z4…. 2015….

  • vince1228

    I know its a ways away but i really hope tmobile brings the bigger xperia z3x or z4 the bigger 6.2 screen size phone to thw network. That’s where my money will be going if brought to T-Mobile.

  • priap1sm

    None, they’re all too damn big! I want the Z3 compact.

    • Brian Kim

      Same. I can’t believe T-mobile hasn’t listened to the petition to get it. I guess I’ll just have to cancel my jump to stop wasting $10 a month for phones I don’t ever plan on getting and just buy the Z3 Compact cash.

      • Romdude

        There is a rumor that is coming. Search for it and let us know.

  • superg05

    no note edge in polls :(

    • JamesG

      We dont know when its coming

  • I’m waiting to see what the 7th generation Nexus phone is like a year from now. My Nexus 5 is working great still and I don’t want a phone with a screen over 5″.

  • Marcelo_L

    from the looks of it the more where is a non starter.
    As suggested by folks here I went too the Samsung experience at best buy, and they’ve already taken down the note edge from their displays. From what Iwas told there will osupport nly be1 million note edges in ALL the United States across ALL carriers. You heard right, across all carriers. Which tells me it was all a gimmick. Why pull it from there Samsung experience before it goes on preorder.

    Lastly, apparently T-Mobile will be the last to get there Note Edge. So does that mean you might have to buy an ATT version and unlock it!? I sure hope not.

    What kind of Developersupport do they think they’re going to get if all they plan to build is a million of these things? I’ll tell you what kind. ……None, that’s how much support you’re going to get.

  • mingkee

    Frankly, I will stay with 2-3 months old G3 as it serves me well. Perhaps I will get Z Ultra to use it on MBB as tablet, or as backup phone before G4 or Sony Z3x comes.
    If Wi-Fi calling is native with Lollipop, I may go for unlocked phones especially Sony.

  • Jsun

    It would have been nice if t-mobile could add a flagship phone on that list, but since there isn’t one, my vote is for note 4 for now then jump to z3 for the summer.

  • Jsun

    add a flagship *Windows Phone…

  • edfranco1

    Yesterday, we learned of Samsung’s “emergency” plans to release the Galaxy Note 4 earlier than scheduled, but the bent-display curiosity that is the Galaxy Note Edge wasn’t mentioned anywhere. Today, we’re filling in more details in the picture. This morning, Samsung held a press-conference in its homeland of South Korea, where it officially announced the Galaxy Note 4 launch schedule.

    The phablet’s regular version will be released in Korea Friday, September 26, and it will arrive in an additional 140 markets by the end of October. It looks like the official US launch date remains October 17.

    The Galaxy Note Edge is where things get pretty interesting. Samsung Electronics president D.J. Lee confirmed that the edgy phablet is a “limited edition concept”, “technology-intensive” device that will see limited shipments and different release dates for each country. It will start selling in South Korea in late October, but other regions might have to wait until next year. Chances are that the Note Edge will be more expensive than the regular phab as well.

    A little more than a week ago, Hyundai Securities analysts said that Samsung plans to ship a fairly modest 1 million Galaxy Note Edge units along with 11 million Galaxy Note 4s in 2014. Samsung’s announcement falls in line with this prediction. Previously, the company confirmed that manufacturing the Note Edge is “expected to be complicated”, while another Korean analyst added that adapting to the curved screen could become an initial challenge for users.

  • dcphone

    Folks, If you want a new 5ish inch Nexus, it is clear that Google and Motorola thought they were giving you that in the new 2014 Moto X…I admit, it would be nice if they released a google play addition of the phone for you die hard purists…But one doesn’t have to think too long when you look at the Nexus 6 to understand why they could not just give you a new 5 inch Nexus because that would just be the new Moto X! So given the push of bigger phones, it does make sense that Google and Moto decided to give you this new Nexus in the form of a phablet….I do wish they would have scaled down a little bit to say 5.7 but I think I will learn to live with and likely enjoy the big phone. If one looks at the poll, it is clear that many people like me are excited about this new phone….I do however understand and feel for all you current Nexus owners that were waiting and hoping for another updated but still more affordable Nexus…You can wait a couple months and Motorola may give you a Christmas or end of year special on the Moto X….

  • Harry_Wild

    I getting the Moto X Play myself! Here is the link that talks about it: Moto X Play: AT&T and T-Mobile’s Quad HD Verizon Droid Turbo variant passes through the FCC : PERSONAL TECH : Tech Times

    Of course, no band 12 support! I don’t know why now this new Motorola doe not provide support either. Moto X 2014 has no support either!

  • Cadil

    T-Mobile last in the world to UPDATE best phones – Note 4