Nexus 6 launch delayed by T-Mobile until 11/19, thanks to failed Motorola delivery


T-Mobile’s Nexus 6 was scheduled to launch this week. Tomorrow, in fact, on November 12. But it became clear – thanks to some internal leaks and our conversations with sources – that stock would be very constrained at launch. Only 1/3 of all stores were going to have them available at launch.

We’ve been given some further background information by our sources, and it would appear that stock was going to be even more constrained than we’d first feared. Motorola was due to ship T-Mo inventory this past weekend, and failed to do so, meaning some stores wouldn’t have even been able to put out demo units for customers to look at tomorrow, let alone offer them for sale. And the same is almost certainly true for AT&T and Sprint too. In this case, Motorola wasn’t able to produce and ship enough devices for a successful launch.

In a move to give “customers the best experience”, T-Mobile has decided to delay the launch by another week. The company confirmed on its Twitter account:

It may be bad news for those hoping to grab one tomorrow. But the number of successful buyers was likely going to be very low. It seems a wise – and necessary – move by T-Mobile, to ensure more customers are left happy.

If we hear more, we’ll be sure to keep you updated.

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  • RobSleezy

    Welcome to Lenovo.

    • Danny Lewis

      Can’t blame them unless last week, when it became official, their first order of business was the mess up the Nexus 6 production!

      • Paul Hansen

        They decided to ship them to China instead.

  • Doc

    I just hope there aren’t a lot of issues with these first units due to being rushed.

    • LuvMusic

      I agree…..beginning to think upgrading to a Z3 and waiting a few months to see what happens with this device is not a bad idea.

      • Zach R

        Exactly what I did yesterday. And so far I’m loving the Z3.

        • neospade44

          My Z3 just bricked itself last night, woke up to a dead device and late for work. No, it wasn’t charging overnight.

    • Frankiie

      you can always return… thou

  • Orion

    Does this mean you can’t order online either?

    • GazaIan

      I think you can, but the price has changed to 10K.

    • Asif

      i checked with online support this morning and they said that you can. Not sure about reading this new though.

  • Kofi

    Well the least they could do for all of the trouble is actually have Wifi calling available now. I know its not T-mo’s fault but they are partners with Google and Moto on this so there should be something that will make them stand out even more as the Un-carrier at launch.

    • Adrayven

      eh? they have WiFi calling.. It’s baked into Lollypop. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

      • kofi

        No it said coming early 2015

  • Adrayven

    Sucks, but not T-mobile dropping the ball.. Wonder why Motorola is having issues. I know their is a decent following, but it’s not like it’s a Galaxy or iPhone release..

    I wonder what numbers they were expecting… and if this will be a black eye on Motorola as far as Google’s concerned… I mean, really, this won’t look good for Google rep to pick someone who cannot meet basic demand…

  • amards

    Beginning to wonder if they made any phones at all.

    • Austin

      Motorola: No, but we have pictures! Wanna buy some pictures???


  • Breathe_Easy

    I’ve called five T-Mobile stores and not one knew if they’d be getting the Nexus 6 tomorrow. All of them said they’d gotten a lot of calls, one employee said he was surprised by how popular the phone had gotten, another said that they can confirm that it was launching tomorrow, and yet another said that they didn’t get any emails or other information and that’s why they don’t know if they’re getting it. Man, this is disappointing!

  • Donald Briese

    Boo T-Mobile, boo google and boo Motorola. They can suck it, how can nexus supply be this bad every year? Not getting it now, maybe next year.

    • steveb944

      Haha missed launch by a week and now you boycott. You were never on board to begin with. A week is much improvement for a Nexus launch.

      • Donald Briese

        luckily i never had to wait on my last few nexus’s, i was iffy on this one but i think this dissuades me, or at least enough for this moment. There are other good options out there this year.

        • steveb944

          It’s arguably the best device hitting the market. There may be other good options, but this one is better and worth the wait.

  • BL4Z3D247

    I’ll forgive this if I can get a Tmo Nexus 6 in Cloud White. I joke, I joke. ;P I’ll just go pick up a Nexus 9 to hold me over for a week.

  • Bill

    The same is not true for AT&T, we got our shipments from Motorola today at all 3 locations I work at here in Seattle. And plenty of them for the most part.

    • TJB

      so if you got them today…when will they be ready to buy?! i want one!

    • Donald Briese

      when can you buy those in store??

  • scuttlefield

    I was one of the lucky ones to get a pre-order on the Play Store during the first day. Curious to see if it actually ships by the 21st as Google said it would. Wouldn’t be surprised either way at this point.

    • Philly Jim

      Good luck

  • Asif

    Checked with T-mobile online chat/support and they gave me few store details in NY. Called the stores and they said that they haven’t received anything yet and asked me to call back tomorrow morning. Used the chrome extension to catch the Play Store for pre-order today and nothing happened. I guess Google was not even able to replenish the Play Store this Wednesday. The legend of Unicorn lives …

    • Malik

      uhhh… Wednesday is tomorrow…

    • Andrew

      Today is Tuesday though.

    • David Mefford

      Today is Tuesday.

      • Asif

        just realized …

      • Asif

        Well same story today… received an email from Motorola at 12.19 that stock is available and at 12.29 when i logged in .. Out of stock … this is plain crazy.

  • tomnewtn

    I’ve been holding off on buying another cutting board for the kitchen, and now I have wait even longer? Helluva device but I wish it were a tad smaller like the X. Might have to try it though as this one is a beaut.

  • Jason Crumbley

    Why is every Nexus launch like this? The companies that make the products can get it right for their other phones. Why not the Nexus?

    • steveb944

      They don’t get it right either. Have you been able to track down the new iPhones in all the rainbow of colors? Doubtful. Samsung has had delays as well. And these are the two big dogs in mobile right now.

      • monkeybutts

        And samsung sells a hell of a lot less than apple. They sell more phones but less of their $600+ phones.

  • AnthonyRyan89

    Now this is the prefect chance to do pre-oders nexus 6

  • Frustrated customer

    This is not news as T-Mobile fumbles the launch of every phone. They have not had a phone on launch in high quantities for the last few years. The iPhone, Note 4 and now the Nexus are just the latest of failed launches. It’s furstrating going to a store to have a rep try to convince you to order it through them. If I wanted to order it I would do it online. I think T-Mobile has forgotten what a retail store is supposed to do.

    • mblackAZ

      I’m not sure if you actually READ the article, but this is a Motorola shipping issue, not a
      T-Mobile issue.

  • maxs

    ups #fail

  • Tien H

    Despite of the HUGE 5.96 screen and price people are still buying it.

    • David

      You don’t know the power Google holds over Nexus elitists. Even they branded a pile of dog crap “Nexus” those said people will still buy it.

      • steveb944

        Let’s keep the stereotype going.

        You don’t know the power Apple holds over iPhone elitists. Even if they branded a pile of dog crap “iPhone” those said people will still buy it.

        Even when they said they wouldn’t release a big pile.

    • Evan Washkow

      Big price, compared to what? Most phones out there are this price, or more.

  • Jerry Rich

    It was probably a last minute decision by Google to choose Motorola and their new giant phone. Since the device became a “Nexus” the demand went up and Motorola can’t keep up with production.

    • Jaymus Lonestar

      So… Play Store stock is limited supposedly in part because Google wants to push the device thru carriers. Then Motorola starts selling the phone directly from their website but it sells out almost as quickly as the Play Store. Now the carriers are having to push back scheduled releases due to a lack of stock delivery from Motorola.

      Makes me wonder if the Nexus 6 being built in the same Fort Worth Texas plant as the Moto X? If so then I wish they had already moved operations back overseas prior to this release. Give me some of that good ol’ Foxconn output. :-)

      (And before you jump on your soapbox, no I do NOT enjoy seeing American jobs lost overseas. But in this case Motorola had already announced plans to shut down their US based manufacturing facilities. So have a lil haha and move on).

    • Brian Perez

      I just think everything was badly planned if this was Verizon im sure this wouldnt have been a problem Motorola is used to doing business with big red.

  • Husain Aljamal

    I called a T-Mobile store and they said they will have it tomorrow at noon is that bs or could they actually have it then? Let me know please I really wanted this phone tmmrw

    • Jeff

      T-Mobile will probably order that all stores hold them until 11/19. Unless there is a manager willing to break the rules, you won’t be getting one tomorrow

      • Nathan Casey

        I don’t think so. They said 1/3 of stores will have them. Because I’ve called personally and several have confirmed they’ll have a few. “5-10”

        • Jeremy Turnley

          If the system has a hold on the phones in inventory, the employees won’t have the option to sell them, period. You will just end up standing there for an hour while they try and walking away without a phone.

        • Nathan Casey

          We’ll see. I’ll go tomorrow and try. If they say no I’ll leave. Won’t be in longer than 10 min

    • Maverick

      I’d still go to the store… At least I am. I have a feeling this is all a gimmick that’ll be forgiven once the phone is in people’s hands :P

  • jetscreamer01

    Is just amazing that a phone that is virtually unknown to mainstream consumer can be so hard to keep in stock. Lets face it, compare to Iphone fans, we are a very small minority. Yet Google cannot order enough inventory to satisfied everyone who wants one.

    • Brian Perez

      Idlwhy Google bothered even getting into the wireless business their bad a mass production and imagine they barely advertised this photograph im in nyc and i havent even seen a ad but maybe this is their way of building up hype about the phone.

    • kev2684

      they are so bad it’s unbelievable. you’d think after 4 failed launches they’d adjust their orders moving forward. now it’s just getting worse and worse.

  • Bilbo

    I just want to know about online availability, and when those would ship. :(

  • Lawrence Hall

    Im gonna try. Im pretty friendly with some of my reps at the store near me. Maybe they have one that can slide. Or at least they can take my money so i can just walk in next week and walk out.

  • Chris

    Damn it! Let us preorder at least!!!!

  • Marc Adam

    Coincidentally that is the same as Motorola’s estimated delivery date for my pre-order of a 64GB Cloud White

  • Evan Washkow

    So, Motorola hasn’t the crappiest idea of what they’re doing.

  • John Doe

    Is this a strategy? The iPhone 6, note 4 and now the nexus. Not enough stock for three different manufacturers … this is frustrating

  • bohdan yahla

    Just called 2 customer service reps and 2 store, all of them saying they will launch it tomorrow

    • Prod1702

      They won’t be able to sell it tomorrow. T-Mobile already told the employee’s that it isn’t for sell until the 19th. They will not add it to their system for it to be sold.

  • Gina

    I actually broke my Nexus 4 this morning. Never broke a cell phone before. I’ve been holding off for the 6 and found out that it is coming out tomorrow. I excitedley went to T-Mobile today around 6pm. One of the employees said that it releases tomorrow but the other employee said she just looked it up on their new alerts and it said they are releasing it on the 19th. I think the decision was literally made hours ago. They said that I wouldn’t even be able to order it until that date so I guess no pre-order and no phone for me until it comes out. Damn if I’m paying a $75 dollar insurance fee for a phone I will probably keep for two weeks tops. Tmobile will give me a loaner phone until then.

  • veruz

    i can picture it now: Google announces Nexus 6 2015 edition KICKSTARTER

  • gadget_hero

    It is pretty amazing to see how flat footed and disorganized Motorola, Samsung, and heck even Apple are at this point. I don’t think I have ever seen this bad a backlog and general lack of information about smartphones. You know I really have to applaud HTC because they got the M8 out on time and with quantity (especially considering their finances at that point in time to).

    • Dustin Kimble

      Well, HTC (themselves) never offered pre orders and had a fairly decent track to go by. I will agree Google and Motorola dropped the ball and should have not done pre orders or at least made it where more than a couple hundred could be bought at a time. The deal here is uncertainty. We don’t know when or where and that’s a deal breaker for alot. This is the first high priced nexus device and going by all the dislike for it being so much bigger (all the people saying they weren’t getting it on blogs and such, I’ve kept up with this since it was first rumored) Google probably bet it wouldn’t sell as good as it has. Since I wasn’t able to get my hands on it early, I’ll wait till the second revision a couple of months later. I’m sure my note 3 will hold on a lil while longer.

  • USCmed

    Some T-Mobile stores are still insisting they’re selling the device tomorrow so don’t know what to do.

    • Lance Bell

      I would go there

      • bohdan yahla

        Im am still going to a story just for the heck of it

        • mash

          Any luck?

        • bohdan yahla

          It opens in 1 and ahalf hour, i doubt there will br any lucl, but still, its on my way home so why not

        • Taco

          Any word?

        • bohdan yahla

          Store i went to didn’t receive any, neither did the other store in my city. Manager said they will be in next couple days

        • Taco

          So Went to the store that yesterday said they had them and would sell them yesterday at 230pm said they do not have them and 11/19 is the day

    • mash

      I’m outside a store that was supposed to have stock, waiting for it to open. Anyone heard confirmation on still selling today in store?

      • mash

        Spoke to the employees as they went inside. They are all aware of the push back. Looks like no sale today. Sounded like this store didn’t have devices either, while it was listed as one that was supposed to. I will confirm when they let me in.

        • mash

          To confirm, the store that was supposed to have devices (stock or demo) as listed on the leaked excel sheet did not have any devices. They were not able to do a pre-order or process a ship to fulfill. They also did not have any more info for me other than the 19th release date.

        • jonathan3579

          Any update on your end? One other commenter said the store they were at didn’t receive them.

      • Keith

        Anyone else there? What happened? Any in stock? Thanks.

  • redman12

    Just waiting for my Lollipop for my Nexus 5 =D

    • JTrip

      Yep. Don’t need the 6.

  • htyoung

    Does this go for online too?

    • John Johnson


      They don’t need to make us wait to order the darned thing online, ffs. At least let us order it – even if the ship-date is a week out.

      • htyoung

        They told me online is pushed back too via twitter. #Lame. I guess they are trying to get us to pay for the Note 4 edge

        T-Mobile USA

        •We know you’re so excited about the Nexus 6! To ensure you have the
        best ordering experience, we’ve pushed the launch to… 1/2
        T-Mobile USA

        51m51 minutes ago

        @htyoung:disqus …11/19 for in store and online.
        *NB 2/2

        • Philly Jim

          Good luck trying to get your hands on one of them I’ve been on the phone and internet for hrs trying to at least get some info , from anywhere I might be able to purchase one guess what , Nada , ZIP , Nothing , I’m beginning to feel like a fool even trying to track even this phone down , best advise I got was 6 am EST try to order online , that’s what I got after 3 to 4 hrs of phone call’s blogging , and calling T Mobile retention, Good Luck , I’m going to try and order one online first thing in the morning , if not then my Note 3 and LG G3 will hold me over another month or so until the silliness stop’s , wish I didn’t sell my Nexus 5 Tuesday afternoon , best phone I ever had , hell I have a UAG case on order for the note edge , I have 3 spigen cases coming this weekend for a nexus 6 and no Phones to use them with ……………….I’m OUT…………..Peace

  • ThgilnE

    Well I was told that after calling every store in the metro Phoenix area, that a few stated they would have them tomorrow sometime during the day. I am thinking this is less and less a true statement since MOTO did not even ship any to the stores.

    I was told by every sales person that most all releases are shipped to them on the same day, which, I have a hard time believing, but a few ppl that I talked to when I called into the call centered stated that as of a few days ago from an email everything was a go for certain stores.

    There were also a few stores that stated that they would not receive any until next week.

    With all of that said, I drove 5 hours to be one of the T-Mobile stores that said they would have some in by noon. This is sounding more and more like a bunch of BS.

  • Glen

    Yea, I’m going to hold off for the reviews on this one. The fact that Google and Motorola are making it so difficult to order the phone while providing no updates on availability makes it looks like there’s an issue with either the hardware itself, the software, or production. At least we’ll get some reviews today to let us know whether we should be excited for the Nexus or if we should go with something else. I doubt I’ll lose too much sleep if I buy a Note 4 instead.

    • Tyler

      I’m guessing you’ve never ordered a Nexus device before, or experience any other Google product launches. They’re pretty much all like this.

  • jonathan3579

    Well..I just went to a store that was supposed to have the most stock in Houston and they said the shipment didn’t arrive yesterday as planned.

  • Rob

    Maybe this means they’ll actually have stock… If that’s the case, I’ll wait.

  • brand1399

    Same problem in the DC area.

  • JaswinderSinghJammu

    Ordered mine through Motorola’s website and will be getting it before thanksgiving. I can’t wait for T Mobile to start flipping on the 700 MHz markets.

    • Clevenger23

      Good luck. I have the note 4 which is able to use the 700mhz spectrum. They are building LTE right now where I live, but using band 2 at only 5Mhz bandwidth. But one city over they are on band 4 with 10mhz bandwidth.

      • JaswinderSinghJammu

        So no issues with the interference that they have in some areas? I am in San Jose.

  • Manny

    Was anyone able to get their hands on one?.I see a few comments about people attempting but was anyone successful? I may make a trip for the beck of it.

    • USCmed

      A lot of stores are saying check back after noon which is strange. If the release date was pushed why wouldn’t they just say check back next week? I think some stores intend to sell.

      • Manny

        Not my local store. They are saying none in stock and pushed back to 19th. Looks I’m waiting unless someone finds a place in Jersey.

        • USCmed

          Fail today, though the guy said check back Friday at one store.

      • jonathan3579

        I went to three stores this morning (all were on the list) and they told me to come back this afternoon. I didn’t… I think I’m just gonna wait for my Play Store.

  • brand1399

    Question: Can this phone use Voice LTE, meaning you are still connected to the LTE network while on the phone?

    • yeah right

      Will be able to by the latest March 2015 (could be Jan 2015). with built in WIFI calling as well.

  • michael lind

    I have the nexus 10 so I will wait for my lolipop update while you all fight over an expensive phablet try talking on it

    • veruz

      Lol which has also been delayed allegedly until today. I’m in the same boat. Hopefully my N10 gets lolipop before the N6 potentially drops next week.

  • gadget_hero

    Google totally has FUBAR’d the Lollipop & Nexus rollout. I had presumed they held back stock to push for more in carrier retail store, and the even jacked that up more than the play store rollout (almost can’t believe that was possible).

    I can’t tell you how wrong it is that the Nexus device aka the developer phone aka the whole point is to get software the faster phone is not getting Lollipop first, I mean what the hell is the point if not faster updates? Google go home you are drunk and confused.

    • Chad Vincent

      And 4 hours later, Nexus 5, 10, and WiFi Nexus 7 Lollipop OTA is in-progress, with images available for manual download. Same day as Moto G and Moto X.

  • Anthony Rodriguez

    Well if T-Mobile wants more customers to be left happy launch the white nexus not just the blue one

  • Brad

    Welp, my new nano sim (had to get a new one to get on the credit check plan) will be here probably today… adapter to use it in my N5 here by friday. Spigen mint n6 case probably next friday… I’m ready. GIMME! Hopefully I successfully snag a 64gb model next wednesday.

  • Jeremy

    If T-mobile can’t figure out stock issues this going to start to hurt bottom line. Is this because we are still third or 4 in line behind others? This is not only product in past 6 month had major issues with getting stock. So do we believe T-mobile or Google?

    • randomnerd_number38

      “So do we believe T-Mobile or Google?”

      Believe them about what? Neither company has given a real explanation.

    • Clevenger23

      FYI even Google is sold out due to lack of suply from Motorola. Idiot. It has nothing to do with tmobile

      • Jeremy

        Key Word is Google had supply to sell. Other companies had no trouble getting supply to sell.

        • TennesseeV

          Who else but Sprint has supply? Sprint is the only one selling the N6 this week (on Friday) but charging $50 more than others. AT&T is taking pre-orders for delivery late next week. Google and Motorola are sold out. T-mobile never got their full shipment but will have stock next week when it seems many N6 pre-orders from ATT, GP, and Moto will ship.

        • Jeremy

          This seems to be more of a T-mobile issue. This is the 5th phone in a row with stock issues. T-mobile is hiring a eCommerce Demand Planning Manager and T-Mobile Inventory Manager. T-mobile listed about 15 positions dealing with inventory.

  • Pepsi

    Does anyone know what price it will be for t-mobile or is it same as google?

    • Donny Stanley

      $649 same as Google.

  • JimmieDubose

    Why only blue though?

    • skittle

      Really, one color at launch on T-Mobile seems weird. You are paying a premium price. I can see blue as a choice between black, white and blue but this is odd.

  • notpoliticalyet

    It almost seems that Google is waiting to see how many are interested in paying $649 for a Nexus device. It is like they didn’t want to have too much inventory. This is a very odd release of a product and really doesn’t look too good on their part. Say I really wanted one right now, I would not know whether to go to the Play Store or Motorola’s site. You would think they would have more available and sell while the pan is hot.

    • Glen

      It’s identical to every other Nexus launch. Google is AWFUL at launching cell phones

  • JJ

    2 days from launch, any word on if the delay to 11/19 will be nation wide!?

  • hi

    it supposed to ship today from At&T but its delayed too…ugh