Nexus 6 launch delayed by T-Mobile until 11/19, thanks to failed Motorola delivery


T-Mobile’s Nexus 6 was scheduled to launch this week. Tomorrow, in fact, on November 12. But it became clear – thanks to some internal leaks and our conversations with sources – that stock would be very constrained at launch. Only 1/3 of all stores were going to have them available at launch.

We’ve been given some further background information by our sources, and it would appear that stock was going to be even more constrained than we’d first feared. Motorola was due to ship T-Mo inventory this past weekend, and failed to do so, meaning some stores wouldn’t have even been able to put out demo units for customers to look at tomorrow, let alone offer them for sale. And the same is almost certainly true for AT&T and Sprint too. In this case, Motorola wasn’t able to produce and ship enough devices for a successful launch.

In a move to give “customers the best experience”, T-Mobile has decided to delay the launch by another week. The company confirmed on its Twitter account:

It may be bad news for those hoping to grab one tomorrow. But the number of successful buyers was likely going to be very low. It seems a wise – and necessary – move by T-Mobile, to ensure more customers are left happy.

If we hear more, we’ll be sure to keep you updated.

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