T-Mobile Nexus 6 stock to be constrained at launch


A number of sites have picked up on a supposed leak from Android Police purportedly showing that’s T-Mobile’s stock of the upcoming Nexus 6 will be constrained at launch. His source tells him that only 1 out of every 3 stores will have them in stock on release day.

The staff community system has a message detailing that “due to inventory constraints” only some stores will have the Nexus 6 in stock. However, all stores will be able to take orders and have them shipped to customers.



If you need to know if your local store has them, there is this list (it’s a long one). It shows all the retail store locations, and shows which are to receive demo models and saleable stock, and which are only receiving demo units. And it makes for pretty grim reading. We also checked with our own sources who have proven reliable time and again. They confirmed to us that these leaks are accurate.

With all that said, I don’t think we can be surprised. Stock of the Nexus 6 quickly sold out on the Google Play Store as soon as customers could submit orders. From Google and Motorola’s point of view, it’s better to be selling out of limited stock, than to have thousands of devices sitting around in shipments and store shelves collecting dust (*coughs* “Fire Phone” *coughs*).

But while it isn’t surprising, it is disappointing. From our own informal surveys, the Nexus 6 appears to be an incredibly popular device among our readers, many of whom will have wanted to grab one from T-Mobile.

Will you be ordering through T-Mobile? Or are you tempted to get Google’s Play Store version now?

Via: Android Police, Droid-Life

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  • Paul Garrison

    In my area, only the high traffic T-mobile stores will carry the Nexus 6.

  • Eric Shun

    Not a single store in the state of Ohio will have stock for the launch….

    • D Griffin

      Or Michigan.

    • Jason Crumbley

      Or Nevada.

    • Brad

      Wouldn’t load for me… glad I didn’t have to experience the Ohio disappointment first hand…

    • Ruben

      Or Arizona

  • LuvMusic

    Since I will be trying to get a 64gb version, I’ll be ordering / JUMPing online. Wish I knew what time online ordering will go live. Anyone know?

    • John Johnson

      This. Would love to know the time and timezone for the online launch opening up.

  • CalicoKJ

    None in ID, but they are missing at least one store that I am aware of.

    • xealo

      Read the list again. Scroll down just before the halfway point. It shows all the ID stores. Here is what I pulled:


      2382 Overland & Cole 3 8184 w Overland Boise




      269 S 25TH E & E SUNNYSIDE RD 3190 S 25TH E IDAHO FALLS

      1938 Grand Teton Mall 2 2300 E 17Th St Idaho Falls


      2094 12th Ave & 14th St 2312 12th Ave Nampa



      1939 Magic Valley Mall 2 1485 Poleline Rd E Twin Falls

      • Houston Z33

        I think *YOU* need to read the list again bruh.

        CA, FL, GA, IL, MA, MD, NH, NJ, NY, PA, TX, VA, WA are the only states that will have stock from the first batch and each store is only getting 2 each (except for flagships, they will get 6)

        Every store you listed will have it “in the future”

    • xealo

      oops. Missed the “yes” part. Strange that they will behaving demos though…

  • Lucky45

    Where did this list come from? I don’t believe they won’t have any in Las Vegas, Nevada…

  • carcomptoy

    I was going to hold out for the Nexus 6, but I decided on the Galaxy Note 4 since I couldn’t live without WiFi Calling for two or three months until Google enables it on the Nexus 6. Plus, time was running out for me to be able to JUMP in time before I could get the screen replaced on my One M8.

  • thepanttherlady

    Wow, I didn’t expect to see the store I like going to on the list. Too bad 64GB is only available online. :(

    • skittle

      I buy at either the Tustin store or the Irvine Spectrum store. I am surprised that the Irvine Spectrum store isn’t listed. The Tustin store has been very helpful.

      • thepanttherlady

        They seem to have missed the big corporate store in Anaheim off of St. College and Lincoln but have a non-corporate store listed. Not complaining though because the non-corporate store always gets my business if I’m buying phones. They’re MUCH nicer and will tend to release the phone to me early if I call. :)

      • thepanttherlady

        They seem to have missed the big corporate store in Anaheim off of St. College and Lincoln but have a non-corporate store listed. Not complaining though because the non-corporate store always gets my business if I’m buying phones. They’re MUCH nicer and will tend to release the phone to me early if I call. :)

  • Johayan

    No stores in Minnesota…and only stores in the immediate Chicagoland area for Illinois. Gonna have to hold off and wait for the 64gb on line.

    • John Johnson

      Minnesota here as well, but was paving in the 64gb online the whole time. May end up having to wait for it to ship for a while, but my M8 should be OK until then. ;-)

      • John Johnson’s evil twin


        Stupid auto-correct. :p

    • phekno

      I called a couple stores around me yesterday after this list was leaked. I think one store said “no”. One said to call back today, because they wouldn’t get any shipments until then (1 PM), and one said that they were hoping to have some in stock.

      Anyway, I’m not going to hold my breath. I’ll just order the 64 GB one. It’s what I wanted, anyway. 2 AM CST can’t come soon enough.

  • Jesslyn Hendrix

    Wow, I have a couple of stores to choose from, but surprised at the stores that weren’t included. Glad I took off work so I can be there when they open–I don’t trust a couple of the seedier locations

  • sushimane

    there’s already one review on the nexus saying that its too big,expensive what do u except it is a 6 inch display phone. im stuck between the nexus 6 and the z3 i just want a phone with dual front facing speakers the nexus 5 was good but sense the speaker is on the bottom its hard to hear the other person during a video call. any suggestion?

    • thepanttherlady

      I read that a moment ago too and laughed. It’s almost as if the person didn’t even have the phone.

      • sushimane

        thats what im saying. lol

    • Stone Cold

      Z3 rocks loving mine right now.

      • sushimane

        does both speaker actually work or does one work? i heard that only the bottom work but its loud

        • Stone Cold

          Both work

  • Orion

    According to the list, only 1 store in my location will carry the Nexus 6 lol. Hopefully, the manager can order the 64 GB for me on Wednesday.

  • D_Wall__

    This is my Next…

  • pda96

    I’m over this phone. One of the worst launches ever !

    • AnthonyRyan89

      Still going to buy it.. But this is the worst launch still.

    • Das_juden_adam

      Worst? Have you never heard of the One+1?

  • jonathan3579

    I can’t really read this list from mobile. :/ But I can’t tell which Houston stores will have it either.

    • Romedroid

      There are 18 stores in Houston getting them. Take your pick.

      • jonathan3579

        Holy crap. Thank you!!!

    • Houston Z33

      Be warned, Each store is only getting *2* of them except the Galleria, They’ll have 6 (ironically)

      I-45 & FM 1960
      ELDRIDGE AT HWY 1960
      HIGHWAY 6 & FM 529
      I-10 & UVALDE
      HWY 290 & 34TH
      I-45 & ALAMEDA-GENOA
      I-45 & WEST RD
      HWY 59 & W BELLFORT
      FM 1960 & WUNDERLICH
      HWY 6 & BELLAIRE
      59 & Winfield

      • jonathan3579

        Thank you for that. I can’t believe a mall location is getting more than true brick and mortar stores. I guess I’ll be heading to the mall early Wednesday. Lol.

  • AnthonyRyan89

    Wish tmo did a pre-oders for this phone. I’d love to get the 64gb.

    • kev2684

      if they had limited stock in the first place they wouldn’t be able to launch it in stores if they did a pre-order. all their businesses will go online where t-mo store employees won’t be able to force persuade people to get the unlimited data and jump even if they don’t want it. not gonna happen.

      • AnthonyRyan89

        I see what you mean. Just saying they did a pre-oder for the Z3 and the Note 4 I was just hoping it would of been for the Nexus 6 also.

  • Makoute

    It is like neither google Motorola and the carriers want people to get this device.

  • h_f_m

    After the initial rush it’ll be no problem to get one, just like the N5 and N4 before it. If you can wait a bit, save your sanity and just wait. :)

    • psychoace

      The wait for the N4 was 3 months after release before they got new stock in.

  • SuzieSunshine

    Defintely ordering through Tmo. I am in NYC and it’s interesting to see that the store I usually go to on launch day for devices (7774 on 77th and Broadway) isn’t even listed in the document. I was told by a few other T-mobile stores that they are more of a flagship store (I’m not sure why) that usually has more inventory of new devices. Thanks for this list!

  • psychoace
    • jonathan3579

      I’ve seen this comment posted elsewhere.

  • Matt Hunter

    There isn’t a single store in San Diego county getting them for sale!!! holy crap this is stupid.

    • TheTruth

      Seriously, let me know if you found one though!

  • Mike Adams

    Can’t believe not a single store within driving distance of Sacramento, CA will have this phone..

    • bob90210

      There are 8 stores listed in Sacramento and 10 in the surrounding cities. You are certainly within driving distance except if you drive a power wheel.

      • Mike Adams

        Yeah, 8 stores that will have demos but no stock for sale according to the spreadsheet.

        It’s cool, though. I called around and I found a store that says they’re going to have them.

        • Nichk

          Which stores? i live in sac

        • Von

          I called all the stores here in Sac. Only one that said they’d have it was the Pleasant Grove store in Roseville and the one by Sierra College. They didn’t sound too confident so I’d call again in the morning.

  • kev2684

    both t-mobile stores within my 4 mile radius have the nexus 6. but i wanted the 64gb so i had to buy mine through motorola :D

    • Jason Crumbley

      Supposedly, T-Mobile will have the 64GB version online.

  • Jaramie Black

    None for NC…sigh :(

  • Bori

    This is the strangest launch I’ve ever heard of lol.

    • Warsun

      It’s as bad as the note 4. I had to call everyday to see if they had a black one in stock for three days. I finally gave up and overnighted one. It was ridiculous and will make them lose customers. But I assume this is how they are running their cost management. Buy from online, no commission for the sales force.

      • Justin Merithew

        I don’t think this particular situation is on T-Mobile. The phone has been incredibly hard to get through the Play store and the Motorola site. It appears the overall supply does not match the demand.

  • In store constraints are one thing, but they do not say anything about online ordering stock issues. These could be shipped directly from moto, so t-mobile wouldn’t have enough on hand to get in stores still.

    It will be interesting to see what happens when it goes live online and if it’ll crash and burn as most think it will.

  • Mirad77

    Here I was thinking I will pick one up from Tmo, given how the name Nexus 6 is so fragile at Google play ( by the time you finish whispering the name of Nexus 6, the stock is gone).

    • SemahjLam

      II think you might have to have a T-Mobile account or start one in order to buy the phone

      • Mirad77

        I do.

  • Jason Crumbley

    Not a single store in Nevada will have them at launch.

    • skywalkr2

      And the white version if the only one I wanted.

  • galaxyNote4isBoss

    it’s unfortunate for sure but typical Google.

  • guest

    will this phone have the t mobile bloatware on it and what storage capacity will they carry in the stores

    • jonathan3579

      There’ll be no bloat and 32GB will be the only option available in-store.

  • edfranco1

    They probably wanna say that they sold out everywhere at launch do to popular demand. It’s all a show.

    • TechHog

      This is your fi9rst Nexus launch, isn’t it? And have you paid any attention to the Play Store situation?

  • ray

    yeah i live in atlanta so i’lll be grabbing this beauty. For those complaining about color, do you use a case? okay then move on with your life.

    • StankyChikin

      People still use cases?

      • 21stNow

        Yes, I do.

        • thepanttherlady

          As do I. The color of the phone depends on what kind of case I get. :)

  • Bilbo

    Well, I don’t mind ordering. If I order in store, or, from the t-mobile website, does anyone know (or have a guess) as to how long that wait is going to be?

    I’ll probably call a local store just to verify they have a demo set up, go check it out, and make the decision on whether or not to go for it. :)

  • I plan on ordering online, 64GB. Ordering starts at 5am? PDT? Anyone know?

    • Juston Li

      Around midnight PST according to @askdes Sr. T-Mobile product manager

      • Thank you

      • Bryan Ramos

        is this time accurate? I plan to get it but hopefully I don’t miss the boat as I work =/
        any one know the exactly time please!!
        nexus 6 64g =]

      • As of 12am CST, here is what TMo sent on twitter.

        @mrjlwilliams We are hoping to have them available to order as soon as possible but don’t have a specific time to provide *KPM

    • abe

      i was told by someone at tmobile support 15 min ago that i was able to order it as of 12 am est tonight and yesterday was told as of 9 am est

      • Rob

        They’re on PST, not EST. It will be midnight PST unless they’re really looking to piss off a lot of customers that are used to midnight PST launches.

        • abe

          brother idk i asked her 2 times to make sure . she went away for 5 min stated she spook to her Manager and said 12 am est

        • abe

          either way ill call at 12 am if not take a 2 hr nap then wake up to call again

  • Juston Li

    I would guess that the list above and how T-Mobile is distributing among stores is based on T-Mobile’s notify form.

  • Sam

    I am currently a T-Mobile customer and I use a note 2 as my phone. That phone use a micro sim. Does anyone know if I order the 64gb N6 online, do I need to purchase a nano sim and then head to the T-Mobile store to transfer the account over or do I just buy the phone and then head to the T-Mobile store to have them cut my micro sim down to the size of a nano sim ?

    • htyoung

      They normally put a new sim in the box with the phone then you just go to my.t-mobile.com and switch to the new sim

    • Medion


      You buy the phone online, walk into a store, and they will sell/give you a nano sim (they won’t cut your existing one).

      You could also ask that TMO ship you one in advance so that you can just insert it the minute you get your N6, then call and activate it. I did that last time and it was seamless. Got the new phone, charged it, inserted the sim, dialed 611, and that was it. They ported the number from sim to sim mid call, which caused the call to drop.

      • Sam

        Thank you for the information. Now I know what I need to do : )

  • redman12

    Google Play puts the phone in stock every Wednesday. You just gotta be fast. Good Luck.

  • Today is the day. Has it appeared in your account yet? I’ve looked, nothing yet for me….

    • ktrain

      Tomorrow is the day, I just spoke with my local store about it.

  • skywalkr2

    I’m just going to jump to something else and come back to this in six months if I still feel the need.

  • 21stNow

    Cam, can you lock the spreadsheet to make it where it can’t be edited? I can see some trickery happening with this if anyone can edit it.

  • hellsh666

    I have free invite for OnePlus One 64 gigs

  • Brad

    Seriously… anyone have any idea when they’ll go on the site? I don’t want to stay up all night to see it update at noon tomorrow…

    • kev2684

      i read some people here when they do launch they launch at 3am eastern. try cs chat to make sure.

      • thepanttherlady

        Your post reminded me I should have been more specific. T-Mobile’s headquarters is in Washington so any time after midnight PST. :)

        • abe

          i was told by someone at tmobile support 15 min ago that i was able to order it as of 12 am est tonight

        • thepanttherlady

          Good luck!

        • abe

          thank you :)

        • Philly Jim

          This obviously was before they pulled back and said no orders until the 19th……I must of spent all day selling phones talking to t mobile and then calling at least 35 stores what a waste of time, if I can get my hands on a nexus 6 and a note Edge on at&t before T Mobile , guess what bye bye T Mobile, there family packages are within 20 dollars of each other depending on variables we’ll see……..

    • thepanttherlady

      Release date is the 12th, we’re only on the 11th so any time after midnight.

      • Brad

        So up all night it is… haha… well, probably til 3am, then nap til 8… call in late to work… I HAVE to nab this phone haha…

    • Philly Jim

      I was on the phone for hrs with everystore within 20 miles they all claim to not be getting stock I was told the ordering process will begin 6 am est , I’m exhausted just trying to tracka store down that say’s they won’t have them , I might just got my local store at 10 and order one , I wanted the 64 gb one anyway and even if they had stock they wouldn’t have the 64 GB one, you would think they are giving away gold , with all this talk about the phone being to big for most people , doesn’t really add up to me , Good luck to anyone able to purchase one tomorrow , I’m just outside Philadelphia , so unless I’m being deceived , I can’t find one store that says they will have them , god forbid you ask about the Note edge which I also planned on purchasing Friday , most t mobile employees are like Note what ……? I mean c mon anyway sorry for the rant , I just find this chit all BS

      • Brad

        Yeah, I’m dealing with a whole hullabulloo myself. I was on the no-credit simple choice plan whatever without realizing it. Called yesterday to get things sorted to order it on the payment plan and get my employee discount from work… Dude ordered me a new sim and said “call to get your account number tomorrow”. No account number to be found… Looks like unless luck strikes, I won’t be able to get my 64gb ordered and zero stores in Ohio are getting one… sooooooo…. Yeah. I’d consider going to sprint to order mine if I felt like paying way more for it haha

        • Philly Jim

          Seriously I can’t remember the last time, so many people where so clueless, the lack of professionalism, on such a large scale for a phone that was supposed to be to big our to expensive boggles my mind , I might just switch to AT&T that’s how pissed I am…………..That’s it I’m done maybe some heavy duty years work well make me forget about ask this……

        • Brad

          I mentioned “what will keep me from ordering it elsewhere and leaving t-mobile?” and they didn’t bat an eye… I mean… They can’t do anything themselves… they aren’t ordering the phones…

      • Rob

        From the list… It looks like only California stores are getting them… Everything else I scrolled through said NO. Way to botch a launch of a hotly-anticipated device Google…

        And you can guarantee that the DROID Turbo is higher on the priority list for Moto because of the $$$ that Verizon pays them…

  • Rob

    Not. Happy.

    This really sucks. Guess I’m sticking with my M8 for now, NONE of the CO stores will have them for sale at launch and I refuse to trust USPS to not cause damage to my M8 shipping it back in the stupid padded envelope they send you when you send in a BROKEN phone…

  • a huge phone like this with no stylus support and basically no multi task support. i just can’t. 6 inches and for what? to watch movies?

    • Ordeith

      It needed room for the large gaudy Nexus logo on the back. How else would one announce how much of a Google tool they are?

  • Jose

    This doesn’t have band 233, so its definitely not future proof no way I’m buying it…

  • Jennifer Lawrence

    To buy the Nexus 6 for a huge discount please visit NexusPhoneDeals .com

  • Rob

    Ton of states got screwed entirely. Wouldn’t it be smarter to have at least 2 stores in every state with phone stock rather than piss off your customers by giving most stock to one state (CA)?

  • Ahmad Ayesh

    In AZ none of the stores will have them thats really bad

  • Alex

    Cam, tmobile just announced they’re moving the nexus 6 launch a week, 11/19/2014

  • plastic101

    Two SoCal stores stated the same today, and none of them received their inventory which was supposed to have already arrived today.

  • HeadBangToThis

    I dont even understand this device. Bringing what to the table the g3 has not already?

    • Ryan Petko

      oh…. i dunno……. better CPU, slightly larger screen, slightly larger battery, dual front-facing speakers, and pure unadulterated Android with a great development background and non-delayed updates to stock images?

    • TechHog

      I’m just going to assume that you’re a G3 fanboy.

      • HeadBangToThis

        Im just gonna assume you jack off to the slightest difference in tech specs. Guarantee you wont even notive a user difference. G3 already holds the resolution the nexus 6 does, with a higher ppi. Both have 3gb of ram. Theres nothing else to compare. Android has not done any real game changing to there software. No reason to get argumentative over a phone that is not truely better then the g3. Unless your a motorola “fanboy” then have at it.

        • tommyjohn_45

          What Ryan said… along with turbo charging. No it’s not a HUGE upgrade to the G3 by any means… but if you want a larger screen it’s a cheaper option than the Note.